Adam Gase tells Browns to go on without him


If the Browns were waiting until after the Super Bowl to try to talk to Adam Gase, they can proceed.

The Broncos offensive coordinator has told them he doesn’t want to be considered for their still-vacant head coaching job, via Mike Klis of the Denver Post.

Whether he was a favorite for the job or not, it still creates an embarrassing appearance for a franchise that was left at the altar by Chip Kelly last year. Gase had previously told the Browns he didn’t want to interview until the playoffs were over, and now he’s telling them no thanks.

Gase’s work with Peyton Manning during a record-breaking season has obviously raised his profile, apparently to the point he thinks he can do better next year or in the future.

The Browns, meanwhile, will have figure out a way to save some face in addition to the ongoing coaching search.

118 responses to “Adam Gase tells Browns to go on without him

  1. When barely qualified candidates like Tom Brady’s offensive coordinator — who already failed miserably as a head coach — and Peyton Manning’s 35 year-old offensive coordinator — who has one year of coordinating experience — are saying “No thanks”, you know you have a problem.

  2. Smart move by this young man. Think how much he’s learning from working with Manning. There’s plenty of time for Gase to be a head coach so why hurry into it when you can learn from the best for at least another year?

  3. While the Browns job isn’t exactly a dream job, someone should tell Gase that everyone knows it is Peyton Manning’s offense, not his. Might want to strike while the iron is hot there buddy – because if Peyton does hang them up this year and you are still hanging around without him, you aren’t going to look as bright, and your opportunity is going to pass you by.

    Word to the wise….

  4. Unless you really thought you would never get another chance to be a head coach, why would you take the Browns job? Aside from the fact that they do not have what you need to be a winner in the NFL (ie a franchise QB), the owner just showed that he is willing to fire a coach after ONE YEAR!! With that kind of lack of commitment to your former head coach, I certainly would not feel comfortable taking that job. Add to that the fact that the team is consistently horrible and so many others have tried and failed to turn them around and it would definitely be one of, if not, the least desirable head coaching job in the NFL.

  5. Live by the sword, die by it. With the frequency with which they change head coaches so well known in the league, and with the abruptness with which they canned former coordinator Chudzinski, after only a year, still fresh in everyone’s minds, the Browns simply don’t make it attractive for prospective new hires. Gase, no doubt sees the job as little more than a stopover in his career, if he can’t make the miracle happen quickly for Cleveland. Hardly makes it worth it to move his clothes to new digs.

  6. What a mess. I thought the Redskins position would be the toughest to fill, cause of their call issues and no first round pick. But no, its the browns. Now these stooges are publicly saying they want Manziel? The New coach doesn’t get to pick his own qb? No running back? Needing another receiver with Bess acting out lately? Get it together.
    Quinn, this the mess you’d be walking into, don’t go

  7. I don’t understand, Peyton Manning is the Offensive Coordinator in Denver not Adam Gase-so what has Adam Gase accomplished other than learning from Peyton Manning. Darrell Bevell doesn’t do much in Seattle, the Seahawks offense consists of Marshawn Lynch running the ball and Russell Wilson breaking containment (busted play) and completing passes downfield. So what has Darrell Bevell accomplshed?

  8. Dumb move by Gates. Strike while the Iron is hot because you might not get another chance.

    Now he better pray Manning doesn’t get hurt next season or “Omaha” is the only place this guy will get a head coaching job. Just ask the last two overrated Manning offensive Coordinators (Matt Moore and Chlyde Christenson) who had to take demotions just to stay in the league

  9. I hope he nows what he is doing. If the Broncos win and Peyton retires on top, he won’t look so great next year coaching Brock Osweiler

  10. “The Browns, meanwhile, will have figure out a way to save some face in addition to the ongoing coaching search.”

    Um, good luck with that… I can’t wait to see their press conference when they try to convince us that their new coach was the “one they wanted all along”!

  11. Thanks Adam. Stay with the Broncos & learn from the master (#18) as much as possible & when he retires, you will have a better opportunity than the Browns job for sure!

  12. A couple things on this.

    1. Gase hasn’t done anything that is worthy of this kind of attention. He has Peyton Manning as his QB, a QB that is routinely stated to be an OC on the field. It is quite possible that Gase wants to ride this horse (pun intended) as far as he can. He will only get one shot at riding Peyton’s coat tails to a HC job. Whether he good, going to be, or not – nobody will be truly able to tell until he is using someone other that Peyton as his QB. So his getting OJT with oe of the greatest minds in football is brilliant.

