Roger Goodell: NFL will explore eliminating the extra point

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Patriots coach Bill Belichick lobbied the league Monday to discipline Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker for hitting and injuring Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib during a play in the AFC Championship Game.

If the league decides to punish Welker, it wouldn’t be the first time that one of the coach’s suggestions worked its way up the ladder in the league. Earlier this month, Belichick said he thought extra points were boring because of how automatic they’ve become and there’s enough agreement with him that the league will explore dropping extra points this offseason.

That was the word from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who told Rich Eisen of NFL Network that the league is examining proposals for abolishing the extra point  for pretty much the reason that Belichick cited. Goodell outlined one of the proposed changes.

“The extra point is almost automatic,” Goodell said. “I believe we had five missed extra points this year out of 1,200 some odd (1,256-for-1,261, to be precise). So it’s a very small fraction of the play, and you want to add excitement with every play. There’s one proposal in particular that I’ve heard about. It’s automatic that you get seven points when you score a touchdown, but you could potentially go for an eighth point, either by running or passing the ball, so if you fail, you go back to six.”

That would certainly eliminate the boredom of an extra point try without fundamentally changing too much about the decision that coaches already make about when to try for a two-point conversion. There will certainly be some pushback to altering a play that’s always been part of the game, but anything that would speed up the process of getting back to actual football is worth considering.

223 responses to “Roger Goodell: NFL will explore eliminating the extra point

  1. I don’t know how I would feel about this. Changing something that has been part of the game for so long naturally tends to make people leery, and this is no exception.

  2. Usually, any game-changing ideas that Goodell takes into consideration are completely horrible, but it wouldn’t break my heart if this came into effect. Any Kickers that can’t nail the extra point 99.9% of the time don’t make it past OTAs anyway.

  3. Might as well have titled it – NFL will explore driving more fans away from the game

  4. Now we’re are onto something. With this scoring format every team would try for the extra point conversion because it doesn’t cost you a point if you don’t make it. It would be more exciting for sure.

  5. Perhaps the place kickers or head coaches should run a 40 after each touchdown. The winner’s team gets one point.

  6. I wonder if the lack of kicking extra points during a game will impact place kickers when they have to kick field goals? In other words, will there be more missed field goals because kickers get fewer opportunities to kick.

  7. If you want excitement every play… Then why did you destroy the kickoff return?? That is now the most boring play in football.

  8. Goodell is destroying the nfl…let just use a soccer ball while were at it…this keeps up and im out ncaa has more heart anyways

  9. You have to keep it in, regardless of whether or not it is almost automatic. it is a integral part of the history of the game. How about moving it back and making it a little longer, like from 30 yds?

  10. Worst idea ever….

    Maybe we should change the game of chess, alter the rules of checkers, make Monopoly a different animal, modify poker rules, I mean all those games are terrible and we should really find a way to change them.

  11. No, I hate this idea. May as well add those nets in the end zones like the Arena League. Or perhaps design a ball with pink and yellow stripes to attract more female watchers. Absurd.

  12. Yes because if something works and has worked since the beginning of football, you’ve GOT to change it (NFL logic at work).

  13. It’s a useless play. It’s NOT comparable to getting rid of anything else. And there are any other number of problems under Goodell’s tenure (and that is being kind). But the 1pt xp is a useless play.

  14. Bellyacheck is at it again. If things don’t go they’re way the wheel gets mad squeaky.

    I wonder if he & Giselle Brady hiss and scratch and claw each other if they can’t agree on the best 2nd & short play?

  15. It really isn’t important, but I would keep that play in the post season… It’s not like there is anything to practice, a FG is a FG… So, during the regular season, just give a team an option to go for 2 or take the point.

  16. How about eliminating…


    (goes to commercial)

    kickoff for touchback

    (goes to commercial)

    starts new drive

    often followed by…

    one play (end of quarter)

    (goes to commercial)

    That 2 to 6 seconds of game time is certainly an automatic and huge waste of my time. I’d watch 10,000 extra points if that sequence was eliminated.

  17. I think they should just make going for two mandatory.

    It would be exciting, plus it would offset some of the recent changes that push the league towards passing offenses– a team that could consistently pound in a 2 pt. conversion would have a nice little advantage.

  18. Narrow the goal post width from 18′ 6″ to around 9-10′ for field goals and extra points. Teams will go for field goals less on 4th down and extra points will be harder. More football, less kicking field goals=better game.

  19. Belichick did NOT advocate eliminating the extra point. He’s NOT in favor of reducing the kicking game; he just doesn’t think there’s much of a point in a play that gets converted 99%+ of the time.

  20. Roger needs to stop trying to change the game. Nobody wants an expanded playoff (except Jerry Jones) or extra points removed. The NFL was here before Roger and may not be after; and already isn’t the same in many respects. But rule changes to the point system…seriously? As a long time football fan and ex college player, I feel offended by what he tries to do sometimes, because its not ever about what the players want. Bottom line, its all entertainment and profit with Roger and he actually doesnt care about the integrity and traditions of the game.

  21. ‘We want to add more excitement”

    Oh for goodness sake. It’s a PAT, does everyplay have to be gamechanging and exciting?

    Get rid of the London games, that will get me excited.

