Michael Crabtree: Sherman made one play


Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman went off on 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree after Sunday’s NFC Championship Game win, calling Crabtree a “sorry receiver” in an interview with FOX at the final gun and then referring to him as “mediocre” several times while talking to reporters later in the evening.

Sherman said after the game that Crabtree made a personal remark this offseason that angered the Seahawks corner and Crabtree said last week that he didn’t think Sherman was the best cornerback in the game, something that surely peeved a player who is fond of calling himself the best corner in the game. Crabtree stuck to his guns after the loss, tweeting to ESPN and NFL Network to pull up film of the game and “show me where this guy is the best” while calling Sherman fake.

Crabtree wouldn’t say what Sherman said to him on the field after Sherman redirected a pass to Crabtree into the hands of linebacker Malcolm Smith, but insisted that Sherman’s play didn’t warrant the chatter or the high self-opinion.

“He’s a TV guy. I’m not a TV guy. I play ball. He makes one play, he talks … We’re on the field and he ain’t doing nothing,” Crabtree said, via the San Jose Mercury News. “That’s one play he made. … That’s probably the only play he made the whole game.”

Sherman’s going to have plenty of opportunities to respond to Crabtree’s response over the next two weeks and started on Twitter by writing that a lion doesn’t consider the opinion of a sheep and accused others of throwing stones in glass houses because of how much talk there was both ways leading up to the game.

As for Sherman’s next game, he said he’ll speak his mind before Super Bowl XLVIII but that he won’t be taking any shots at Peyton Manning. Sherman said “you’ll get lost” if you try to get into Manning’s head, so we’ll have to see where Sherman directs his animosity now that Crabtree’s out of the way.

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  1. They threw Sherman’s way only twice that I saw……He was called for the hold on the first and then that last play……..

    A sign of how good he played is born out by his covering so well that the ball gets thrown somewhere else on the field……..

    Sherman should temper his talking, but at least like so few who do shoot off their mouths, he does back it up.

    Great game to be at…..Reminded me of the old games. This will hopefully be many of good games between these two great NFC West Teams…….

    Go Hawks!

  2. Hilarious! Andrews was so clueless during the interview that she didn’t realize whom he was directing his comments toward.

    She seemed quite put off as if he were directing his comments toward her in the beginning!

  3. Is it possible that Sherman just made the actual best corner in the game Derrel Revis, look classy ? lol.

  4. That’s because that was one of 2 total times Sherman was targeted in the entire game, you idiot. SF was clearly scared of throwing at him and with good reason.

  5. It’s football. There’s trash talkers. As long as the Captain of the team (Russell Wilson) is a straight edge superstar, let this guy talk. Why not? It’s football. Go Hawks.

  6. Sherman was thrown at one time. He deflected that for the game winning interception. That’s a shutdown corner. You don’t have to like him at all, but “he only made play” is just stupid. The guy he covered was never open.

  7. Richard Sherman is very well spoken he is like the Dennis Miller of the NFL….. Most people don’t even understand what he’s trying to say….. I don’t know if I love the guy or hate him. I really don’t know if I wanna root for him or against him, but I know for sure I’ve gotta watch him!

  8. One play that sealed the game! Sherman is some piece of mouth, but I got respet for him. Last week Colston beat him for the ball and TD. Richard made great hit, stood up and helped Colston on his feet. Class act. He knew he was beat and took it like a man. I like big mouths, when they can back it up. Deion, Joe Namath. And then the there are rookies calling Megatron old and slow…

  9. Well, Sherman is right though. Crabtree is a medicare receiver at best. This guy was a top ten pick, much heralded, but yet nowhere near as good as guys like megatron, aj green, Fitz or Bryant. Furthermore, Sherman is the best corner in the league. Crabs is just being crabby. That happens when you aren’t very good

  10. Totally classless act by sherman, getting in the face of crabs and the butt pat, he’s lucky Harbaugh didn’t come out and shake his hand. Anyone know what crabtree even said about him? Sherman sounds like a high school kid. Try butt patting DT in 2 weeks, that guy is a monster. Go Broncos.

