Seahawks wide receivers are walking the walk


When you’re running down the list of Seahawks storylines, it takes you a minute to get to their receiving corps.

Because after you get through Richard Sherman, noise, the defense as a whole, Russell Wilson and rain, it’s easy to overlook the guys who catch the passes.

The guy who has barely played gets more attention than the ones who do, so you’ll pardon them if they’re a little salty right now.

“It irritates the hell out of me when you have guys that constantly want to talk about our receiving corps about how, ‘We’re average. We’re pedestrian,’ ” wide receiver Doug Baldwin said, via Jim Corbett of USA Today. “Well, we’re going to walk our [butts] to the Super Bowl, pedestrians.”

Baldwin had six catches for 106 yards yesterday, and also flashed on kick returns. But as long as they’re not the focal point of the plan, they know there’s only so much attention for players such as himself, Golden Tate and Jermaine Kearse (who caught the game-winning touchdown on fourth down).

“The guys we have in our receiving room, they’re very talented,” Baldwin said. “They’re unselfish players, perfectionists.

“We know in this offense we’re not going to get as many opportunities as guys who would if we were in a huge passing offense. But we also know when we get our opportunities, we’ve got to make the most of them.”

So while it’s not a group that’s talking the talk right now, they’ve earned the right to walk the walk.

All the way to New York.

38 responses to “Seahawks wide receivers are walking the walk

  1. doug baldwin and richard sherman are talking their way into a post-Super Bowl punchline.

  2. They suck. all they do is talk the talk not walk the walk. They are lucky the refs were told to help them with those flagrant bad calls.

    What a classless organization.

    Impeach Goodell

  3. The problem is, they are below pedestrian.

    This Seattle offense is a fluke, other than Marshawn lynch (who can be stopped by a good run D) they have no weapons and are not even close to an even top 20 offense.

    Percy Harvin will never be reliable enough to play when you really need him, and do you really think Doug Baldwin is a true #1 receciver?

    The Seahawks will get exposed in the Super Bowl.

  4. Yes, the Seahawks won, but it’s hard to say it was due to the performance of the WRs rather than several other factors. If it wasn’t for broken plays where Wilson scrambled around for 20 seconds until the WRs could get open (see, e.g., Baldwin’s 51-yard catch), their numbers were well below pedestrian. But even assuming Baldwin had a great game, the next leading WRs were Kearse (2 catches for 44 yards) and Tate (4 catches for 31 yards).

  5. Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter said it best when he pointed out that the reason Seattle signed Percy Harvin is because undrafted nobody wide receiver doug baldwin wasn’t cutting it.

    In 2012….. doug baldwin had EIGHT GAMES with 10 yards or less.

  6. In my perspective of the NFL as a whole, each team falls into one of 3 categories for me:

    1. I love the team through and through (Only Philadelphia)
    2. I absolutely hate the team (Seattle, Dallas, both NY teams…)
    3. I neither like or dislike them, but I respect the hell out of them( New England, Denver, Green Bay…)

    Not long ago, I was entirely indifferent about the Seahawks. They weren’t even remotely on my radar and I barely acknowledged their existence, but that’s all changed. Somehow they’ve climbed to the very top of my list, and now I feel like hate isn’t a strong enough word to describe how I feel about them.

    I don’t exactly expect it to happen, because even I’ll admit that Seattle is very talented and as a team they play with more ferocity than anyone I’ve seen this year, but I sincerely hope that Denver utterly crushes this team by 50 points at least. I want the entire city of Seattle to fall from the pedestal they have put themselves up on…

  7. i’m far from a seahawks fan, but the universal backlash against them couldn’t be funnier. looking forward to the tidal wave of sour grapes after they win the super bowl.

  8. Nobody cares. Which once was a team that people thought might be a talented team with an opportunity to win their first championship and in one fell swoop….became a team that is completely classes. Most of America will be rooting against them.

  9. if you think they care who most of america is rooting for, or that it will have any impact on the outcome of the game, you’re dumber than rocks.

  10. Never heard of the WR’s, just kidding, i guess for what they do they are valuable in that offense, but nobody will be sweating bullets game planning for them. The hydra is that Lynch beast and that is all.

  11. Baldwin, Tate and Kearse are #2’s and Rice was a barely #1. They traded for Harvin because he can be a game changing player(jury still out on whether it was a good trade or not) who adds a re rare element to any offense. Hawks still need a true #1 that can command double coverage. (and a new right tackle and 2 guards)

  12. All’y’all fans of teams that didn’t make it are embarrassing yourselves with these comments. The Hawks were a 1 seed and are playing in the big game. Where’s your team?

  13. The emergence of Tate, Kearse, and Baldwin makes the Harvin trade look even more idiotic. Harvin is a gamebreaker but has never been healthy for an extended period of time. They gave up a first, a third, and a seventh for him. Way too much especially now that their receiving core is playing well.