  22. People saying they are against this are just people who go against any kind of changes in the NFL.

    I say get rid of the extra point. Most useless play in the game.

  23. In other words: “We think we might have figured out a way to make more money if we eliminate the extra point”.

  24. Goodell is a joke. He’s hellbent on ruining pro football. Even South Park made fun of him. Enjoy the chorus of thunderous boos in April at the Radio City Music Hall…

  25. This intuitively doesn’t feel right, and certainly would screw up fantasy football as well as points scored records. So if your fantasy player scores a TD, it’s now worth 7 points, unless his team goes for it, then it’s only worth 6 points? I think every TD should be consistent in how many points its worth. I’m fine with getting rid of the extra point, but this proposal is dumb in my opinion. It’s not changing anything really. It’s only taking away the 1% chance the Extra Point is blocked or missed.

  26. This is all fine and well until Belichick’s kicker misses a GW FG and then Belichick has to boo hoo to the League office that his kicker has been rendered useless.

  27. Why not do what Harbaugh suggested and make the distance between the uprights smaller!!! I think they are 18ft 6 inches now make them 12-15 ft wide instead.

  28. Want to make it more exciting? Keep the extra point but have to kick it from the 20. Do not get rid of the xp. Also need to get the kickoff returns back into the game, move back kickoffs 5 yards.

  29. common man…why mess with what’s not broke… roger cool your jets, you’re starting to sound like congress…make rules because there’s nothing else to do….whats next D linemen have to wear roller skates?

  30. The extra point so such a fundamental part of the game, please don’t eliminate this. Just increase the difficulty a move them back a few yards and maybe make the offense line up on whatever hash the touchdown ended at.

  31. So are the kickers going to accept smaller contracts since they’re not going to be “working” as much?

  32. So no trick play out of the kicking formation? No opportunities a high pressure kick.. Blocked field goals do happen. This is a bad idea. It’s taking away from the game. Already flag football.

  33. How many different ways can Goodell ruin this league? Kickoffs moved, Super Bowl logos uniform year in and year out, and multiple regular season games over seas. That’s not to mention the rules changes that makes the game more touch than tackle. The defenses of 70s, 80s and early 90s could not play in today’s league. Pathetic

  34. I like to see the head coaches have to kick the extra points. I’d love to see Belichick chew his own ass after he missed one.

  35. Force teams to use the drop kick for extra points, and the person who scored the touchdown has to be the one to kick it. Or you can run a regular play for 2 points.

  36. Yes! But not complicated and stupid ideas to replace it. 2 pt conversion mandatory. Simple. Nothing to think about. Nothing for refs to decide. The officials have screwed up the coin toss! But you want them to ask the coach after every TD if they want to make the attempt for another point or keep the 7?

  37. Why don’t they explore leaving it the hell alone??

    Seriously, you want to incrase the excitement level, get rid of commercials. . . solved!

  38. How about making the extra point a 31 yarder? Still high percentage enough, but not a total gimmee. Suisham missed two in that range in a single game against Oakland.

  39. Waiting for a one in 1,281 chance to happen is not entertaining. especially if hte payoff is a mixed extra point, which doesn’t even matter that much. I think ditching the point after kick is a great idea.

    But I bet it won’t happen. Why? This way, there’s a bunch of commercials after the touchdown … and then more commercials after the kick. (Then the afer the kickoff, etc.)

    The product these guys are selling is commercials. Why would they give up a commercial break?

    They don’t make money off the watchable part. They PAY for the watchable part. They only MAKE money on the commercials.

  40. Complaining about “altering the game” is moot – that already happened in the early 2000’s with the rules that made it almost impossible to play defense in this league.

    Get rid of the PAT. It has a purpose in rugby but not in the NFL.

  41. Speaking of extra points…why, when they show the highlights of the game, do they always show the game winning field goal? Field goals all look the same!

    Show the key play in the drive LEADING to the game winning field goal. That would be worth watching.

    If you’re showing the highlights, show us highlights. A field goal is not a highlight.

  42. Goodell has his priorities EXACTLY where they should be, here’s a list of Goodell priorities:
    – Eliminate Field Goals
    – Pro Team in London where games will start when half the country of the US is still asleep
    – “concussions”

    Here’s a list of what should be Goodell’s priorities:
    – awful referees
    – atrocious rules when it comes to catches / fumbles
    – his pathetic use of the NFL logo, shield, crest, and band of lawyers he hides behind.

  43. I still think the ‘Brett Farve overtime rule’ that Goodell fought so hard to get is really stupid. Name a game that was effected by it so far? *crickets*

  44. I think it’s a bad idea to eliminate the extra point kick.

    Sure, it seldom gets blocked, and seldom gets flubbed…but when that does happen, it can change the outcome of the game (example: recall why Tony Romo isn’t the holder anymore).

    Then there are the occasional trick plays: make the defense line up for an extra point when the actual play is to go for two points.

    I’m sure there are one or two other reasons the extra point kick should be kept.

  45. I think every NFL kicker should give Goodell an up close and personal demonstration of their ball kicking skills. If he still thinks there is no need for PATs after that then they would be justified calling him a numb nuts.

