Report: Crabtree tried to fight Sherman at a charity event last year

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There may be more to the grudge between 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree and Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman than what we saw on the field.

Sherman’s older brother, Branton, told Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times that it was Crabtree who started the animosity between the two of them, several months ago. Branton Sherman says that both Richard Sherman and Crabtree attended Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald’s charity event over the summer, and that when Sherman approached Crabtree to shake his hand, Crabtree tried to start a fight.

According to the report, Sherman’s response to that was, “I’m going to make a play and embarrass him.”

Sherman did make plenty of plays on Sunday, and afterward he called Crabtree a “sorry receiver.” Crabtree may be sorry he ever faced off with Sherman, either on the field or off.

144 responses to “Report: Crabtree tried to fight Sherman at a charity event last year

  1. Sherman backed up his talking and that is what matters, if you talk smack you have to back it up.
    I’m sorry that you don’t like Sherman but if you do turn off your TV.

  2. Sherman is the best defensive player in the NFL. He should be a candidate for MVP. You go against Richard Sherman, you’re going to lose.

    Payton Manning will find that out in about 2 weeks.

  3. It’s one guy’s word against another. Maybe there was a little tension, but who thinks Sherman is blowing it out of proportion?

  4. Source – Sherman’s older brother?! Okay, yea, run with that.
    Crabtree isn’t a sorry receiver, either. Bit of a diva at times, but not sorry.
    Kap also got the ball out too late on that play.

  5. I’m sure Sherman’s brother’s statement is completely the truth and unbiased! I just wish it was twenty five years ago when both of these big mouth diva’s would have both received an A$$ beating! They should both sign up now for Celebrity Toddlers & Tiaras!

  6. So we are going to go by a blurb in a Seattle Times article with a statement said by one of the participants’ brother? No bias at all. Did Crabtree get Sherman’s cat knocked up, too?

    If you are going to regurtitate crap, at least make sure it has some journalistic integrity to it. This is much ado about nothing.

  7. I agree that Sherman is a great player. However, part of being great is being professional. I understand these guys talk “smack” to each other out there but when the cameras are rolling, controlling your emotions is better for everyone. He had just made a great play and won them the game. It he should have just let his playing speak for itself. That’s all. He just needs to mature a little

  8. I don’t buy that, theres press all over that charity event. Sherman made a great play as he is becoming known for and Crabs has caught a ton of touchdowns on plays just like that. Theres two guys there and one made a great play, the rest is just noise.

  9. “According to the report, Sherman’s response to that was, “I’m going to make a play and embarrass him.”

    Hahahaha, right. This surfaces and comes to light the day after Sherman makes that play. Ok.

  10. Crabtree tried to start a fight, Sherman just showed up and finished it. And the 49ers Superbowl dreams right along with it. Guess all those Niner fans will just have to keep bragging about the rings they won in the 80’s.

    The NFC belongs to Seattle.

  11. Whether it happened or not this quote stands true, “but a sport as violent and angry and passionate as the NFL needs teams—and players—that don’t like each other.”

    That or it becomes boring. Sherman needs to keep doing what he does best, it makes a game that inches forward in being boring with its increasing rules and regulations, interesting again. Casual arm chair fans and soccer moms that want a script and “i’m going to disney!” can go to tennis. This is the last sport like this that I can relate too as I don’t follow Aussie Rugby.

  12. pretty sure this is complete BS. Sherman’s brother appears to be trying to deflect the classlessness of Richard.

  13. Sherman has simply proven himself to be a classless boor and his brother indicates they are both ill-bred.

  14. Crabtree start a fight?? Haha and we ALL are supposed to believe Shermans older brother right?? Lets get real here. Hes good but so are
    Patrick Peterson, Brandon Flowers, & Revis. That ball to Crab was Underthrown so ofcourse he made a play. All you Bandwagon Seattle fans prayin for that first ring might get disappointed. Peyton Manning has been looking Unstoppable all year long and no more 12th man. Seattle might want to shoot an extra shot of Adderall in their butt for this one LOL.

  15. Stop using the term “class/classless” … It’s pro sports, not your morning meeting. It’s called entertainment and you either enjoy it or get butthurt from it.

  16. Couldn’t care less about a charity event that’s in the past and not even relevent to playing football. The dude shouldn’t have blasted off like that at the end of the game. Dude needs to “man up” and join the adults at the adult table… Regardless how “diva” Crabtree is.

