Richard Sherman sorry for taking attention away from teammates

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We’ve heard plenty from Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman since he knocked a pass into linebacker Malcolm Smith’s hands in the fourth quarter of the NFC Championship Game.

Much of what we’ve heard has been none too kind about 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree, but Crabtree’s not the subject of Sherman’s first apologetic comments since Sunday night’s takedown.

“I apologize for attacking an individual and taking the attention away from the fantastic game by my teammates,” Sherman said, via Ed Werder of ESPN. “That was not my intent.”

Coach Pete Carroll was asked about Sherman during both a radio appearance on 710 ESPN and in his press conference on Monday and his answers in both spots dealt with Sherman’s emotional nature and that perhaps this could be a learning experience about when to take a moment to collect yourself. Carroll said he spoke to Sherman, who expressed his regret about taking attention away from the team’s accomplishments.

“When you really love somebody and care for them, you do everything you can help them be everything they can be,” Carroll said on the radio. “At times they are going to make mistakes and break your heart, but if you love them, you stay with them. You give [them] the best chance to be all they can be. Richard is a wonderful spirit. He’s got an amazing heart, and he has great sensitivity. He goes all the way to the end of the spectrum when it comes to expressing himself.”

Love Sherman or hate him, you can’t argue with Carroll’s final point.

145 responses to “Richard Sherman sorry for taking attention away from teammates

  1. Quick someone on the team take the attention away from him. He sounds like he has marbles in his mouth.

  2. Perfect case for the old time saying, ” There is no I in team.” Sherman’s first words after Erin Andrews asked him her question; ” I’m the best cornerback in the league.”

  3. Sherman is just putting on a phony good guy act so that he can close his Summer’s Eve endorsement deal to be their new face.

  4. I think most of America thought Sherman was quite terrible at expressing himself and mostly unintelligible after that interview with Erin Andrews. I also think that most of America will be rooting for the Broncos during the Super Bowl. After this interview, coupled with the classless behavior of the fans while Bowman was carted off the field, make everyone hate the Seahawks and their fans. Richard Sherman is no doubt a terrific CB, but a classless guy.

  5. Umm, in fact Crabtree is one of the subjects of his apology. ‘I apologize for attacking an individual…’ Whether by name or not, that’s who he meant. Apology or not, however, he’s a grown man, and should’ve probably known better in the first place.

  6. “If you love someone, you stay with them…until they lose a step. Then, you offer them a paycut or the waiver wire.”

    “When I call it a game, you call it a business, and when I call it a business, you call it a game.” (North Dallas Forty)

  7. I saw the game yesterday and enjoyed every single minute . I am neither a 49er or Seahawk fan . That being said , the comments by Richard Sherman were in the spirit of the game and it was great to see and hear such a tremendous competitor minutes after a victorious battle .
    A High Five for Richard and the Seahawks is in order and I wish for them the same bold and aggressive play in the Super Bowl versus the Broncos , win or lose . Great entertainment !

  8. Sherman is a to ochocinco classless me first player! Total loser! Hope he crumbles in two weeks. Please Peyton send this guy ringless to go with a already classlessness!

  9. PIECE OF TRASH!!!!! im not mad that seattle beat the niners it was a good game. and I think they beat the niners fair and square!!!! This guy make me dislike a team that truly deserves respect! He acts like he was the one who intercepted that pass….And now he makes a bunch of lame excuse why he acted that way!! how about shaking hands and sayin good game!! he stole Wilson and lynchs spot light… AND WHO EVER THREW GARBAGE ON BOWMEN THERES A PLACE FOR U DOWN UNDER!!!!

  10. Please show ONE VIDEO. JUST ONE. With the fans throwing stuff at Bowman.

    Some popcorn dropped from above, AS IF SPILLED, as Bow entered the tunnel.

    Was it on purpose or an accidental spill? No way to know.

    But this BS about the fans throwing food and garbage is exactly BS.

  11. How is he classless? It’s sports not the freaking debate team stop with the phony outrage. He didn’t lie when he said Crabtree was mediocre, he didn’t lie when he said he was the best so everyone talking about class shut the f up forever!

  12. The Seahawks are the most pathetic, unclassy franchise in all of sports.

    This uneducated, Neanderthal fan base is so unclassy that they threw food at Navarro Bowman while he was getting carted off the field on a stretcher – and later it was confirmed he tore his ACL.

