Tom Brady on Richard Sherman: “We win with graciousness”


It took Tom Brady a moment to respond, but when he did, it was clear he’s not sure Richard Sherman’s brashness would play well in the Patriots locker room.

During his appearance on WEEI this morning, Brady was played the Sherman post-game remarks, and he didn’t immediately respond.

“I don’t know him at all,” Brady said, via Phil Perry of “I’ve watched him play. He’s that kind of guy so . . . you know . . . I approach the game and I have respect for my opponents. That’s the way our team always plays.

We win with graciousness, when we lose we could do better. Some teams don’t always do that or that’s not their program.”

But having gotten an earful of Sherman himself in the past, Brady said there’s only one way to handle it.

“Look, they advanced,” Brady said. “The only way to counter that is to beat them. When you don’t win . . . You just gotta shut your mouth and listen to it. When you get an opportunity down the road, maybe that’s a source of motivation.”

Of course, the Patriots have played the cowboy in the black hat before, and employed their share of players with big personalties. But at the moment, none are bigger, or enjoying it more, than Sherman.

201 responses to “Tom Brady on Richard Sherman: “We win with graciousness”

  1. I’m not a fan of the 49ers, but I would be ashamed if my team’s home field fans treated Bowman the same way. Seattle, I would be embarrassed….point blank! Seattle is the new Philly!

  2. Brady nailed it. Sherman in particular and the Seahawks as a whole lack grace and class. Won’t happen this year, but they will get what is coming to them.

  3. Sherman has everyone captivated. He’s getting the attention he wants and playing the media and fans like a fiddle.

  4. Gonna be weird knowing that, wherever Brady is for the Super Bowl, he will most likely be rooting for Peyton Manning to drop 4 tds and 450 yards on that guy en route to a Denver win.

  5. Look I hate Sherman as much as the next guy, but is the guy who just ran off the field after getting punked yesterday really commenting on another man’s sportsmanship???

  6. And the classless Seattle fans are already commenting in this thread…if my team had just advanced to the Superbowl, I’d be out celebrating with friends.

    Seattle must be an awful city to breed such vile and hateful people.

  7. If Sherman is trying to sell the world the idea that he is the best corner, he is going about it the wrong way. I thought his interview was kind of funny because you never see guys respond like that after a win. Then again, he is just one part of the team. Calvin Johnson does not need to tell us he is the best…we just watch and make the decision ourselves.

  8. Seadderal and Shermy boy don’t…
    Neither does pom pom boy Pete Carroll…

    Still can’t get that image of him jumping up and down on the sidelines like a little school girl after the fail Mary.

  9. Anyone else remember the Patriot players mocking the Eagles with the wing-flap celebration during the Super Bowl?

    Win with class my dimpled buttocks.

  10. I remember Tom Brady running up the score several times during that 18-1 season including one egregious example against the Redskins. So gracious, Tom

  11. As a Hawks fan I wish he would have taken the high road and not insulted Crabtree. Crabtree slapped Sherman in the head. Where are the fans complaining about him? There is a reason interviews happen 15 minutes after the game instead of seconds after. Where was the hate for Revis? He did the same thing saying he was the best.

  12. Great point Tom. We are the biggest trash talkers ever. But I think it’s all a front to get into other players heads.
    And as for your comment;
    We win with graciousness,
    You didn’t win yesterday, so plug it
    And work on your Hawaiian tan

  13. And when his rookie receivers don’t make catches… Tom is hardly the picture of grace, as he seems to forget from the video earlier this year…

  14. I know what you are saying Tom.

    It’s as if Sherman walked of the field yelling at a referee all the way to the tunnel after a close loss (see Carolina game) or walked off the field before the final snap and refused to shake the other HC’s hand post game (as Belichek did post SuperBowl 42).

    BTW, Sherman is still a tool.

  15. Since they won by cheating for a lot of years, I have to laugh at that statement. Also, try playing in the AFC North and playing those teams TWICE each year. Gronk got hurt and was out for the season after playing Cleveland ONCE. Trying playing 6 games against smash mouth defenses each year. And quit your crying.

  16. Lol! Win with class?!?! Didn’t Belicheck tell the Jets to fellate him after a win at MetLife?

    Ask the Eagles or Chargers if the Pats win with class.

  17. Jealousy jealousy jealousy. What’s new from fans and players of all the teams that aren’t going to the Super Bowl.

  18. “We win with graciousness especially when we win in Cleveland with a bogus pass interference call that ensures a first round bye and home field advantage but we lose by yelling at the referees and making a spectacle of ourselves”

    – tom brady

  19. Not ‘in’ but ‘AGAINST’ Cleveland with a bogus last second pass interference call.

  20. Didn’t members of the Patriots defense do the Shawn Merriman dance all over the Chargers logo when they won in San Diego during the 2006 playoffs?? Spygate anybody?? Yeah, “graciousness.” I’m not insinuating that the Patriots are a dirty team, but come on man, no team is perfect.

  21. I’m usually a Brady/Patriots hater…

    He just won a lot of points with me.

    Sure, on the field he screams and gets in the face of his teammates. When put into a position similar to Sherman – he is far more mature and gracious.

