Rex Ryan stunned his brother Rob can’t get an interview


Obviously Rex Ryan is a big Rob Ryan fan.

But after the job his fatter, hairier brother did as the Saints defensive coordinator this season, the Jets head coach figures appearances might be the only thing holding Rob back.

You tell me one other reason why he doesn’t have a [head-coaching job] right now with the kind of job he did,” Rex told Brian Costello of the New York Post. “Maybe that’s it. I told him, ‘Dude, how about you go get a haircut? It makes no difference.’ I said, ‘You can wear the Fu Manchu if you’re bald.’

“I can’t explain it. Is it the hair? I don’t know. I’m trying to get him to get a haircut. Hopefully, this is one of the things that motivates him to do so.”

Rob Ryan was a finalist for the Panthers head coaching job three years ago (which went to Ron Rivera), but hasn’t gotten a whiff this offseason. He said recently he wouldn’t be pressured into a haircut.

The Saints went from the league’s worst defense of all time (as measured by yards allowed) to fourth in the league without a major influx of talent.

“It was one of, in my opinion, the greatest coaching jobs in the history of the National Football League,” Rex said. “You go from 32nd in the league, and they were closer to 33rd in the league than 31st, improve 130-something yards a game and 10 points a game. He doesn’t get an interview? They had more injuries than any team in the league. He had to make adjustments constantly based on personnel. I just thought it was one of the greatest coaching jobs. . . .

“It’s amazing. Everybody knows he can coach. I’m just really shocked he didn’t get an interview at least. I thought he’d get a [head-coaching] job. I guess it wasn’t his time. Hopefully, his time is coming.”

The family bombast (of which Rob got the bigger share) might be part of it too, but in this case, Rex’s reaction seems justified.

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  1. Seriously? Why are you surprised, Rex? Your bro has coached like one winning team in the past ten years. Cleveland sucked when he was there, Dallas sucked, Oakland sucked.

    Rob is incredibly overrated. He’s a HC candidate because he is loud and his name is “Ryan.” That’s it.

  2. Ryan is not a miracle worker. He did a great job with what he had. But the Saints had plenty of talent on defense before he came around. Going from worst-ever to 4th in the league honestly speaks more to how totally inept Ryan’s predecessor (Steve Spagnuolo) was than Ryan’s genius.

    I think he is a very good coordinator and deserves a shot at a head coaching job someday, but you don’t offer him one based on the merit of this year.

  3. The only thing holding Rob back is Rex’s side show history. They are considered the same type of person.
    Not many owners want to deal with the circus.

  4. His defenses have ranked 31st, 25th, 18th, 26th, 24th, 21st, 13th, 16th, 24th, and 4th in points allowed.
    If he DID get an interview, it wouldn’t be based on incredible success as a DC.

  5. I am calling BS on the most injuries in the league. The Cowboys started 19, different defensive linemen and 7, different LB’s! That isn’t counting the fewer injuries that hit the safety and CB positions.

    I don’t think Ryan should have been fired from Dallas, because they were beat up a lot that year too. But you can only use injuries as an excuse but so much.

  6. I’m not going to pick on anyone specific, but a glance around the league tells you coaches aren’t hired for their looks. If an owner thought Rob could take his team to the Promised Land, he wouldn’t care if the Big Guy showed up for practice every day in Bermuda shorts and a Carrot Top wig.

    Rob’s a journeyman DC who’s put together one good season in New Orleans. His dad was a great DC with a problematic personality who never succeeded as a head coach. His twin brother is hanging onto his head-coaching job by a thread. Maybe Rex should spend more time securing his own position and less worrying about Rob’s silver locks.

  7. It really doesn’t matter if it is equitable/fair in nature, however, The NFL reflects a corporate image, and that is the reality. The HC in KC is very large, however he knows enough to dress in suits and keep his hair style high and tight. The other issue is obviously the fact that insisting on looking and dressing like an aging hippy on The Magical Mystery Tour allows owners to decide he is stubborn and inflexible even to the detriment of his career arch. JEEZ, this is a league where a player is fined for an untucked shirt and the incorrect color of spikes. Not realizing this and moderating your behavior sends an unspoken message about Ryan’s thought process and leaves him open to critical perceptions from his potential bosses.

  8. Appearance matters…but for some reason, Rob Ryan doesn’t seem to get it.

    With Rex and Rob being twins, there is evidence to suggest that intelligence and common sense are not hereditary.

    …Rex got it…Rob is still looking for it !!!

  9. Maybe because teams have access to all of the statistics for all of the defenses Ryan has coached throughout his career and aren’t being seduced by one good season.

  10. When I think of the Harbaugh brothers…I think good football coaches. When I think of the Ryan brothers I think of annoyance.

  11. Maybe if he does a job like that more than once in a row, he’ll get a look.
    Until last year his career has been pretty underwhelming.

  12. Stunned? That’s like a Viking fan stunned that they’re not in the playoffs. Who would be stunned by that?

  13. Rob Ryan is in the 40th percentile as a DC, according to That means 60% of the DCs have a better track record than him.

    And you want to know why he hasn’t been asked to be a HC?

  14. Ok Rex, great your talking your brother up, but if you wouldn’t try to get him hired with the jets how to expect any other team to want him.

  15. Maybe it’s because the only organization that wants an overrated, brash, loud-mouth, talk-first-think-later, me-me-me coach known for his skills as a defensive coordinator but who treats offense as an afterthought already employs a Ryan brother.

  16. I cant say I think he’s ready to be a head coach yet but i do think that if Adam Gace can get in a room it’s a bit puzzling that he can’t get a sniff.

