Richard Sherman: I don’t want to be a villain

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Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman’s postgame diatribe toward 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree has been a major talking point over the last 12 hours and Sherman added some more insight into his thought process on Monday with a piece he wrote for

Sherman, a regular contributor to the site, confirmed that the seeds of his animosity for Crabtree came last offseason in Arizona when Crabtree allegedly tried to start a fight with Sherman at a charity event hosted by Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. Sherman wrote that his postgame outburst during an interview with Erin Andrews was fueled partly by his dislike of Crabtree and partly by the adrenaline of the moment.

“It was loud, it was in the moment, and it was just a small part of the person I am. I don’t want to be a villain, because I’m not a villainous person,” Sherman wrote. “When I say I’m the best cornerback in football, it’s with a caveat: There isn’t a great defensive backfield in the NFL that doesn’t have a great front seven. Everything begins with pressure up front, and that’s what we get from our pass rushers every Sunday. To those who would call me a thug or worse because I show passion on a football field — don’t judge a person’s character by what they do between the lines. Judge a man by what he does off the field, what he does for his community, what he does for his family.”

Sherman may not want to be a villain, but he likes to be a provocateur on and off the field. People will have all kinds of responses when provoked — Sherman lamented the “racial slurs and bullying language” he received in Twitter responses after the game — and we’ve seen that in the avalanche of response to Sherman since Sunday’s game ended.

Sherman criticized the Seahawks fans who took it upon themselves to shower 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman with food and garbage on his way off the field after suffering a gruesome knee injury in the fourth quarter of the game before closing with some kind words about the Broncos and the “match made in heaven” set for February 2. To Sherman, “there’s nothing left to say” at this point although we’re fairly certain that we’ll hear from him again before the Super Bowl kicks off.

193 responses to “Richard Sherman: I don’t want to be a villain

  1. If yon have to repeatedly tell the world that “I’m the best” you’re not.

    He’s a very good player but a punk.

  2. When you constantly talk even after games…. Don’t look so stupidly amazed when a player (Trent Williams) punches you in the mouth.

    Respect the players you play against. Running after them to get in their faces earns nothing but disdain.

    College doesn’t teach you common sense or humility. Broken teeth on the other hand….

  3. Its better that way…..Trent Williams will be the Super Hero!

    Someone needs to deliver a Ryu style uppercut to this guy again….the first one only did half-damage

  4. Sounds like he’s just starting to see what happens when he acts like an idiot. It’s ok to be brash, he just takes it to a point where everyone will hate him soon.

    He’ll calm down. Everyone like this is humbled by the NFL evetually.

  5. Sherman threw up a “choke” sign AND made mention how he made the big-time defensive play to save the game. So which is it? Did the 49’ers choke or just lose the game on a great defensive play by a great defensive player?

    It can’t be both though. That’s not how choke jobs work. I would have thought a Standford-educated man would realize that.

  6. “…don’t judge a person’s character by what they do between the lines. Judge a man by what he does off the field, what he does for his community, what he does for his family.”

    Um, perhaps you’ve heard of the “whole person” concept. You’re judged by your entire body of work. Yesterday, you were judged as lacking.

  7. Get off the PEDs.
    the little sportsmanship you have is mocking and you have zero class, I don’t really care where you graduated from, you are a pretty bad person.

    Count your NFL blessings. In the real world you would be a bum that no one want to associate with

    sucks that kids look up to you.

  8. You thin skinned turds really need to get a life. To try and discredit a guy because he’s loud and brutally honest may be the biggest waste of time imaginable. The guy is a baller…and you’re all entitled to your opinion, but guess what…so is he. Sorry, that’s just how it goes.

    And all the racist nonsense I saw spewed all over the internet last night toward him…nothing short of shameful. Sometimes I wonder if people remember that at the end of the day, it’s a damn game.

  9. SEA fans were throwing garbage on Bowman getting carted off the field after that injury? Stay classy, that sounds like what happens in Philly for crying out loud.

    I understand being passionate about your team, but have some class (understanding it’s not ALL SEA fans, but a few clowns). I love my team as much as the next guy, but I still respect any player who gets carted off after an injury like that. Should give him a round of applause and hope that he’s ok, adversary or no.

  10. I will stop thinking of him as a villain once he shows even an ounce of class.

    Is he a great player? No doubt.

    Is he an embarrassment to the shield? You bet. He’s the perfect example of what the NFL is NOT trying to be.

  11. humbled by the NFL, really, I guess you just found out Goodell is sitting outside @ the Super Bowl.

  12. everyone lay off him. he plays for the seahawks and in the secondary no less. so obviously he was on some sort of drugs and can’t be held accountable for what he says. and he’ll probably get off on a technicality (again) for whatever drugs he was on.

  13. Seahawk fans threw rubbish and garbage at Navarro Bowman as he left for the locker room following that mind boggling distortion of his leg?

    Sherman is showing a lot more class and civility than those yahoos.