  17. “Man is Richard Sherman sensitive, he is bitterly clinging to something that happened 50 years ago and rejoicing when the perpetrator is embarrassed”
    -Donovan McNabb

  18. Well if Sherman’s brother said it than it must be true. This is just damage control. Win like a man. Sherman has made some great plays and so has Crabtree. I thought my fellow Niner fans were classless last week for talking trash to Panthers fans and this week it’s Seattle’s turn to be big tough keyboard gangsters.

  19. Sounds like a rumor! Both players aren’t the greatest Niners are the better team but lost! If that altercation really happened how did it slip through the “social media world”! Sounds like big brother is defending little brother ! Save it! Lol

  20. So best excuse Sherman and his brother could come up with to explain his ignorance was Crabtree was trying to start a fight, while nursing a torn achilles?? Hmmmm

  21. He’s just hyped up. Interviewed as soon as game ended. Doesn’t matter, he can’t guard all 5 of Denver’s receivers by himself, and the Refs will be catering to Peyton (the only player allowed to move his head etc, before snapping the ball) anyhow. If they even want a chance against Peyton, then knock him out of the game. They have NO backup.

  22. The 49ers absolutely wanted to show Sherman up. They wanted to score the game winner on him. Sherman knew it was personal. That’s why he was flipping out.

  23. I see Sherman or Crabtree being bunk buddies with Hernandez sometime in the future. Get a life guys and just play the game !!!!!

  24. If true, I understand Sherman’s grudge to a point.

    As a Seahawk fan though, it doesn’t excuse his behavior, in my opinion.

  25. Calling shinanigans on this “report.” Funny we’ve never heard this BS before. Bottom line: Crabtree and Sherman are both fools. Could anyone see Barry Sanders, Fitz, AP orJerry Rice embarassing themselves in public like Sherman did in his interview? Of course not – because those gentlemen are just that: gentlemen. Not emotionally immature little boys who think acting like this gives them some sort of BS cred.

  26. If you want to see how tough Dicky Sherman is, look up when Trent Williams Cold Clocked him last year. Talks a bunch of S and then cries like a little girl after…..”why’d you hit me?” Hes actually crying…..grown man crying,

  27. fanofevilempire says:
    Jan 20, 2014 10:47 AM
    fox cut out of the Sherman interview real quick

    They didn’t cut. After he finished with ‘L.O.B’ he abruptly left and hopped into the stands.

  28. bowdowntopeyton says:
    Jan 20, 2014 10:51 AM

    Sherman’s gonna learn what its like to face a real QB in two weeks….

    So you are saying Drew Brees isn’t a real QB? Odd, when he outdueled your so-called real QB in a Super Bowl a few years back. Go figure.

    As to the guy above who said it couldn’t have happened because Crabtree was hurt, Crabtree was hurt in May – the charity softball game took place in April.

  29. Im a die hard Seahawks fan, but it was very embarrassing being at the game and Navarro Bowman getting hurt and some of our fans throwing things at him. I had one guy next to me trying to spit on him as he went by. thoroughly embarrassed. Not all seahawk fans are like this. Go Hawks

  30. All that needs to be said is that Sherman has zero sportsmanship and set a horrible example for the youth. It’s nice to win but don’t act like a jack on national tv. Who ‘s really the bigger man in this situation?….Sure isn’t Sherman.

  31. Crabtree should shut his face if he doesn’t want to be embarrassed.

    Sherman’s a talker but doesn’t call out individual receivers. He could have more easily called out Kap frankly.

    Crabtree ran his mouth and couldn’t back it up.

  32. Richard Sherman, great player, bad person.
    He backs up his mouth with his “It’s only a penalty when they call it” style. defense.

    Watch how the tables turn come Superbowl Sunday. There’s no way, the league is going to allow Sherman to wreck Manning ‘s retirement party.

    The Seahawks are just the leagues chosen lamb for the slaughter.

    Congrats to Carroll and Sherman’s Hawks for being the most hated team in America.

  33. Sherman did a good job last night and he backed it up, but I think we are cursed the way our fans acted after an injured player. I just hope we are not cursed.