    This team will get completely demolished by the Broncos on the biggest stage in the world.

    The Seadderol PEDhawks will get all the karma that’s coming to them.

  13. The more that comes out about the straight A student from high school to Stanford and his incredible story, the less there is to hate about this man. A man who has a masters in communication and spends his summers teaching kids how important education is to their future. A man who studies as hard as Peyton Manning himself and helps his team learn one of the most physical games on the planet. Put away your hate people, you are watching someone with heart who simply got carried away.

  14. He walks the walk so he can talk the talk all he wants to. “Who’s got it better than us?!” The Seattle Seahawks do! #QuestForTheOffseason

  15. He walks the walk so he can talk the talk all he wants to. “Who’s got it better than us?!” The Seattle Seahawks do! #QuestForTheOffseason

  16. Also, the words class and football don’t go together. Watch tennis or golf if you need class in a sport. This is about men hitting each other vioently … We arent tipping wine glasses to them.

  17. Caught up in the moment in one thing and I see that after that BIG win but the actions calling out another player is classless and there are no excuses for that

  18. Compton > Stanford.

    You can the rat out of the hood, but you cant take the hood out of the rat.

    Stanford alums should be outraged with their athletic dept that this guy was admitted. Stanford is one of the premier institutions in the world, and good football team or not, doesn’t need this guy representing them in any circumstance.

  19. It sounds like someone finally got some coaching on what to say and how not to make yourself look like a completely self-involved, socially challenged, nit-wit. You play for a TEAM, Sherman. You represent a TEAM, Sherman. This ain’t about you. Pat yourself on the back in the comfort of your own closet.

  20. this guy looks like one of patrick ewings long lost kids with those gigantic ewing sized nostrils. somebody as ugly as him should be banned from TV. he should be required to wear a helmet with a tinted visor at all times, even during interviews, or get fined.

  21. Well outside the Pacific Northwest, I believe the rest of the US is really looing forward to Peyton pantsing this guy in about two weeks.

  22. Sherman needs to be drug tested AGAIN! Nobody gets that amp’ed up naturally! Perhaps he’s auditioning for a position on NFL Network?

  23. Crabtree is not mediocre If you think that than you don’t know football or your ignorant like Sherman. He catches almost everything but that ball was under thrown. You put him with QB like manning or Brady and he’s a top five receiver. The 49ers scheme is run first and to top it off he wasn’t at 100 % coming off the an Achilles injury. If that ball was better located it’s a TD That’s not on Crabtree.

  24. Wah wah wah. Cue the haters. Do you people not have anything better to do with your lives than sit around and be butthurt about a couple comments a grown man made in the heat of the moment?! You all claim to NOT be upset the Niners lost but then go on a tangent about blown calls, the game being fixed, crowd noise, PEDs. You lost! Get over it. Sherman is amazing! And he just got our team to the Superbowl on a game winning play. He is hands down the best corner in the league and proves it on the field every week. If he wants to call certain players out for them talking trash then so be it.

  25. Eventually this man-child will learn that no one outside of Seattle and certain media types wants to experience his self aggrandizing and boorish behavior. And what a wasted opportunity. R. Sherman has obviously never heard that the best way to punish your enemy is through your own success. He had a grand stage and could’ve simply told reporters how excited he was for his teammates and his city to have beaten a divisional foe in such an exciting manner on the way to the Super Bowl. He could have been glib and likable and positive like Russell Wilson and found many new fans throughout the country. Instead, he again let his infantile, mean spirit out, creating unnecessary distraction without gaining anything positive whatsoever. One can only wonder if he has inner demons that he is fighting or if he is just a spoiled brat. Either way, his rants have increased a fan base-for the Broncos.

  26. Hahaha still a bunch of haters, u mad bro? Go sit and dream about your team for next year, the seahawks own you guys and you know it. Type to pay up boys to the youngest team in the nfl

  27. I was just watching a replay of Jarius Wright putting a double move on Sherman and then burning him for a touchdown. Qb throwing said receiver the ball? Christian Ponder. Bwaaaaaa Haaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa

  28. djlexluger says: Jan 20, 2014 8:13 PM

    How is he classless? It’s sports not the freaking debate team stop with the phony outrage. He didn’t lie when he said Crabtree was mediocre, he didn’t lie when he said he was the best so everyone talking about class shut the f up forever!


    So, in your mind, as long as you are completely honest, you cannot possibly lack class?