  11. Yeah, Kaep only threw two passes in Sherman’s direction.
    Everybody hates on Sherman because of his talk, but then they have him on their fantasy games.
    Seattle’s defense is number one for a reason.
    Sherman is part of that reason.
    Go Hawks!!

  12. I’m usually a fan of some solid trash talking but this just isn’t fun to me and neither was Shermans reaction. I’ve spent so much time telling my son that the game isn’t about him…it’s about the team…and then one of his favorite players steps on camera about to go to the super bowl and he does what? Makes it about himself.

    Real classy Sherm.

  13. I know it’s a cliché, but “better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

  14. Crabtree isn’t too blame it was good coverage. If Sherman was a good as he thinks he says he wouldn’t have to say he’s the best DB. Everyone else says it for him. I hope all the broncos ignore him not give him anything to fed off of.

  15. One play that sent you home to watch the super bowl, rather than play in one. Sherman is a loud mouth, but Crab is a prima donna, not wanting to participate in training camp his first few seasons in the league. Always found a way to miss camp. You’re right though, it was one play and in the NFL that’s all it takes is one play to seal the deal and a huge play at that.

  16. Sherman is the exception… usually it’s wide receivers who love to run their mouth. This guy is another classless, self-aggrandizing punk who thinks he’s way better than he is. Lots of big talk… very little action, although he did make a GREAT play to end the game. ONE great play. That doesn’t warrant his NO CLASS big mouth. BIG Brady fan here, but go Broncos! Shut this punk up, Manning. And congrats on your win….

  17. Thought I was watching the old NWA for a sec….”whether you like it or whether you don’t…….WOOOOOOOOOOO!”

    That would make the NFL really more interesting, wrestling smack.

  18. It goes the same for every sport- you need a strong supporting cast to improve your individual stats. And that’s how I view Sherman. He has an unstoppable front 7, and QB’s either go down or take ill advised throws, like perhaps… a bomb to the endzone to Crabtree who is TRIPLE covered (by the way that was Shermans ONLY pass defended all game). Sherman on the Seahawks? CURRENTLY the best CB in the game (not the best in history by a long shot, and the way CB’s go he may not be the best next year, especially if he drinks Browners ‘juice’ again). But if you move Sherman to another team that does not have that strong front 7? He’s average to slightly above average. He should be spending his camera time thanking his front 7 for getting pressure on CK, and his safeties for being in position to make a play. Instead? ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME….

  19. As a fifteen year hater of Manning I hate to say it, but he is gonna eat Sherman and his cohorts alive. Better learn to cover real quick without holding because if Manning asks for the flag he will get it.

  20. Dear Peyton,

    Please do a little extra film study and go out of your way to make Sherman look silly in the superbowl.

    A new Bronco fan

  21. “Sherman said “you’ll get lost” if you try to get into Manning’s head,…”

    Its certainly big enough to get lost in….

  22. To be fair, Sherman only made one play because Kaepernick didn’t even look his way all game. The one time Kaepernick was bold enough to challenge Sherman he caused a pick.

    So yeah… “he only made one play” much like a kicker that only got one shot to nail a 60+ yarder to go to a Super Bowl “only makes one play.”

  23. Sherman and his big mouth.
    Not necessary after a win. Try being humble.
    Nfc is so much tougher than the afc.

    One game left

  24. Yeah he did one play, after they avoided him pretty much all game.
    They tried to shut him up on that one play, and he denied them and ended the game pratically.
    The play that could have won the niners that game if he doesn’t come up and bats it away from crabtree.
    Crabtree needs to shut up.

  25. Yeah, but it was the most important play of the game. I think if Crabtree makes the catch he would do his talking too. This was a great game, this was the better championship game.

  26. I can’t stand either one of them. Great players on the field of play but seem like cancers off the field… I’ll stick with the characters of Larry Fitzgerald and Patrick Peterson with their just as good if not better level of play on the field…

  27. Sure beat the usual “my hats off to the other team couldn’t have done it without coach” response.

  28. 1.they never put a ball close to sherm all game
    and when they did you seen what happen

    2.why is no one talking about that crabapple said to set that man off

    3.it dont matter what anyone has to say the hawks are in the big game


  29. Crabtree. He made one play because your QB threw @ him what twice the entire game? Smh. Yeah he comments might be classless but when u get to the bottom of it, they were the truth. Crabtree is avg caught all of his passes away from Sherman b4 that play. Sherman is top 1-2 @ his position Crabtree is very avg. It’s that simple…

  30. Sherman needs to grow up and stop the rubbish talking. He was suppose to go to Stanford???
    I would have thought they taught better than that, he can’t string a sentence together. At least Tiger Woods speaks very well, his other co-hort from that school.
    We will all need ear plugs now because I suppose he is going to “toot his horn” about how good he is.!!! I am not sure what he did yesterday, one play at the end, is that it??