  22. How about the NFL doing a random drug test on Sherman? His actions including the rage certainly raise concerns that the NFL should have by now. If you’re a father sitting watching the post game coverage with your teenage son or daughter, how do you explain that respect for your opponent and sportsmanship is still important after watching Sherman. There really is an I in team.

  23. If I’m Richard Sherman, I’m watching my back during the Super Bowl.

    He might want to check out how the Broncos “removed” Aqib Talib from the game, because if Sherman keeps flapping his jaws for the next two weeks, the Broncos may decide to give him the same treatment.

    Just like the Packers did to Fred “The Hammer” Williamson in Super Bowl I.

  24. You still mad bro?? Brady os a hypocrite – he is a major trash talker. Ridiculous he uses his radio show to take some holier than thou position against a guy that toasted him last year.

  25. What a bunch of BS…
    I can recall more than a few games where Tommy Boy got into the faces of opposing players after having taken leads late in the games.
    And recently too.
    Gracious my azz…

  26. Not a fan of Sherman because he runs his mouth.
    He is good, but what has he won yet?

    Nothing……he can chirp IF he wins the Super Bowl.

    Not a Bronco fan, but my hunch is Peyton will find Decker, or another receiver behind Sherman, AT SOME POINT, and make Sherman pay.

    Sherman takes many risks, and will let alot of guys slip behind him……no doubt Peyton knows this.

    Manning will surgically dismantle the hawks, and I feel it could be a blood letting.

    You can almost smell it………

    When Sherman gets burned or loses, I can’t wait to hear what doesn’t come out of his mouth.

    You know what they say about KARMA.

  27. My question is, who has more influence in the locker room–the humble and classy Russell Wilson or the hyper-arrogant Richard Sherman?

  28. The QB benefitting from Spygate has no business talking about winning with graciousness. Lol

  29. Umm exactly what did you expect him to say? As a whole the patriots do win with class, yes in the past and present there have been those that don’t exude what the organization wants them to. They usually aren’t around too long.

  30. “We win with graciousness” seriously Brady?!
    Anyone remember the Patriots taunting the Charger with the ‘Lights out dance’ after they won?

  31. Remember when Tom Brady lost and chased after the ref and cussed him out on TV?

    It’s easy to be gracious WHEN YOU WIN.

    Funny how classless the Patriots generally act when they lose.

  32. From reading these blogs, I get that a lot of guys dislike Brady. That’s obviously a testosterone thing. I admire his talent and work ethic. And last night I admired the grace he showed in defeat. It’s not easy to do those on-camera interviews after losing a championship game. It’s hard for me to imagine how even the most diehard Seahawks fan–could defend Sherman’s behavior. I know it’s too much to hope that reporters will ignore him in the lead up to the game. No … they’ll ensure he’s the most interviewed player next to Manning.

    So Brady’s right … the only way to shut him up is to beat him. Please.

  33. Sherman got LUCKY. He tipped the ball up into the air. If it had come down to Crabtree, there would be a very different narrative. He is a great corner, and he can brag all he wants, but he got very lucky on the crucial play.

  34. Brady saying crap like this is so hypocritical. First off, he’s the one who started talking trash to Sherman in that game last year. Brady is always running his mouth to opponents. Win with graciousness? Lol. This from the guy who’s throwing the ball up 25 points with 2 minutes left in the game? Brady is not “all class” as some have suggested.

  35. I love the patriots. I loved this team very much. The 2001 – 2004 teams epitomized gracious winning.

    Anyone who played on the 2007 team on the other hand should have nothing at all to say about winning graciously. There is nothing gracious about running up the score when the game is over.

    I wish Brady and Bellichick would have been more gracious back then.

  36. The NFL fixes games now by having the refs change the games with “oops bad calls”. They did it to the niners all year

    Why they would want the lowest class Seattle organization and fans there is beyond me.
    Their fans are pathetic and clueless. the coach cheats, the PED players cheat

    I wont be watching the super bowl

    Niners are the best team in the NFL

    end of story

  37. Of course Brady is right. And it’s not just sportsmanship but to help keep focus on the important stuff. How many questions are the Seahawks going to get in the next couple weeks about this? It’d have been far better if he’d just said the typical “I was just happy I could make a play” line.

  38. Well, I think that coming from a guy who’s coach was fined the biggest fine in NFL history for secretly filming other teams practices, he should be the last one talking about “graciousness” or “class”.

    And oh, by the way, Last I checked Brady hasn’t won anything since 2005. Since the filming of other team’s practices have stopped, so has his winning. Just saying…….

  39. Hope Sherman has watched the Exorcist!! His head will be spinning just like Linda Blair once he sees all of Manning’s weapons. Sherman, you will be humbled and pee on the field like Blair did in the living room scene!! Loser!!

  40. I can’t wait for Peyton to throw a winning touchdown with Sherman covering. I hope he gives him a pat on the ass and a handshake.

  41. ““Look, they advanced,” Brady said. “The only way to counter that is to beat them. When you don’t win . . . You just gotta shut your mouth and listen to it. When you get an opportunity down the road, maybe that’s a source of motivation.””

    I revel in Brady’s and New England’s failure. However, I have never agreed more with Tom Brady.

    Take it like a man.