    Did you appreciate the “class” of your mother’s friends when they told her their son was butt-ugly?

  29. is sherman the team captain of smuggling PEDS in those gigantic nostrils for the entire team on flights? he can fit a months worth of illegal PEDS that the seahawks rely on in 1 flight

  30. He is a very good CB, but he is a pathetic sad excuse for a human being. Seahawks fans are pathetic to. You throw food at a player who suffered a horrible injury? Wow, talk about low. That’s our nations capital everyone.

    It will be fun watching Manning and the Bronco’s WR’s ripping you apart in the SB. A SB you don’t deserve to be in anyways. What goes around comes around. Maybe Welker can do everyone NFL fan a solid and take Sherman out.

  31. Im not a richard sherman fanboy by any stretch of the imagination but this type of thing happens in the nfl all the time. Anquan Boldin is famous for running his mouth constantly its just this time seattle won so theyve got bragging rights until next season.

  32. No, he is NOT sorry.

    Sherman and so many other stars, whether they are in sports or not say these things because they mean them.

    They are USED to the limelight.

    They KNOW that what they say is being followed, watched, tweeted etc… BEFORE they say it.

    They are only sorry when something they say or did blows up in their face and the majority of folks begin bad mouthing them and then their handlers, their teams, companies etc… begin pressuring them to apologize.

    Sherman, with all he’s said and done over the past couple of years is most definitely NOT sorry for what he said and did.

    He’s apologizing due to other forces.

  33. This is not going away. It will never be forgotten or forgiven. Sherman is trying damage control ,the coach is trying damage control and the pathetic Seattle fans are trying to rescue this pathetic individual,nice try. Seattle blew it ,you are the new Oakland Raiders,the bad guys,the rest of the league will be putting you in your place.Seattle had an opportunity to present their franchise as the “new” N.F.L. If Sherman is the face of the “new” N.F.L.and the Seattle Sea Hawks you have failed in a most profound way.

  34. Goodale better be pea testing this clown before during and after the Super Bowl, pretty evident Petey has his adderal dosage way to high. Talk about out of control…

  35. He just had his ‘game face’ on a bit longer than was necessary. I don’t think people appreciate the intensely competitive climate that exists on a football field, especially in a game of this magnitude, we just saw a glimpse of it last night. Was it a little unnecessary and over the top??? Yes. But not a big deal…

  36. “Sometimes it sheds on the couch, pees on the carpet, and licks it’s butt when company is over, but it has a wonderful spirit and if you love it like we do……”.

  37. Funny how Viking fans are more upset about this than anyone else. How’s the offseason for the Vikings so far? I’m sure they’re enjoying their vacations. Sad that the players on the worst team in the NFL still make millions despite how pathetic they are.

    Also pretty ignorant for people to say that all Seattle fans are classless because a couple idiots threw popcorn on an injured player. Like all teams don’t have those same idiot fans. Keep hating, like is said, it’s lonely at the top.

  38. His intent was on himself plain and simple. You were more concerned about being the best CB than a having a good team victory. To the Bronco’s; Here I come! You can count on the “12th man advantage”. You deserve it, as a team.

  39. Carroll wants everyone to stop picking on Rich.

    “His erratic behavior is just an unfortunate side effect of all the medications he has to take in order to remain an NFL level football player.”.

  40. Was Sherman unnecessarily over the top, yes, and I can’t stand his mouth a lot of the times, but he is an unbelievable player. He is also exceptionally bright, perceptive and compassionate. As a Hawks fan it took me a while to see who he really is, he hides it so well. When he gets into one of his rants, I just turn the sound off. Unfortunately, the other day, it happened too quickly to hit the mute button.

    PS I wasn’t a bug fan of Carroll’s when he came here, but I have come around to both like and respect the man. HE isn’t a great game manager, but he is fantastic at working with young men.

  41. The fact that we are talking about football players and class is what is so mind boggling to me untuck your skirts.

  42. Who is more ignorant? The men crying about a man’s words after he won the game for his team?

    Or, the man who won his game for his team after achieving straight As while at high school in Compton, taking the through a Masters degree at Stanford and becoming one of the top NFL players?

    Who is more ignorant? The people sitting here talking about a violent game and trying to complain about a lack of “class” …?

    Or, the millionaire Ivy League grad who is going to the SB in two weeks and will likely never go a day in his life without a job because of his personal marketing?