  46. If anything needs to be looked at by Goodell etc. its the poor state of officiating and measurement in the games. Such as…

    The play in last night’s NFC Championship, the one where Bowman blew his knee up getting a fumble that the refs missed, yet for some reason is ‘not reviewable’ is a good place for Goodell to start.
    Fix that.

    ‘Excitement’ problems and needing to speed up the game? Clean up the review process. Can’t the ref bust out his iPhone and review the play? Why the duck-in-the-hood-for-two minutes shtick?
    Fix that.

    Or how about antique ball placement techniques? RFID tag the football, and the football itself can tell you exactly how far forward progress went, if football broke plane for touchdown, if it hit the ground or was caught, etc. And it can tell you all that in real-time.
    Fix that.

    Instead he’s clowning around with extra points.

  47. Never happen, it would eliminate a minute ( or more ) of advertising revenue after each score. In a league where the bottom line rules all else there`s no way the corporate sponsors go along.

  48. The founders of the National Football League are rolling over in there graves. Why? Why change the game anymore? Defense is outlawed,the officiating sucks,and now this? They really are trying to shove soccer down our throats.

  49. How about a rotating hoop spinning at random speeds that the kicker would have to time the kick to make it through? This would require some extra technology to verify that it’s good, but we have the skill, so what the hey? Of course, this feature would be turned off during field goal attempts.

    On a made XP, fireworks would shoot out of the hoop. On a miss, speakers would belt out a recorded raspberry.

    During halftime, a virgin could be strapped to the rotating hoops, while men with javelins attempt to impale the virgin. The first team with a nice thorax shot would win free nachos for the rest of the game.

    Don’t stop Rog. I got a million of ’em.

  50. full-time refs, then eliminate the extra point. we’ll live if you change pro-football. Hey, in a society where we allow Jeff and George to legally marry, then dropping the extra point seems a lot easier. We’ll survive both changes because they are the right thing to do.

  51. Change for the sake of change is not a smart thing to do. If a change must be made, why not change something that has been bad–like officiating or the ridiculous process for replay review, etc.? Every play does not have to be exciting. What is the money angle here? Goodell doesn’t do anything without an eye on a potential profit. What is wrong with kicking for 1 or running an offensive play for 2? People act like this won’t fundamentally change the game…they are wrong. The game is radically different than it was in the 70s/80s. As for not being impactful, I remember a few years ago the Saints (I think) made a ridiculous comeback only to lose the game on the untimed extra point when it was missed at the end of the game.

  52. (Opposing team scores go ahead touchdown)

    Lions fan: But wait Calvin Johnson is in their to block the extra point! He’ll get it we still have a chance!

    (Kick flies in unaffected by anything)

    Lions fan: Another day of crushed dreams…

    …Don’t ruin the last shred of hope Lions fans have in yet another loss. Does tradition mean nothing to you Goodell?

  53. So no commercial between reviewing and the extra point, then again between the extra point and kickoff, then again between the runback and first snap of the series?


  54. Get rid of field goals too. No more kick scoring. 4th and 10 at the 30, you gotta’ go for it. No more little kickers trotting on the field to score a lousy 3 points when your team “settles” for 3.

  55. Also Jim Schwartz thinks extra points are difficult. Considering he called a timeout against the Ravens to prevent it from being backed up five yards.

  56. Ok first of all bill did not advocate getting rid of the XP all together. His whole point was that in its current format it is an automatic. I believe he talked about moving the distance back to add some actual challenge to the play. Second to all you clowns crying about Roger, you do realize when he took over as commish the NFL was second to the MLB, it is now the number one sport by leaps and bounds. Also the players salaries and owners revenues have skyrocketed under his stewardship right along with tv ratings, so why exactly would he step down? You complain that he’s ruining the game by making it safer, yet every Sunday you sit there glued to the tube. He has advanced football more than any other commissioner into the mainstream of America , which is what is the primary function of his job. He makes the owners and players tons of money, sorry folks he ain’t going anywhere until that changes, or he decides to step down. Stop being a hypocrite.

  57. I like the idea of eliminating the extra point. It actually has a high risk for injury, as arms are being extended to clog rushing lanes, and 300 + pound players are leaping into the air on top of each other.

    I think that if the NFL is going to visit this topic, they should actually think about expanding the 2 point play opportunity into a “risk” option. Please hear me out:

    Give everyone 7 points on a TD. However, they then have the opportunity to risk that 7 points for double points, at increasingly difficult yardage distances:

    +/- 1 point = from 2 yard line. (this is the same as it is now for the 2 point conversion
    +/- 2 points = from 10 yard line. This means if you miss it, you lose 2 points from the TD, instead of just 1. And if you make it, you get 7+2=9 points.
    +/- 3 points = from 20 yard line.
    +/- 4 points = from 30 yard line.
    +/- 5 points = from 40 yard line.
    +/- 6 points = from 50 yard line.
    +/- 7 points = from own 40 yard line.

    This would make a lead up to 14 points tie-able with the last play of the game. You would just need to score a TD (could be from anywhere), and then convert a 7 point conversion by scoring again from your own 40 yard line. If you miss, you lose the 7 points gained by the last TD.

    This would almost eliminate “blow-outs” as we know it, as even large leads could be caught up to relatively quickly with teams risking an additional 3 points with one shot from the 20 yard line.