  42. Funny hearing this response from Mr. Brady. He may win with “graciousness” but he surely doesn’t lose with “graciousness” does he. Wasn’t it Tom Terrific cursing out the referee after that Monday night game in Carolina about 6 weeks ago?

  43. The Patriots SPIED ON teama to cheat to win, had a murderer on their team and they are lecturing other teams on class???

  44. I am really get sick of the way so many guys act now. The problem the NFL has if these guy had their way you could bring guns on the field just in case someone disrespected someone. Their childish acts have already grown old with me. I for one am routing for the Broncos, just because they are 10 times more classy than Seattle ever will be and when they win they won’t run around like a bunch of 10 year olds hating everyone that ever crossed their path

  45. Let’s remember that Sherman’s trash-talking Brady last year was in response to Brady’s trash-talking before the game started when he boasted how he was going to torch the Hawks secondary that day.

  46. Patriots win with graciousness… and cheating!! NO SUPERBOWLS VICTORIES SINCE SPYGATE!!

  47. Amerkia has become a nation of drama queens. A guy pumped up after a big win and inappropriately speaks.

    Judge yourselves!, hypocrites!

  48. You people are sick! Every team has a few nutjobs, but Sherman deserves all the ridicule he gets today for being the latest one.

    And when YOU talk about the Pats having a murderer on their team, you’re about as bad as Sherman spewing hatred.

    New England didn’t know how evil Hernandez was…just like all the people who rooted for the Seahawks yesterday that have already changed to Broncos fans due to Sherman’s mouth and the Seattle fans’ lack of class.

  49. This coming from the QB who lead the team that danced on the Chargers 50 yd line mocking Shawn Merriman at the same time…..Clean your own house Tom

  50. A heck of a player but a walking example that you can take a person out of the trailer park but not the trailer park out of the person.

  51. As for Sherman’s post-game couple liner?

    He should take a look at the way Peyton handled it and take a page or two or the whole book from him on how to win the right way… graciously.

  52. When they lost the SB to the Giants for the second time, I seem to recall Mrs. Brady as being a bit less than “gracious” re: Wes Welker dropping a pass.

    The pompous sanctimony of NFL fans knows absolutely no bounds. One minute they’re screeching about “the No Fun League”, the next they’re all Miss Manners.

  53. I’m pretty sure Boldin and Kaepernick were the ones acting the fools against the Panthers last week. I even remember Troy Aikman saying he was getting `tired” of Boldin’s boorish antics.
    Both the 49ers and Seahawks are loaded with punks, but only because neither team is used to winning.
    Winning breeds graciousness and humility, and Tom Brady is a product of consist winning.

  54. Tom believes his own BS..Pats run up the score when they can, he tries to humiliate opposing players on the field and he screams at opponents sidelines. Graciousness, ha!

  55. Brady almost has a point. More accurate would be to say, though, that he is one of the most blasé players in the NFL. He’s a great player to watch, but I don’t believe there are a whole lot of people rushing home to see an interview with him. Some dudes have fiery personalities, he should suck it up and live with it.

  56. Muhammed Ali yells into the mic “I AM THE GREATEST, NOBODY CAN DEFEAT ME” and everybody loves him…

    Richard Sherman does the same, and everybody loses their minds.

  57. what about when the Pats beat the Chargers in the AFC divisional round in 2006 and did the Merriman ‘Lights Out’ dance on the Chargers emblem after the game? Ya shuddup Tom.

  58. Right, spiking the ball while glaring at your opponents is “winning with graciousness.” Also, Brady is known for running his mouth to the opposing teams’ sidelines. The dude is one of the best to ever play, but the fake “Patriots Way” is comical.

  59. People don’t like to recognize it but there is a force in this world called Karma. She’s a bitch when she puts her mind to it and karma doesn’t ask for your respect or even care if you give it, one way or the other, karma will make herself be known.

    Tom found out the hard way by cheating to win 3 Superbowls but look what happened next.

    Sherman is about to pay the piper and he can act like it doesn’t apply to him but watch what happens in the Superbowl, karma will exact her price, one way or the other.

  60. This game will be officiated very unevenly favouring the broncos. Seattle took all the calls going for them yesterday and still showed how ugly of a team they are. The steroids, the trash talk, all of it. Even the refs will ensure Sherman doesn’t get a ring after that steroid rampage

  61. LOL@ the rubes who still bring up SpyGate. Classic. Every team did what the Pats did. They got fined cause they didn’t stop after the NFL sent a memo and told the WHOLE LEAGUE to stop. Also Brady does and has always won with class. Running up the score in the NFL isn’t classless. These are paid professionals, not some JV high school team. You don’t want them to score then stop them. I never get upset when any of my pro teams get the score run up on them. Now a high school or even college team is a different story.

  62. “When you get an opportunity down the road, maybe that’s a source of motivation.”

    Spoken like the highest percentage winning QB in NFL history that he is.

  63. “We win with graciousness.” – Tom Brady

    Best joke I’ve heard since Bill Engvall started doing his “here’s your sign” jokes.

  64. Also the Pats have the BEST WINNING % in the NFL, since SpyGate and have been to the most SB’s. Yeah they only won cause they “cheated”. LOL. Did they lose the 2 SB’s yes. But that’s cause they were playing good teams and any team can win on any given Sunday. It’s not like they got killed. They’re 2 defensive stops away from having 5 SB’s. SpyGate is so overblown its comical. EVERY TEAM was doing it. The NFL sent out a memo to the ENTIRE LEAGUE to tell them to stop the practice. The Pats didn’t listen and paid the price. Yet even after that they still have the best winning % and most SB appearances.

