“Pot Roast” starts cooking at the right time for Broncos

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One of the biggest plays in yesterday’s AFC Championship Game was made by one of the biggest guys in the NFL.

But it wasn’t his bulk, but his quickness that made Broncos defensive tackle Terrance Knighton’s play that much more impressive.

Knighton’s surprisingly fast rush — past a whiffing Patriots left guard Logan Mankins — turned into a 10-yard sack on a fourth-and-3, killing a Patriots scoring drive.

“Terrance made a big play and beat a Pro Bowl guy,” Broncos defensive end Robert Ayers said, via Tom Kensler of the Denver Post. “Terrance can do it all. He can stop the run and rush the passer. He commands a double team, and not too many guys can handle that. That’s what we love about him. He’s always working.”

Still, when a guy’s nickname is “Pot Roast,” you don’t expect that kind of suddenness.

“He’s got rhythm. He’s got some moves,” Broncos defensive end Shaun Phillips said. “He’s pretty light on his feet. I think that helps him in football.”

Knighton was a cheap free agent pickup for the Broncos, hardly one of the biggest names of their offseason.

But Sunday, no one was bigger.

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  1. Mankins sure seemed to be expecting help inside and didn’t get any. Not sure if Mankins got beat or the Center’s help went to the wrong way or Mankins screwed up. In any event a huge play that sealed the deal.

  2. Can’t wait for the Super Bowl story line that points out both states that have recently legalized recreational marijuana are sending teams to the Super Bowl.

  3. .
    Why would Jacksonville, with such a thin roster, be jettisoning a guy who can play DT/NT? Those guys are hard to find.


  4. So the Denver D lost Dumerville, Von Miller, and Kevin Vickerson, and then went out and shut down the Patriots in the AFC championship. There are a lot of players and coaches stepping up.

  5. My Bears could have really used a DT like him this year. Wish we could have gotten him from Jax instead of Tucker.

  6. @ elwaysagenius, dated Jan.20th,2014 @12:05 PM,here is your post and comments” John Elway aced so many F A signing this year, Pot Roast, Vasquez, Welker, DRC, Best Executive in the NFL. He ‘s a genius, what can I say “. Just one question, elwaysagenius, do you still think that Elway is a genius after the performance that Denver as a team showed in the S B? Just like I have said since last March 2013, when Denver was going out and bringing in all of these big name F A’s and paying all of those big bucko’s, and then had to ask some of the other players to either take a pay cut or restructure their contracts so that Denver would have enough bucks to pay the rookies that they would be going after in the “May 2013 draft “. There has never been a Team in the history of the “NFL ” that has ever, ever won a S B, that tried buying a S B by buying a S B team and paying big bucks for its players. The last team that tried that was “PHILLY” and they did not make it either. I do not know what Denver has in store for most of these F A’s that Denver brought in, but I will be willing to bet your genius “Elway” will not have most of them under contract or on the Denver team by start of training camp in August 2014. Where you agree or disagree does not bother me one way or the other, but I am very ,very curious, if you are going to start this season off in the same manner as you did this last season by proclaiming what a genius Elway is and what a genius he is in picking up F A’s again this season ? IMHO, I just think that most football fans should keep their opinions to them selves until the end of the season or very close to it and then see what chance their team has of first just making the play off”s and then going from there . But I know that is not possible and should never have even mentioned it to start with. As for my self, I keep all of my comments to myself where it concerns the team that I like, until the play off’s start. Then if my team is not in the play off’s I have nothing to say either way and most importantly I do not have anyone telling me that I have to eat any crow. I have done that before (eat crow) and it sure as heck don’t taste good no matter how it is prepared, so you could say that I learned my lesson the hard way and no more.

  7. @ Davikes, are you still standing behind your quotes made on Jan.20 th,2014, where you said ” so the Denver D lost some players then went out and shut down the “Patroits” and I am sure that you were hinting that the Denver D was going to do the same thing to Seattle in the S B, correct ? Do not get me wrong I am in no way trying to rub the Seattle S B win in. But I will be willing to bet the farm that if Denver had of won the S B, ALL of the Denver fans would have been trying to rub Seattle and everyone else’s nose in it about “What a wonderful wonderful team the Broncos was and also about how “NOBODY” messes with Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos ,right or wrong ? I just wonder if this game proved one thing, that Peyton Manning is not the best QB that has ever played in the N F L . I will agree that Peyton is a pretty good Q B, just as long as he is surrounded by top of the line WR’S,TE’S and RB’S. and an outstanding Offense line . Other wise Peyton Manning is just another average Q B on any team. It has been proven and proven over and over again that just one player will never make any team the best in the N F L. no matter how much they may try, it still takes 11 players on offense and 11 player on defense to win games, and those same players can cause any team to lose games also. Nuff said.

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