  31. Mr Manning is going to embarrass Richard Sherman.

    PED’s and Roids were highly evident in his daily diet with that rant he had on FOX… If that’s not a sign of having problems, then I don’t know what is!

  32. Both Crabtree and Sherman are complete dirtbags and the kind of players that are turning off NFL fans worldwide.

    The league really needs to address low character, morally bankrupt, players like these two.

  33. Sherman made an absolute clown of himself out there. The look on Erin Andrews face was the look of terror. It was almost like she looked at the camera and was thinking that it got too hood for her down there.

    On the note from Crabtree, he is correct. He made one play the entire game. Crabtree had 4 catches for 52 yards. Most of them in front of Sherman. I can’t wait to see him try and shut down DT or ED.

  34. Good point. Crabtree is now “out of the way”. Anything that comes out of Crabtree’s mouth right now is just being a sore loser. Sherman walked his talk and let’s be honest. This was Crabtree’s best game vs. Seattle and it was only 52 yards with 4 receptions. Not really bragging rights is it? Crabtree has been shut down in darn near every game vs. Seahawks this year.

    Stop tweeting garbage Crabtree you and SF lost the biggest game of the year. There is nothing to tweet or be social about. Just think about next year cause that’s all you got.

    Crabtree hasn’t been an issue for Seattle in recent years it’s been Gore. He is a great player and I hold my breath every time he gets the hand off. Anyway, I wish the best for the Seahawks and their well deserved Super Bowl trip. The team has done simply outstanding this year.

  35. Michae – keep you head up your a much better football play than She-man he made only one play and your always making more big plays. Keep you head up and I will settle his _ss down in two weeks. Signed P.Manning

  36. Oops mistake above –
    Michael – keep your head up because your a much better football player than She-man he made only one play and your always making more big plays. Keep your head up and I will settle his _ss down in two weeks. Signed P.Manning

  37. much different than the way NBA players compete with each other today .. this reminds me of the 80s NBA .. where the players talked trash and competed with each other hard. i LIKE it

  38. You had 4 catches for 52 yards, 22 of which came on one pass. I think he made a few more than one play. Probably shouldn’t even be responding to it, especially since that “one play” is what has him in the Super Bowl, and you packing your bags.

  39. And Crabtree really didn’t make any. 8 Targets. 4 Recptions. (50%). 52 yards. And most of that was when Seattle started playing more zone in the second-half.

    Under the heavy man coverage of the first half, it was one reception for two yards.

  40. Respect the game Sherman!! I won’t be cheering a team with a classless CB and a classless coach that jumps ship when he sees sanctions coming to the program that he oversaw.

  41. Sherman will eventually be embarrassed by someone in the league and he will crawl off into the hole he came from. What a douche bag……….

  42. Richard Sherman may be the best cb in the league right now. At least he’s in the conversation. Regardless, he’s very short sighted and should have learned something from Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson and others. That is: You wont be on top forever. There will come a time in the future when you are a step slower and they are a step faster and you will become a fringe NFL player. Your appeal to a team after your skills are depleting will be your experience and your ability to lead and assist in the grooming of the up and coming young cornerbacks. When that time comes Richard, will it be you they want in the locker room? I doubt they will want a selfish chest beater who is more focused on himself and his own personal accomplishments than those of the team. I saw a Seattle team yesterday play their hearts out for four quarters on both sides of the ball and special teams. Their are players that got injured and wont be able to play in the Superbowl now because they left it all out on the field yesterday. A pity that Richard Sherman felt the need to make a ridiculous spectacle of himself, yet again, and hog all the media attention for himself after a game where he had 1 total pass defense on an underthrown ball and zero solo tackles. Pity.