  65. That’s disingenuous of Brady. His Patriots have a long history of disrespecting opponents and the game with braggadocio. When it comes to low class, the patriots take second seat to no one.

  66. Coming from the QB of a team that has not won since they were caught filming other teams…. I guess there are different definitions to what is considered winning with class and graciousness…

  67. Ahh, thank goodness for the Patriots and their alternate reality/revisionist history.

    I remember the Patriots taunting the Chargers after a playoff victory to the point where Ladanian Tomlinson wanted to fight them.

    I remember Tedy Bruschi post game responding to comment about dominating the Colts in the 2nd half of that game.. Bruschi’s response was ‘Look at the scoreboard.. we dominated em ALL DAY’.

    Yet, they win with graciousness….

    Bull (Bleep)

  68. The sheer number of idiots here posting easily falsified falsehoods is almost astounding, but I guess that’s today’s USA. Tom Brady “ran off” the field after yesterday’s game? What did they do, “fake” the pictures of him and Manning shaking hands after the game? Spiking the ball while glaring at your opponents? Screaming at opponents sidelines? Huh? Ya got any evidence of this whatsoever, mouth breathers? Filming of practices? “Running up the score?” It’s the pros, morons, there is no such thing as running up the score. I’m sure you were all complaining that Denver “ran up the score” on Baltimore in week one, yup, yessiree. No wonder half the country is innumerate and borderline illiterate. Belichick (half you idiots can’t even spell his name, lol) ran off the field and didn’t congratulate Coughlin? Then explain how Coughlin relates IN HIS OWN BOOK shaking hands with Belichick after that game? I have to agree with the poster above, indeed the pompous sanctimony of the average poster here is boundless. There’s actually a guy above claiming that Brady said he was “gonna torch” the Seahawks secondary. Dude, you straight made that up – it never happened. God, it’s like a moron party up in here. No wonder this country is going to hell in a hand basket.

  69. John Fox did his press conference today…In it, he reminded the press of how Seattle destroyed them in the pre season…Seattle knocked out 3 of their starters…40-10 final score…The only team to beat Seattle at home were the Arizona Cardinals…So get with the program and get tough, like the Rams, the 49ers, and the Cardinals…The NFC went from the worst division to the best division overnight…Tom Brady should stop girling around in his multi colored football leotards and get tough, and the rest of the league should, too. The Jaguars got tough hiring Gus Bradley…Were ever Darrell Bevell ends yup, that team will be tough…If you can’t take the pain, then get out…No place for you in the NFL…

  70. Given that the Patriots were knocked out by the SB winner the last two years it might be a good bet to place a wager on Denver.

  71. brady says, “we win with graciousness.”

    first they don’t win. they haven’t won since they stopped cheating.

    second, they would with with grace. much more concise word to convey the meaning.

    pats, belichick and brady are on the slowboat to mediocrity. they have peaked and are on a slow painful decline. the afc east will be much tougher with improved miami and ny jets teams. maybe buff too.

  72. Sherman is a knob, no doubt.

    But I never thought it was particularly classy to talk about someone else’s lack of class. Keep your mouth shut and move on (or move out), Tom. I have to be honest, I really don’t care what Tom Brady thinks about anyone’s character. That’s not a knock on him, that just is what it is. Why do I care what Tom Brady thinks about anything, much less how other players are conducting themselves?

  73. Spygate. Maybe tommy boy should be treated for a concussion. My favorite part of spy gate was how fast the Nfl destroyed those tapes. That’s how bad it was. I know, I know, thumbs down Patriot fans. You can’t change history with a thumbs down though.

  74. Man there are so many Seahawks fans that are suddenly (where have you been ?) taking on the persona of Richard Sherman, the sensible/decent fans must be really proud.

    Rapidly becoming the most disliked franchise in the NFL but I get it, that lack of responsibility/paranoia thing eh ? It’s everyone else’s fault right ?

    “haters gotta hate” / “you’re just jealous of our success” / “we feed off…” blah blah.

    Meanwhile the possible DMVP has food thrown on the cart that’s taking him off the field with a longterm injury and the anthem is shouted over to prove that they’re, well a bit loud. Brilliant.

    Stay classy wannabe 70’s Raiders.

  75. “We win with graciousness”

    And, a lot of surreptitiously gathered film of our opponents.

  76. I’ve been a Patriots fan a long time. I’ve seen them go through good times and bad times. I’ve seen when we had bad players, bad coaches and bad owners and I can tell you that there isn’t another quarterback, coach and owner in the league better than what the organization has now. Take a look around the rest of the league and tell me what “team” is better as an organization. And for you people who cannot get beyond Spygate, it happened in the pre-2007 timeframe and the activity was something everyone did. But let’s suppose it was an advantage then. How do you account for the consistent winning record, the two Super Bowl berths and the many divisuion champiuonships since then. How many teams would love to have that record? There is a “Patriot’s Way” and it works.

