A year after big changes, Jerry Jones opted to stay the course


In the aftermath of another 8-8 season that featured a historically bad defense, some thought heads would roll at Valley Ranch.  Instead, owner/G.M. Jerry Jones has opted to keep the heads in place of his head coach and his key coordinators.

In the end, Jones decided that coach Jason Garrett, defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin, and offensive coordinator Bill Callahan will all return.

Via Carlos Mendez of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Jones discussed the lack of changes from the Senior Bowl on Monday.

“Do you discuss and get input about a lot of things?” Jones said.  “Absolutely.  But what we did not do is have a big debate or a big management session regarding Monte Kiffin.  We didn’t do that.  That decision was made last year.”

Jones made key decisions in 2013 to switch abruptly from a 3-4 defense to a 4-3 under Kiffin, and to shift the play-calling duties to Callahan.  Which made Jones less inclined to make changes in 2014.

“It’s just the fact that you made a lot last year probably minimizes the need to make them this year,” Jones said.

Then there’s the chance that change for the sake of change will do more harm than good.

“We all know the adage of the gold miner who walked away and the other one who took one more swing with the pick and found the gold streak, and so you don’t want to quit,” Jones said, which tends to cut against the notion of firing Rob Ryan after the 2012 season and scrapping the 3-4.  “So it’s easier said than done to let your mistakes go short and your good decisions long.  You go then further to fundamentals, and you look at the fundamentals of a Monte Kiffin and you look at the fundamentals of his work and what he is and you look at the fact that you’ve decided scheme-wise that you liked that in competing in the NFL today. Then that weighs you from cutting that short, and so the answer is, I didn’t want to cut it short over on defense, and some of the same principles are true with cutting it short on Jason.

“I’ve talked about that.  I want to be here for the payday, and this is payday time with Jason.”

Which of course raises once again the constant question for the Cowboys.  If the payday doesn’t come in 2014, will Jason Garrett be back in 2015?

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  1. Cowboys games should be aired on the history channel. Because all they can do is talk about their past Super Bowl victories. Rather than how ashamed they must feel being represented by Jerry Jones and Tony Romo

    id probably watch ancient aliens instead of them. Legitimately i would

  2. In other words, all big name coaches declined to coach in Dallas. I am not a Dallas fan but I think they have but they choke just like lions. They need a good coaching staff to take them to the next level.

  3. After looking at their opponents this year, looks like another 8-8 season in my opinion, and I’m a Cowboys fan.

    Sometimes a shakeup in direction is what is needed to get over the hump.

  4. Jerry can act that way because he can count on the millions of dollars from the thousands of suckers who fill his palace every home game. Why change when you don’t have to? Jerry Jones has built the greatest mediocre team ever!

    If Cowboys fans don’t like being called suckers, stop enabling Jerry’s delusion by not giving him your money. Only blackouts and falling revenue will get his attention now.

  5. How come I don’t hear from the owners of the Bronco’s. 49ers, NO, SD,and Seahawks every other day? In fact I don’t even know who they are. But they must be doing something right. It seems to me the only owners yakking are the ones who’s teams suck. I really don’t have to name them, everyone already knows.

  6. You can rip on jerry all you want. He certainly has done some things that make you scratch your head. However, at some point the players have to step up and make some plays. They lost 5 games last yr by a combined 8 points. As far as I am concerned, you cannot blame the coaching or jerry for those close losses. In close games, the great players/teams step up and make plays to win games. They have some talent. That talent needs to rise their game to the next level and not settle for mediocrity.

  7. Jerry made billions leasing land to oil companies.

    How exactly does this prepare oneself to make personnel decision for a pro football team?

    Same reason I don’t call my doctor and ask him to work on my car. The skill set is not there.

  8. while even if a person that knows what they are doing will take a year or three to fix jerry’s mess, it’s heartening to know that even that first step has been delayed another year.

    or almost. my guess is garrett is gone by week 13.