    Define ignorance.

  43. so much overreaction on here . . the guy got carried away and said some bigmouth things in the heat of the moment. once the emotion of the biggest-play-of-his-career wore off a bit, he backed away and has apologized. what else, exactly, do people want?

    no crime was committed here, nobody hurt (Crabtree is a big boy and can fend for himself) . . let’s move on to the game.

  44. Its funny how you guys want to use Sherman to hate the Seahawks! It’s not the worst thing that’s been said on live TV! He didn’t use any profanity or racial slurs! It’s two grown men that have a football competitive beef with each other! You non seahawk fans have been beting against us all year hoping that everyone would beat us and everyone we’ve that came we’ve beat! now you want to use Sherman as an excuse to cheer for Manning to beat us? Then go for Denver will beat them too…. Then I guess you will have no choice then but to move on since you won’t have anybody else to put against us until next year you will have to let all the your hate fester until next year to build up stronger with more potency for your next attempt! Keep trying and will keep trying to win another Superbowl while using all that hate from you super duper haters as fuel!! Go HAWKS…..

  45. America will be cheering for the Broncos?
    One guy in Seattle gets excited makes some bad comments and America should support the team that had several arrests this year, their best defensive player suspended for trying to throw a drug test and two execs arrested for DUIs? Sorry, I’ll take the guy who said something stupid and didn’t break any laws!

  46. Guy’s a great player who behaves like a jerk. I can’t read his heart to know whether he sincerely regrets behaving like a jerk on this one of many occasions … or whether he just regrets all the negative backlash … or whether he’s just been told to express regret. He’s one guy and I can’t tar the whole team with his brush. I’m too busy enjoying the fact that Seattle wouldn’t be in the Super Bowl without so much help from the officials. And I’m hoping they have to listen to other teams whine about it and claim their owner bought off the refs and blather about asterisks for the next four years the way they’ve done about Super Bowl 40. Their fans are the biggest crybabies in the league. What goes around comes around.

  47. I wonder if Rich got some of those drug laced skittles from Marshawn?

    Just kidding!

    He is the best CB, and I wish he will have more class next time. I admire what he’s done with his life, but it’s time to grow up!

    Go Hawks!

  48. For some reason Dick wants everyone to know he got a communications degree from Stanford
    Can’t recall anyone asking about a players degree with such focus
    Why? Lots of folks looking to defend the indefensible here.
    Not sure he’s so great at communicating much but damn sure he is very good at self promotion… You sure that degree was not in marketing Dick?
    If that degree is so important for us to know how about showing us the transcripts of the actual courses- that might be fun
    And Dick, in between taking a breath after extolling how great you are, try this communication on for size
    There is no I in team but your spot is there right in the a hole of TEAM

  49. “Is Sherman more unsportsmanlike for speaking bluntly than Jim Harbaugh is for regularly going ballistic on the sidelines? Why is the latter passion and the former disrespectful?”
    — Marcus Thompson II, Bay Area sports columnist

  50. Niner fan here. Here’s the facts. The seahawks won. They get to talk. That’s the game. Scoreboard baby. The niners lost, they’re taking like men and moving on I wish all the other Niner fans would too. Forget it. It’s just a game, go back to your jobs and get on with your lives. You wanna root for Peyton Manning and the Broncos that’s fine but this season is over for the Niners.

    And there are going to be many many years in the future when we’ll get to see the Niners beat down the Hawks and they’ll do the same to the Niners during other years. That’s the game.

    Are you not entertained?

  51. I thought railing Crabtree about the interception was out of line. Sherman made a play on the ball. Good job.
    What I personally thought was hilarious was Crabtree showing off his alligator arms a little earlier on a pass over the middle.
    THAT might have been worth laughing at him over….
    Not the mark of a great receiver.

  52. Second attitude change comes when you realize the game was reffed in your favor AGAIN. 2 big playes that would be overturned but were deemed unreviewable. Such BS.

    Bronocs crush these pretenders.

