Torn ACL and MCL for NaVorro Bowman


The 49ers feared that linebacker NaVorro Bowman injured both his ACL and MCL against the Seahawks on Sunday and those fears have been realized.

PFT has learned, via a league source, that Bowman tore both ligaments when wide receiver Jermaine Kearse fell on his leg while Bowman was stopping Kearse short of the end zone. The ball came loose and fell into Bowman’s arms, but the Seahawks retained possession because the officials made the wrong call on the field and the vagaries of the NFL rule book are such that some obvious officiating blunders can’t be reviewed by rule.

Bowman suffered no dislocation and will have surgery to repair the ACL after giving the MCL some time to heal. It’s the same course of action as the one Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski followed after his knee injury during the season and Gronkowski had the operation a little more than a month after getting hurt.

That timeline and the expected one for recovery would certainly put Bowman at risk of missing some or all of training camp while he works his knee back into shape. An absence that extends into the regular season, Bowman is expected to be ready but it is going to be a tight fit, would be a major blow for San Francisco since Bowman played as well as just about any defensive star in the league this season.

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  1. Remember how much people laughed when Aaron Rodgers went down? Pretty hard for me to feel sorry for Bowman.

  2. Every offensive coach should show their WR’s and RB’s video of the injury and then ask them why they cannot hold onto the ball.

  3. Come on guys, no need to draft another backer. Quit having such knee-jerk reactions to everything. He’s a DPOY candidate. He’ll be back sooner or later. Relax. We have more than enough stars to make up for him while he’s gone. I just pray for a quick and full recovery

  4. Stinks for him. As a Pats fan who remembers what it was like to have a beastly defense with good tough linebackers, Bowman is a pleasure to watch style wise. Hopefully we’ll see him covering Gronk in the Super Bowl next year.

  5. That’s too bad. I don’t the the 49ers, but this guy is a stud and plays the game right way. Such a stud he hung onto the ball, even with that ugly injury. Wishing you a speedy recovery Mr Bowman.

  6. Here’s to a speedy and healthy recovery. He is a great player. Huge blow if he can’t make it back to start the season.

  7. Better draft the best LB available in either the first or second round.

    That would be a drastic overreaction. He’ll be back at some point and SF has depth at LB. They need to draft a CB or WR to compliment Crab for the future.

  8. Tough loss for the Niners. ACL injuries don’t end careers like they used to, but it’s still something you want to avoid like the plague. Hopefully he recovers and gets back to being arguably the best linebacker in the league.

  9. Bowman has been awesome to watch play that position, by far the best LB duo in the league between him and Willis. Hope he recovers fast and gets back out on the field at the same level soon.

  10. That was brutal. Best wishes on a full and speedy recovery. As a Seahawk fan I hate the 49ers as a team, but respect the players individually (except Boldin) and hate to see an injury like that to anyone (even Boldin… well maybe). Also was glad that football karma caused Lynch to cough up the ball right after that horrible missed call on the fumble. The last thing we Seahawk fans needed was another fail mary situation.

  11. I give him week 4 or 5..and ohyea ANOTHER BLOWN CALL..that’s really what you call insult to injury

  12. Bowman is an elite talent… I think we all knew the injury results would be pretty gruesome (it was a disgusting injury) but this is sad. Recovering from an injury like this is not easy and can possibly rob a player of his pre-injury talents. Hopefully that doesn’t happen and Bowman bounces back to his true form.

  13. ram fan here and after we lost bradford most comments were favorable and i wish him well it did look ugly hope he is back on time for next year, want our team to beat a full squad good luck navarro

  14. “As a Pats fan who remembers what it was like to have a beastly defense with good tough linebackers”

    Or just average linebackers who knew what play was coming …

  15. Training camp??? In most situations it usually takes about a year to recover from an ACL. If that’s true here, Bowman doesn’t see any playing time until the very end of the regular season at the earliest, and more than likey 2015.

  16. they are ruining our game. totally neutral skins fan here says refs lost the game. a true travesty of justice to the extent the word conspiracy cannot be denied. WHAT THE HELL IS GOIN ON OUT HERE? seriously vince lombardi what the hell IS goin on out here? DISGUSTING.

  17. Here was the situation: San Francisco had the ball, fourth-and-10 at its own 20-yard line with just under three minutes left in the third quarter. The 49ers had the lead 17-13. Andy Lee punted the ball 42 yards, but was run into by Seattle’s Chris Maragos. It was called as running into the kicker, a 5-yard penalty.

    The rules specifically state that hitting the plant leg is a ROUGHING the kicker 15 yards and first down. Changes the whole game

  18. That hurt me to watch the replay, I hope he has a speedy recovery. Bowman is an elite LB and worthy of respect, rather than the stuff being thrown at him.