  34. Peyton Manning is a great quarterback and its going to be a great Superbowl but I am going to say it again defense wins championships and the Seahawks have the best defense in the NFL this season and also the best overall team hate if you want but the Seahawks have faced an elite quarterback Drew Brees twice this season and shut him down legion of boom all day and Marshon Lynch will be in full beast mode Seahawks get their first Superbowl title.

  35. winninaintsinnin says:
    Jan 20, 2014 11:19 AM
    Uhhh wrong.

    I was not only at the game, I was near where they wheeled him out.

    No one was throwing anything or spitting.

    Tagging Go Hawks doesn’t give you credibility.

    Now who’s the one losing crediblity? There are multiple INDEPENDENT reports of Seattle fans throwing stuff at Bowman. Either you’re flat out lying or you just see what you want to see to protect your fellow classless fans.

  36. frankyvito says:
    Jan 20, 2014 10:57 AM
    Over the summer? So I’m supposed to believe that Crabtree tried to start a fight with a torn Achilles? Yeah no.
    LOL…I hadn’t even thought of that. So either he was planning to jump kick him with his cast….or Sherman is lying. Well I for one am torn.

  37. If anyone knows anything about Sherman or follows the Hawks, his brother is always there with him at events. I met Richard and Doug Baldwin this summer and Branton was there.

    Steve Wyche just reported the same story but its not exactly fighting but saying Crabtree instigated and kept at Sherman in AZ. Sherman vowed to get him back this year on the field and sending him home on a great play while he goes to the Super Bowl counts for that. Hate him all you want, best CB in football hands down.

  38. Does anyone really think that Sherman’s older brother is a reliable source on this issue? He may be right, but I would need his story to be corroborated by another source with no axe to grind.

  39. Plenty of plays made by Sherman? I’m not diminishing the fact he made the play that sealed the game but he had 2 tackles and 1 pass defensed…..reel in the praise a little bit. He shut down his assignments and yes that constitutes making a play indirectly but c’mon….

  40. Boo hoo, Sherman wasn’t nice when he was interviewed post-game. It’s okay for a player to knock somebody out of the game with a vicious, but legal hit – but let him be mean in an interview and everybody turns on him. I’d love to have Sherman on my team and he can say whatever he wants when he’s interviewed.

  41. Having to choose sides between Richard Sherman and Michael Crabtree is like having to choose between a knee to the groin or a poke in the eye… winners there.

  42. I can’t believe there are actually people out there that defend Sherman’s words and actions, on camera, after that game.

    Great player – no doubt. But that was a dispicable rant. His play did the talking, he didn’t have to.

  43. vermonator says: “Congrats to Carroll and Sherman’s Hawks for being the most hated team in America.”

    Ummm, they earned it fair and square.

  44. Is there a trashier team, coach and fan base than the Seagulls? Seattle fans throwing food on Bowman as he’s carted off.
    Class act

  45. This is going way to far!! C’mon first this Sherman Character bashes Harbaugh for stuff that happened in college, and now Crabtree. Let’s face it that was the only play he really made an impact…other than that he was ghost!! Also thise who think this Sherman character is not worthy of being a MVP. The difference is that Peyton has class and shows sportsmanship, and Sherman has no class, is a crybaby when they lost the second game between the Niners and I don’t want my child looking at him as a role model!! He has no sportsmanship!!! I wish this Sherman character the best of luck cause he is due for another Trent Williams beat down like he got last year!!!!

  46. “he said she said” vs “saw it myself on national television”…..hmmm.
    You hear this stuff all the time… in court…my brothers innocent…he’s not human garbage.

  47. Sherman is all talk. Crabtree should have duffed him out in Arizona and last night. I’m sure Crabtree had a reason to want to fight him in Arizona. Funny how Sherman’s brother doesn’t mention it.

  48. How is it that 3 forced fumbles/ recoveries by Bowman in the playoffs have been negated by the atrocious officiating? This is no coincidence in my mind. (Bradshaw NFC title, Kuhn wild card; Seattle) They even tried to take away the most obvious TD from Vernon Davis.

    This is a very real thing with league choosing also choosing to swallow flags while Jacoby Jones has a convoy of holds on the SB kickoff and once again while Jimmy Smith plays bump and hold 7 yards off the line of scrimmage.

    The league is a fake.

  49. Superbowl won’t even be worth watching this year, Seahawks will choke against Manning just like they choked against the Steelers.