  53. It’s amazing to me that in our society right now, one wrong step leads to mountains of hate. Let me ask you this: what does the expression “pumped up” mean? To me it means they are FULL of testosterone- and they’d have to be to at this game. It’s brutal, physical, and competitive, and this game was a particularly important one. In fact, trash talking the opposition is MEANT to get players fired up- that fire is what fuels the competition. Hasn’t anyone seen that clip of Drew Brees in the huddle, firing up his offense? You have to be fired up to compete, and I’m guessing it takes a few minutes to calm down after a huge win like that. Yes, I’m sure we were all taken aback by his sideline interview, but can we get off our judgmental high horses for five minutes? He didn’t assault anyone for crying out loud- he acted like a goon. Let it go. I’m do sick of the public demanding apologies for every little thing, and people’s names being ruined over the slightest misstep. He screwed up- he should’ve taken a minute to walk it off. Then again, Ian ‘t the point of those immediate interviews to capture the passion and emotion? Can’t have it both ways.

  54. He’s right, nothing wrong with punking Crabtree. However he did put all the emphasis on himself rather than the team. I agree that was wrong of him. He could have done both and been fine.

  55. “This is not going away. It will never be forgotten or forgiven”

    Who are we talking about? Aaron Hernandez? A macho CB and a diva WR (with legit personal beef, no less) talking trash in an NFC CG, oh the crime against humanity!!!

    I wouldn’t have acted like Sherman, and he didn’t paint himself in the most positive light, but let’s put things in perspective. The guy had literally just made the play of his career, was amped up and got carried away. No cursing, no profanity, just raw emotion in the aftermath of a most emotional game.

    Sherman is certainly not without fault, but I hope you all enjoy the views from your high horse.

  56. hey, if there is anybody in the NFL I am going to listen to when they tell me someone is really a good guy, it is the shining bastion of class that is Pete Carroll

    Best character witness since Dennis Rodman

  57. Don’t start apologizing or you’re going to lose your heel heat. Look people now hate you – live up to it! I love heels, as a kid I liked Mr Perfect, I liked The Million Dollar Man, I liked Rick Rude. Good heels don’t backtrack – play it up.

  58. Richard Sherman is without class and he’s labeled himself as such and no amount of laughing and smirking interviews he now gives will change that. And for someone like ‘Marcus Thompson – sports columnist’ to say in defense that he’s not as bad as others and thinking that is some sort of defense is absurd. It doesn’t begin to touch the act and the classlessness of Sherman’s behavior. ‘Well he’s bad but not as bad as this other guy’ is not a defense.

  59. Stanford grad? I would like to see his transcripts and attendance record, we all know how jocks get their degrees, someone else does the work for them, writes the papers, takes the tests. And I absolutely refuse to believe it was in “Communications” after that classless incoherent tirade. In my book his name is now Dick (as in what a dick) Sherman. I have hated the Broncos for years but I like the majority of America will be rooting for them in the SB. Even Dick’s teammates should be pissed at him for making it “all about me.” They just won the game and instead of giving credit to the team effort his first words are “I am the greatest………” No way Dick earned his college degree, no way in hell!

  60. The person who is classless here is Crabtree. Nothing new for Mr. Never played an NFL down and held out half a season. When Sherman offered a handshake Crabtree pushes him away face first and your calling Sherman classless!

    One other fact. Sherman is without a doubt the very best corner in the league at present. Seattle will kill Denver, no contest.

    Eagle fan.

  61. This is the lasting Deion Sanders effects on the NFL: pay no attention to the team. Just look at me and my antics. Terrell Owens use to idolize Deion and the world saw that effect. Sherman is the new Terrell Owens of the league.

  62. It won’t be long before they go back to being the doormat of the NFL like they have always been.

  63. Civilization will advance one notch when urban individuals stop automatically defending other urban individuals just because they are both urban. Yeah. You know what I mean. This is the NFL not the Knockout Game.

  64. I have rooted against the Broncos since the Drive game. I have rooted against Peyton Manning since he was a rookie.

    I hope Manning torches this blowhard.

  65. This whole Sherman thing has made the Superbowl even better. Peyton wholesome America Apple pie image vs. Sherman villain black hat .

  66. He can still be a great corner, educated and classless: They are not mutually exclusive. This guy is a d-bag and has a history of poor sportsmanship (You mad, bro?). What’s worse than a sore loser? A sore winner!

  67. People should really cool it on talking about how intelligent he is. Keep in mind that him being second in the class in high school was in a Compton public school, and his SAT scores were not too good. (990 first try, 1060 second try; national average that year was ~1030)

  68. Did you see how horrified Erin Andrews was after Sherman’s assaultive diatribe?

    Clearly Crabtree got in your head. Nice polished interview by a “Stanford guy”.