  58. What the hell? That’s stupid. When teams hold their opponent to 2 field goals then score a touchdown they deserve the right for a 1 point lead. That’s good defense rewarded. If you wanna take a look at extra points make it the college way where you can return extra points. Then the teams would go all out for 2 points on a block return instead of stand up and look around when the ball is snapped. I bet it wouldn’t be as many 1 point loses anymore. That’s how you make extra points no longer boring. But don’t take it out completely

  59. Make the extra point a 45 yard field goal, or better yet a 50 yard field goal. Any kicker worth anything should be able to nail a 50 yarder on a regular basis anyways…

  60. What utter rubbish!

    Extra points CAN be missed, and teams have the option to go for two.

    Either move the kick back further, or if they are desperate to lose kicks, then let teams try for a single point conversion from the 2 yard line with a normal offensive play, or move the ball back to the 15 yard line and let them try for 2.

  61. Most of the posters here are simply anti-Goodell. All of the changes related to player safety – headhunting penalties, concussion protocol, no kickoffs, etc. – were done so for one of two reasons. One, there is a legit interest in player safety. Two, the players sue the league saying “you should have stopped this. You knew these plays had long-term consequences, yet you did nothing.”. The NFL simply has to do something to prevent players from having their brains scrambled, even when they are willing to “accept the risk”, at least for now.

    Eliminating the routine extra point is simply an improvement. Nobody wants to watch something so predictable. GIve it to them automatically, and let them risk it if they want a second point. Another proposal i have seen is to require the player who scored the TD kick the XP.

    Regardless, this is a solid improvement to the game. How could anyone really be against this just because they don’t like the other rule changes? It is both boring and automatic – eliminate it, particularly if you preserve the ability to risk the automatic point and go for two.

  62. So you score a touchdown and get seven points. But if you choose you can attempt to run or pass the ball to get eight. But if you fail you get six. Wow interesting. Don’t know if I like it

  63. How does that effect fantasy numbers. If you score a touchdown are you awarded seven points or still six. And if you go for a two point does the TD count as six or seven or do you keep it at six even though the TD will he seven. My head is about to explode

  64. Why not combine the two boring kicking plays and make one not automatic point or touchback. Have the extra point come on the kickoff. Instead of just booting it through the end zone, have the kickers try to kick it through the uprights for the extra point.

  65. Although I’m opposed to changing any traditional aspects of the game, it did occur to me watching yesterday’s games on DVR that I fast forward through point tries and post-score kicks. That’s not because I don’t enjoy kicks–it’s because the league sandwiches them between stacks of ads. So when I’m DVRing a game and FFing through ads, it’s pointless trying to stop for the kick when it will be immediately followed by more ads.

    Kicks shouldn’t be sandwiched between stacks of ads. Either run ads before or after kicks, but not on both sides.

  66. Mr. Commissioner, if you want to be useful why not implement a soft-sided helmet that actually reduces injuries. Put a neoprene shell on the current helmet and you’ll cut down in concussions and knee injuries (the “go low” rules would become unnecessary).

    But hey, it’s your choice. Reduce game time averages by 30 seconds per game or reduce league liabilities by $50M per year.

  67. Don’t get rid of the extra point. Change the kicker to the individual who scored the TD.

  68. I favor an extra point from 30 yards + or a two point conversion from the two, scoring team’s choice.

  69. If the NFL wants to make the game more interesting and entertaining, how about eliminating some of the TV timeouts. For example, in the Seattle vs. San Francisco game, there was the 2-minute warning, followed by a couple of commercials. But then the officials decided to put 1 second back on the clock, so the TV stations had to cut the commercials off and return to the game, which after a failed offensive play, prompted ANOTHER 2 minute warning. For what? Commercials, not just more, but the same ones! That’s not very entertaining!!

  70. Move back the spot for the extra-point try so making it isn’t a given. Give the coaches something to think about when deciding whether to go for one or two.

  71. If eliminating the extra point means less “Geico”, “Papa John”, “Bud Light superstition” and “Flo from Progressive Insurance” commercials….then I’m on board.

  72. While I don’t mind the suggestion in the article, the alternate is making the extra points more challenging. They could be done like rugby, where the kick would be taken directly back from where the touchdown was scored (where the line was crossed or pass caught) with the minor exception of making sure the team in front and kicker are still within the field of play.just moving them between the hashmarks at a small distance back isn’t enough to challenge the kickers and not make it a foregone conclusion.

  73. Better rule changes:

    During last 2 minutes of each half, clock stops, until the old refs spot the ball for play.

    Switch to college replay system. What takes NFL officials so long is a mystery to me.

    If coach challenges play, and the coach is correct, he still can challenge as much as he wants. Reffing is so bad, coaches shouldnt be penalized due to incompetency of refs

  74. Let’s see they could speed up the broadcast by 5 minutes OR they could add and extra commercial to each scoring break and have the game run the same amount of time.


