Teammates distraught over NaVorro Bowman injury


NaVorro Bowman won’t be able to celebrate an incredible season in Hawaii this week, after suffering a torn ACL in last night’s NFC Championship Game loss to the Seahawks.

But the 49ers linebacker was still making an impression on his teammates, after hanging on to what appeared to be a fumble (though it wasn’t reviewed) while suffering a dramatic and traumatic injury.

“I know how tough he is,” 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis said, via Matt Maiocco of “When he couldn’t get up on his own and I could hear him yelling, at that point I didn’t even care where the ball was.”

Bowman’s season was an incredible one, as he develop into an equivalent, if not better version of Willis inside. And his teammate hopes that’s recognized when awards get handed out later.

“If he doesn’t get Defensive Player of the Year, I don’t know what they go by,” Willis said. “Most important, I just pray he’s all right. I just saw him a little bit after the game.

“I know that he wanted nothing more than to be out there and finish that game with us. Win, lose or draw, I know he wanted to be there with us. He’s going to be all right. He’s strong mentally and physically strong.”

He’ll have to be, as he now has an offseason to spend rehabbing, to try to get back to the high level he and the team reached.

35 responses to “Teammates distraught over NaVorro Bowman injury

  1. Hanging on to the ball while his knee was being destroyed was one of the toughest things you’ll ever see. Too bad they botched the call, he deserved that fumble recovery.

  2. Bowman was an absolute beast at Penn State – and an even bigger monster in San Francisco. Classy athlete who lets his play do the talking — really hope he makes a full recovery in an short a time as reasonably can be expected.

  3. I understand the ‘win at all costs’ motif of the NFL or any other professional sport. But it’s just something so unsettling about being at the bottom of a pile after suffering a gruesome, career-threatening injury, having the ball taken from you by the other team most likely because you are immobile and in much pain, and the referees getting the call wrong. All of those things occurred on that fateful play. I am coming from a neutral angle, but pray the Bowman returns to the same form as he is not deserving of such a thing.

  4. I am a seahawks fan. I saw the replay and NaVorro Bowman did make a great play. I hope he heals fast. Although one part of me has sympathy with the bad call, the other side of me has a long history of bad calls agaist my teams. On those I was told to move on, the calls are part of the game. It is not a perfect system. But it is the best we have. So I have sympathy, but based on the way the game is played, (including penalities), we won. In the final analysis, I am convinced the two best teams in the NFL are the 49ers and the Seahawks. And I am a Seahawks fan.

  5. Just another reason to love the Seahawks too, as bowman was being carted off the classless fans were throwing food at him. What a worthless organization.

  6. It’s amazing how many people are unable to set aside their petty little rooting prejudices to express support for an individual who must be hurting today.

  7. Bowman showed his heart on that play in stripping and recovering that ball holding it to the ground. That the refs blew that call is just wrong. This was a great game that was marred by some incredibly bad officiating that significantly influenced the game. It didn’t cause the loss though. The refs didn’t turn the ball over three times, we did…and Seattle took advantage of it. I’m torn now. I want to be loyal to the NFC West and cheer for Seattle but Sherman makes that almost impossible. I’d love to see Manning burn him numerous times in the Super Bowl but Sherman really is too good to have much hope of that happening. He’s an awesome ball player but a miserable sportsman.

  8. Love my hawks, but I love the game more. This dude is a monster and that was brutal. Even in that much pain he hangs on to the ball. Rest easy dude. Get ready for next year.

  9. I hate a lot about the 49ers. Most of it centering around their fans.

    I wish this on no one. I’m anguished too. Here’s to a quick and complete recovery for a great player.

  10. How long can the 9er Def keep Mr. Choke Cpt, Krapernoob in the game???

    Guess the Bowman injury was the answer.

    Choking 3 turnovers in the last 3 possessions of the game says ALL.

  11. Bowman is awesome and a class guy. wish him well and with modern medicine these days he should be able to get back by mid season. If fans realy did throw food at him thats pathetic and is in no way how we are as the 12th man. Yes we love to hate the Niners just like I hate my brother cause were so competative at chess. Doesnt mean I want him to choke on beer nuts. GO HAWKS!!

  12. tedandderby says:
    Jan 20, 2014 8:48 AM
    “Although one part of me has sympathy with the bad call, the other side of me has a long history of bad calls agaist my teams”.

    Shutup Ted you have zero class like your Seahawk team!

  13. The whole niners D deserved a W. They kept the offense in the game at the end. Kaep just choked against the best DB’s in the nfl. It happens. Bowman will be back, Kaep will be back, 49ers will be back. The group has heart and a lot of it, as do the Seahawks. I think these teams will have control of the NFC for a while.

  14. As a die-hard Seahawks fan it was pretty easy to see the heart and guts this guy has as a defender. I wish him the very, very best and hope to see him back on the field to open the season in September.

  15. tedanddebry: “Although one part of me has sympathy with the bad call, the other side of me has a long history of bad calls agaist my teams. On those I was told to move on, the calls are part of the game.”
    UMMM I can remember Seattle being on the right end of a very controversial call with Green Bay being on the very short end of the stick. I think you should rephrase your comment about bad calls against your team!! Really??? Should have been an interception and it was ruled a touchdown for your team!!!! SMDH!! Bowman should have been awarded the fumble and recovery and the refs should have reviewed it!

  16. PEDhawks fans were so distraught about Bowman, they pelted him with food and trash as he was driven off the field.

    The city of Seattle and Sherman were made for each other.

  17. It was shameful to watch SOME of the classless Seattle “fans” pelting and spitting at Bowman as he was carted off into the tunnel. Bowman played his heart out and any REAL educated football fan with an ounce of class and humanity would recognize that regardless if he was on the other team.

    The classless acts by some Seattle fans area reflection of the classless and d-bag guys like Sherman who is the heart and soul of the team.

  18. To all you loser 49er fans who didn’t bother to watch your own team in the Conference title game yesterday –

    Bowman held onto the ball.

    And Lynch fumbled on the very next play, so it didn’t even matter.

    Might also want to RTFA before you comment and upvote yourselves next time.

  19. Just an ACL? Got to think that Bowman suffered a far more serious injury than that on the play. That he was even able to hold that ball for one second after it happened was amazing. I’m also not sure why the NFL cannot review a play like that. They can review any other play that ended with a fumble and a clear recovery by one team.

  20. As a Packers fan with an extreme dislike of the 49ers players because of their mouths, this was a sad moment in the football game. Bowman is a competitor and a very good football player and this was hard to watch. I wish you a speedy recovery!

  21. Props to Bowman for holding on to the ball. On a side note, I notice he isn’t getting the support Kevin Ware did.

  22. a terrible injury to a man who plays the game the way it was meant to be played no yapping like a ped filled girl with dreads.. Just hard nose clean hitting stud… Wish you the best bro.

    Really classy hawk fans pelting an injured man with food. What were they giving out roids during the game to all the caffinated dolts who live in that cloudy misreable city .

  23. That was hard to watch and I wish they hadn’t played it over and over. My son has had similar injuries to both knees (torn ACL) and he almost lost it. Bowman is a monster athlete and I hope he fully recovers in time for next year.

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