    2. The Cleveland job hasn’t been all that appealing for some time. However, it keeps taking hits that make it worse. First they fired a coach that they screwed over time and time again after a year, then Josh (I blew my first gig, I desperately want another ) McDaniels withdrew his name, and now their coordinators ran screaming from the building as soon as they could. Yeah this is a job worthy of leaving Peyton for.

    The Browns need to realize that they aren’t going to be that choosy.

  13. Hey, casual fans. Look up a list of coaches who’ve turned down the Browns. OH MY LORD, IT’S HUGE!!!!

    I’m not saying our front office isn’t out of their minds w/ the Chud firing, but if you’ve never seen a team or 20 waiting for the SuperBowl to end to interview guys, then you probably haven’t been following that long.

    OK, maybe your team just hasn’t been needing to hire that much. LOL . . . .

  14. “scoboscobs says:
    Jan 21, 2014 11:28 AM
    How many coaches have turned down the Browns now?? What an embarrassing franchise.”

    Just one, Adam Gase. McDaniels pulled his name because he was told he wasn’t the front runner and wanted to save face. You’re comments are more embarassing than this franchise when you don’t know your facts.

  15. This was obviously the target for the Browns. However, long term this is probably good for both parties. Gase is too young to take the job. It’s hard to say if the success of the Broncos offense is Gase or Manning. I would lean towards Manning. He might very well be a good coach sometime, but not now. With all that being said, I’d like the Browns to interview Quinn again and possibly talk to some 49er coaches. Chud is probably laughing away right now.

  16. Joe Banner didn’t sense 100% commitment from him, so he was never really a candidate.

  17. I think “everyone” is telling the browns to “go on without them”!
    No one wants to be the coach of a team that just fired a coach after ONE YEAR one the job!
    Not to mention the horrid mgmt of Banner, “Dumbbardi” Lombardi and the cheat of all cheats in owner Jimmy “rebate – wink wink” Haslam!!
    major FAIL!

  18. Mike Mccoy did a lot better as a head coach than I thought he would do (thought the changes he made for tebow were impressive, but not really a sign he’d be a good head coach). So I wont say gase wouldnt be a good head coach, but this is probably good for both sides. He’s only had a coordinator job for one season

  19. That sucks when candidates withdraw their names from a HC position. They have 5 guys from the team going to the pro bowl so it can’t be all that bad.

  20. You could see this coming by the end of the last week. Browns were leaking Quinn was in line for a second interview as was Pettine. They were lowering expectations.

    Jimmy Haslam better start questioning his “football oeprations” team, Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi questioning why so few people are interested in coming to work for the Browns.

    Better yet—Jimmy Haslam should start questioning others in the NFL what is the matter in Cleveland?

    He wont like the answer–no one wants to work for a hot head like Jimmy Haslam, cap guy that over states his influence like Banner, and an egomaniac like Mike Lombardi.

    As of right now–there are only 31 good Head Coaching jobs in the NFL–and then there is my Cleveland Browns.


  21. I’m sure the way the Browns gave Chud one entire season to prove himself is having NO effect on potential coaches who might be interested in a reasonable chance of success and a HC career that does not come back to haunt them, whether or not they have spoken to him.

  22. Makes sense to me. Hey Browns, maybe you shouldn’t fire your coach after only one season when you haven’t given him the tools to succeed. No wonder nobody wants to come and coach your team. Its not like Cleveland is a highly desireable city to live in either.

  23. Those who criticize Gates for pulling his name from consideration should consider what being the Cleveland head coach job means for your future career if you are convinced, as many are, that the next coach has almost no chance of success because of the front office. Better to develop your coaching skills and wait for a good chance than be the next Lane Kiffin, Chud, or Josh McDaniels–guys who either stretched for a bad job or just were not ready.

  24. Boy, that Peyton Manning guy sure has been lucky during his career. He was lucky enough to have Tony Dungy go from mediocre to a great HC at exactly the right time. He was lucky enough have Jim Caldwell have an incredible season while Manning was there, then he was lucky enough to have John Fox suddenly go from pretty good defensive-minded coach to offensive great HC, and now Manning is lucky enough to have the incredible Adam Gase become the Best Offensive Coordinator
    Ever in his first year on the job.

    Careers are made on the backs of great QBs.

  25. Everyone keeps saying “Dan Quinn?”

    Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t he run a 4-3?

    And didn’t we spend our entire offseason, about 70 millions dollars, and a 6th overall pick so that we could a with to a 3-4?

    And didn’t we have a top 5 defense all year and end the season as the 9th ranked defense in the NFL in the FIRST year of this new defensive system?

    Sooooo instead of staring over and switching defensive schemes again, why didn’t we just hire Ray Horton as our HC? More experience than Quinn, more sustained success than Quinn.