  43. I’m quite surprised that Crabtree didn’t claim that Shermen interfered with him like he did last year when his lack of a big play cost his team the Super Bowl. If he didn’t stop to push Jimmy Smith out of the way, he might have been in position to catch the ball. I’m sure that he will get around to it: him and the whiny Harbaugh. It has to be the official’s fault. Three turnovers in the final three possessions couldn’t have done it.

  44. Sherman was obnoxious in the post-game interview with Fox, but I didn’t have too much of a problem with it. Crabtree seems to trash talk after every single catch. Sherman calling Crabtree a sorry receiver was kind of funny.

    Regardless, I’m a Broncos fan for the next two weeks.

  45. Sherman has always had respect for QBS and elite WRs. He doesn’t talk trash to great players. Crabtree isn’t the same as Larry Fitzgerald which Sherman said is great and a challenge. Sherman didn’t say anything about Brees either. He knows who is great and who isn’t, and in the case of both trash talking Crabtree and last year Brady, both of those players started the trash talking.

  46. It just so happened to be the most important play too MC. Commenters on this site don’t like Sherman, calling him classless and all that crap, but as a football fan I love the guy, he’s tough, he’s great, he’s one big bad mofo. I for one am glad he’s in the league and hopes he’s has a long career doing what he’s doing. It adds variety and variety my friends is the spice of life.

  47. Just re-watched game. Every pass play but that one and one other. If completed, you don’t even see Sherman in the screen. Why? They threw at maxwell the whole game. As a hawk fan, I love Sherman, and he should have stopped at “I am the best” and not stooped to Crabtree level and got personal (crab started this calling him average in the offseason)

  48. When someone is the best at something they shouldn’t have to remind you of that. People should already know. Maybe Sherman should take a page or better yet just borrow the book from Calvin Johnson.

  49. I’m so conflicted here. I hate the 49ers, but I hate the Seahawks too. Crabtree with his holdout crap after getting drafted. Harbaugh for…well, being Harbaugh. Kaepernick for being an arrogant twit. Sherman for being obnoxious and a PED-user. Carroll for…well, being Carroll.

    Can’t wait until the artificial boost from drafting in the high first round for a decade wears off for Seattle and San Francisco. I actually felt bad for these two franchises as they wallowed in suckitude for the last decade…but good lord these are two insufferable fan-bases and groups of players.

  50. Sherman won’t say much about Peyton other than to praise him – save for his arm strength – just like he did in the article he wrote for Peter King’s MMQB. It’s actually quite a good series of articles written by Mr. Sherman. I’d advise his detractors to read them.

    I’d wager that the Broncos receivers will be either silent or effusive in their praise for him and their excitement for the opportunity to face him.

    Crabtree’s now 0-2 in the waning seconds of the NFC Championship with the game on the line. I think that does more to prove Mr. Sherman’s point about him than anything anyone will write here.

  51. Sherman represents everything that is bad in sports. He is a shameless self promoter, as well as a legend in his own mind. If folks really thought that he was that good, they wouldn`t need him reminding them of it. When they interview him on TV, I change the channel.

  52. Crabtree’s right. Of course, when you only throw at Sherman once the whole game, and 5 total in the first half …

  53. As a Hawks fan, I want others to know… We get tired of Sherman too sometimes… But he is still illin’. He made one play, the game winning one. Apparently Crabtree forgot the part about winning being what matters.

  54. Yep, Sherman made 1 play…The play that cost the 40whiners the game…Thanks Kap! You are a great decision maker! And thank you Richard Sherman for exposing the 40whiners and making them bleed! Lets move on now…

  55. I like Crabtree a lot more than loudmouth Sherman – but isn’t it ironic?…

    last year the last big play for SF ended in the same corner of the endzone – when Crabtree pushed off the Raven, then wanted a defensive interference call.

    This time he actually went for the ball instead of the defender and STILL blew it! So Crabtree didn’t come through again…

    But Sherman is still a bigger loser for being a jerk!

