ProFootballTalk: Was Welker’s hit on Talib deliberate?

Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick claims Broncos receiver Wes Welker purposely tried to take out CB Aqib Talib in the AFC Championship Game. The PFT crew debate about Belichick’s comment.

4 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Was Welker’s hit on Talib deliberate?

  1. Lets not forget you Patriot haters. Patriots were WITHOUT Gronkowski and Talib the last 2 AFC Championship games. #1 Defender, #2 Offender.

    Even if you take the entire spy gate era off the table. NO SUPERBOWLS.
    Since 2006 they have gone:
    – 100 – 28. 8-7 in the Playoffs.
    – Not only won their division every year.
    – 5 AFC Championship Appearances
    – 2 SB appearances, in which they were by no means ‘blown out’ or ‘killed’
    – Perfect Season
    – 2 MVP awards.

    Now you want to argue that because they have not WON a Super Bowl since then, and lost back to back final 4 appearances, that they are either:
    – a BAD organization who is overrated and incapable.
    – a Cheating organization
    – Completely inferior to the NFL.

    There are teams you can count on 1 hand that have been considered ‘elite’ in the last 7 years. You might say Peyton Mannings teams have surpassed NE since That time, but who else? There are still about 28 teams that would trade places to be in NE shoes any day.

    When you have to argue against SuperBowl LOSES as a statistic to argue against, you are already looking up from a lower place.

  2. HE NEEDS TO BE SUSPENDED! There was intent and you could see it in Welkers eyes in his post game interview. It’s the same “I effed up” look he had after he left New England, when he miscalculated his worth and had to take less money from Denver AND uproot his family.

    As for Ross Tucker, he was cut and he has been known to grind an axe on Belichich in the past. Ross Tucker is was a terrible player and is a worse “analyst” LOL! Total Loser! Get a life Tucker

  3. The people who keep accusing the Patriots of cheating need to figure out what actually happened – which is that the Patriots read the rulebook correctly and Roger Goodell lashed out by cherry-picking it because he was incensed a coach was showing him up.

    As for the Welker hit, the fact is it was deliberate – the Patriots were getting flagged for pick plays (Michael Hoomanuwanui had been flagged before that particular Broncos possession) and the Broncos were not, so Welker saw he could get away with it.

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