Rex Ryan’s plan for 2014: Kicking butt and making the playoffs

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Despite missing the playoffs for the third straight season in 2013, Jets coach Rex Ryan remains confident heading into 2014.

“My mentality is never going to change,” Ryan told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “I plan on kicking some butt. I just want to be a part of this team. This is where I want to coach.”

Ryan’s recent contract extension only guarantees his salary through 2015, which means it would be easy for Jets owner Woody Johnson to afford to fire Ryan after this season. Which in turn means that if Ryan doesn’t lead the Jets to the playoffs this year, he’s probably out.

Which seems fine with Ryan, because he plans to make the playoffs.

“I want to make the playoffs. Period. That’s all I think about,” Ryan said. “Whether you make it or not make it — there’s no guarantee how many wins we have to get — I can just tell you this: We want to make the playoffs. We want to be in there. It’s a disappointing season if you don’t make the playoffs. That’s three years in a row that we haven’t made the playoffs. So, heck, do I have to make [the playoffs]? I don’t know.”

What Ryan does know is that he wants the Jets to kick butt.

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  1. No reason why they can’t, honestly. Will completely overhaul the offense this offseason and it’s not like it takes a great record in the AFC to grab a wild card spot

  2. “Kicking butt”

    It’s funny because the guy has a well publicized foot fetish.

  3. “I came here to do two things; chew bubble gum and kick ass. And I’m all out of bubblegum.”

  4. “Hey, hey, folks, don’t leave, I’m just getting warmed up. Have a seat, the waitress will be right over with a drink, and you’ll love Chicken Parmesan……”.

  5. A couple of years ago rex would be telling us how his team was going to win the super bowl. Now he just wants to make the playoffs. I like the new, toned-down, rex.

  6. Doesn’t everybody want to make the playoffs though? What makes his and their wanting of it special or unique in any way?

    It sure would have been unfortunate to hear that they didn’t make the playoffs this year because he and the team opted to not want to play some extra ball this season. I’m glad for 2014 he has already spoke with everybody and they have agreed as a team they want in on the next postseason session.

  7. 2 Loses booked already, with WIlfork/Gronk-full Pats..
    + Loss to Denver.. Possibly KC.

    Already looking at 12-4 best case scenario.

    Already not going to win the division, so good luck in a wild card game.
    But glad we had to read about this when your team isn’t playing.

  8. A complete lack of offensive talent and still finished 8-8? Jets getting to the playoffs doesn’t seem too farfetched. Especially when you’ll have tons of cap space after clearing the dead weight of Sanchez and Holmes and draft some offensive players.

  9. The cheating patsies are done!!!!one hit to gronk and he’s done for the isn’t going anywhere with there coaches jets and buff will fight it out for AFDC east…..

  10. This will be a dangerous team next year. Going 8-8, 1 game out of the playoffs in a salary cap starved year.
    Jets are only a few players away. A Wr, TE in the draft. As much as 25 mill in cap space after dumping Holmes and Sanchez will buy another nice LB and DB to add to best front four in the game. (and they’re all under 26)
    Have good rb’s and a solid O-line.

    Idzik quietly got this turned around quickly.

  11. Now that i thinkaabout it,
    Rex just newds a good qb and hell do much more.
    But ill believe him when they steal the east from thoe patriots

  12. If the Dolphins had won the last game of the season (the wheels fell off when Hartline got injured), Miami would have made the playoffs, not San Diego, Ireland would still probably be in his GM job and Rex would probably have been fired by the Jets (and have been an applicant for the Browns/Vikings/Bucs/Lions/etc coaching jobs).
    I like Rex’s inspiring confidence, but I didn’t hear him guarantee a Super Bowl. Might even have to do it without Mark Sanchez

  13. Pats aren’t going back to the AFCCG. 4 times in row? Nope. Can’t win without a top 10 defense Brady….. 3 is where your at and 3 is where your going to stay… FOREVER!

  14. For any team who lets the Patriots use their facilities, they would then need CIA-sleuth pros to go through and remove all the hidden cameras, listening devices, etc. before said team could return.

  15. So the day after the conference championship games, two great games featuring the four best teams in football clashing… we’re listening to Rex Ryan yap again?

    …Why on earth is anyone talking to him right now?

  16. No rooting interest for the Jets or Ryan, but I can name a few teams that would be better off with him as their coach.

  17. I just don’t get why this guy gets so much press. He is a big-mouthed average HC who hasn’t won a damned thing.
    He keeps saying “the Jets way” all the time, as if that’s something special. Well, the Jets have exactly one Super Bowl trip and win in their whole history, and that was in 1969.
    This guy is a total buffoon and he and his fat brother are frauds living off their father’s reputation, who by the way, stunk as a head coach, too.
    Every HC thinks about winning all the time, Rex! Why do you think that makes you unique? Maybe someone tied his lap band too tight and he can’t think straight.
    Oh well. It’ll be fun having Rex around for another year so the Jets can lose again.

  18. Hope springs eternal …. for the delusional mind.

    He used up his luck saving his job for one more season. Back to 5-6 wins (where they belong) with Geno.

  19. martybugs2 says:
    Jan 20, 2014 9:48 PM
    The cheating patsies are done!!!!one hit to gronk and he’s done for the isn’t going anywhere with there coaches jets and buff will fight it out for AFDC east…..
    Marty has gone bugs twice. We hear this every year – how NE is done. Jet fans should get it through their little heads that as long as there is Tom and Bill, the Jets don’t have a chance. Especially when the Jets have a Geno and a Rex. Sorry girls, but the playoff are out of the question. Rex is only good for football because he adds a touch of humor!

  20. Although the Jets went 8-8 this past season the injury bug never really hit this team. For them to get lucky with that 2 years in a row is not likely…just sayin’.

  21. Geno will definitely improve next season. Lots of cap space, give Idzik another draft, needs are DB’s, WR, lines are stout. No reason they can’t go to playoffs next year.

  22. Here comes the circus ring leader with all his predictions for the season. At least we get to enjoy the circus that is the NY Jets with Mr. Feet is the head coach for a few more years!! Make it some hilarious years Rex, we’re all counting on you.

  23. Give me a break. Every team was doing the exact same thing because it was legal. Get a freaking clue. Wonder how many Seahawks will be on illegal drugs for the Superbowl.

  24. It’d be nice if his boss would for the first time in 5 years give Rex an actual QB to work with. 2 AFC title games with Sanchez and 8 wins with Geno is insane coaching

  25. I think they’ll win the AFC East next year. All they need are a few decent guys to catch the ball, which I’m sure they’ll get.

    The Patriots, regardless of making it to the AFC Championship game this year are on the decline. Next year they’ll probably be a third place team. Miami and Buffalo aren’t exactly great either.

    Gang Green will have a super defense and with those few additions on the offensive side of the ball, should be 11-5 next year.

  26. Amazing how even with some of the “worst QB”s in the league, Ryan is 4-7 against New England including 1-0 in the playoffs. Yet Pats fans act like the Jets are such a layup.

    If Smith hadn’t imploded in the first meeting this year, these teams would be almost at a draw during the Ryan era.

    With the Brady tenure coming closer to an end each year, maybe a bit of humility might be in order. Your “genius” coach may show his true colors without Brady’s or Parcells’ coattails to ride.

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