    I’m sure you made Andrew Luck and John Lynch proud.

    Mix in some anger management classes and a PR flack.

  69. You can defend him all you want but truth is even Pete Carroll felt compelled to comment about it……..if he had NO problem with it, I don’t see why he would even publicly address the issue. PC: “we try to stick to Rule No. 1 which is always protect the team. It’s the rule we live by. You always represent us. In a time like that one, it was a little bit representing yourself.” I’m sure Sherman isn’t sorry for WHAT he said but the way he came across & how it took the focus off his great play & teammates. It was a SELFISH move; sounds like PC thought so too.

  70. Well somewhere along the line someone wrote the book on Sports Interviewing/Political Correctness and player interviews have been a snooze fest ever since. This was like watching a WWF Wrestling interview. At least the guy doesn’t get profane. He says what is on his mind and so far his play has backed him up. I think he needs to be careful about crossing the line, and I can’t say I’m a fan, but Tom Brady said it best: “Look, they advanced,” Brady said. “The only way to counter that is to beat them. When you don’t win . . . You just gotta shut your mouth and listen to it. When you get an opportunity down the road, maybe that’s a source of motivation.”

    He’s obviously a narcissist, and perhaps a psychopath, but until he does something against the law, he gets to walk the streets.

    Considering this all came against the 49ers, who are not shy about mocking other teams players, and that have a coach that doesn’t show a lot of class or grace either, I have no problem with it. The 49ers have become kind of punky themselves.

    Does anyone else think Kaepernick sounds like B-RAD in the movie Malibu’s Most Wanted?

  71. You can always take the boy out of the hood, but you can never take the hood out of the boy. Stay classy Sherman, your not even the best DB on your own team. That title,my Stanford educated friend, belongs to Earl Thomas!

  72. Seattle fans need to put this in perspective. You know it’s only a matter of time before Rick James fails another drug test. He got away with it last season, and I am sure that Pete Carroll is hard at work trying to figure out a way to get around the next failed test. But it will happen. The funniest thing about this group of idiots on their defense, they are going to crash hard back to earth next season when those 1 year deals for the guys up front are up.

    Finally, instead of Pete Carroll talking about his love for Rick James, maybe he should point to a player on the other side of the field, Champ Bailey. Have you ever heard Champ run his mouth about being the best cornerback on the field? Even though he clearly was for a very long time. Rick James needs to understand that if you need to scream to people that you’re the best at something, then you obviously need to work much harder at your craft. Actions speak louder than words.

  73. He is still a moron, jerk, idiot, and any other word you want to use to describe him for his classless behavior.
    Obviously, his apology is a lie and it was forced upon him by someone in Seattle’s front office.
    The thing someone should ask him is, doesn’t he realize young people watch these games and that he has an influence on them?
    But he probably wouldn’t understand that, anyway. Because he’s typical of many me-first jerks in the NFL today.
    I didn’t care who won last week, really. I was glad SF lost because I don’t like that arrogant Harbaugh. But after watching Sherman’s ridiculous tirade, I’m going to be rooting really hard for Denver in the Super Bowl.
    I don’t like Pete Carroll any more than I like Harbaugh, though. Carroll is a phony who left the students at USC hanging when he left because of sanctions. He loves having jerks like Sherman in Seattle, too.
    So — go Broncos!

  74. I may be the first non-Seahawk fan to somewhat support him. I don’t know what might have gone down between them in the past, but Crabtree seems like a guy that would talk just as much crap. It only adds fuel to the fire, and will make for more intense match-ups in the future. The rivalry between these two teams is amazing, and the league needs more of that. Not the softness and the fines we’ve grown accustom to.

  75. Sorry R.S. – but this isn’t an one time thing. All it does it make people wonder what undetectable substance you’re on at the time of the interview.

  76. Calm down, America. Much ado about nothing. Gawd, I hate those pat PC postgame interview answers. My favorite rant is still Dennis Green’s – “…if you want to crown them, then crown their ass! But, they are who we thought they were, and we let them off the hook.” Yeah, baby!

  77. Some players egos are out of proportion to their talents, or lack there of.

    They need to have their thoughts pass through the grey matter in the brain. Clearly they don’t, hence the lack of anything close to being respectful. I’m rooting for the Bronco’s.

  78. Thank goodness the Seahawks won.

    I just couldn’t take another game of Harbaughs ridiculous ranting an raving and antics on every play that doesn’t go his way.

