Seahawks expect Percy Harvin to be ready in two weeks


The Seahawks have gotten to the Super Bowl almost entirely without Percy Harvin.

But they’re hoping that with two weeks off, they might finally get something out of the investment this year.

According to Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports, the Seahawks expect Harvin to be ready to face the Broncos, after his division round concussion kept him out of yesterday’s NFC Championship Game.

Harvin caught one pass in the regular season, and three more in the playoffs against the Saints before he had to leave the game twice.

At this stage, anything they get out of him is a bonus, which is remarkable to say about a guy who they gave up three picks and a $67 million contract to acquire.

34 responses to “Seahawks expect Percy Harvin to be ready in two weeks

  1. Percy Harvin was a huge factor in the Saints game in 20 plays. I have said it when the trade happened defensive coordinators will have to account for him when he is on the field because he is a game changer. That has been the case and the same in the Super Bowl.

    Sure him being hurt this year was difficult but Seattle won the number 1 seed meaning that we couldn’t have done better. Most fans who follow this team understand he is 25 years old and this is a long term investment. Can’t wait to see him unleashed in the Super Bowl. Go Hawks!

  2. Based on what I’ve read, Harvin should have played through his hip issue and gotten the procedure in the off season, but the concussion hit(s) were legit. Before last season and this season, his issues were more about missing practice, not games, so hopefully he’ll be spending a lot more time on the field this point forward.

  3. At this point, I don’t care whether he comes back or not. Sherman and the Seattle fans ruined any respect I had for the Seahawks. Go Broncos!

  4. Ha ha,Harvin made of glass! shoulder, shoulder, concussion, knee, thumb, concussion, ribs,head shot,concussion and ? he should quit playing football, he’s just not cut out for it!

  5. Of course he’ll be ready. Every fellow Vikings fan I’ve talked to, we’ve all joked this whole past week that of course Percy would play in the Super Bowl. Percy Harvin getting a ring would be just as shameful as the rest of that classless fanbase, coaching staff, and team. Russel Wilson deserves better than that.

  6. Once again, he’s a headcase and injury-prone due to his reckless play, but man, when he’s healthy, he’s awesome. Nonetheless, he deserves a SB ring about as much as Thunder the Broncos mascot does.

  7. Please, no more Percy Harvin updates. This is like that running gag on the old Saturday Night Live when they would say that “Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.”

    This has to be near the 30th or 40th time that we have received an update on Percy Harvin, who has been a complete non-factor this season. It’s ridiculous. It’s not even news. You may as well be writing a story on when he picks his nose or scratches his ass. At least it would be more interesting.

  8. Good offense does not beat a good defense. There have been four previous Super Bowls where the top defense and played against the top offense, with the defense winning three out of four.

  9. I live in Colorado and am a Charger fan, but I’ve got Seattle to take it all. It’s going to break down into smaller matches. Denver hasn’t met a team that could match up with all of their weapons, but they haven’t faced a defense or more specifically a secondary that is deep and talented as the Hawks. Also the only game the Broncos truly got beat on both sides of the ball is to my Chargers at home. The way they beat the Broncos was TIME OF POSSETION. Last time I checked the Seahawks were one of the best teams to run the Foot Ball. Go Hawks!!

  10. If Harvin helps the Hawks win the Super Bowl he will be worth every penny he was paid this year. I look for him to make at least two game changing plays.

  11. Most talked about non-factor in football. Sure he is talented, but his body is obvious note made for contact football….my bet is he will retire within two years having played less than 10 games for the loudhawks…

  12. I hope Seattle wins but man, this dude made his cash flow big and made it to the Superbowl pretty much not playing ALL SEASON. Lol! What a joke. He hasn’t even earned his stripes on the team yet. If the trade was a spades game, Harvin had the upper hand. He trumped the deal and spanked Schneider’s ass! I’m smh b/c Schneider was one of the geniuses that helped build the roster that hepled my Packers win SB45 in Green Bay. “Harvin the hustler” wins on this one. Ridiculous

  13. now that the Hawks are past the Dirty Whiners they can play Percy, they spent all day trying to hurt players intead of playing smart and it cost them..

    likehe said, Percy didnt need to play in that game and he will just be ammo in theSuperbowl, Hawks wont need him but he will get to win playing in a Superbowl..

    I dont think the Donks stand a chance but thats just me and watching the officiating of the two title games makes me wonder, are the Donks ready for a game this physical, you think the Hawks were fired up for the NFC game wait till the big dance..

    somehow I picture Manning in a neck brace? good thing his line gets to hold every play, they’re going to need a game net to hold those Seahawks back!

  14. You guys are haters, when healthy this guy is one of the biggest playmakers in football. He is 25 not 35 he still has many great years in front of him.He had a legit hip injury that kept him out during the season and you can’t stop a concussion from going over the middle. Bottom line, Percy will show up for the Hawks in the biggest game of the season. He will have impact on special teams and stretch the field. I predict him being Superbowl MVP…..

  15. In the two games he played, he made a difference. Just how hard is it to step into the starting lineup of one of the league’s best teams with little practice or live playing time for over a year. I don’t look for Manning to be completely shut down. Seattle may need every weapon they can find to keep up, and Harvin might again make a difference—–maybe THE difference.

  16. I like seattle and I love harvin, but I will be blunt. The harvin trade is the reason the seahawks will LOSE the super bowl. With the 25th pick, you could’ve taken cordarrelle patterson, a pro bowl player who probably would’ve won ROY with Wilson throwing to him, would’ve saved millions in cap and could’ve signed 2-3 other players in the offseason. That would’ve made the seahawks offense, defense and special teams much better not just in the regular season, but through the post season and super bowl as well. this has already been a huge NEGATIVE factor for you guys and will be against the broncos too. Common sense.

  17. russell needs to stop putting air under the ball when passing to harvin, more passes to the flat and a few end arounds should do it.

  18. People were writing off Manning after the neck injuries. He was 10 years older than Harvin is now and already long in the tooth. Shows what skeptics know. Eastern bias means Seattle won’t get the respect they deserve until they win the big one. Who better to beat than the best QB in the game. On the other hand, if the Broncos prevail, well back to the drawing board for Seattle, and certainly no respect from anyone east of the Rockies.

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