  77. Tom, You were never in the game yesterday. Clean up your golf clubs and we’ll see you down at the AT&T tournament at Pebble Beach in a couple of weeks. Go Hawks!

  78. What have you “gracefully” won?

    You cheated to win your Super Bowl rings, ya dumb idiot…not even this d-bags teammates like him or want to high-five him!

    He and Belicheat will never win another ring!

  79. Are the people who bring up SpyGate A. Just trolls B. Totally clueless to what it really is or C. Both. Every team did what the Pats did, that’s why the league sent a memo to the WHOLE LEAGUE. Also how have the Pats not won since SpyGate. You rubes do realize they have the BEST WINNING %, MOST WINS and MOST SB APPEARANCES, since SpyGate, right? How is that not winning? Losing a SB doesn’t make you a failure. It just makes you the 2nd best team in the NFL.

  80. Tom is 100% right. This isn’t the 1st time Sherman has pulled this garbage so it has to be on the coach who allows it. BB would not allow this low class performance Sherman put on and Tom is always respectful win or lose.

  81. If you can back it up, you can say any gd thing you want. After you back it up, you can say anything you want as loudly as you want. It’s the other guy’s job to shut you up.

    Quit crying, punks.

  82. I recall being at a Belicheck/Brady led Patriots vs Chargers playoff game in San Diego many years ago and after they won, many on their team were doing Shawne Merriman’s lights out dance on the chargers logo at the 50 yard line…I suppose they have learned all their class and graciousness since then

  83. Brady is full of it. The only time this guys shows respect for opponents players is when he loses. I’ve seen him try and talk trash with the rest of them when he wins but when he loses its different. Unfortunately for him all he has done is lose lately.

  84. Sherman acted like a goober last night. He may regret it now, but it can’t be taken back.

    Tom, I know the whole New England area thinks you walk on water but, you do live in a glass house.

  85. I think the old San Diego Chargers and L. Tomlinson might disagree with Brady’s assessment after their graciousness following a playoff game few years back

  86. I am a Jet fan but I admire the way Brady handles himself with class and dignity. He always said the right thing. Smart classy man.

    I also admire the way Sherman plays the game he is very good. But he is not the best corner in the game when Revis is healthy. Not even close. Sherman is the closest thing to Revis but he lacks the consistency. Revis never lets up.

    That being said Brady is right the Seahawaks have built a great team and they have earned the right to talk. Great front 8. Great secondary. Great running game and great QB. They are as complete a tam as there is in the league. They have a lot more talent than Denver. But most teams have a lot more talent than Denver. But Denver has Manning.

    Going to be great super bowl. My hats off to Brady and NE they had a great year and overcame so much but the two best teams in football deservedly advanced.

  87. I remember correctly, Pats receivers were doing Ray Lewis dance in the endzone 3 weeks ago in Baltimore.

    Maybe you people should do some research before you make up your own “truths”

    After the game, Blount said he performed the dance to show respect for Lewis.
    “There was excitement, you know what I’m saying? The last one, Ray Lewis, no disrespect. Respect. I love him,” Blound said. “I’ve talked to him a few times, and I asked if I could do that before I did it.”
    Blount said that Lewis signed off on the idea.
    “Out of respect for him … I talked to him one of the last times I played him, and I had his phone number still from doing a couple of appearances with him, so I asked him a while ago,” Blount said.

  88. Brady is so fake! This is the same guy who cursed a referee up and down after the Carolina loss, when he didn’t know he was being taped.Then in the press conference he puts on his act! But, he is Brady so there was no uproar over his bad sportsmanship.

  89. Please. Brady wins and it’s handshakes all around. He loses and he sprints to the locker room. Maybe that young player on the other team wants to meet a HOF player/idol but nooo. Tommy lost so he runs away. He complains and whines. He was caught a few weeks ago dropping the F – bomb. Graciousness Brady is not.

  90. Some of you simply don’t get it and make Brady’s point. Just because you “won” doesn’t mean you should say whatever want. Just because you “backed it up”, doesn’t mean you should say whatever want. Dick Sherman flat out is classless. His defenders from Seattle are no better than the loudmouthed poor sport. Please tell us you don’t teach your children to act like Sherman.

  91. Dear Richard Sherman, Great play sealing the game for your team. Horrible post-game interviews and to this end just an FYI: A week ago Colin Kaepernick was scoring a TD, kissing his bicep and mocking Cam Newton’s “Superman” celebration. Last night he was taking blame for some stupid turnovers. Karma has a way of getting the last laugh and the way this is setting up, you may fail on the biggest stage in two weeks.

    P.S. Peyton Manning is not going to care who he throws it to as it results in a Broncos win. The point is don’t give us that “he didn’t throw to my side” crap if Denver wins. There is no “I” in team.

  92. Yes because the patriots are a great example of sportsmanship, like leaving the field early when they know they have lost a Super Bowl

  93. You people with your spy gate and cheating. You do realize everybody steals signals?, right? 2 prominent coaches have come out and said everybody did it. That being jimmy Johnson and Bill Cowher just this week on the radio.

  94. Isn’t this the same guy who slid spikes up into Ed Reed during last year’s afc championship game?

    And very quickly personally apologized for it. He’s a very fiery passionate player who loves to win and hates to lose.