  75. You people don’t get it. Many of you think that Goodell is some omnipotent being that can change football for his own pleasure. This may come as a shock to those that think that way but Goodell serves the owners. If the owners want it to be that way than it will be that way and they will have Goodell tell the fans. Goodell doesn’t change rules, or make new ones, he doesn’t set policy, he doesn’t make teams play in London nor does he set the cap. He operates with the expressed consent of all the owners. He is a buffer and conduit between the fans and the owners. His job is to take the heat off of and for the owners. And judging by those who think he alone is responsible for all that is bad in the NFL, he does a darn good job of it. Maybe that’s why the owners keep upping his pay. They love him because he is very effective for them.

  76. While they’re at it, why not make a touchdown worth five points.

    Who can count by 7’s anyway.

    Make it easier to keep track of the scores.

    (These guys are nuts.)

  77. Quarter back kneels sideways.
    Football is placed on quarterback’s helmet.
    Place kicker round-house kicks ball through the uprights.

    Go Goodell Go!

  78. Or….

    Quarter back kneels sideways.
    Football is placed on quarterback’s helmet.
    Place kicker round-house kicks ball through the uprights.

    Two points if the kicker can kick the quarterback’s head through the uprights!

  79. A) Just back it up to the 10 or 15 yard line. Make it a live ball with the clock running and the defense able to return. Or…

    B) do the old backyard rule but reverse the points, two for a run, one for a pass. Or….

    C) keep the one point try if kicked by the kicker but award two if successfully kicked by the TD scoring player. While we would still see mainly XP, a team needing that extra point might have to attempt it and would give multi talented players a roster spot.

  80. Baseball is considering 10 players on defense and going with 4 outs and 5 balls. NBA just announced they are raising the rim to 11′ and eliminating the travel rule. What the hell is this jackass commissioner thinking, how about eliminating the rules committee along with Goodell

  81. One of the things that makes the nfl so great is its ability to evolve over time. There’s a reason it’s the most popular sport in this country. The extra point abolition exploration is just that and it may be years before it’s gone. As far as what he suggested I think its great and would enjoy seeing it on the field. Anyone who thinks Goodell is bad for the nfl hasn’t been paying attention to the record ratings and franchise values across the league. Seems to me he’s made the league even better than when he took it over.

  82. This is no different than it already is. You get 7. If you want to run it or throw it, you get 8, if you miss, you get 6. That’s exactly how it is now except you eliminate the boring kick. It’s no different except you don’t kick it for the 7tg point. Makes perfect sense, why is everybody so upset?

  83. Drop kick for the extra point.

    From Wikipedia:

    Drop kick

    Not to be confused with dropkick.
    A drop kick is a type of kick in various codes of football. It involves a player dropping the ball and then kicking it when it bounces off the ground. It contrasts to a punt, wherein the player kicks the ball without letting it hit the ground first.

    Drop kicks are most importantly used as a method of restarting play and scoring points in rugby union and rugby league. Association football goalkeepers also often return the ball to play with drop kicks. The kick was once in wide use in both Australian rules football and gridiron football, but is today rarely seen in either sport.

    Later in the article in the American Football section we find this little gem:

    The only successful drop kick in the NFL since the 1940s was by Doug Flutie, the backup quarterback of the New England Patriots, against the Miami Dolphins on January 1, 2006, for an extra point after a touchdown. Flutie had estimated “an 80 percent chance” of making the drop kick, which was called to give Flutie, 43 at the time, the opportunity to make a historic kick in his final NFL game; the drop kick was his last play in the NFL. After the game, New England coach Bill Belichick said, “I think Doug deserves it,” and Flutie said, “I just thanked him for the opportunity.”

    Maybe Bill would find the drop kick more entertaining and less “automatic.”

  84. I absolutely hate this commissioner. He just isn’t happy unless he’s tinkering with some part of the game. He will be the end of the league as we know it. PLEASE RETIRE RODGER! YOUR SENILE!!

  85. Why don’t we just have computer simulations decide the games each week? This is a joke.

  86. I really don’t get the attachment to the extra point. It has nothing to do with the 22 players that should be on the field deciding the game. They’re nearly automatic and when they’re not made it’s mostly not because the defense forces a miss. It is usually missed because of a bad snap, bad ball placement or the kicker, who really shouldn’t be the player deciding games. The only reason I feel like people are defending it is because it has always been done that way. Big deal, it is absolutely is a pointless play that shouldn’t have any affect on the game because it is not based on the skill of the main 22 players.

  87. As boring as you think they are, they make the CHOICE of going for one or two points a crucial part of the game.

    It would be more boring to just say…ok, we just kick 2 FGs to tie the game because everything would be in 3’s. That extra point makes the game what it is.

    You’re already changing the game for safety and legal reasons, so stop screwing with the basics!!!

  88. Don’t eliminate it. Do it the way it was originally done, and is still done in Rugby today. You must kick it from the spot where you scored the touchdown.

  89. The competition committee should just look at certain points of the game to bring back fans to its side. I think if they just looked at 3 things, they can make the game more entertaining for the fans.
    1) with kickers now making 50+ field goals with ease, shorten the goalpost from 18 feet to 15 feet which should make xtra points and field goals harder.
    2) touch backs are placed at the 25, with kickers just booming them out of the back of the end zone, kickoffs are a thing of the past. Make the kicker keep it in play or give the opposing team better field position.
    3) pass interference should be a 15 yard penalty or spot foul, whichever is less. I hate seeing 50 yard penalties because a db knew he got beat and did the smart thing to prevent a score.