  14. Yes, that is exactly what I said…if you root for them, it will make a difference in the outcome. I see there are a lot of Seattle fans reading these news stories. Like a kid in a candy store, eh? Just want to read anything and everything about your team. It makes sense, you have never won a championship in any sports lol. Go Super Sonics! Oh, wait…they left. #sorrysportstown

  15. On top of the fact that they traded too much for Harvin, there were many media reports that the Browns wanted just a second rounder for Josh Gordon. They would’ve gotten a better player for less.

  16. The Pats made it to the AFC championship game with crappy WRs too. The difference is the Pats were carried by an MVP QB, while the Hawks were carried by a D full of Pro Bowlers and Lynch. The Hawks deserve to be in the SB, but that doesn’t mean their WRs aren’t pedestrian.

  17. What bad calls? The Kearse TD had no questionable call. Bald wins catches had no issues. I know most hate Shermin, but nobody can point to Baldwin as a talker. Grow up people.

  18. They’re so average, they needed to take two Vikings WRs just to make them barely respectable, & the Vikings WR corp has been mediocre at best.

  19. So, when bicep kisser Kap scrambles he is talented, when Wilson does it it’s a broken play and lucky? I know they are hated, but be consistent.

  20. I see the Whiner nation has turned out to press the sour grapes, along with a few other haters. Tough. What did the late Al Davis say? “Just win, baby.” The Hawks did that all season long…some great, some greasy…but enough to make it to the big dance. You 40 Whiner losers can go back to polishing your really old tin and dream of days gone by.

  21. When (Sidney) Rice went down early in the year, many in the media were “concerned” about Seattle’s ability to pass the ball. Many more declared that we would flop without Harvin, active in all of our games. Yet through it all, Baldwin, Kearse, Tate, and Miller have flourished with dozens of great catches in clutch situations. We haven’t had Rice or Harvin, yet WE are going to the Big Dance. Perhaps now, the experts will watch us and learn? Or not. But we will be there, in East Rutherford, New Jersey. ON the field.

  22. Ugh, this is what I hate about the SB. Non football people in the media weighing in on football.

    Sherman was running on adrenaline. Pure and simple, and it’s comical to watch people freaking out about his behavior.

    Not a Seahawks watcher but I bet that intensity has helped him serve his to team. Look where they are headed.

  23. Is everyone on this team a Diva? I think it starts with the head coach. Take your sorry selves to the Super Bowl and shut up. The last thing 30 teams with fans of their own care about is your feelings. They should be walking on cloud nine.

  24. These comments are seriously comical! How’s the bitter taste of defeat taste to all you people who’s teams are not going to the Superbowl?! First it was the Hawks can’t beat the Niners in week 2…did that. Then we will get crushed by the Saints come MNF…didn’t happen. Next is you will never make it through the playoffs with that mediocre offense…been there, done that. Of course these guys have chips on their shoulders. They’ve been listening to everyone tell them all season they’re not good enough. Now here the are. One of only two teams left standing…yet still, there is hate and doubt left and right. Peyton putting up 50+ on the Hawks D is absolutely laughable. As will be all the looks on your faces when they hoist the Lombardi in two weeks.

  25. Seattle, the Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL.

    We’ll see if they get any respect after they shut down the most prolific offense in the league on the way to a resounding Superb Owl win.

    Manning is a shoo in first ballot HOFer, but he can’t put up the numbers if he’s not on the field.

    The Beast and the pedestrian receivers will put together long, time consuming drives, the D will stuff the running game and harass Manning all day, and the Seahawks will bring the Lombardi back to the Emerald City.

    And the haters will hate them all the more for it.

    And we won’t care.

    Go Hawks!

  26. So let me get this straight. Judging by many of these posts, (more trollers than Seattle fans on this post), Seattle was a fixed pick to go to the SB and the only reason they made it. Seattle fans are classless if; they celebrate wins, if they defend the integrity of the organization, excited to see a team to really root for as opposed to the middle of the road team this fan has endured since the 70’s. We are expected to endure and keep quiet while every fan base not the Seahawks’ tears into the team, city, and every resident therein. Pumped up to be back…yes back to the SB is classless. Defending the players who got us there while all you people bash almost every player on our team even as that TEAM…yes…it is a TEAM moves on while your star players sit at home and too mad to even watch the SB, is shameful. I pity your hypocrisy and simple lack of football knowledge and respect.

    Here IS a newsflash…a good team will beat a couple star players every day of the week. So do we need high profile,high salary players? No…and the ensuing trip to New Jersey proves that as did a 13-3 regular season. Hate all you want because Seattle doesn’t care. We will be loud and proud on Feb. 2nd. You will be home still babbling about what ifs and conspiracy theories.

  27. These BEATS headphones are great for canceling out the noise of whiners. “He the man, he the man . . . . “Wah wah wah!

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