  14. You can be a great player and still be humble/not a jerk. See Champ Bailey’s career. Sherman chose not to go that route. Great player, but a classless punk. Same for Crabtree though I wouldn’t call him great.

  15. Sorry Sherman. You may be passionate about the game, but so are your teammates and somehow, they managed to contain their outbursts.

    There are 48 states whose NFL fans don’t have a horse in the Superbowl derby. I think Sherman has transformed the majority of them into temporary Broncos fans.

  16. Richard by name. Dick by nature. I understand there’s a competitiveness there, and there’s high adderall, i mean adrenaline, flowing but don’t be a jerk.

    The throw was poor & well defended. Have some class.

  17. We all saw it. Sherman came up to Crabtree and patted him on the butt. Crabtree responded and patted Sherman on the butt. Last year, Trent Williams patted Sherman on the butt.

  18. Too little too late. There are more Seahawk haters than ever before thanks to Sherman. You would think that someone in his coaching staff could get through to this player and explain that his tirades are detrimental to the team’s public image. Maybe it’s just that they don’t care. After watching the display of poor sportsmanship that the fans displayed when throwing food and garbage at an injured player leaving the field it becomes evident that this whole franchise lacks the sportsmanship that promotes the NFL community to respect them regardless of their record. Whether they win the Super Bowl or lose (hopefully) their public image will remain tainted for some time.

  19. Wait, wait, wait… Seattle fans showered NaVorro Bowman with garbage as he left the field under injury??

    Hadn’t heard about that! Who cares about Richard Sherman, somebody bust chops on those classless f’ing Seattle fans!!

    Not a ‘Hawks fan or foe but that’s ridiculous!

  20. Everyone who is mad at this guy needs to take a long look in the mirror. Because the only reason you’re upset is the fact that you haven’t done anything in comparison to what he just did. You only wish that you were in a sports event where it was okay to be that emotional and go out and send your team to arguably the biggest event in the world. An entire season of hard work all came down to you tipping one ball. Instead, you only sit on your couch and go to work on a daily basis enjoying your life in w/e ways you can. This entire situation has nothing to do with Sherman being the “bad guy” but everyone else having an empty feeling inside. Do I agree with what he said? Yes I do actually, do I think he was a little over the top? Yes I do. However, he has every right to act the way he did. Did he threaten anyones life? Did he curse? No. He simply is a man in his 20’s who has done something he’s worked his entire life for in an incredibly physical sport where emotion runs high on every single play and happened to get interviewed within minutes of his life time achievement moment. Think back to your 20’s and try to put yourself in his position and see how you would react.

  21. Wow…the Seahawks, their coach, and their fans are becoming impossible to like. Act like you’ve been there before. A bunch of classless losers. Who throws garbage on a guy who just had his leg blown up?!? Unreal.

  22. Everyone criticizes players for giving the “thought out answers” IE:
    gets a great player- i did my best
    i wish him well etc etc etc
    Richard although controversial- tells it like it is,
    Love him or hate him- he gives the goods-
    We bemoan people for not saying anthing- then we bemoan people for saying too much.
    It was RIGHT after the game- they don’t like each other- and it was emotional.
    and their biggest rival.
    Love him or hate him- he is the best cornerback in the game period- throw two balls his way all game- and he wins the last battle,
    At least give him that.

  23. I read somewhere “Pride proceeds the fall”. It happens to everyone sooner or later. Can’t wait for this goon to learn this lesson. P.S. Turn in your adderall to Coach Carroll.

  24. Looks like the NFL’s PR team got to Sherman about a day late, after the PEDs wore off.

    Hilarious that he’d backpedaling now. If he’s unafraid to to be self-aggrandizing, then why is he so worried about being thought of as classless loser (despite the box score)?

    T.O., Chad Ochocinco, Richard Sherman.

  25. Too late. He’s given us plenty of examples that he’s a piece of garbage.

    He’s worse than T.O. Because T.O. owned who he was and would never write a pathetic puff pieces to explain himself.

    Anyone who can make me feel bad for Skip Bayless has to be a world class A-hole.

  26. You can try to save face all you want but everybody already made up their minds. On a side note, Erin Andrews and Richard Sherman are now dating. Its every little ESPN girl’s dream to marry a football player.

  27. I love this.

    Pete Carroll obviously got to him:

    “Look, Richard. You’ve turned every previously-unbiased fan against us. We now could possibly be the team everyone wants to lose. THAT can translate into crowd noise and maybe it’ll feel more like a road game. Why don’t you kiss and make up with America?”

    Sorry. Too little, too late. You’re a villain, and I hope your team loses by 50.

  28. As a public figure who makes a living by what he does in public, he can only be judged by what he does and says in public. In public, both between the lines and out, Richard Sherman is a villain. A sports villain. He doesn’t steal cars or money, he steals moments. He doesn’t hurt people but he goes out of his way to try to hurt people’s feelings. In the artificial world of sports, athletes are either revered or reviled based on public perception and guys that display elite skills, heart, determination and a measure of humility will get universal respect. Guys that have great skills but disrespect others and the game will never get the acceptance they so desperately crave. Attributing his infantile behavior to adrenaline or heat of the moment is no different than blaming the alcohol for causing belligerence. Best advice for R. Sherman: Shut up and play football.