  17. It’s his image..the hair, the weight, the bombast…coupled with his mediocre record. He just doesn’t seem like HC material. Even if what Rex said is true (greatest coaching job ever), there is a lot more to it. The coach has to be an executive. He needs to be a PR-savvy guy. His manners don’t have to be Emily Post, but Rex is just a clown in that department.

  18. I don’t agree with Rex. Other than this past year he has been a mediocre coach at best. Give it a couple more years at a high level Rob and maybe their will be some bites on that hook….

  19. He’d look good in the Browns front office. But then a rat with two butts would look good compared to the current crew!

  20. whatever happened to being true to yourself & having everyone accepting who you are?
    you all know…a foot fetishing, pre-LiPo, moronic loudmouth.

  21. I honestly think there is an image problem here. Rob is Rex’s brother, and while neither of them seem to mind that fact, Rex has been annoying, obnoxious, and a general media _____. Rob is the savior of the defense of the most hated on group of men in the NFL of recent memory. His hair is weird, but I won’t know his right to look how he wants. All in all, he just doesn’t feel right, and I am personally not at all stunned he is where he is.

  22. Refer to the job he did in Dallas….now offer him a job as HC…

    Kinda reminds me of Matt Flynn, has a few good drives in a mop of situation and garners a huge payday…Nowhere near deserving….

    Rob sucks in Big D,
    Adequate in New Orleans,…..oh hell, where’s my HC job……unbelievable….

  23. Rex is partly to blame. Other teams look at what a complete headache it is have a Ryan coaching your team compared to the extremely modest results that come with all of the nonsense and then put that together with Rob’s wholly mediocre record and figure why bother.

  24. Viking fan here. The same could be said for Mike Zimmer as far as not getting jobs. He did get interviews, but it took a few years for him to get hired I’m very glad my team hired him.

    I think Rob just needs to continue doing what Zim did, which is have great seasons over and over as a DC. If he continues for NO what he did his year, people will call for interviews regardless of the hair. Eventually solid performance is rewarded … the cream always rises like it did with Zim for a job.

  25. There might be a few overweight coaches but there are NONE who are fat and sloppy . The coach is also the lead spokesperson for the team , the fact that he chooses to not lose weight and at least appear to comb his hair says volumes about him

  26. I wouldn’t want a coach representing my team that looks like that either…For crying out loud..You’re not 16…Get a hair cut and clean up a little..You look like you crawled out of a dirty clothes hamper.

  27. No matter what any one says, employers are prejudiced against weight,hair length,facial hair etc.It’s an image thing.A coach is as much the face of the franchise that hires him as their star players,so it’s vital Rob get’s real and cuts the hair ! . Not only is it long but looks dirty and grungy.It looks like it’s never washed and he appears to be a left over from Woodstock.I’m not being mean, I happen to have long hair and am over weight oh and 66 years old,but mine is neat and clean looking. Rob – – – “Just For Men “.

  28. “You tell me one other reason why he doesn’t have a [head-coaching job] right now with the kind of job he did”

    Because he’s related to you, Rex.

  29. I believe Rob’s inability to get a head coaching position is mostly due to Rex’s big mouth and total buffoonery in the position.

  30. He’s probably not as smart as Jim Caldwell, who got a job no problemo. We all know that everyone in pro sports is hired strictly on talent, after all, they’re paid to win games, right?

  31. When I wanted to get a big boy job I cut my hair and dressed the part. I was only 23 and I was smart enough to know that.

  32. Here’s a clue wherever he coached his defenses suck. Oh yeah he looks like he is stuck in the 1970’s and needs to quit telling everyone he is a great coach…he isn’t!

  33. Some people are head coach material and some people are assistant material. Both should go back to being mere coordinators. Also, most owners are old and conservative men, and don’t like their leaders (QBs or coaches) to be too different and flamboyant. Remember when Jerry Richardson asked if Cam Newton had tattoos? The Ryan brothers are loose cannons and everyone has seen the mediocre job Rex has done with the Jets.

  34. This ugly clown is seriously lucky to even be coaching defense in the NFL – his efforts of late have been – well, unimpressive.

    I know it is easy to blame him looking like a fat Beatrice Arthur with long hair, but hey, his lack of class and professional are there on display. Let him be different. He offers no compelling reason to trust him with a team when he is marginal in being a coordinator on a good day.

  35. Could it be that the Ryan’s suck as head coaches? Both Daddy and brother and that the Peter Principle is at work. Give them props as good DC’s, not HC’s.

  36. One of the things that really cracked me up this year was hearing, more than once, this is Rob Ryan’s first trip to the playoffs in 10 years as a defensive coordinator, as if that were some huge accomplishment? 10 years as a defensive coordinator and 1 trip to the playoffs. What a horrible track record? I am a die-hard Panthers fan, not crazy about Rivera, but I’m much happier with him than I would ever be with Rob Ryan .. ughhh!!!!

  37. Well, Rex has done such a great job, can’t imagine why other owners don’t want Rob.

  38. Agreed Rex, congrats on your extension now fine and cut your idiot law breaking players who are in the news! Take a stand on your Offense for once! Fine Geno and cut Winslow!

  39. tjmac95 says:
    Jan 20, 2014 7:16 PM

    Not even close, in Wade Phillips first year with the Texans, they went from 30th in yards allowed, to 2nd in yards allowed.

    Wade Phillips is widely known as perhaps the best DC in the business. His pedigree is unquestioned. That said, his performance as a head coach for 3 different teams leaves a lot to be desired. As a HC, he’s probably best known for that inexcusable playoff by Buffalo to the Titans. Then again, anyone that starts Rob Johnson over Doug Flutie in the playoffs deserves what he gets.

  40. i have to give rob credit.. he really did a great job with the saints d…the saints management allows the coaches to coach the way they want, unlike dallas with jerry…saints d looked like a totally different team this year with basically the same players…

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