Romeo Crennel finalizes three-year deal with Texans

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The anticipated addition of Romeo Crennel to the Texans’ coaching staff is now official.

According to Jason LaCanfora of, Crennel has agreed to a three-year contract to become the Texans’ defensive coordinator.

He has shared background with new coach Bill O’Brien from their days in New England (though they didn’t work together there), and his addition won’t require them to change much of their existing 3-4 alignment.

Crennel was out of football last year, cashing checks from the Chiefs after being fired after the 2012 season. The 66-year-old assistant will also have a familiar face with him, as former Patriots linebacker Mike Vrabel is coming on board as linebackers coach.

14 responses to “Romeo Crennel finalizes three-year deal with Texans

  1. YES! This is awesome, bringing some superbowl experience to our defense with him and Mike Vrabel!! This man has 5 superbowl rings as a coordinator/defensive assistant!!

  2. I can’t get excited yet. I am still bummed about Kubiak and Phillips. Yeah, I know that they needed to go, but they were hometown boys and there aren’t many of those left in the city of Houston these days. It would have been great to win it all with those two.

  3. Oh shut up. “Home town boys”, you’re the reason why certain teams are terrible for decades at a time. Too sentimental to fire “friends.” Losers mentality.

  4. Good for the Texans. Crennel is very creative and aggressive when he concentrates on defense.

    O’Brien was a very good OC with the Pats, and with Crennel running the D they should be a dangerous team next year.

  5. I will wait and see with this hire. He appears to me to be another washed up coach. His defense at the end with KC was not anything like the defense KC had this year, so I’m very suspect that he still has it. Hope I’m wrong. . . .

  6. The Chiefs gave up 30+ pts a game on a regular basis when Crennel was here…Without Crennel, just an avg of 17 pts a game..with virtually the same talent…Texans will regret this hire

  7. IMO Crennel is a bend but don’t break kind of coach. Not very aggressive. At NE he had the luxury of a Tom Brady guided offense to bail him out.

    In today’s NFL, if you aren’t killing the QB… he’s killing you.

    I’m very apprehensive about this hire…

  8. What ppl not understanding is at KC HE WAS NOT THE DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR a lot of these coaches are better at certain aspects of the game his is defense

  9. I’m not going to get over excited yet about this hire, especially with a coach never been head coach in the NFL.

    Fans, including me got excited when Texans hired Gary Kubiak as HC. Look at the outcome of that hire!

    I will get excited when Texans starts winning again, and retaining the Division Title. Until then, I’m neutral.

  10. Great hire what a lot of ppl don’t understand is that HE WASNT THE DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR IN KC this is what he is good at not all coordinators make good head coaches some are better suited at certain sides of the ball he will do great his defense actually makes adjustments during the game something wade never did

  11. I agree that O’Brien wants Bortles.

    I think honestly, we should trade the #1 to Cleveland for the #4 and #26. Draft Clowney and then package #26 and #33 to move back up into the top 10 and possible grab Bortles or god forbid… Carr.

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