  90. At least consider backing the kick up.

    Anybody against this is either a bookie or a close minded thinker afraid of change (non progressive mind set of “we’ve always done it this way therefore we should continue to do it this way)

  91. I submit to RGoodell to explore eliminating the broadcast booth. Sick of all the a$$ kissing of TBrady, ARogers, and PManning……sickening….

    No one in the booth, just view the GAME. No how great anybody is…..


  92. Nfl would be dumb to eliminate the extra point. It needs to start thinking outside the box to entice more entertainment. Do not scap the one point conversion. Scrap the two point conversion. Move the play back to the 4 yard line and make it a 1 point kick or a 3 point play.

  93. Why change it ? Some extra points were missed and changed the outcome if those games maybe. It stills chance they miss, he said almost all are made. Now if they take it away you should have to go for 8 so you get 6 for TD and 8 for extra points. Make them run a play.

  94. How about either a 2 point attempt from current location or moving the kick back to the 28 (equiv of 45 yarder) and if it is missed, the opponent takes over at the 35. Gives coaches options and penalizes the team for missing.

  95. Years ago it was probably not so automatic.
    All players have become more skilled.
    Someone please check to see the made/miss stats of the extra point over the years.Then lets decide if a change is needed here??
    I like the idea of perhaps something from the rules that the game first evolved from?
    (Rugby/Rugger or College rule ) Not a 2014 idea but something to bring back the heritage of the game and its history!

  96. This is just a ploy to get the players to agree to expand the regular season to 18 games.

  97. I think Goodell has bigger issues with his product than the extra point!
    1. Poor performance of the referees making mistakes that constantly effects the outcomes of games! They made the replacement refs look good this year!
    2. The image of the league after that debacle of Sherman and the hyped up Seahawks who could be representing the league as Champions after leading the NFL in drug violations the last 2 years!
    3.The Superbowl being in NY which could be a disaster for the fans who pay so much money to be there!

  98. The guy in charge of running the NFL is so out of touch with reality…I don’t know what planet Roger is from, but it’s ‘way out’ there.

  99. I hate 60 yard field goals the decide games….make the goal posts smaller….this will take care of both the extra point and the field goals….

    Heck, even if they grease the balls they use for these activities…..whatever makes them tougher to accomplish……

    I wish Goodell would eliminate himself from the game…tired of hearing from him…

  100. It’s interesting that Belichick finds the extra point so insanely automatic as to be a gimme for every team — yet he risked his second most valuable player in Gronkowski on extra point duty, and Gronk’s forearm has been broken and re-broken since initially injuring it … on an extra point play.

    Gronk has had about a half dozen surgeries on that arm since that fateful extra point kick – and can’t seem to stay healthy since.

  101. The only thing that I would like to see banished from the NFL is ‘icing the kicker’. It’s so freaking annoying, and it isn’t football. A kicker kicks a ‘would be’ game winning 55 yard field goal, but some coach calls a timeout like a millisecond before the snap, so now he has to kick it again? Bush league.

  102. What I would recommend is narrowing the goal posts. Not only are extra points automatic, but, for some teams, so are field goals, even from 50+ yards. It would be nice, since so many games come down to a last second field goal to add a little more excitement by knowing that a FG of less than 40 yards isn’t just a gimme’. They should do this at all levels.
    college, HS and NFL.

  103. I don’t see how my first post can get 6 thumbs down while another guy gets 8 thumbs up for complaining about this

    As boring as you think they are, they make the CHOICE of going for one or two points a crucial part of the game.
    It would be more boring to just say…ok, we just kick 2 FGs to tie the game because everything would be in 3′s. That extra point makes the game what it is.
    You’re already changing the game for safety and legal reasons, so stop screwing with the basics!!!

    How can people give a guy thumbs up when he is absolutely wrong. When a team scores a TD they automatically get 7 points. They can risk 1 point if they want to go for 2, but they can stick with the 7 every time if preferred. Which means 2 FG’s don’t tie the game. So if the reason you hate this idea is because you agree with this guy, then you’re just an idiot that didn’t read the article.

  104. In reality the only thing that changes is they don’t line up and kick the “gimmie” extra point. The NFL just gives it to them rather than wasting time of doing something that is nearly automatic. So it doesn’t really change the game other than that rare time when a team may have missed an extra point because of something stupid as a bad snap, bad hold, falling kicker or bad kicker.

  105. History lesson time…. Opening day 2003. Jacksonville goes on the road to Carolina and leads 17-0 at halftime. Jake Delhomme leads the Panthers back and throws a TD in the last minute to give the Panthers the lead. Jacksonville manages to drive into Panthers territory but miss a 60-yd FG and the Panthers win. Next up, a game at the defending champion Bucs. Panthers lead 9-3 as the clock nears zero. But Keyshawn Johnson catches a TD pass as time expires. The Bucs obnoxious radio announcer screams, “BUCS WIN! BUCS WIN! BUCS WIN!”