    Finally, a Super Bowl without Harbaughs or Belicheat? Classy!!!

  79. Everyone keep saying this guy is “smart” because he happened to play football at Stanford. Really? So everyone at Stanford is smarter than average? I doubt it! Especially football players? Again, HIGHLY doubtful.

    This guy has proven himself to be nothing more than a total moron.

    Morons go to Stanford too. And some graduate too – just like RS! A degree from Stanford, or anywhere, does not make a moron “smart”.

  80. “..I apologize for attacking an individual and taking the attention away from the fantastic game by my teammates,” Sherman said, “That was not my intent…”

    Yes it was.

  81. When the fans across states start to hate you as a team because of one player always running his mouth disrespecting players and coaches the other teamates eventualy get tired of him.

  82. while it wasn’t a shining example of sportsmanship, sherman didn’t do anything that we didn’t see from muhammad ali, who everyone loves. just strange to see it outside of a boxing/wrestling ring.

  83. The way this guy went ballistic in the interview after the game on the field shows exactly how useless a man he is. You can see the female reporter wish she didn’t have to interview him after he got started. That is the worst I’ve seen in my 50+ years of watching pro-football.

    Unfortunately, Crabtree probably needs to watch his back…once Sherman gets a lil ampted up on some drugs and see’s Crabtree in the streets, he’ll probably shoot Crabtree.

  84. In Sherman’s mind it’s all about Sherman. I’m surprised that he even knows that he has teammates. And I love Carroll standing up for his guy by using an excuse that you’d use with a petulent 5-year old…. he’s just expressing himself.

    Same Carroll, same lack of class team.

  85. “kkalama1 says:

    Jan 20, 2014 8:40 PM
    Hahaha still a bunch of haters, u mad bro? Go sit and dream about your team for next year, the seahawks own you guys and you know it. Type to pay up boys to the youngest team in the nfl”

    LOL….Yea, lets see, 49ers = 6 Superbowl appearances, 5 Superbowl rings. Seahawks = 1 Superbowl appearance, and LOSS!!!!

  86. Responding to….
    thereyougo2 says:
    The person who is classless here is Crabtree. Nothing new for Mr. Never played an NFL down and held out half a season. When Sherman offered a handshake Crabtree pushes him away face first and your calling Sherman classless!
    What everyone seems to miss is right before Sherman offered Crabtree a handshake, Sherman smacked Crabtree’s ass. Having this done right after your team lost the game DESERVES to be responded to with a face shove.

    Sherman was TRYING to punk Crabtree in front of everyone by smacking his ass and sarcastically offering a handshake. Sherman even stated he made those comments because Crabtree ended up punking Sherman in front of his home crowd. Sherman got what he deserved, and then acted even more juvenile with the comments that followed.

  87. Apologizing is a good start for this young man, keep it up. I love watching Russell Wilson play, but Sherman needs to get more likeable. Hoping the weather is good for SB and I can see Wilson holding the big trophy at the end of the game.

  88. To all the inbred idiots that call the Seahawks Organization classless: You dad should’ve pulled out.

    Let’s talk about classless:

    49er fans cheering while NaVorro Bowman was lying on the ground hurt. This happened in the Roseville, CA bar that I was in. Several of us tried to tell them that Bowman was hurt, but all we received were “F*** YOUs”.

    During the National Anthem, we stood with our hands on our hearts while 49er fans chanted, “F*** you, Seahawks, F*** you!”

    When Jeremy Lane was pushed into the sideline, a San Francisco employee hit him in the throat, knocking him to the ground. (The SF fans cheered.)

    When Doug Baldwin left with an injury, they cheered again.

    Both the fans and organization exhibited true classlessness.

    There were fans that trashed talked, but they were also respectful. We had fun ribbing each other, and when the game was over, they hung around and congratulated us. Unlike the majority whom ran out of there after the interception, with their tails tucked between their legs. I’m sure that there are classy 49er fans and employees, but after watching that game, and reading sites like this, it’s nearly impossible to find any.

    Peter King was interviewing Richard Sherman when both found out about Bowman’s injury. Sherman was distraught, and wished him a speedy recovery. When Sherman heard bout the popcorn, he was livid. (Read King’s MMQB to confirm those two facts about Sherman.) If someone did throw food on an injured player, the should go to jail for assault, and be banned from CenturyLink for life.

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