    Ravens = 2 Rings
    Seahawks = 0 Rings(Pathetic)

  50. “Crabtree may be sorry he ever faced off with Sheman, either on the field or off. What???? Are you serious? Crabtree would take that scrawny brother out. Just like he does PPeterson every time they play. Is Peterson the best, or Sheman??

    His brother told ya……Wow, there is some impressive journalism.

    Did you happen to catch Sheman getting knocked to the ground in a hapless attempt to tackle Kaep on the long run?? Yea, he’s All Pro!

  51. Where were those 2 games versus Brees? oh yeah at home. No 12th man in NY. Compare Brees weapons with Mannings: D.thomas, J. Thomas, Decker, Welker, and Moreno led by Manning…way better than what Brees has. With an improving defense, Denver 33 Seattle 17.

  52. “fanofevilempire says: Jan 20, 2014 10:42 AM

    Sherman backed up his talking and that is what matters, if you talk smack you have to back it up.
    I’m sorry that you don’t like Sherman but if you do turn off your TV.”

    Thank you very much, and that’s exactly what I did.

  53. …And in true PFT fashion, we try to make the Niners look like the bad guys here… It’s incredible to me that people are finding excuses for Richard Sherman to act like a clown…

  54. Damage control. Sherman showed himself to be completely devoid of class. Now his people are trying to change the subject or make it look like he isn’t the biggest d-bag in the NFL.

    Whatever. Obviously Sherman wants to be the villain character and get extra attention. That’s fine. He isn’t the first diva nor will he be the last, and there will be times when he fails or starts to suck and everyone will cheer, as they do when the villians fall (or get old or hurt or whatever else).

  55. and in a related story, Sherman’s grandmother said that Peyton Manning punched Sherman’s dog while walking through Sherman’s neighborhood when the dog tried to shake his hand.

    Come on, Man!!!

  56. This is just a distraction from yesterdays game proving the NFL fixes games thru officiating
    against the Niners, back since last super bowl

  57. Hey Crabtree, Sherman didn’t make many plays because YOU couldn’t get open very much. Tell your quarterback not to throw your way since doing so results in what happened at the end of the game.

  58. granadafan
    Jan 20, 2014, 8:23 AM PST
    winninaintsinnin says:
    Jan 20, 2014 11:19 AM
    Uhhh wrong.

    I was not only at the game, I was near where they wheeled him out.

    No one was throwing anything or spitting.

    Tagging Go Hawks doesn’t give you credibility.

    Now who’s the one losing crediblity? There are multiple INDEPENDENT reports of Seattle fans throwing stuff at Bowman. Either you’re flat out lying or you just see what you want to see to protect your fellow classless fans.
    Win is a typical d-bag Hawk fan. This did happen, I just saw video proof doing a simple search. Absolutely classless franchise goes hand in hand with most of their fan base.

  59. I call b.s.

    Who would want yo shake his hand? Who honestly thinks Sherman did not talk trash to Crabtree last season or still this event? I doubt he tried to fight Sherman. I hope Crabtree busts his jaw now though.

  60. Sounds like little “dick” Sherman trying to backtrack after his petulant outburst showed him as the the jerk he is. I don’t believe in Karma but if it’s true then it’s coming for this guy. Pop goes the ACL… Hopefully in the 1st quarter

  61. You can say what you want but when you act the way this guy does you can’t point the finger on some one else as an excuse for your actions. Did he make a good play, yes but his antics define him. He is trash and there will be millions of people rejoysing over his demise. Can’t wait to see you lose.

  62. Now who’s the one losing crediblity? There are multiple INDEPENDENT reports of Seattle fans throwing stuff at Bowman. Either you’re flat out lying or you just see what you want to see to protect your fellow classless fans

    Why don’t you link a few?

    This was started by a San Fran fan on Facebook. He wasn’t even at the game.

    It’s grown legs because you all want it to be true.

  63. joestrummerlives says:
    Jan 20, 2014 11:52 AM

    “fanofevilempire says: Jan 20, 2014 10:42 AM

    Sherman backed up his talking and that is what matters, if you talk smack you have to back it up.
    I’m sorry that you don’t like Sherman but if you do turn off your TV.”

    Thank you very much, and that’s exactly what I did.

    I’m taking my ball and going home, is what I see in your response.

    You probably curled up on the floor and did your best Nancy Kerrigan…..”Whhhhhhhhhhhyyyyy?”