  29. The peds wearing off?… Sherman you and your fans utterly have no class. Throwing food and garbage to an injured person is vile. And you lament what other fans are saying to you? You are a whacked, egotistical maniac. Worse than a punk.

  30. Sherman owes Erin Andrews an apology. He can go after Crabtree all he wants on the field, but leave it there.

  31. As purportedly intelligent as this guy is, there’s no excuse for that kind of lousy sportsmanship.

  32. Sherman and the entire Seahawks franchise are jealous of the Ravens 2 Superbowl Rings. Seahawk fans incase you don’t know, you have to actually win the big game to get the ring.


  33. Many a great man in history has never, ever had to tell everyone how great a man they were. THIS, is what separates you, Mr. Sherman, from them.

  34. Oh please, there are players who have said and done worse. Now everyone is the moral police.

  35. When you lose, don’t be a sore loser. When you win, be gracious winner. This guy had a chance to endear himself from coast-to-coast. He did the opposite. He’s just another in a long line of self-centered egomaniacs. I have no dog in the fight, but I (now) hope Denver wins.

  36. he’s a punk who needs to have his azz kicked like Trent Williams did last year. knocked his smirk off his face with a punch.

    The NFL fixes games and they screwed the Niners once again

  37. I’m not a Sherman or Hawks fan and I hope Manning torches their secondary.
    BUT… regards the interview…the kid just finish a game winning play in the NFC champ game and was obvoiusly still pumped.
    Same interview an HOUR AFTER the game would have been much less “animated”

  38. Good, because I wouldn’t call you a villain. That’s too glamorous a term for a run-of-the-mill jerk.

  39. The easiest problems to fix are the ones where you need to stop doing something. Sherman’s play speaks for itself, so all he needs to do is shut up and everything will be fine.

  40. He won’t say it, but I think he regrets his actions from last night.

    I do not apologize for others actions, but I will say this.

    To those Seahawk fans that tossed the food/drinks at Bowman; the Seahawks should see if there’s any video evidence to see which seat these people sat in, and then revoke their season tickets.

    All fan bases have the idiot fan segment, but this should never happen. It just exacerbates the already bad rep of (some) Seattle fans.

    Good luck in rehab Mr. Bowman. See ya on the field next year!

    A Seahawk fan.

  41. Sherman is a great guy. He’s not a villain. He was heated coming off the field. He did not use profanity. He is the best corner in the league. Prime agrees and I think he knows a little about DBs.

  42. Note to Sherman – you don’t get to act like an over-the-top ill-bred boor between the lines and then say, don’t judge me on that.

    You are judged by everything you do, you dunce.

    If you don’t want to be judged a complete idiot, then don’t act like one.

    More than 1/2 the CB’s in the league can make that same play without becoming completely unhinged.

  43. Sherman doesn’t want to be know as a villain. He says that what a man does outside the lines define him. To an extent, I agree.

    But he’s not regretful of the way he acted. THAT shows the kind of man he is as well. And for that reason, he needs work on being a human.

  44. Keep talking idiot!

    God doesn’t reward dirt bags!

    The louder the mouth the greater the fall.

    Can’t wait to see him cry when the confetti falls in two weeks.

  45. After that interview, did anyone in the league think to test him for steroids or PED’s?

    Those were not the words and actions of a “clean” person.

  46. i don’ remember Champ Bailey ever telling anyone he is the best. Yet, he arguably was. Take a lesson Sherman. I am embarrassed my first name is even used by you

  47. Good for him say what you feel and feel what you say none of this political correct bull that’s turning this game in to a wusses paradise with oh they took it out of contexts dudes going to the super bowl good for him

  48. Well Richard, until a camera starts filming you and streaming it live while assisting in your community, doing whatever it is you do with your family, all we can do is judge you on what you do between the lines. Perception is reality.

  49. People mad about this.
    Femine men, who were raised by single soccer moms.
    No father figures in the house.

    Same Soccer moms that be trying to soften the game of football up.

    Same soccer moms or no father figure having men who filed a complaint for the 91-0 football game in texas.

    Just stop. Just stop it.
    Not everyone can be winners, sometimes there will be losers. If the losers talked crap before, then he gets everything thats coming to him. This softening of America gots to stop.

  50. What a shame that a great play to save the game will be out shined by a childish outburst.

    Act like a fool and be treated like a clown…. Show some class and you can become a legend. No matter who you are.

  51. I understand right after the game when the juices are still pumping but the fact that he went up to the podium and continued to trash talk shows his character outside the lines as he says.

  52. raiderlyfe510 says:
    Jan 20, 2014 12:04 PM
    Villians fight back when they get hit in the jaw. Sherman is more like your neighbors poodle that bark all the time and annoys the hell outta you.