  9. And the minnysoda vikqueens and their lavender Larry toad fans elected to stay their over 1\2 century long course of……..well……you know………being their laughable selves.

  10. SparkyGump hit the nail on the head. As long as the fans approve of loosing and show that approval by spending their money on tickets, etc Jerry aint gonna do anything but go to the bank…….LOL. There’s a sucker[s] born every minute.

  11. News flash Jerry: you can swing that proverbial pick all you want but you’re still not gonna hit gold with the ‘Boys’ current setup. You’re more likely gonna tap further into the septic tank.

  12. Everybody in the world knows that a team run by Jerry Jones with Tony Romo at QB is never going to win anything.

    Everybody but Jerry Jones.

  13. romospersonalsnuggie says: Jan 21, 2014 8:08 AM

    Kinda funny how one Dallas Cowboy article gets all of you loud mouth little chuckleheads so angry! #haters #😁

    snuggles: since we know no one hates the cowboys because they beat anyone, the only reason left for the negative response is the obnoxious remnants of the cowboy bandwagon jumpers from the 90s who remain scattered about the country, and/or the jackass owner.

  14. Raiders fans know this story all too well. We tried everything – not going to the games, boycotting the gear, even a billboard. The passing of Al (RIP) was the only way to break the pattern. Sadly it appears to be the same in Big D.

  15. As long as Jones remains the GM, nothing will change.

    What is the famous definition of insanity? Keep doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.

  16. Agreed – what Jerry has needed for a long, long time is consistency. Quit hiring and firing so quickly, and let a system percolate for awhile.

    Dan Rooney and his 3 coaches in 45 years should be the model that other owners try to emulate. Because he’s had the most success during that time.

  17. Thank you Jerry LOL!!! We In New Orleans thank you for having another horrible season LOL!!! This dude is worse than AL Davis god rest his soul. LOL!! Who DAt!! Can this team get any worse. Haa haa haa. What a Joke!!

  18. So all the coaches remain, and Jerry is still the GM with final authority on draft picks and free agent signings.

    Good. That means the Carolina at Dallas game will be one win for us in our NFC South title defense.

    But if you’re waiting for Jerry to pass on, you may have hope. He looks 100 years old in that photo…

  19. With the schedule we have next year, Teams will be licking their chops to play the JERRY”S TEAM.
    signed A SHAME FAN. Need to borrow the bags the saints use to have to hide my face. THANKS JERRY…

  20. It is a good thing Jerry didn’t take up sailing and has bought an NFL team as his retirement hobby. I’m sure he would be “missing at sea” if he was out in open water and the captain of the ship.

  21. SparkyGump says:
    Jan 21, 2014 7:06 AM
    Jerry can act that way because he can count on the millions of dollars from the thousands of suckers who fill his palace every home game. Why change when you don’t have to? Jerry Jones has built the greatest mediocre team ever!

    If Cowboys fans don’t like being called suckers, stop enabling Jerry’s delusion by not giving him your money. Only blackouts and falling revenue will get his attention now.

    Amen, brother

    I haven’t bought a single bit of cowboys swag in over a decade. I will not line the pockets of the real reason for such garbage. I do support the players on the field, they are doing the best they can. The problem with organizations like this, start at the top and the top of the cowboys isn’t changing anytime soon. Quit giving that man your money.

    It’s crazy that a 40 year cowboys fan has to be like this, but…

  22. So as much as I love to kill the Cowboys and JJ specifically, I actually think he made the right choice here. Lack of consistency is a recipe for disaster in the NFL (see also: The Washington Redskins), so keeping this leadership team in place at least for one more season is probably a good call.

  23. “Jones made key decisions in 2013 to switch abruptly from a 3-4 defense to a 4-3 under Kiffin, and to shift the play-calling duties to Callahan.”
    There’s the root of the Cowgirls’ problem – an owner that refuses to back off and let coaches actually coach. As long as Jones is at the helm and Romo is under center, it’s good with me…another mediocre season for them coming up…life is good.