    Typical 49er fan. Nothing is ever wrong with your team, you are always right, and if anyone disagrees, you try to marginalize them and deny anyone’s right to have a differing opinion.

  64. LOL!
    Source – Sherman’s Brother
    News Outlet – Seattle Times

    Yeah, that’s likely to be unbiased.

    That’s like watching MSNBC to get a fair treatment of a conservative politician…

  65. Honestly the funny thing is this is all 49er fans are talking about. How much they hate Richard Sherman. Didn’t Kaepernick do Cam Newton’s Super Man celebration as they won the game the other week? Shouldn’t you be mad your QB thew 2 INTs and fumbled the ball twice. That your offensive line got dominated so bad that Frank Gore was standing on the sideline looking like James Brown with his coat on.

    As a Seahawk fan- I love that one of our players laid into 49ers players because your team doesn’t deserve the respect. You talk trash all off-season about even after a lose you make excuses. Even right now, your season is over and somehow it was the referees and our CB being too mean why you lost. Face it, the narrative is starting – Jim Harbaugh can’t win the big game.

  66. History between Sherman and Crabtree or not what about the choke sign Sherman gave Kaepernick? Your team is headed to the super bowl and and you are praising yourself?

  67. The moment these commentators realize that football is in fact not a ‘classy’ sport and in fact is a dirty, physical game of intimidation and physical domination: priceless.

    I don’t think anyone loves his comments, but seriously you guys – GROW A PAIR.

  68. I don’t think this article is true. It is not collaborated by anyone except Sherman’s big brother. He has a motive , to make his little brother look good, after an unprofessional moment in his career.

  69. I miss my old school Raiders. when 75% of the team were convicted felons. other teams were scared little girls to play them and you didn’t get caught dead wearing your teams jersey in our house

  70. Sherman has made plays on a lot of great receivers this year. He never went off on any of them like he did on Crabtree. So, you can bet there is more here between those two than what you see on the field. Crabtree refused to shake hands or even say, “Nice play!” So he got embarrassed by the best CB in the league. Crabs started it and Sherman finished it.

  71. Someone always starts it take some responsibility classless it’s sad because we know this guy made no plays the whole game that last play was a tipped pass that was not crabtrees fault kaepernick is overrated to the max

  72. Just so we’re clear, Richard Sherman did give up a couple of huge plays against the Saints (including a touchdown). He’s not perfect.

    He’s very good, just not quite as good as he thinks he is.

  73. This was known by Seattle before the season and Crabtree did they BEFORE training camp in the summer ..

    Crabtree is classless period multiple run ins with the law and always escaped on technicality .has Sherman ever been in trouble ? Ty ..

    Also Crabtree pushes Sherman right in the back on the last play that’s why Sherman
    Has to contort his body to tip the ball to his teammate . If not for PI on Crabtree Sherman picks it himself .. Lovely finish ..

    Did you also hear Crabtree throwing Kaep under the bus.. We got open couldn’t get any balls and that ball was under thrown tried to break it up.. Exactly calling out his qb whose legs are the only reason the game was close is selfish and a sign or weakness and lack or character …

  74. Jhop86 Sherman made no plays BECAUSE he was too busy shutting down every wr he covered . The niners threw two passes all game his way one was illegal touching .. The other he turned into a game sealing INT ..

    FYI hater if someone is quiet all game as a corner it means he’s shutting people down . He’s not playing lb or qb where stats are necessary .. Thanks for helping us indentify the haters quick by saying crap like that ..

  75. I love how people act like crabtree isn’t just like Sherman only difference is Sherman is elite and crabtree is me first nonstop sorry I’m not feeling sorry for Michael i caught an 8. Yd pass and can’t stop celebrating crabtree

  76. It don’t matter how good of a player you are either way that public display was an embarrassment. It’d be fine if you were in the WWE!

  77. Sherman was high on Adderall. Google Richard Sherman and Adderall. Adderall is a mixture of amphetamine salts. Basically prescription speed. Sherman probably tripled up on his regular 30mg dose of Adderall before this game. Adderall makes people super chatty, aggressive, argumentative, express poor judgement and highly egocentric: Sherman in a nutshell. Adderall is a dopaminergic drug much like cocaine. It’s a massive performance enhancer, both mentally and physically. Sherman is a cheater in the same light as Alex Rodriguez. He should be banned, suspended at the very least, from the NFL. He probably got hooked on Adderall while at Stanford with all those Silicon Valley brats.