    What Sherman find was not just the outburst, but to me he made it all about himself. It was a me, me ,me interview. That won’t go over well in the locker room.

  95. Brady is so fake! This is the same guy who cursed a referee up and down after the Carolina loss, when he didn’t know he was being taped.Then in the press conference he puts on his act! But, he is Brady so there was no uproar over his bad sportsmanship.

    Cause I’m sure you would be ok with your guy getting mugged a flag gets thrown then picked up and no explanation is given.

  96. I really do dislike the 49ers with their arrogant quarterback that has never won anything and the hysteria proned Harbaugh that cries about every call but I will tell you – after watching that game, I think Seattle fans ought to be embarrassed. Navarro Bowman showed incredible grit – we saw him create a critical turnover and then hold on to the ball as his knee was being ripped to shreds – and for Seattle fans to throw crap at him while he’s being carted off and then Sherman’s inane diatribe. Despite how much I like Russell Wilson – I say Go Broncos!!!!!

  97. I’ve watched Tom, stomp off the field, pouting when things didn’t go his way. You don’t always have to say something to be noticed as a sore loser. But it makes you wonder, if he’s truly gracious, why he felt the need to even make this comment at all? Then again, having been routed by the Broncos earlier in the day, it may have been the only thing that he was willing to talk about.

  98. I can’t wait till this monumental cry baby’s skills deplete just a little bit more, just enough for his “Tom Terrific” image to finally fade away. If the Patriots aren’t cheating, there’s no team they’ll be beating.

  99. Ha Brady, you win with cheating and no integrity. You have your own yellow flag issued to you. Rules are changed to prop you up and when you do lose you act like a 12 year old spoiled brat.

    And you left your pregnant supermodel wife for a younger supermodel.

    I can’t wait til you guys fade away. Maybe, though doubtfully, some integrity will return to the game you ruined.

  100. I have to laugh when I read the comments about the Seahawks have no class…they’re brash and nothing but trash talkers, etc., etc.

    About 8 years ago, when the Seahawks were in their “glory” days of the Holmgrem era people made it a point to say they were a finesse team. They won with class and shook hands after the game but the team wasn’t tough. Play ’em tough and they’ll fold. Hit ’em in the mouth and they’ll stay down.

    You gotta be a smashmouth team like Pittsburgh if you wanna win it all. You need brash talkers like Harrison. An enforcer willing to make a statement for the team and pay the fine next week. Guys willing to say whats on their mind in an interview. Nope, the Seahawks are just too soft to win it all.

    Well…I think someone listened. And now they are where they are and I think most Pittsburgh fans would love to have the players the Seahawks have. I think the city of Pittsburgh could easily find themselves cheering for Seattle, because they see a tough group of players willing to go the distance with any team at any time. And they know from experience starting in the 1970’s, that that is the way champions are built in this game.

  101. Can’t you just wait until our kids our acting like the Sherman’s of the world in their high school games?

    Getting in their face and dogging on them after the game is over? So much fun.

  102. I am simply amazed by all the Spygate comments, and the people who are still steamed about some Patriots celebrating on the Chargers logo SEVEN YEARS AGO. A lot of the spygate comments are from the same people posters over and over again. Seriously, get a life, folks. If you’re not over Spygate by now, then you’re the one with the problem, not Brady. As for us Patriots fans, we just enjoy a consistently winning football team. Yeah, it’s been a while since we hoisted the Lombardi, but a deep playoff run every year is pretty special, too. As for the Chargers game, OK so some of them danced on the logo, I’ll give you that, but if that’s all you’ve to complain about (and Brady wasn’t one of ones who did it, anyway), and it was 7 years ago, you need find something new to pout about it. Tom’s a class act, with a supermodel wife. I’m jealous too, but I’m also a grownup, so I don’t whine about it.

  103. Look at all these Haters in here. Sherman is the best and he is willing to put that bulls-eye on his back and challenge people to prove him wrong. And this year no one has proven him wrong. 12 picks in 2 and a half years. The QBR of Quarter backs throwing at him is below 50. You gotta give the man respect

  104. Ok, somebody tell me again why anybody in Seattle should care if you root against us in the Super Bowl? Is that suppose to hurt our feelings? You’ll show us? Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

  105. Oh and the Patriots win gracefully?? I do remember the Patriots dancing and stomping on the logo of the Chargers field on the 50 yd line after the 2007 AFC Championship game. So I think Brady needs rethink his statement

  106. Obviously those two players have a history and Sherman got carried away in that interview. He is now getting criticized for showing his raw emotions, this from the same people that compare Brady to a Patriot’s robot who gives prepackaged answers as required by the Belicheck regime.

    People are making too much of this. It’s Seattle and Denver in the SB, not your team or mine for that matter. Trying one’s disappointment at the feet of Sherman is silly. Every team has a Sherman.

    Besides, when Denver beats them, the hypocrites will come out of the wood works to give it right back to Sherman.

  107. Wow, Brady sounds like a politician! Let’s replay the past does graciousness including winning super Bowls due to cheating? Does “Spygate” ring any bells? Funny, that the Patriots have not won a Super Bowl since Spygate. Cheating is a cowardly
    way of winning i.e… sports enhancing drug and more.