    But there’s a problem. They have to kick the extra point. And Kris Jenkins blocks it. Bucs don’t win, they have to play OT. And John Kasay kicks the winning FG and the Panthers win, 12-9. Panthers have a bye in week 3, they win their next 3, including a win over Peyton Manning, Tony Dungy and the Colts, to go 5-0. They go on to finish 11-5 and eventually make the Super Bowl.

    How would that script have played out if there was no PAT? The Bucs would have won, sparing their radio announcer from looking like an idiot and leaving the Panthers 1-1. Beating the champs gave them a big shot of confidence. Would they still win ther next 3 games? Would they have still made the playoffs?

    So it’s obvious where I stand. Keep the PAT. Move it back to the 20 or 25 yard line where it isn’t so automatic. Give the next Kris Jenkins the chance to alter the course of his team’s season by getting that rare block or for the longer distance to keep the chance to win a game alive.

  106. If extra points are automatic and boring then kickoffs are too.

    They need to go back to kicking off from the 30.

  107. Perhaps narrowing the goal posts??
    Only a little; the length of the ball on each side. Move the kick back. Try it at different spots until it is less automatic!! Try all the ideas posted.Have all the Kickers out at a Kicking Fair and see what the result is. Do not just change the extra point!!!! Have a group of the top College kids protect the kickers and block the extra points.To change the kicking game with out looking at what your trying to do first is wrong. Like they have done in the past! It is still “FOOTBALL” ;feet are used in the game.

  108. What does this do for the two-point conversion choice?

    I’m actually more interested in the elimination of kickoffs, which seems like it will affect the game more through field position and the ability to score at the beginning of both halves.

  109. He should propose changing the name to the GFL… Goodell’s Football League… because by the time he is done as Commissioner it will resemble nothing of the NFL we all grew up with and loved.

  110. I LOVE the idea.

    It would all but destroy “the book” that coaches refer to when deciding whether to go for one or two after the touchdown – because THIS game, today, on the field right now, presents too many variables. It could make extra points a fascinating moment of strategy. As a fan at the stadium it would be fun to scream for or against the try – and to tell your friends why.

    You would have to think about a PAT for a change. And that is in the spirit of the extra point rules when our great-grandfathers came up with them a long time ago – when teams didn’t have kickers, they had a guy who “could kick.” Kicking the extra point wasn’t automatic and 2-pointers were something to think about. It was a decision point. They had to ask “Do we go for it?” every time.

    Change is inevitable, the game changes when new skills delete old ideas. And that’s what has happened to the the PAT. That decision has evolved to… boredom. It’s in a book, just refer to it. Yawn. It’s time to bring the PAT decision back.

    Let’s move the ball back for the PAT kick. Move it near a yard line where kicks are statistically a 50-50 proposition. That way, to run/pass – or kick – is a viable question EVERY time. The defense wouldn’t just send out the guys that can jump – they would have to react to what the offense challenges them with. The quarterback wouldn’t just run off the field after a touchdown. Star players would be out there playing special teams much more often – for an extra point of all things! That would be fun. And, your fantasy guy has another opportunity to score you points.

    These are the in-your-face moments when coaches tell the other team what they think of them. I love when that happens because then you have evidence of what the coaches are thinking about THIS game, this minute, right now, “We can take you, and here’s how.” And what if the offense decides not to go for the PAT? What does that tell your opponent?

    This idea will make the everyone think and decide “What is the strategy – NOW? How do we feel about our team, their team – NOW? Do we risk a point? Go for it? HOW?!!” Were we lucky to get the touchdown, or do we BURY them?!” All under the pressure of the clock – all good stuff.

    So then the offensive tells the ref where to set the ball, on the 3 or on the 30. The coach has made his challenge. The defense gets the message. The fans are actually watching. Let’s see what happens!

    You know what game exists that could use some drama? The ProBowl! That’s the perfect field for a test run.

  111. Leave it alone Roger. If you must change something, I’ve got 2 suggestions.

    1st the ridiculous rule that deemed the clear fumble or interception in the NFC Championship game as non-reviewable. The video showed without a doubt that the defense had either recovered a fumble in mid-air or intercepted the ball prior to it ever hitting the ground. It was also clear that the defender hit the ground with possession of the football and was contacted by the opposing team. Without a doubt a turnover occurred, yet the call on the field could not be reviewed.

    2nd the horribly unfair illegal batting rule. I’ve seen it called twice against defensive players this season and in each case the penalty gave new life to an offensive series. An offensive team has 3rd and 10, the QB is pressured and fumbles the ball. There is a scramble for the ball and a D-lineman accidentally or intentionally swats the ball and the result is 15 yards and a 1st down for the offense? Doesn’t seem like the penalty fits the crime to me. How about if you swat the ball, the opposing team retains possession at the spot of the foul or they can decline the penalty if they happen to recover for positive yardage.

    I still like the elimination of Goodell from the game as the best possible change though.

  112. Honestly, who cares if its boring. It only takes 5 seconds and is conveniently sandwiched between the 7 replays of the touchdown and the commercial break.

  113. As others have said…

    Don’t eliminate the EP, just move back where you place the ball for it.

    Not only makes the 1-point try more challenging, it makes the 2-point try more interesting by increasing the kinds of plays you can call for it.

    The question is, how *far* back? 5 yards? 10 yards?