  56. Enough hasn’t been made about Smith’s great play as well. If he doesn’t pick that off, the 49ers still have 3 tries to take the lead

  57. That was truly embarrassing last night. Nice play, but to act like that, on that stage? Embarrassing.

  58. The bad karma of dissing Al Davis and the Silver & Black for not drafting him came back and bit Crabbie last night…

    Now he can watch the Superbowl on TV just like the Raiders and Heyward-Bey will be…


    Sherman is the best at what he does. The guy is a playmaker. If he wants to vent at Crabtree, so what? These two teams talk trash to each other…hate each other. And we know how classy Boldin and Kaepernick were the week before when they mocked the Panthers all game long. So let’s not act like the niners are saints. That was a cathartic moment for Sherman. Whoever won that game was going to rub some salt in the wound. It’s sports…it’s trash talk…it’s their #1 rival…give the guy a break.

  60. raiderufan says: Jan 20, 2014 7:19 AM

    I’m usually a fan of some solid trash talking but this just isn’t fun to me and neither was Shermans reaction. I’ve spent so much time telling my son that the game isn’t about him…it’s about the team…and then one of his favorite players steps on camera about to go to the super bowl and he does what? Makes it about himself.

    Real classy Sherm.

    duece5 says:

    Usually when you feel compelled that you HAVE to annoint yourself, usually you are not.

    Sherman is good.

    He takes MANY chances, and he does get burnt.

    Kaepernick burnt him on the 60 yard run he had……look at it, Sherman slides right past him.

    Not a niner fan either.

    It does get tired. I hate it when a guy from my team does the OVER celebration when he makes ONE tackle.

    Dude, you made a play-that’s your job!

    You can celebrate, but you never push it another one’s face—it will come back to bite you.

    Probably will happen in your next game…..the Super Bowl.

    Karma sucks, and you are playing against the best QB to probably ever play.

    Do you really think the Manning can’t get you to bite?

    My money is on Manning.

    I have one rule for all guys like Sherman that prsent themselves as the best:

    When you get burned on your next play, go prance, go shout to the world how great you are AFTER you failed, go eat the humble pie, tell the world how awesome you are…..I’m sure your home fans will tire of that real quick, because fans of other teams hate the OVER loud, like yourself.

  61. Sherman: Great player, lousy human being.

    Its a good think he never learned his interview clichés, so now the whole country knows what a classless winner looks like.

  62. They only threw his direction twice. One was a holding call that can be argued, the second was a deflected pass turned into a game ending winning interception. Sherman is what he is and I like him for it. He brings something that the NFL doesn’t show anymore; raw emotion, passion and grit. I say show as it happens yet when they’re on TV they like to act as if they’re golden boys which they aren’t. There is a clip of Peyton going off on Jeff, his team mate, and he was in the wrong at that.

    This is football. You get it exactly as it should be a minute after a great play by a great player, don’t like it? Watch a different sport like say Tennis.

    Not even a Seahawk fan by the way.

  63. So how many fans are looking forward to Welker taking out Sherman with a legal block?

    Pothead, 3rd grade screaming children waving 12th man flags for the Ped-hawks need not vote.

  64. Sherman’s comments about Crabtree last night were clearly out of line – Crabtree is much, much better than a mediocre receiver. That said, Sherman was targeted fewer times than any cornerback in the league and still lead the league in interceptions. When he talks about being the best corner in the game, he’s not just barking.

  65. Sherman’s comments were pure adrenaline! He just made a game saving play against a wide receiver who’s been trash talking him for months and sent his team to the biggest game of the year. I loved his passion! Totally appropriate in the circumstance. Go Richard…Go Hawks!!!

  66. thepftpoet says:
    Jan 20, 2014 8:50 AM
    The delusional, uneducated Seahawks fans are almost embarrassing to hear on TV, booing false start calls when they are correct, screaming while the national anthem is being sung….. What a pathetic fanbase.

    This whole team is based off of cheating: Pete Carroll left USC in ruins after paying college players to play for him.. He has been a cheater his whole career, supplying this team with PEDs – and getting away with it.

    …Even the referees are cheating for the Seahawks with multiple missed calls on the roughing the kicker that should have been a first down for the niners and resulted in a punt & and an obvious recovered fumble by Bowman that went to the Seahawks.

    Seattle is the most pathetic franchise in the league that deserves to lose every single game, Karma will hit them HARD.