  108. Tired of people claiming that this sport is just a bundle of emotion and players like Sherman can’t help but have it come out. Remember when Sherman’s own coach pointed out how Larry Fitzgerlad held up on a hit that would have leveled him (probably would have missed time if he hadn’t). If Sherman wants to learn how to play at the cream of the crop and do it with class please reference Larry.

  109. For all the Pats haters.. I have never seen so much hate towards a franchise like the patriots. They embody class never talk bad about anyone , he said it himself sure they can act better when they lose, who likes to lose, 97 percent of the clowns that post to NBC are fans of teams that haven’t even been to as many superbowls and championship games as the Patriots have lost. Get out of your moms basements and get a job seriously you all wish your teams would have a chance, Newengland will b back next year at the same spot with a chance..

  110. One of the classes I teach is business communications, and I do not believe Richard Sherman would pass my classs based on what I have seen of his communication skills. I am not sure how he got a degree in communications. He is loud, vile, and obnoxious. Duct tape is an order.

    As for Tom Brady, he was not very classy before the Superbowl he lost to the Giants and Eli Manning when he started making fun of Eli’s clothes. Eli has class and did not bother to respond. Eli is a man of class. Tom Brady is just a conceited pretty boy.

  111. But when you lose…

    Does anybody remember the Ravens game early last year when Vince Wilfork ran up to a ref, stomping and throwing a tantrum like a 3-year-old? Or the same game when Belichick shoved a ref? Let’s not forget the first Super Bowl against NYG when they went to the locker room. Or the AFCC last year when Belichick ditched his press conference.

  112. Too many things about the Pats to refute, but here’s a few with regards to a couple items mentioned.

    Running up the score on the Redskins: First, Joe Gibbs said nonsense. Second, Brady was out of that game at the start of the 4th quarter.

    Mocking the Eagles stupid wing flap b.s.: Eagles talk garbage for 2 weeks disrespecting the Pats who had won 2 of the previous 3 SBs (see Freddie Mitchell. Freddie Who?). Patriots mocked the wing flap DURING the game. Afterwards? They paid their respect to Philly.

    2006 playoffs in SD dancing at midfield after winning: Same thing. SD talkin crap all week predicting victory. Pats kept quiet. As Brady said. They shut SD up by winning.

    Going to the locker room early in SB 42: Belichick explained that he thought the game was over and wanted to get to his FRIEND, Tom Coughlin asap. The refs put 2 seconds back on the clock after he had gotten across the field. Listen to he post game presser. He was effusive in his praise for the Giants’ victory and for his friend.

    And, OH! A Spygate reference! smh

    No problem with Sherman acting a fool, but what happens on the field (whatever Crabtree did) should STAY on the field. No one needs to know. But since you acted like an ass afterwards, you had to explain making you look like the immature ass.

    The Pats NEVER talk crap about an opponent beforehand or afterwards–win or lose. They do their talkin’ on the field in those instances and LEAVE IT on the field.

  113. I for one applaud Brady for having the guts to speak out against Sherman in public. Seeing all the tweets today from pro athletes kissing Sherman’s butt you can see they lack the guts to do the same. So they smile and run like jackals to the winner. Now I know why so many of these guys end up in jail, they celebrate such low-rent behavior.

    It’s hilarious how they’re constantly pimping this guy because — ooohhh! — went to Stanford. Yeah, wow he sure is showing that superior education. Ha ha!

    Good for you, Brady, and I say that as a guy who’s not a fan.

  114. Really aaron Hernandez comments? Do you know everything about the people in your workplace? And brady is right, you gotta win to shut him up… With that said he’s got his work cut out for him with demayrius Thomas

  115. Sherman is from Compton, got his educashun at Stanford. Apparently Compton won out. You can take the boy out of the ghetto, but …. you know the rest.

  116. Chris Christie next week: “the Sherman will be here at noon!”

    Authentic New Jersey Frontier Miner(Gabby): “Sherman’s coming!”

    Gabby: “hey Sherman is a GONG”

    Christie: “Sherman is near”

    Gabby: “no godblameit dangblumit Sherman is a GOOOONG”

    Christie extends a laurel and hardy hand shake to our new…best DB in the NFL

  117. Funny, the biggest cry baby in the history of the game, claiming to win with graciousness. Tom forgot to mention, that they also win with the assistance of illegal video tape.

  118. Do any of you geniuses understand the idea of ‘context’? It’s a lot different to talk trash during the game (yeah, ALL players do that – even Brady, as we can hear when these guys are mic’d up), than to go out of your way to call out a player thru the media on a national broadcast AFTER your team has won. On the field during the game is a lot different than making it a point to try to humiliate a player through the media. And it’s really grasping at straws to call what Brady does holding his teammates accountable as the same as Sherman…….these comparisons are moronic. All Sherman did was draw attention to his selfishness stupidity before what is a huge game for both he and his team. Yup – Brady whines at the refs – that any different than every wide receiver and player on the sideline motioning for a flag every time they get breathed on after an incompletion?

    Pats aren’t perfect, Brady probably should have just stayed quiet, but all things considered, he handles himself a heck of a lot more like a professional than Richard Sherman (talking about Tom Brady, not BB or the rest of the team).