  114. God forbid we should change the rules. I’d much prefer they were never changed and we would go back to the way the game was originally played.

    From the website of the history of Salem, Ohio (the heart of football country in case you were wondering):

    “Football at the turn of the century was a “knock ‘em down” form of mayhem. Flying wedges, crawling, dragging, shoving and clipping were common, and getting up and running with the ball after being tackled were all part of the game. A touchdown was counted as five points, and three downs were permitted before the ball changed sides. It was roughneck football, with players having very little protective gear. Shoulder pads were not part of the uniform, nor was protective padding in the pants. Coaches thought the players could move faster without them.

    Players wore stocking caps, not helmets. Some had shin guards, and the pants looked like bloomers with bamboo stays around the legs as padding. At that time, the goal posts were right on the goal line, and extra points were drop-kicked. The ball was rounder then (described as a “pregnant pig”). A photo of this team can be seen at the Football Hall of Fame in Canton. It was a prototype of today’s professional team.

    John Litty played for the Salem Browns and Athletics. He recalled playing without a helmet on rough fields covered with cornstalk stubble. Sometimes the partisan crowd on the sidelines would throw rocks at the players of the opposing team. Nearly every game had to have its fight, and the threats to life and limb were always there. Players were happy at the final whistle to discover all bones intact.

    One of the players on Salem’s Foresters of America semi-pro football team was Sam Willaman, who later became head football coach at Ohio State University. In his early years (1917), Sam played professional football for the Canton Bulldogs. One of his teammates was the great Jim Thorpe.

    Rarely today do football teams play more than once a week, but years ago as many as three games a week were scheduled. From this early beginning, interest in the game has continued to grow rapidly.

    Salem High School Quakers’ first football game was played on Sept. 1, 1893. The opponent was Lisbon, and it turned into a bloody and rough fight. After a Salem player was struck on the chin with a large club, the crowd surged onto the field and a fight ensued.”

    Now that’s football. Players are overpaid sissies nowadays compared the amatuers of yesteryear. LOL

  115. bishopslappytruelove says:
    Jan 20, 2014 6:15 PM
    Perhaps the place kickers or head coaches should run a 40 after each touchdown. The winner’s team gets one point.

    How about every player on offense downs a 40 after each TD? (Imagine the Broncos or Patriots with 4-5 40’s by the 4th qtr? Guys puking, falling all over, stumbling over benches or passing out on the sidelines. TD dances would evolve. Fans at home trying to keep up with Manning or Brady.)

    A whole slew of new commercials could be added…maybe even “product placement.” Sure would eliminate “blowouts.”

  116. Some of you guys are not making any sense whatsoever.

    Godell is proposing they make TDs = 7 points while still allowing the offense to gamble on a 2 point conversion (giving them only 6 if they fail).

    How is this going to drive ANY fan of the NFL away?! What kind of moron is so enthused about the ritualistic kicking of the extra point?!

  117. A few people have said it already.. Move it back, to a 45 yard field go try. that will make a lot of coaches just say go for 2… that is way more exciting.

    They are going to have to add 5 yards more to field goals soon. Guys are going to be kicking 60+ yard field goals like clockwork eventually.

    Stop with Tie games while they are at it also. In that one Green bay- Minnesota game that tied, I am sure someone would have scored eventually to end it had they let them keep playing. Move the kickoff back 10 yards and give them both another possession. Someone Will Score for sure eventually.

  118. Goodell: “NFL will explore snapping into a Slim Jim.”

    “We need a little excitement. I have it on good authority from former spokesman Randy “Macho Man” Savage that we need some beef and spice. Randy Savage…sounds like a great name for a football player. Oh…this just in, the NFL will explore players wearing made up names or nicknames on the backs of their jerseys. How original and exciting is that? Think of all the extra jersey sales. Calvin Johnson could wear “Megatron” on his, Marshawn Lynch could wear “Beast Mode,” Maurice Jones-Drew….um…will Pocket Hercules fit on a jersey? I guess so if we can get Fuamatu-Ma’afala on one, and any Cleveland Browns quarterback would wear “Irrelevant.”

  119. Goodell: “NFL will explore replacing current refs with scantily clad former Lingerie Football League players. Unlike the officials we hired from that league, these ladies have actually watched more football, played football, and probably could blow fewer calls and get less wrong. If there is a difference of opinion on the call the ladies will line up for an Oklahoma style drill and the winner gets their call enforced. A referee who loses such a challenge also loses an article of clothing.”

  120. My proposal will ad excitement for the fans and intriguing decision by the coach. After the TD, place the ball on the original line of scrimmage. If on 6″, 1 foot or 1 yrd, the team can choose to go for 1 or 2 more often, the decision becomes more interesting as the original line of scrimmage moves back. If the scoring TD comes from outside the 20, the ball will placed on the 20. Field goals from here have greater odds. And if you need 2 points, it will be a more exciting play for the fans.

  121. Make it less preditable by following what rugby does – the PAT is placed outside the end zone, where the TD was scored . The team can take it from the 2 yard line or as far back as they want to improve the angle. Adds strategy to where you try to score ( imagine a corner fade in a tight game when you know you need to kick it from close to the sideline). Means you need to move the hash marks but it will definitely make it less of a sure thing!

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