    And the most pathetic thing of all, Seahawk fans threw food at Navarro Bowman while he was on a stretcher being taken out of the field, who was later reported to have torn his ACL…

    Also, those post game Richard Sherman comments were the most disrespectful thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Acting like the whole word revolves around him saying he’s the best, he also completely ignored the reporter’s question and was screaming obnoxiously – Typical Seattle roid rage. Richard Sherman overall sums up how unclassy the Seattle organization really is…

    Cheaters never prosper, the Seahawks will get completely annihilated by the Broncos in the Super Bowl and will be embarrassed in front of the whole world.

    I officially hate the Seahawks more than the Packers.

    With all the BS you have typed about Seattle all year long, you didn’t have to provide a dissertation to let everyone know you dislike/hate Seattle.

    It was well known.

  67. Anyone would be more than willing to make THAT ONE PLAY and only one throughout the game if it were going to seal the game. Richard Sherman might do a lot of trash talking but give this guy credit for backing it up. They threw against him twice and one cost them the game. Enuff said!!!!

  68. Ha! You do realize all this hate for Sherman just fuels his fire right? He feeds off people saying he isn’t good enough or people doubting him and the Hawks. After making a game winning play like that, he has the right to say whatever he wants! Crabs was talking ish all week and when it came time for him to step it up, he failed miserably. Kaep was afraid to even throw in Sherm’s direction the entire game! Let the man enjoying his team’s win and take your negativity elsewhere.

    The LOB is going to pick Manning and Co apart! This isn’t some weak AFC defense that the Broncs are going up against.

  69. What is hilarious to me is how everyone was jumping on Trent Williams last year for punching this punk in the mouth.

    Win, loss or draw.. Anyone who got into my face like that would be missing teeth..

    In a league that fines players for thousands of dollars for socks not matching and not talking to reporters, it will be interesting to see what GODell’s reaction will be..

  70. Hate Sherman’s comments all you want…. he’s just added instant intrigue to the Super Bowl.

    You have the NFL’s golden boy in Peyton Manning vs the league’s preeminent trash talker and bad boy in Richard Sherman.

    Good vs Evil so to speak.

    The leagues best offense vs the leagues best defense.

    Omaha vs LOB…

    I for one can’t wait! When was the least time the 2 best teams actually played for the Superbowl? This is awesome.

  71. Crabtree is right.

    However, Revis is still the best CB in the league.

    Granted Sherman made a nice play at the end of that game, but it’s a play at least half the CB’s in the league could make; nothing special.

  72. Funny how one classless d-bag player can influence all neutral football fans to hate the Seattle Seahawks. Congrats Dick. We are all Broncos fans for two weeks.

  73. Sherman is the best in the league. Prime agrees and Prime is the best CB in the history of the NFL. Most CBs would not be able to time that jump and tip it perfectly. They targeted him twice. One was a dumb penalty and the other was this amazing play. Florio should mention in his article that they didn’t even look at Sherm for most of the game. Seahawks deserved that win.

  74. How is Revis still better? That’s just ridiculous. Sherman has the more picks than anyone with the least targets while being in the NFL. Sherman is hands down the best. There shouldn’t even be an argument.

  75. First of all, that was a great football game. The best current rivalry in the NFL today for the NFC Championship, in a great setting with a great atmosphere.

    Second, Richard Sherman is a beast and seems like a good dude on other interviews i have seen with him. The reason he is so great, and yes he is a great CB, is he used that motivation, from Crabtree running his mouth at Fitzgerald’s event. The great players always find something to give them that extra motivation in big games. Michael Jordan always used to do it, and the great ones find something to get them extra focused and ready for crunch time..

    I have no problem with Sherm’s rant. Its refreshing to see someone speak their mind instead of the usual robotic answers these players give. Did the outburst catch me by surprise? Yes. However, if you dont want someone to dog you, then dont run your mouth, and beat them. Dont give someone motivation, that they can use to beat you, which its obvious Crabtree did.

    These are 2 great teams, and they both played a great, exciting game. Hope Bowman heals from that nasty injury. Yesterday’s game was a treat to watch.

  76. Richard Sherman makes me laugh. Stick a microphone under anybody’s face after a play like that and their PC switch is going to be in the “off” position. Everyone is taking this all too seriously. It’s just football, It’s a game! FOX don’t mind; it’s good TV.