  53. Pretty sad time in sports when you win a trip to the Super Bowl and all you can think and complain about is if someone doesn’t believe your the greatest corner in the NFL. He should be drug tested before the big game. believe it or not Sherman but 49ers earned their way to be there yesterday also. How about some sportsmanship.

  54. Steroids + Speed + Stuck in a child’s mind = Richard Sherman

    Richard Sherman, the face of the NFL.

    The NFL; the fake gladiator sport we love to watch but have no idea what the officials are doing or what the rules are.

  55. To my son:

    Do not idolize Richard Sherman. I do not want you to grow up thinking he is a role model.

    Instead, emulate Tony Gonzalez, Larry Fitzgerald, or Peyton Manning. If you want to emulate a D-Back, Charles Woodson or Antoine Winfield were great ones.

    But this Sherman guy, I don’t want you to be like him.

  56. everyone on here complaining would take him on their team in an instant. This is old school football with rivalries and players not liking each other… why do they have to like each other? Why do they have to pretend? If the previous era’s of football had the media onslaught we see today with social media, and the 3 seconds after the game interviews that happen now, I couldn’t imagine what we would have heard…

  57. To the Seattle fans sticking up for him: you should be more embarrassed than anyone.

    Instead of talking about what a great, competitive game last night was, and what an awesome matchup the SB should be, NFL fans are talking about how a great player wasted his spotlight to have yet another arrogant, ugly,”me first” moment.

    I’m no Lions fan, but Barry Sanders was about the best player at his position ever, and he never felt so entitled to tell everyone about it, nonstop.

    You garbage-throwing Seattle fans could learn something from Barry Sanders.

  58. you all going after him are idiots. she caught him after the biggest play of his career on a dude who never showed him respect. you just want a reason to hate him. it was just like the tom brady incident. never mind that brady decided to walk up on him and another db and talk ish to them during a commercial break. yall are jokes. lol

  59. Sherman sounded like a guy in the midst of roid rage with that rant after the game.

    Thankfully he’s not on the team that has the most drug suspensions over the last 3 years ….

    He’s not being judged for his play on the field, he is being judged for his over the top post game interview where he scared the person with the microphone.

  60. It is clear to any normal, rational HUMAN being that Sherman is a classless ROID user who is completely part of the me generation and with no understanding of the team concept! If he wasn’t playing football, I am sure he would be in a black place in his life, not living the privilege life of a NFL player. I am not convinced that he is a great player, who has a social problem of playing nice and being part of the real world! If you watch the videos, he along with a great many of the Seahawks are grabbing and holding on almost every play! I hope that Pete Carroll and his Street Gang fall flat on the over inflated egos. You are not great if you have to blow your own horn to get the point out!
    I am a PROUD Seahawk Hater and a non Pete Fan!
    He cheats everywhere he is at, as evidenced if the rule violations during his college stint and the number of Hawks failing drugs tests! Pete is an ENAMBLER and

  61. You want to shut him up then beat him. Plain and simple this country is too damn PC and as the saying goes ” you gotta beat the best to be the best”. Sherman was challenged 1 on 1 in the end zone and he won. Sorry but the best over the years are always hated for some reason “Pats, Ravens, Niners, Steelers, Saints, Pack”

  62. On the day celebrating the life of Martin Luther King, Dick should remember one of his quotes, “I shall not rejoice in the defeat of my enemy.”

  63. fasbss53 says:
    Jan 20, 2014 12:40 PM
    If he wasn’t playing football, I am sure he would be in a black place in his life, not living the privilege life of a NFL player.
    if he wasn’t playing football, he would probably already have his Masters degree that he’s currently working on since football wouldn’t be an interruption. y’all kill me. lol

  64. Yeah…maybe you should have thought about that before terrifying the poor woman attempted to interview you! That was ridiculous and childish. All you have to do to shut him up is PLAY better than him, and quite honestly he had you a lot of the game and that was very close. You got it in the end, but you weren’t leagues above him and certainly not good enough to declare yourself the best and scream at the camera.

  65. Classic Narcissist. At the moment he had a stage to say how his team played better and won a tough game together, he chose “ME”.

    There no “Dick” in “Team”.

  66. he doesn’t want to be a villian, but yet he keeps opening his mouth and talking……….this guy is an overrated piece of trash

  67. Mr. Sherman, practice what you preach. If you don’t want to be a villain…. then stop being one!

  68. No one thinks you’re classless because of what you did last night, Mr. Sherman.

    Everyone thinks you’re classless because of the way you’ve comported yourself on and off the field for the entirety of your career.

  69. Sherman’s mistake: NOT pressing the mental switch from in-game to post-game.

    In-game: Talking constant trash to the opponent, the occassion extra push or cheap shot, any method of intimidation.

    Post-game: Pretending for all the old whities that Football isn’t a testosterone-pumping, vicious, dirty sport of modern day gladiators. “Why hello reporter. They played better than us today. They made more big plays. Etc.”

    Welker took out the Pats best defender, flat out. That is far more villainous than someone kept yapping his mouth (which was cornerbacks do ALL game).