  19. If it’s anything like Heath Miller’s ACL/MCL tear the last game of the ’12 season, Bowman may not be the same until the latter part of next season–but he could very well return to his old form. When Miller came back early last season, he noticeably lost a step and was not effective. But the last four games of last season, he looked like the Heath of old . . . much more flexibility, strength and, thus, confidence. He made moves and caught the ball as well as he did before. It amazed me. The medical profession has made big strides on this type of injury.

  20. Hope he gets better – terrible thing to happen to any player.
    But that bad call would not have changed the outcome of this game
    Seahawks outplayed niners in 4th quarter period! GO HAWKS!
    Godspeed bowman!

  21. All these young basement dwellers talking smack are just praying Mad Dog Bowman doesn’t play against their beloved team.

    Sorry you won’t be playing golf, mountain biking, skiing or running marathons this off season.

    Speedy recover!

  22. Asking Bowman’s knee to be ready for NFL football in 8.5 months is a tall order with such a gruesome injury. Humans don’t heal that fast without a little chemical help.

    If Bowman starts the regular season on the active roster, look for him to have an even better year than this year. See: Peterson, Adrian, 2012 regular season.

  23. What a shame. This guy’s arguably the best defensive player in the NFL, hands-down the best linebacker.

    ACL and MCL together sounds awful, but you only need to look at Thomas Davis to know that it’s not a career-ender by definition anymore. Hopefully he can get back to where he was pre-injury, because he was a sight to behold out there.

  24. Not a SF fan, but wishing Bowman a speedy recovery. I said earlier in the season that I thought he may have surpassed Patrick Willis; by the end of the season, there was no doubt. Guy’s an All-Pro and is as good as any LB in the game.

    Hope he rebounds from this and continues to perform the way he did this past season.

  25. Hats off to this guy, he is a hard, tough, great football player. Hope to see him playing against the Hawks for many years to come. Get healed and get well!

  26. Wishing Bowman a speedy recovery. As bad as these injuries look, you can come back from them. I’ve gone through two ACLs in the last decade (TKD) and while you are never 100%, you can easily reach 90% in less than a year.

    I hope he continues to have a great career after recovering, but regardless, NFL fans everywhere will remember the Sunday he got his knee wrecked and still held onto the fumble recovery. THAT, my friends, is a real football player!

  27. I wonder how the Hawk haters will blame Sherman or coach Carroll for Bowman’s injury.

  28. Gut-wrenching moment in the game, made worse by the insane possession call. Can only hope he’ll have a fast and full recovery that sees him ready for next season–and that the league addresses its bizarre rules on what’s reviewable.

  29. Best wishes, Mr. Bowman. You were a man’s man as you held onto the ball despite the horrific injury you experienced. While the NFL has its collective head up its rear with its rules, the payback was that the Seahags coughed up the ball on the next play anyway giving them a better chance.

    You should rest easy, Mr Bowman, that you have more class than the entire Seattle Seahag organization, players, staff, coaches, and fans.

  30. As a Falcon fan this guy broke our hearts two years in a row….best linebacker in the NFL IMO. Hope his rehab goes well…..

  31. Some class being shown by Seahawks fans in this thread. I wish you guys had been at the game and shown him love there. It made me ashamed to be a football fan when I heard what happened as Bowman was carted off. Atrocious behavior. This goes to all fans, of all sports, at all venues: these are HUMAN BEINGS performing for your entertainment. Be civil when one gets carted out, especially with a gruesome injury. I shouldn’t even have to type that out. I’m truly ashamed.

  32. As a Hawk fan..GREAT respect for his play..just a gruesome injury. Hope he makes a complete and speedy recovery.

  33. Great game by a great team. Congrats to the 49ers for being tough as nails. Hope both Bowman and Iupati will be fine and ready to go in 2014. Even Harbaugh had class in the interview at the end. Surprised me.

  34. great season, niners. extra love to Iupati and Navorro Bowman. Bowman has now made the big fumble force/recovery against Ahmad Bradshaw in the nfc title game of ’12. the game winning coverage that sent them to the SB vs ATL in’13, and again another clutch fumble force/ recovery at the goalline (while getting his knee blown out no less!) can’t say enough about this guy. wish those guys a good recovery. (could have been 3 game-winning plays to send the niners to the SB!!)

    did i mention, he saved the sacred (to niner fans) candlestick finale, while sending sf to the playoffs. oh, and for good measure, he forced/recovered a fumble on Green Bay’s 3rd play (again, botched by Hocculi and the officials).

  35. As a Seahawk fan, a Pro Football fan and not a Richard Sherman fan (the part after the game).. I was sick when this happened.

    It happened to Chris Clemmons in Wash. DC for us last year in the playoffs. He may miss a little time, but Your ML will be back…

    See you next year in another race to the top. Where the NFC West will be for a long time!


  36. I was at the game, 49erstim. If bowman got hit with popcorn, it was one fan…NOT ALL 69,000.
    Heal well, Mr. Bowman!

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