  24. America’s team living the dream 3 years in a row 8-8 that’s awesome way to go Jerry u should be gm of the year! I bet u wish u would’ve got drunk and chased your only coach out of town! Hey fire everyone lets rebuild while u watch the E.A.G.L.E.S WHEN THE DIVISON FOR MANY YEARS TO COME. Hang in there cowgirls u might get lucky and Jerry could sell the team lol

  25. I love all the posts about cowboy fans being losers cause our team hasn’t won a Super Bowl I. A while. All these posts are by people who fail to mention what team they root for. Funny thing is yeah we have missed the playoffs four years in a row but it’s not as if every season was a disaster. We are the only team in the east to have had a shot going into week 17 three years in a row. Injuries and bad luck happen to all teams but real fans don’t jump ship cause of tough times. That’s for band wagon fans not die Hard fans

  26. When you change coaches, the cure is often worse than the disease.

    This is a (surprisingly) good decision for the Cowboys.

  27. Sure, one of the worst defensive performances in the history of football was just growing pains. The unit performing far below the sum of its individual talents isn’t a sign of a problem with its leadership.


    Of course, the team will be in the hunt again, just like last year, and the year before that, and the year before that. And it won’t matter.

    Mr. Jones, did you SEE the playoffs this year? Do you realize the defenses you are up against in the NFC? This is a dire issue.

    Fix the offensive line, get some decent defensive leadership, and they win the division.

  28. Jerry Jones is the Owner/GM/ AND COACH of the Dallas Cowboys.

    The Cowboys death spiral began with the firing of Jimmy Johnson decades ago, for those old enough to remember it.

  29. haaa haa haaa haaa the schedule next year makes cowboys worse than this year!!!! LOL!!! ROFL!! Man they might win 3 games out the whole season LOL!!!!! Check this out wow! Home: NY Giants, Philadelphia, Washington, Arizona, San Francisco, Houston, Indianapolis,
    New Orleans! Away: NY Giants, Philadelphia, Washington, St. Louis, Seattle, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Chicago!! It looks uglier next year for Big D Haaa haaa haaaa what a schedule LOL!!!

  30. Jerry Jones must have bought that doctorate degree from a five and dime store, because he doesn’t have the know how to pour water from a boot, with the instructions written on the sole. we can kiss championships good-by as long as he and T. Romo are still there. Suggestion to the fans, STAY AWAY FROM THE STADIUM.

  31. Brutal schedule for next year and a horrible team coming back my goodness!!! Whew!! I would not pay a $1 to see that happen to that team if that was my team are you kidding me LOL!!!!! ROFL!! You have to be out your mind to spend that type of money going to a game with all that heat coming on that schedule do you see that schedule!!! My goodness and they keep the same players??? And coaches??? Haaa haa haaa haaaaaaaaa!!! What a shame and a disrepect to the fans. Who in their right mind pays that type of money to go to the game for this??? OMG!!! UGLY!! SEASON AHEAD FOR THE BOYS!!

  32. As any fan of the Cowboys (and most if not all non-fans) know already, the team will continue to flounder in mediocrity as long as the current operational structure is in place. Jerry Jones will go to his grave before relenting any true power or control over personnell decisions, both player and coaches alike. It’s a very frustrating time for fans of a formerly great franchise with a rich history of success and achievement. His decisions continue to be driven less by how they would impact the team on the field but more by how he is perceived by the media and general public. This has never been more evident than the last two seasons regarding the former and current D Coordinators. He fired Rob Ryan just to say he fired somebody as penalty for another 8-8 season, and by not firing Monte Kiffin, designer of the teams worst defensive year statistically in the history of the franchise, he is purposely spiting those who spoke so loudly against the knee-jerk decision to fire Ryan following 2012. The immediate future of the Cowboys looks every bit as bleak as the recent past has been.

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