  70. In the heat of the moment, man shows his true character. Sherman showed us his.
    He is a person of great athletic abilities, but low character.

  71. on’t judge a person’s character by what they do between the lines. Judge a man by what he does off the field, …

    Oh, you mean like ranting like a fool on national TV when asked a question by a sideline reporter?

    I love it when people do something outlandish and then tell the rest of us not to judge. Please, child.

  72. You can see that Sherman has the low IQ folks in his corner. Lack of smack talking does not equal soft. The truly great players never had to tell people how great they were (e.g., see Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, Champ Bailey). Smack talk actually tends to be a way for lesser players to try to talk themselves up.

    As for those thinking others would love Sherman on their team, You clearly never actually played football. People who have actually played the game know that teammates hate players like Sherman because it is always all about themselves and not the team. Compare Russel Wilson’s immediate post-game interview with Sherman’s. Which one do you think has his teammates’ respect? Granted, Sherman and his ilk often don’t realize this is going on — and neither do those who can’t see the problem.

  73. Kid I don’t give a damn about your character! The Redskins have piles of cap space next year, Why don’t you have your agent give Bruce Allen a call as soon as the Super Bowl’s done and let’s bring you to Washington! There are so many people in this city running their mouths saying nothing that you will fit right in!

  74. ” don’t judge a person’s character by what they do between the lines. Judge a man by what he does off the field, what he does for his community, what he does for his family.”

    Sorry Rich, character isn’t a “sometimes thing”. It’s an “all the time thing”. You don’t get a pass to be a total jerk when it suits you. Don’t believe me? Ask all those companies that are not ringing your phone for endorsement deals. Grow up, pal.

  75. ” Heat of the moment, Sherman, ” yesterday was nothing. Manning is going to incinerate you, and then you will know what real heat is and how to get burned. Oh, and the ” choking ” gesture a the end of the game, what goes around comes around.

  76. Watching Manning pick him apart will be priceless.

    He should hope the NFL suspends him for the game so he can avoid the embarrassment.

  77. …mlk said something about “…judge by the content of character…” i am fairly certain we all know what character sherman displayed–the not respectable kind…

  78. I think the whole world, including most reasonable sea hawks fans found that rant distasteful.

    Like it or not, it says a great deal about him.

  79. For all of those saying you are not the greatest if you state that you are the greatest I give you Ali, “This is the legend of Cassius Clay,
    The most beautiful fighter in the world today.
    He talks a great deal, and brags indeed-y,
    of a muscular punch that’s incredibly speed-y.
    The fistic world was dull and weary,
    But with a champ like Liston, things had to be dreary.
    Then someone with color and someone with dash,
    Brought fight fans are runnin’ with Cash.
    This brash young boxer is something to see
    And the heavyweight championship is his des-tin-y.
    This kid fights great; he’s got speed and endurance,
    But if you sign to fight him, increase your insurance.
    This kid’s got a left; this kid’s got a right,
    If he hit you once, you’re asleep for the night.
    And as you lie on the floor while the ref counts ten,
    You’ll pray that you won’t have to fight me again.
    For I am the man this poem’s about,
    The next champ of the world, there isn’t a doubt.
    This I predict and I know the score,
    I’ll be champ of the world in ’64.
    When I say three, they’ll go in the third,
    4 years ago
    So don’t bet against me, I’m a man of my word.
    He is the greatest! Yes!
    I am the man this poem’s about,
    I’ll be champ of the world, there isn’t a doubt.
    Here I predict Mr. Liston’s dismemberment,
    I’ll hit him so hard; he’ll wonder where October and November went.
    When I say two, there’s never a third,
    Standin against me is completely absurd.
    When Cassius says a mouse can outrun a horse,
    Don’t ask how; put your money where your mouse is! I AM THE GREATEST!”

  80. I sure hope he cooks his own food outside of Seattle. If a punk gets spit in his burger, what would Sherman the most hated man in America get?

  81. -Your interview
    -Your saying “I hate when other people talk trash” when that is what you are ALWAYS doing
    -Giving the choke symbol after making your INT
    -Patting your opponent on the butt in a condescending manner
    -Showing 0 humility about the gfits youve been graced with
    -Winning without a shred of sportsmanship.

    The real question is, why should anyone, including rationally thinking Seattle fans, like you? I’ve never hated a single athlete more after last night.

  82. i guess when you have to hear about how you have to match up against the “Greatest hands of all time” it raises it a notch, and it becomes a bit more personal……with that said he would look great in silver and black.

  83. No one can take away the great play he made to seal the win! That was a great play and Sherman is one of the NFL’s best, but proclaiming you “Are The Best” shows a lack of leadership in the Seahawks camp. Sherman unfortunately doesn’t have a mentor or previous star the team he can learn from…so your going to get immature outbursts. Football is a team sport, this isn’t boxing.

  84. I like him. He’s tough for a CB. He talks a big caliber, and shoots it too. I would much rather have a “DIVA” CB than a “DIVA” WR.

