Trust is also an issue for Dolphins coaching staff


The Miami coaching staff reportedly has a respect issue with players.  The problems may run deeper than that.

Per a league source, some players also have trust issues with the Joe Philbin regime.

The concerns date to the aftermath of the 2012 season.  After Philbin abruptly released receiver Chad Ochicinco during the Hard Knocks days following an arrest for domestic violence, the Dolphins created a leadership council.  The team ultimately appointed tackle Jake Long, running back Reggie Bush, linebacker Karlos Dansby, and receiver Davone Bess.

Then, after the 2012 season, each of the four players ended up with other teams.

While reasonable excuses and explanations exist for each player’s departure, the collective absence of all four members of the inaugural leadership council was met by some players as a sign that disagreement with the coaching staff isn’t necessarily welcome.

In 2013, the six players voted to the leadership council were quarterback Ryan Tannehill, defensive end Cameron Wake, defensive tackle Paul Soliai, center Mike Pouncey, guard Richie Incognito, and linebacker Dannell Ellerbe.  While there definitely won’t be another clean sweep, the 100-percent turnover from 2012 has contributed to a sense of uneasiness among some players, we’re told.

It could get worse, once the report regarding the Jonathan Martin situation is released.  If coaches pointed fingers at the players when meeting with investigator Ted Wells, players who believe that coaches knew or should have known about the interactions with Martin — and arguably should have taken action — could be even more upset.

Ultimately, the situation makes it even more important that the Dolphins hire a General Manager who has the skills and the determination to fix all of the various issues facing the franchise,and the willingness to take on the challenge.

16 responses to “Trust is also an issue for Dolphins coaching staff

  1. One thing is certain… the coaching staff can’t trust the players.

    SEE: richie incognito
    SEE: mike pouncey
    SEE: koa misi

    Remember when jeff ireland signed “leaders” reggie bush, jake long, and carlos dansby went to Philbin’s office to plead for wife beater chad ochojoohnsoncinco in the days after chad f cked up his wife.

    The house cleaning will continue as ireland inked contracts expire.

  2. Theres uneasiness with most players on a football team especially with a new oc and gm. “If coaches were pointing fingers”? There all professionals and i doubt anyone is pointing fingers like little middle school kids. Good job trying to make something out of nothing there mike

  3. And to add to what I said yesterday I am sure Philbin’s regime has some trust issues with players on this team. You know, can they be trusted to block and protect RT and not get him killed, can they be trusted to catch passes, run the right route, make tackles, make field goals, throw to the right receiver etc. etc. Another attempt by somebody to stir the pot when there is nothing to stir, imo. Go Fins!

  4. When 9 of 12 assistants Philbin hired never worked in the NFL before it might be hard to trust them. Joe’s never been a HC before either. Ross should have cleaned house. Maybe Philbin won him over by reading cue cards.

  5. Joe Philbin comes across as a complete snake to me. From his obvious enjoyment from releasing Ocho Cinco to his subsequent denial of any wrong doing for what’s going on in his locker room (Martin/Incognito) to his failures on the sidelines…

    Time for this one to go home.

  6. This shines a spotlight on just how football-stupid Ross is. He hired this guy not because he showed any ability or experience whatsoever to lead a group of football players, but because he is “organized”. The fact that Philbin reads his post-game addresses to the players off of note cards tells you all you need to know. Ross should have never bought this team unless he planned to run it properly. This is why Parcells left the team. He knew Ross would run it into the ground.

  7. Read the article from the Miami Herald… Reads like Ferris Bueller..

    “My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it’s pretty serious.”

    It talks about “associates who talk to players” and “other associates who said…” but never any quotes directly from players.

  8. I am not one to defend Philbin because I thought he should have been fired this past season. But to use the leadership counsel as a reason why players may not trust the coaches is pretty weak at best. Out of the 2012 leadership group only one player should have been kept and that is Reggie Bush. But hey lets go over the rest of the players.

    Jake Long: Wanted too much money, on the decline and often injured.

    Karlos Dansby: Did not fit the system, pay did not match the production.

    Davone Bess: Psychological issues.

    Would have better off saying it is possible that players don’t trust the coaches because of the play calling, the lack of experience, lack of development and lack of game planning rather than pointing out the departure of the previous leadership council and possible finger pointing. Very, very weak.

  9. Dolphins missed on this hire. No packer fan ever mentioned him when he left. He has a lot of Childress in him. Rotten hire

  10. When Belichick gets rid of unproductive, oft injured, over contracted, law breaking, or even ill players (mentally of physically) it’s just “the patriot way”. His motives aren’t questions, because “it benefits the team moving forward”.

    Anyone else, and it’s a conspiracy against the players. Moreover, when it’s the Dolphins, such a story gets reported like it’s an epic Greek tragedy… laughable.

    I’ll be surprised if this gets “approved” since you don’t seem inclined to “approve” any of the other comments I’ve made critical to your “style” of “reporting”.

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