Patriots have some free-agency decisions to make


The Patriots have finished the 2013 season.  And they’ll have a trio of key players hitting the open market in March, barring new deals.

Cornerback Aqib Talib, running back LeGarrette Blount, and receiver Julian Edelman are each slated to become free agents.

Talib and Edelman both hit the market last year, and both re-signed with the Patriots.  Talib inked for one year, $5 million, and Edelman signed a one-year minimum deal for a mere $715,000.  Edelman later agreed to shift 80 percent of a $50,000 workout bonus to a roster bonus that hinged on Edelman making the opening-day roster.

The Pats may not be able to secure similar bargains in 2014 with Talib or Edelman.  Talib has played very well and, more importantly, he has stayed out of trouble since coming to New England.  Edelman has proven that he’s worth more than the veteran minimum.

Then there’s Blount.  Though he was shut down on Sunday, gaining six yards on five carries, Blount’s 166-yard performance from the divisional round and his 189-yard game from Week 17 could prompt someone to offer him more than the kicker-level deal in the range of $3 million to $4 million over three or four years.

Other free agents include tight end Michael Hoomanawanui, linebacker Brandon Spikes, and defensive end Andre Carter.

On Monday, coach Bill Belichick didn’t shed much light on what the Patriots will do.

“You sort it all out,” Belichick told reporters.  “You have the people who work on that in our organization.  We’ll get together with them.  We’ll get a sense of where we are, what some of the issues are going to be, what some of the options are going to be.  We have some players that are not under contract.  We have some degree of cap space.  We have whatever degree of flexibility we have with other things, we have draft choices, we can make projections on what they’re going to cost and you start putting that all together.  That’s one of the many moving parts that goes with the whole offseason process.  I’d say we’re not there yet but that will certainly be a big part of the discussions at some point, particularly as it relates to free agency, not so much the draft.  The draft will be the draft but there is a salary cap implication to the draft in terms of where you’re picking and what those costs will be.”

He said plenty of words, and the words made sense.  As usual, however, no one will know what the Patriots are going to do until they do it.

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  1. After seeing what has happened in the past two AFC title games once Talib left with injuries, he needs to be priority #1. Tall, physical, shut down corners dont come around often and if the Patriots are trying to win another title with Brady, Talib needs to be around.

    All the other players are replaceable in my honest opinion, although it would be sad to see them go.

  2. I see the first three guys mentioned coming back. However, Talib will be asking for much so we’ll see. Pats should definitely look into Decker or Hakeem Nicks. It’s a need!

  3. “As usual, however, no one will know what the Patriots are going to do until they do it.”

    As opposed to the other 31 teams who publicly announce their free agency plans the day after their season is over.

  4. Pats will definitely retain Edelman, and most likely both Talib and Blount as well.

    Blount’s lack of yards yesterday was more on the Oline than him. Hard to break out if multiple defenders penetrate into the backfield on your running plays.

    Have to give credit where credit is due and the Broncos DLine played great yesterday.

    If they can retain these 3 guys and pick up a stud wideout and a pass rusher either through the draft or free agency they’ll be back full force and more next year.

  5. Sign Talib #1. I would like to see Edelman signed but knowing how business is done he could walk. I think if they sign Talib then Blount will be a Patriot.

    Brady needs another big stretch the field WR which should be a priority.

  6. Tablib, isn’t he always hurt? Every freekin game I’ve seen him play he either was out or came out. I would not be shocked to see him wave bye bye and the Patriots go for a shut down corner in round one.
    Adleman is pretty decent and I see them working out something with him unless there is an age and money combo issue as in X years down the road he is too old.
    EIther way the Patriots reload and get ready for another good year.

  7. Sign Talib! Yes, he’s somewhat injury prone, but when he’s healthy he’s one of a handful of true shut down corners, which is saying a lot in today’s NFL. The Patriots are also awful in drafting and developing CB’s.

    I really hope they sign Edelman as well, but knowing the Patriots, they’ll probably listen to McDaniels when he convinces them that they can let Edelman walk and have Amendola replace him.

  8. I hope they get a couple of receivers for Brady. Look how far they got on a bunch of no names this year. Larry Fitzgerald would be a great addition.

  9. Do it the Patriot way Bill! Offer them an insultingly low contract, if they don’t want to sign it then let them walk. You know you don’t need big name players to run your Spygate system. Any bum will do. Your owner is cheap! and was 10 million below the salary cap again last year. If this team actually spent some money and put some talent around TB the Spygate system might work a little better like it did in the early 2000.

  10. Edelman is too old? Dude is 27. Sign him to a 4 year deal that is slightly front loaded letting you cut him in year 4 if need be.

  11. Please Please Please Re-sign Edelman, Don’t let him “Welker” us. He deserves the pay, so pay him.

  12. Larry Fitzgerald, Jeremy Maclin, etc are not coming to New England.

    They won’t leave their teams.

    And like I called years ago…Brady/Belicheat will never go to another Super Bowl. They are done. Can’t win if they can’t cheat…lol, I love it.

  13. The patriots are currently looking for some low character murderers to fill the roster (and put the community at risk).

  14. Giving up on Blount almost immediately yesterday was the biggest mistake the Patriots made. Hopefully they don’t repeat it in FA.

  15. Seeing how the Patriots history is with re-signing impact players, you can pretty much count on waving goodbye to all three.

  16. Go Patriots. They will always find a way. The best coach in NFL always will get the job done along with best QB in the league.

  17. All 3 players mentioned had really good seasons… someone would overpay for them and price out pats who are stingy when it comes to paying WRs and RBs… They will keep talib and may be edelman…

  18. I’ll bet they continue to take the cheap route, putting more and more pressure on Brady to win, even though his best days are behind him.

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