  85. And besides… we really have high expectations for how Seahawk players carry themselves?? They are coached by Pete Carroll. He’s not exactly a role model for class. Look at their fans….throwing items at an injured opposing player. The bar is set pretty low in the area to be honest.

  86. I hate it when people still say WWF (wrestling). They must have been in a cave for like fifteen years. Now, I gotta go to Woolworth, and pick up a couple of things…

  87. Go ahead and stay on your island, Dick.. Who’s gonna cover the Broncos other 4 receivers with at least 10 TD’s this year.. Have fun running up and down the sideline in New York away from the play.. You will be irrelevant in the Super Bowl this year..

  88. Immediately after his interview with Erin Andrews I thought this guy was garbage, but after thinking about it, and reading the mmqb piece, I have changed my mind.

    First off, who wouldn’t want this guy on their team? In between the lines he is a terrific player. His MMQB piece was well done.

    I would assume that if he could do it all over again, his immediate post game interview would have gone a little differently.

    Whats the difference between his antics and those of the Harbaughs who constantly whine and cry during the game?

  89. Haters going to hate, not matter what. All you whiners go home and watch the SB on your couch, just like the teams you root for. Bottom line: Seattle is going to the SB and your team is not

  90. He is an embarrassment to the Seahawks organization and the NFl. Once a punk always a punk

  91. Hey Richard…..flap your gums all you want.

    But, please, when Manning throws over your head after a Decker double move, and YOU get burned for a TD, please continue to tell the world how great you are!

    Karma sucks, and you will experience it firsthand.

  92. Ya know, Sherman, more people might believe you if ‘KEPT IT BETWEEN THE LINES, when the clock is running’. Unfortunately, you ignorance showed thru and you not only made the gesture on the field to Crabtree, but you let it spill over to the sidelines…do us all a favor, follow your own advice in the future…

  93. Sherman is a straight turd. Good player yes, but he has no class what so ever! Sooner or later karma will catch up to him, and when it does there will be a lot of people laughing their asses off!

  94. Someone else always starts it when it comes to Richard Sherman. He’s just the victim. Yeah sure we all know the story. Crabtree tried to start a fight last year and this is the first we hear about it? Ok.

  95. Sure, it was an obnoxious moment, and it’s natural for all of us to think we’re better and wouldn’t do that and have higher standard and blah blah blah, but let’s be honest – the guy hasn’t hurt anyone, hasn’t committed a crime, isn’t even a blip on the radar screen of worst NFL offenders.

    He had a poor moment. We all do, we all have. We don’t want to encourage it, but it’s ridiculous for people who don’t know the guy to say he’s a bad person. He’s a young, hotheaded guy with lots of talent and attitude.

    We get the pro athletic behavior we deserve. Fans trash talk all year round, badmouth other teams, whine when they see the game going “soft”, cheer when “our” guy levels “their” guy. But when we’re confronted with the inevitable results like this, we shrink from it.

    It’s a mirror, folks. be the change you want to see.

  96. Waaah waaah! Treat me how I want to be treated, not based on my behavior! Also I need more steroids!

  97. So that whole acting like a jerk thing was because of something that happened a year ago? A year wasn’t enough time to think how I’m going to behave in public on camera if this crosses my mind again. When you act like a jerk and put an exlamation point on it…well then your a jerk.

  98. I see most comments on here are written by very sensitive folk who don’t want to see anyone play with emotion or a fire in their game. Quit using the same material to complain about Sherman, his game backs up his mouth. It’s football, so quit getting your feelings hurt

  99. Disgrace to Stanford…he is what you call a 4.0 sitting down and a 2.0 standing up…Loves being the villain…with being “the villain” comes the hate…eat it up because you earned every bit of it.

  100. If you actually read his MMQB, you get a different insight into Sherman. Fairly honest too I think.

    I think I am like most people though… I think he’s a hell of player and frightens me when we play against him (he did have a game tying pick 6 against us), but his antics are over the top and annoying.

    But Brady gets in competitors faces and talks trash too. Nobody gives him grief…

    I like the honesty in the article and how often do we complain about post game interviews being blah and boring…. that was ANYTHING but….

    Texans fan pulling for the Hawks…

  101. He clearly enjoys the role of villain. Hopefully his career won’t last much longer and he can fade away into the land of the other discarded sports players whose big mouths overshadowed whatever talent they once had on the field.

  102. He’s just trying to cover his butt now, after looking like an imbecile on national TV. Villain??? You did it to yourself buddy, now live with it! Most of the country (except the “12th” man) is now rooting for the Bronco’s due to your classless acts.

  103. No problem with Sherman whatsoever. Brady trash talks, 49ers have been trash talking for 4 years now.

    Now it’s the Seahawks turn. No problem with it whatsoever.

