Report: NFL to look into contact on 49ers sideline during punt

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In the second quarter of the NFC Championship Game, there was a Seahawks punt that saw gunner Jeremy Lane forced onto the 49ers sideline as he tried to make his way toward punt returner LaMichael James.

Before Lane could get back onto the field, he fell while trying to run between a pair of people on the 49ers sideline. It appears that Lane goes down after taking a blow from the forearm or elbow of an as yet unidentified man in a black top, although the angle of the shot shown on television Sunday makes it unclear exactly where any contact is made. There’s also a down marker lying flat on the ground just where Lane stumbles to the turf, which may have contributed to how things played out.

The NFL is reportedly going to try to figure out what happened on the play. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the league office will review the play to determine whether there’s any need for league discipline to anyone from the 49ers as a result.

If the NFL decides there was intent to interfere with the play by the 49ers, there will likely be a fine handed down although it will take a clearer view than the one shown on FOX to make a definitive call on that front.

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  1. Looks like he slipped on the down marker to me.

    Unless he was tackled, I find it hard to make a case to discipline anyone there. He was off the field. Too bad.

  2. I see a picture of a Seahawk. Without reading the post first I will state unequivocally that this is a classless move by a classless organization with obnoxious fans.

  3. oh classy SF, keep it classy, what a classy way of losing, boy these guys keep it classy, maybe its all that roid rage, SF player-always keeping it classy, they should lose a draft pick for such classless act, what an ugly way to respond to getting your butts kicked-try to hurt a guy,

  4. Judging from the other sideline cast scrambling to avoid contact and said person clearly stepping into Lane while facing toward him, I’m not sure how this wouldn’t be deemed malicious.

  5. I watched the play a few times thanks to DVR. The person on the sideline intentionally body checked Lane. The dead giveaway is when the unidentified player immediately looked around (after the shove) to see if any zebras were around. I imagine there are other camera angles (we aren’t privy to) that will show this was clearly intentional. I’d be surprised if there isn’t some type of discipline.

  6. The refereeing in this year’s playoffs has been a complete disaster, but yet THIS is what they choose to worry about?! Glad the NFL has it’s priorities in order!

  7. Yeah he did it on purpose. Fine & suspension should follow.

    Hey I have a great joke for you. The Rams, Cards & 49ers walk into a bar… TO WATCH THE SEAHAWKS IN THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!!

  8. You can see some sort of interaction between the 2, an arm or something. He made himself standout with the aggressive stance post whatever happened.

  9. Might have been some action on the sideline, moving too fast for me to tell.

    But my question (both during the game and now re-watching here) is why #26 of SF was not called for holding. He grabbed and held the Seattle player by the shoulder pads (link above stops right before the serious holding occurred).

  10. The dude clearly body checked lane or gave him a forearm clothesline .. Pretty obvious and glad we will hear all
    Bout bad calls all year even though it seeks to me that the calls ALWAYS evened out .

    Accept the fact that your team lost and
    Didn’t make enough plays . Seattle had
    A 300 yard passer 100+ yard runner and 100+ yard reciever .. Besides kaeps
    First half scrambles the niners didn’t do anything offensively . Kaep didn’t have a 100 yards pass until the last drive ..
    Not to mention the niners seemed to
    Get every bounce after a fumble ..

    Keep telling yourself it was the zebras . Good and calls happen every game affecting every team .. Yeah the bowman call was all wrong but thank god the hawks fumbled the next play to give that gift back ..

    And stop with the Pf on Whitner not being right .. Look before you speak theirs a shot showing him hitting the TE high upper chest but that’s from behind . Then they’re the other side of the shot which shows Whitner CLEARLY HITTING THE TE IN THE FACEMASK AKA the head . Ignoring this like the analyst is stupid and makes you look just as stupid . When he gets a fine you’ll feel even more stupid…

  11. 49er fans, get a grip…. you all didn’t lose because of calls, you lost because kaepernick is an idiot. How do you even see the games with all those tears in your eyes.

  12. Can you slow the video down? I don’t think he tripped on the marker. It does not seem to move at all. I cannot tell what contact was made, or if the unknown individual in question meant to get in the way, or did not know how to get out of the way (which, if I were him, is definitely what I would be saying).

  13. While they’re at it, how about they look into the fumble recovery by Bowman that was called “Non Reviewable” by the Refs?

  14. I played it back over a dozen times on my HTPC: several guys scrambled to get out of Lane’s way, while the accused leaned in toward him. Intent seems pretty clear. Looked like an elbow to the head/neck area, and Lane immediately dropped. Not sure, but after looking at pics of Niner inactives, it looked like it might have been Jon Baldwin.

  15. The short clip you linked to is inconclusive. Wish there was one slowed way down.

    Its hard to tell if the “man in black” gave him a forearm check or was simply stepping back out of the way in that video.

  16. Surprised that no one from the media, league, has identified the unidentified player in street clothes yet…

    Based on the inactives, my money is on Quinton Dial. Look him up and watch the replay a few times… Pretty sure it’s Dial.

  17. Not a fan of either team, but of ALL the terrible calls and rules yesterday that’s the last of the NFL’s problems. The rules and refs are a joke. You can’t have so many judgement calls and if you are then make them reviewable. The should be roughing the punter call should be reviewable if you have a set in stone rule of what roughing is….”Contact to the plant leg”…Why cant they go back and see if contact was to the plant let or kicking leg? Seems like it should be an easy review process to me.

  18. Maybe the field needs to be bigger or have walls on it like Arena football?

    If your Running OB and not making an effort to get back in that’s a Flag also… And ppl are on the sideline looking down the field to the KR guy.

    So maybe he thought it was some SeaChicken punk trying to take out Coach or something??

    Funny seeing Harbaughs face after the play looking at the guy on the ground

  19. After review of the fast clip, I would think if the Seahawk got hit intentionally, he would have gotten up and went after the person. Why not just ask him?

  20. Ok, so a gunner running full speed is decked by a guy in street clothes? Maybe the guy was being defensive to avoid being decked by a guy in full pads???

  21. There are other sites with a Vine video that clearly shows he was clotheslined. His feet didn’t even touch the marker. Nothing but a cheap shot. Probably an expensive one.

  22. This is the game of football. It is not bowling! For goodness sake , Knock it off… both sides, and respect the game. Calls go both ways, and you have to believe that, over time, they even out. (see Phil Luckett, Seahawks ). It is not simply about your team “crushing” the opposition… It takes two teams to play the game.Respect them both!

  23. Thanks for taking my que into the body check that 9er WR Jon Baldwin (not suited up and standing on the sideline) gave Jeremy Lane in the 2nd quarter kickoff.

    Like I said the entire 9er organization and fans are so arrogant that they actually think they are better than everyone else. It is evident by all the dirty shots the 9er players give the opposing players, the holding that they commit and the out and out screaming and whining when things do not go their way. This is evidenced by the constant angry faces and shouting that Jim Harbaugh displays on the sidelines during the game and the angry, classless comments that their fans constantly post.

    Now compare their arrogant posture to the classy Seattle Seahawk’s organization to the Seattle fan’s posts and the professional demeanor of Pete Carroll. No comparison, the right team won the right to present the NFC in the Superbowl plus it is rightfully so since the Seahawk organization is without question a classy organization.

  24. Slowed it down to 1/15, dam good cheapshot. But whats worse Harbaugh stands by and watches, then looks around to see if anyone noticed. Yep, dirtbags!

  25. Nice to know that Harbaugh watched it.

    Betchya he’ll complain about the fine that is sure to come even though he saw the whole thing.

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