  78. Sherman is a great player. The results of that play had nothing to do with Crabtree, but more Kaep taking a bad risk throwing into Shermans territory. Regardless we are going to see a great Super Bowl and that’s all that matters to me.

  79. What a reliable source! Also in the news, Chris Christie’s brother says that bridge was full of trolls and he saved everyone in Ft. Lee’s life.

    Seriously, if Crabtree did want to fight Sherman, he probably did something to deserve it.

  80. I love how Seahawks fans act like the Niners weren’t in the Super Bowl last year. Unless they win it both franchises would have accomplished the same things within the past four years. I’m pissed the Niners lost but hey Seattle is a great team, I’m already looking forward to both games next season.

    About this..kind of funny how this only comes out now ? Sherman isn’t the type of player to sit on this for a year..he would have said something prior to today.

  81. you have 2 young men add in a butt load of money mix in a little violence and you get 2 immature little boys!!

  82. I love how Richard Sherman’s BROTHER is the lone source for this and everybody is just taking it at face value. Terrible.

  83. Great game yesterday. As a fan of team not in the playoffs, it was a great game to see. It seems to me as if Sherman was blowing off steam after the game. Every team has players like that. Niner fans are delusional to think they dont have players like that. I have seen Donte Whitner blow up a receiver and stand over the injured player and continue to mouth off. As for the officiating, it works both ways. Niner fans sure didnt complain about the calls working in their favor just a week before. Yesterday was a good hard hitting battle. Just because your team lost, don’t blame it on the refs. You’re whining more than your head coach. Guess thats why youre a Niners fan.

  84. Look, guys don’t just try to fight someone for no reason. What did Sherman say/ do to provoke an alleged fight from Crabtree in the first place at this charity event? Dick Sherman can’t even be gracious at a friggin charity event.

  85. Really? Richard Sherman’s Brother said?….forgive me for my skepticism…lets see what Michael Crabtrees mama has to say shall we?maybe both players should watch how Larry Fitzgerald composes himself on and off the field.Im a Niner fan and I’m tired of ALL the unprofessionalism by all sides involved.oh and wasn’t Mr.Richard( I’m the best) Sherman the same Richard Sherman that got pinked by Indys T Y Hilton?

  86. Cutting through the hyperbole; if you don’t like the Hawks, you don’t like Sherm. If you are a Hawks fan, then you appreciate his talented playing style, his effectiveness on the field, and his ever charming witticisms. Works for me.

  87. Scoreboard Richard Sherman
    Crabtree and Boldin have talked lots of crap all year for just getting a catch over the middle or a 1st down. Whiner fans are ok with that, but start whining when Sherman makes a game winning play and talks to the talker???????
    Thats exactly why you are pegged whiners.

  88. The 9ers have no room to complain about ANYTHING. Their QB mocked Cam Newton’s TD celebration and the team actually attempted a fake punt when the game against the Panthers was all but over. There are players, coaches, and fans from every team (and every sport) that cross the line from time to time. Not fair or accurate to judge an entire team or an entire fan base on the actions of a few.

  89. “Sherman did make plenty of plays on Sunday”? He had 2 passes thrown his way. He got called for holding on the first one and made the play on the under thrown ball at the end. He had 2 tackles and nothing else in the stat line.

  90. was deleted for last post so maybe said something wrong but Michael Crabtree had surgery on a complete tear of his achilles four days after the golf tournament.

    This is a fact.

  91. Remind me, which one of them has been caught using illegal substances? Oh yeah…
    Remind me, which one of them has admitted to cheating on every single play? Oh yeah…

  92. He said…. she said…. bla bla bla….

    Save the Seattle spin on this story. Sherman is a classless tool and Crabtree probably had it coming. NEXT!

  93. I cannot believe how many people hate Sherman…..Appreciate the guy for his play…..Brady said best that you have to counter….Deon Sanders said he is best in the game….You put him on any team and will be total shutdown….Crabtree is a bust, and for a guy drafted so high who sat out his first year, who is to say he loves the game….I respect players with compassion for game…..Crabtree really is that good….

  94. Crabtree is garbage….probably a number 2 receiver if that…not even in Sherman league……Stop talking about what Sherman said focus how great he is.

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