  104. What Sherman is is a product of the MTV, hip-hop, gangsta rap, Howard Stern, pro wrestling wise-ass mentality which so pervails in our society today.
    It isn’t enough to be a professional and one of the best at his position. No, Sherman has to be a punk right out ofs the streets.
    What he ought to do is think about how many young people watch what he does and how he his actions can influence them.
    Face it — the NFL is full of jerks like Sherman now. And worse, so are the sports networks.
    Immediately after the game last night I tuned to the NFL Network and there was Marshall Faulk offering excuses for Sherman and telling us he had no problem “wid” it. I’m sure Warren Sapp and Michael Irvin will strongly defend him, too.
    The truth is, these guys are the last people this side of politicians I want offering morality critiques.

  105. Did anyone see Patrick Willis speak after the game? Now that’s how one of the best acts after a game. Even if they would have won, it would have been the same. You admire players that let their play speak, and after praise the opposing team, and his own team mates. He made it all about him, and last time I checked its a team sport. Over time I believe he could be a cancer for the team. I like earl Thomas, dude is phenomenal, and just let’s his play speak for itself. Chancellor owns Vernon, but you don’t hear him flapping his gums.
    49er fan 364 days a year, February 2nd I’ll be rooting for Peyton to shut him up

  106. A little perspective here, Sherman isn’t a villain. He doesn’t abuse women or steal from the poor. He’s a microcosm of the new NFL player –bigger, faster, stronger and way too emotional for his own good. As my doctor said when my 4 year old swallowed a marble, ‘this too shall pass.’ Does anyone know what Crabtree said about him? That could solve a lot of this.

  107. I’m not a Richard Sherman fan by any means, but that post-game interview highlights a perception issue I think we all have.

    Anyone who has experience playing on a team in an organized sport knows that to compete and win, you have to have enormous amounts of adrenaline flowing. It takes a good amount of time to come back down from that at the end of a very big game. When someone insists on talking to you immediately after the game, you are highly likely to say some very crazy stuff. We demand immediate access to these players and swear that what they say while still running on adrenaline is a 100% accurate representation of who they are as men. Of course we also demand access to them the rest of the week and swear that what they say on Thursday morning on the way in to practice is a 100% accurate representation of who they are as men. And if the 2 are different (they almost always are) we accuse the player of being a phony. For these guys, it’s “damned if you do, damned if you don’t.” Everything they say and do will have someone screaming at the top of their lungs how evil they are.

    So my advice to Sherman: Don’t allow yourself to be deprived of any sleep worrying about what people think of you. If you fed every starving child in the world, someone would still think you are evil.

  108. If he wins he screams “look at me look at me! it was all me, don’t test me” When he loses he screams “it was all the officials fault that we couldn’t win our glorified practice.” It has nothing to do with being a villain or poor sport. He is a bad person. Your actions in the moment of events best describe your true self. That being said, what a great game that was, even though I wish the outcome would have been different. Can’t wait until next year! #questforsix

  109. Sherman is a beast on the field and a turd off it, well actually, on it as well. That being said he will get his. A big, strong WR or TE will take him out in a game and that will be worth the price of admission. Go Broncos!!!

  110. Seattle fans, PLEASE STOP. Just stop. I refuse to believe that every single one of you can come to the defense of this clown. Yes, he’s a great player and he may even be the best CB in the league (of course a sane person would let his play do the talking). You can rationalize his psychotic outbursts if you choose, and if you are, I assume it’s only b/c he’s on your team and being “attacked” and that in normal circumstances, you’d call this exactly what it is – psychotic, narcissistic and perhaps even drug-induced crazy talk. Testosterone, emotions, Adderall, whatever…gimme a break. His behavior was reprehensible and inexcusable. And if he were on any other team, you’d be here calling hinm out like everyone else. You know and it and everyone on here knows it. You can dismiss these comments just like you’ve defended him, but is this the type of person you’d want as a role model for your kids? Please stop pretending and defending this lowlife behavior.

  111. Ali was considered a braggart too, with the GOAT talk and pre-fight baiting. Except he did it with wit and style. Sherman was just coarse and loud. I’ll give him credit for not dropping an F-bomb on us, though.

  112. First of all… The Trent Williams comments make no sense to me. Trent didn’t punch Sherman. He OPEN HAND SLAPPED Sherm. Hardly a manly move. And these same fans that criticize Sherm for his lack of “class” praise Trent for his equally classless gesture.

    I don’t blame Trent for making a move, because the guy still had all that testosterone and adrenaline pumping in his veins and Sherm LOVES to run his mouth.

    I don’t blame Sherman for his post-game outburst. What the hell do you expect when you shove a mic in front of a guy’s face when he just made a play to send his team to the Super Bowl and he’s already a notorious trash talker?

    I don’t care for fans that expect class every second of every day from men who play the most dangerous and emotional sport in the world. This is violence and hatred at the highest civilized level and the fact that he’s able to express that without resorting to swearing or insults says a lot. The worst thing he actually said was that Crabtree is “poor, mediocre, sorry”. Get off your soap boxes, gents. That’s the most classy trash talking I’ve ever witnessed.

  113. As for the Seattle fans showering Bowman with trash as he’s being carted into the tunnel, I didn’t see this. If it truly happened then that is disgraceful and disgusting. But I’ve attended MANY Seahawk games in Seattle and I can attest as a Dolphins fan than MORE THAN MOST Seahawk fans are graceful and classy.

