Terrelle Pryor rehires Rosenhaus

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Last week, Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor fired agent Jerome Stanley, who had accused coach Dennis Allen of setting Pryor up to fail by making him the Week 17 starter.

Per a league source, Pryor has hired Drew and Jason Rosenhaus to handle Pryor’s interests going forward.

Drew and Jason Rosenhaus represented Pryor earlier in his career, when he emerged from Ohio State and entered the NFL via the supplemental draft.  A third-round pick after the lockout ended in 2011, Pryor has completed three years of his four-year rookie deal.

Absent an extension with the Raiders, Pryor will be a free agent in 2015.  The Raiders could decide to move on from Pryor, or to keep him around at a relatively cheap base salary of $705,000.

Pryor showed promise early in the 2013 season.  A knee injury gave undrafted rookie Matt McGloin a chance to play.  McGloin thereafter took the starting job, with Pryor making a pair of cameo appearances before starting the regular-season finale against the Broncos.

18 responses to “Terrelle Pryor rehires Rosenhaus

  1. You should keep Pryor and see if he can improve. Cheap to hold on to.

    Pats fan here….while I am sad tonight I am also proud we made it this far in a tough year. We have so much work to do this offseason however. Tom isn’t throwing well, and has declined in the playoffs last 3 years. He cost us last year with the overthrow to Wes. Three more errant passes today again.
    Ryan has shown poise in camp, and it’s time to start preparing him and draft a competent new QB.
    I am also tired of the cheap approach Mr Kraft has under Bills leadership in not acquiring real skilled talent for the team. No WR’s, no star on D, this old song is worn out.
    And Bill, stop with the ridiculous 4th and 7 calls and odd plays….you are a D guru, not an offensive mind.
    Poor performance and now my Pats are a poor team.

  2. Seems like a good kid to have on your roster. After watching the championship games last night, it’s a QB league and he isn’t cut out for it.

  3. Drew Rosenhaus is the best agent you can hire, period.

    He was the loudest voice against the rookie pay scale and was exactly right about it actually hurting veteran pay, correctly arguing that teams wouldn’t give vets big paydays like they claimed but instead opt for younger, cheaper players.

    If I was a pro athlete I wouldn’t think of hiring anyone else…

  4. If he had Kapernick or Wilson skills, he would have started a long time ago. He big problem has always been his skills are weighted to running not passing and his mind is aka Tebow, think run first, pass if you have too and defenses get that real fast. Once they take the run away the rest is simple.

    I still look at this guy as someone who got a very fine coach canned and screwed a team out of a national championship opportunity. The entire student body paid for his indiscretions but hey, he got drafted and got paid.

  5. nomoreseasontix says:
    Jan 20, 2014 10:52 AM
    If Drew wants to keep getting paid, he’ll talk Pryor into switching to WR…


    The reason Pryor left Drew, Was because Drew told Pryor he would benefit from a position change at the NFL level. Pryor was upset he didnt believe in him as a QB. So might be a good sign

  6. there is no doubt Pryor will be back next year, but what i do doubt is he will change positions….i mean any and every body knew the raiders had the worse o-line in the nfl last year……and if anybody disagrees, please pass your kool aid this way.

  7. He should just leave. Mark Davis doesn’t want him on the roster anyhow, he was last pick by his father, which makes him doomed from the start. He’s not a pocket QB, he’s a running QBs, most of the QBs coming out of college are the same way. The NFL, just needs to adjust to this change. As far as the Raiders, he needs to go elsewhere. Ask for his release, or they can use him to get some sort of a draft pick. He never has been able to comprehend a NFL playbook, so maybe he needs more than a agent. His stay in Oakland is over. If McKenzie has any sense he will draft a QB with the 5th pick, or more up in the draft to get a franchaise QB. But knowing McKenzie draft history, he might just draft someone out of hospital ward again.

  8. Pryor is cut from the same cloth as guys like Tim Tebow and Vince Young. Great college quarterbacks that made a name for themselves with their legs but don’t have the passing skills to make it in the NFL.

    Without major improvement, Braxton Miller is the next one NFL teams shouldn’t get too excited about.

  9. The Pryor experiment is over.
    Hard worker, says all the right things, but this
    guy just can’t throw the football.
    Teams have him figured out, he can’t go left and he can’t throw so contain him in the pocket and cover the right side and wait for a chance at a pick.
    The Raiders need a real QB if they’re ever going to compete again.

  10. The RAIDERS should stick with Pryor and develope him. Then in two years when we are legitimately ready to compete for the Super Bowl year in and year out as we once did Pryor will be an awesome qb. Look at the tremendous improvement from 2012 to 2013. Let’s remember the San Diego game in Oakland early this year. That Pryor is possible if Allen don’t screw him over as he did after the Gaints game.

  11. The problem with NFL teams, and most of the people commenting, is that no one wants to grow QBs anymore. They all want the immediate superstar right away.

    This is the same Pryor that ran for the longest rushing TD in league history against the Steelers. The same Pryor that put a playoff Colts team on the verge of an upset.

    I will admit that Pryor regressed some later in the year, hell, the Raiders in general did, but you can’t give up on him. The first half of the season, most of you guys were talking about how the Raiders had finally found their guy. One minor knee injury later, and everyone writes him off as an “experiment.”

    Come on, guys. Use your heads!

  12. If Pryor can make the same strides from year 3 to year 4 as me made year 2 to year 3, then there is hope for him yet. On top of that, a total class guy who I’d love to be the face of the franchise, provided some wins came with it.

  13. Do any of you know or remember that Terry Bradshaw was called the “dumbest'” qb ever early in his career. Oh, by the way. Bradshaw went on to win 4 Super Bowl’s. Develop Pryor. Stick with this kid and the RAIDERS will not regret it. I bet you that he is somewhere working on his qb skills as I write this.

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