  77. Just as what happened to last years “best corner in football”, Revis, in two years no one will know who sherman is or what team he is on. Let him have his time in the sun, because in two years he will be a third stringer on some forgotten team.

  78. Oh good grief – the comment about making the lady reporter cry is BS – she didn’t cry she just sent the feed back to another reporter. MISTAKE #1: sticking a mic in the face of an angry player immediately after the game winning play – now that’s stupid!!!
    #2: If she did cry, she doesn’t need to be a reporter in the NFL.

    I for one was delighted not to hear the same old rhetoric that Manning and Brady spew over and over – the man was mad, full of adrenaline and had just run off the field after making the play that led to the Super Bowl – get out of his way and don’t stop him to ask a question, unless you want to know the answer.

    Talk to Phil Robertson about that!!

  79. Haters will hate especially crabtree. If crabtree doesn’t now that Sherman is the best corner in the league then he is not doing his homework right and perhaps that is why they lost the game!
    Given the opportunity Sherman would have made more than one play. Sherman is the best corner in the nfl and The fact that Sherman’s “one play” was the game winning play speaks loud and clear!
    Seattle Loves you Sherm!

  80. Isn’t the number of plays of this type a CB makes, in direct correlation to the number of passes that are sent in his direction? If this IS the case, then I imagine The Hawks are MOST satisfied with Sherman’s play count.

  81. Don’t care for either team but it seems to me that SF only threw the ball about ten times the whole game so if they threw at Sherman twice that’s a lot!!!

  82. I assure you the only regret Sherman has is the minor distraction it will be for a couple of days.

    When it comes to lipping off, you mess with the best, you go down like the rest. Anyone who thinks Crabtree was as silent as a monk yesterday, or in the past, is kidding themselves.

    How about after one of his few catches on Sunday, when he held a finger to his lips, mocking the 12’s.

    Anyone remember his long holdout? He’s a 1st round prima donna with a sense of entitlement, just the kind of player that gets under Sherman’s skin.

    Sherman is already watching tape of Manning. Time to get back to business. Respect, but no fear. The separation is in the preparation, and he will be prepared.

    We’ll see how Peyton does with the Seahawks D collapsing the pocket around him like a paper cup in a vise, and the Legion covering his receivers like a blanket of fresh snow.

    One more game to win.

    Go Hawks.

  83. I understand its only one play, but considering that you are the best WR on your team and when Sherman was covering you and only two passes were thrown your way. I dont care if its only one or a million, even your QB know you aint got it or your not open or your coach is not going to test it. Unfortunately, he got stupid and test it and lost. Any real #1 WR for they’re team would have stepped up. Ala, Megatron.

  84. I hear 49er fans will be travelling to 3rd world countries to buy up the “49ers NFC champions” gear that the NFL will soon be donating. You know, so they have something to cry into while watching the Seahawks win the Super Bowl.

  85. People can say what they want about Sherman and
    what Crabs said might be true but it was the play that won the game for Seattle. Everyone makes mistakes but that pass into double coverage was a costly one.
    I wouldn’t even pass into single coverage if Sherman was the defender and close enough to make a play on the ball. Would have been better throwing it out the back of the end zone and trying again. SF still had time outs and adequate time left on the game clock so it still puzzles me. That might have been the play either Harbaugh or Roman called for but the ultimate decision is still up to the QB.

  86. Sherman only made one crucial play that catapult them to SB48. Crabtree missed two crucial play that cost them SB47 and another trip to SB this year. Go Hawks.

  87. Don’t know how many of y0u sports fans saw the article yesterday by the NFL that listed the top 10 NFL licensed jerseys sold in the last year but the number one player’s jersey sold was Payton Manning at number two was Russell Wilson. At number six was Marshawn Lynch and rounding out the top ten at number 10 was Richard Sherman. Not too bad to have 3 Seahawks in the top ten. Crabtree was not on the list. I believe I saw that on Bleacher Report but you can google to check if you don’t believe it.

  88. Watch the game again, look at every completed pass, and heck, any incompleted pass for that matter, let me know how many times you see sherman around. They avoided him like the plague.

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