    The world wants to make this team and it’s fan base villains, when they aren’t. But here’s the real kicker. THEY DON’T CARE. Seattle fans don’t care if you want Denver to win. They don’t care if you hate them or see them as villains. As a Fins fan I feel the exact same way about my Dolphins. Call me a villain and hate on my team all you want. Just makes me want my boys to win that much more. Come February 2nd, Go Hawks.

  114. You don’t know the full story. Crabtree has been the biggest instigator and is the one to draw first blood, and disrespects Sherman regularly who did not start anything with Crabtree.

    Crabtree is like the smirking guy, who starts everything, but it gets blamed on somebody else.

    That somebody else is Richard Sherman who is a great player, who got interviewed after an adrenaline moment.

    This is football not ping pong. BTW The 49ers are the most arrogant NFL team in the league. Starting their coach and QB.

    Justice served.

    Not a Hawk fan, a non partisan fan.

    Richard Sherman was a boss.

  115. What an absolute clown. He invokes a direct quote (unattributed, of course) from TYWIN FREAKING LANNISTER in defense of his actions, but he doesn’t want to be a villain? Only a complete sociopath would take Tywin as anything _but_ a villain. I can only hope Sherman’s downfall is as delightful as Tywin’s.

  116. Tired of people claiming that this sport is just a bundle of emotion and players like Sherman can’t help but have it come out. Remember when Sherman’s own coach pointed out how Larry Fitzgerlad held up on a hit that would have leveled him (probably would have missed time if he hadn’t). If Sherman wants to learn how to play at the cream of the crop and do it with class please reference Larry.

  117. I have no problem with Sherman. That was a career defining play that sent his team to the Super Bowl and if you shove a microphone in a players face at that moment, of course you’re going to get unfiltered ferociousness. Football and football players are ferocious (duh). I much prefer that kind of candidness from a player than the usual pablum platitudes and false humility taken right from PR scripts.

    The video of Bowman being carted off is out and clearly exposes the “showered with food, garbage, drinks, etc by Seattle fans” as a lie. I count maybe 5-6 kernels of popcorn falling gently from one location above, as if someone is leaning over the railing for a look. That’s it.

  118. A reason to like Richard Sherman:
    He has had to fight for everything he has gotten in life, in college, and in the NFL.

    Contrast that against Peyton Manning who has had every football and societal advantage known to man and maybe it makes more sense why they act so differently.

    Don’t love Sherman’s antics, but do like Richard Sherman.

  119. Thanks to Sherman and the Seahawks fans the Broncos are Americas team for the next 2 weeks. I believe the NFL and the officials will be watching Seattle very carefully in the big game. Bottom line : Sherman has hurt his team and disrespected the league.

  120. I can try and understand why he would try and tell people and fans to judge him by his work outside of the NFL and not only by what he does on the field. The problem though is, and as stated by quite a few already, is that is not how a person is essentially perceived. You are known by everything that you do or did in your lifetime. With that being said, he cannot blame anyone for reacting the way they did in light of his post-game tirade last Sunday (and I am not, by any means, excusing nor condoning anyone who has attacked him using racial slurs). They are, more than likely, judging him from all those times he’s known to act foolishly.

    Fans of his or the Seahawks, and I’ve seen their comments, can give and say all the excuses they want but the bottom line is, he’s known to “act-a-fool” every now and then. There’s a difference between him acting as he did Sunday and as he normally does and another player who’s never done so in their whole career and suddenly acts as he did. Yes, it was an intense situation that was additionally fueled by “smack” talk from both sides, but he can’t use that excuse as that is part and in the nature of the game. Many more players before him have played in more intense game (i.e. Superbowl) and have managed to conduct themselves differently and with class.

    He’s a grown man who thinks that he’s the best at what he does. Nothing wrong with that and he can even proclaim that every chance he gets. But the fact that he is seemingly “backpedaling” now and giving all these excuses for what he said and how he acted tells everyone that he does value peoples’ opinion (and how his acts may affect his future). There’s a difference when you think you’re the best as opposed to everyone thinking you ARE the best. One thing that most individuals in this industry, whether it be athletes or entertainers, conveniently forget is that they are still selling a product–themselves. As much as you do not want to go with the flow, your character and personality still weighs heavily upon you signing that big pay day contract or not.

    You don’t become a villain by doing charity or service to your community, you do so by acting like one.

  121. I’m not impressed with his post-game rants, I am impressed with his apology. Speaking for myself – apology accepted.

    I want to see the Broncos win the SB when Wes Welker beats Sherman and grabs a game-winner from Manning with 4 seconds left.

    Settle it on the field.

    FYI – I am a Pats’ fan. Welker’s hit on Talib was legal, and Welker and Belichik DON’T like each other.

    When Belichik says “S..t” every player on the team, up to and including Tom Brady answers – “where when and what color?”

    That’s the way it is.

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