  119. Why is this a big deal? To be honest I’m not sure what he said …….he sounds like he has marbles in his mouth.

  120. Yea Tom was very gracious as he ran down the officials and bombed them with the F word. Yea he respects a lot of things, himself. Gödel let the pretty boy get away with chasing down the officials under the we don’t touch the NE Pats.

  121. Back in January of 2007, the San Diego Chargers lost a divisional playoff game despite having the best record. The opponent who defeated them celebrated the win by mocking Shawn Merriman’s “Lights Out” dance while dancing on the Chargers’ logo. What team was that you ask? Why that would be the New England Patriots, the same team who “wins with graciousness.” Hello pot. Meet kettle.

  122. Brady dissed Eli in 07 SB like an 18-0 grade A punk. Than he got he beat up on the field by an angry defense.

  123. I can hardly wait to see how many will be back here after Richard Sherman and the Legion of Boom rack up a significant number of INT’s in the Super Bowl. Manning is one of the greatest QB’s ever, but he’s not infallible.

    In the meantime, Tom Brady started the trash talking in Seattle during Seahawks-Patriots by telling Sherman that the secondary should “see him after the game”. It’s comical that he thinks he can continue trash talking Sherman several months after the fact. Richard will be happy to humiliate you and your team on the field again soon, Tom!

  124. Why would you ask Brady? Who is he? Why not Joe Gibbs or someone else who wasn’t even involved in the game. Brady and whoever asked hi are clowns

  125. The Patriots also lose graciously like calling out a former player they didn’t want to pay and painting him as dirty on a crossing route.

    Or ranting at your own young receivers on the sideline for not being as good as you.

    Brady can claim gracious after winning, but not WHILE winning which started the whole Sherman thing to begin with.

    Or your gracious wife…

    I like the guy and he is a great football player, but stop with the ‘my organization is perfect’ crap.

  126. melikefootball says:
    Jan 20, 2014 8:18 PM

    Yea Tom was very gracious as he ran down the officials and bombed them with the F word. Yea he respects a lot of things, himself. Gödel let the pretty boy get away with chasing down the officials under the we don’t touch the NE Pats.


    That was after a LOSS. He said they WIN with graciousness. Plus, he went after the ref on the field and a mic picked up his comments. He didn’t intentionally disrespect the officials in a post game interview.

    Here’s Brady’s official post game comments.

    “[The ref] didn’t say anything,” Brady said. “I didn’t really see the play, either, so I don’t know whether it was a good call or a bad call.”

    Ultimately, Brady lamented that the fate of the Pats (7-3) came down to the final play.

    “I wish it wouldn’t come down to that,” Brady said. “I think there are plenty of plays we could have made. But it did, and they are going to make a call or they are not going to make a call. … We can play better than that.”

  127. And, melikefootball, here’s Belichick’s post game comments on the play.

    Patriots coach Bill Belichick indicated in his postgame remarks that he did not receive an explanation from officials, saying, “I saw what you saw.”

    Belichick declined to further comment on the controversial play during his conference call Tuesday morning.

    “If you have any questions on that, you can talk to the league office,” Belichick said.

    “Whatever the officials think is the only thing that matters. They’re the ones that make the calls. It’s their explanation and their judgment that we all have to abide by.”

  128. You SEA fans enjoy your moment in the sun. It is tainted with creepy fans doing the unthinkable to an injured player, a self inflated jerk who claims Crabtree tried to pick a fight with him earlier in the offseason and in that context goes up and congratulates the guy who he dislikes magnanimously after he just got the better of. He was simply fanning the flames. Crabtree shoved his facemask in a “get out of my face you annoying tool” manner. And if Dick Sherman was trying to congratulate his team mate on a good hard fought game, why then did he make the choking gesture towards Collin Kaepernick? Did CK try to pick a fight with him earlier this season too? Can’t have it both ways.

  129. Win with class??? Anyone remember when they did Shawne Merriman’s lights out dance on SD 50 yard line. That’s a lot of class right there

  130. Gracious? Spare me Brady! Ask LaDanian Tomlinson if he considers the Patriots gracious after their playoff loss or ask any team that the Patriots ran the score up on during their undefeated regular season if they think the Patriots were gracious or better yet to better prove my point I remember Brady teaching Anthony Smith of the Steelers a lesson about running his mouth. Remember Smith said a few things during the week and Brady burned him for a couple TD passes and instead of being gracious Brady sprinted a good 40 yards downfield to get in his face and talk smack. Funny how Brady has selective memory when it comes to being Gracious!

  131. Class is clearly only defined by its fan base. Some of your comments are pure classless which makes for good reading while pointing fingers. If we all wore halos, you’d be screaming how yours is brighter. Really people…do you bother to actually re read before you click post?

    Here’s a fact….not one single person is perfect. We do stupid stuff and say stupid things from time to time…that includes people in the spotlight. They are people too and will mess up as money doesn’t buy perfection. So how bout everyone climb down slowly from your high horses and take a deep breath…relax a moment and take comfort that some time soon you will screw up something again. Let’s hope no one is there to ram it down your throat repeatedly for years.

  132. Tom Brady: “We win with graciousness”

    It is now 7 o’clock… I plan on laughing until at least quarter to eleven.

  133. Sherms mouth has the potential of reversing any and all progress made by the civil rights movement of the 60’s. He has a way of bringing out hate in people they didn’t know was within.

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