    Wait… this is all making too much sense

    Has anyone seen Quinn’s defensive personnel by chance? Similar to trying to hire Peyton Manning’s OC or Tom Brady’s OC.

    Would rather have the Bill’s DC. Has run a successful 3-4 with the Jets.

  26. After the euphoria subsides I believe this young man will regret this. To not even interview not only sends a bad message, it eliminates the chance for a learning opportunity of participating in the interview itself. What would possibly be a negative to taking the interview? Plenty of guys reject job offers and are better for having participated in the process.

  27. ClownOrg has really made a mess of this, but seriously, what did you expect?

    Look, I get that there are only 32 head coaching jobs out there, but that franchise is just a wasteland, an NFL Siberia, the Land Championshops Forgot. Who really wants to work in a place that is known as “The Factory of Sadness”?

  28. It appears the 3 Stooges want us to believe the next coach is coming from either the Seahawks or Broncos organizations …

    That means interviews in February after the Super Bowl … not much time to put a staff together.

    And if those coaches pass on the job, sphincters will really begin to tighten in and around the Cleveland metro area.

  29. mrfrostyj says:Jan 21, 2014 11:39 AM

    Dumb move by Gates. Strike while the Iron is hot because you might not get another chance.

    Now he better pray Manning doesn’t get hurt next season or “Omaha” is the only place this guy will get a head coaching job. Just ask the last two overrated Manning offensive Coordinators (Matt Moore and Chlyde Christenson) who had to take demotions just to stay in the league

    OK let’s tackle one thing at a time MrFrostyJ.

    1) While I agree that you should strike when the iron is hot, it’s not Gates. It’s Gase.

    2) Matt Moore is a backup QB. I think you mean TOM Moore. Oh and everyone knew Christensen sucked even as OC with Peyton.

    If you’re going to call out Gase (which is fine), at least get his name and other names right. Otherwise, it makes you look silly.

  30. How bout Lane Kiffin he would be a prefect fit or maybe Jerry Jones could own the Cowgirls and coach the browns he is a great gm so he could make history! lol

  31. If it weren’t for the terrible management, this Browns gig would actually be pretty enticing. They had, what, 5-6 Pro Bowlers this year (including premium positions such as left tackle & cornerback), plus 2 first round draft picks coming, plus a loyal and rabid fanbase that would treat you as a god for the rest of your life if you were to be the man to finally build a winner there.

  32. One word: Contraction.

    Take out the bottom-feeders of the NFL. Browns, Vikings, Jaguars and Cardinals.

    No need for any of those horrible franchises.

  33. Good for him. I am a Browns fan and a born and raised Clevelander and I wouldn’t want the job with the 2 Stooges in the front office in Banner and Lombardi. They have no clue and they seem to want a puppet, not a coach. They had coordinators that were highly sought and considered by many top tier and they not only fired Chud after one year, but got rid of 2 highly rated coordinators to boot. A head coach coming in has slim pickins for coordinators and has to replace AN ENTIRE STAFF.

    I hate that I love this team so much. In ’94 my brother said, “I’m done. This is it. I’m done. I need a new team. My new team is the Jaguars. Nobody can call me a bandwagon because they haven’t played a game yet.” I feel the guy and wished that I could follow, but sadly I love this team. smh.

  34. Maybe they’re waiting to talk with Peyton Manning after the Super Bowl. He’s the play caller, designer and reader of the defense. If he wins in 2 weeks he might decide to hang up the cleats for a clipboard. Not likely though, Archie would interject and make sure he didn’t go to Cleveland.

  35. Isn’t the owner the guy who owns all of those Flying J’s truck stops?

    He has gotten rid Holmgren and two coaches already in two years and he has managed to stay out of prison on the federal probe on fraud so you know he’s a sharp guy that knows what he’s doing.

    Surely he must have a bench of built up managers at the Flying J that he can pluck one of them to coach the team?

    Lane Kiffen probably has worn out his welcome in Alabama by now so maybe that’s a fit…

  36. If the Browns truly were focusing on this guy – they are even DUMBER than they already seem to be.

    I knew that they were a disaster the second they hired Mike Lombardi…they are all a bunch of complete morons.

  37. Has anyone heard the story of chicken little.

    Current coaches in the running for Browns job.

    – Dan Quinn (Seattle)
    – Mike Pettine (Buffalo)
    – Rich Bisaccia (Dallas)
    – Mike Munchack (Tennessee)

    # of coaches who turned down the Browns interview

    – Adam Gase

    I didn’t mention McDaniels since he actually went through with the interview and apparently pouted back to New England when he didn’t get the job on the spot.

    With that being said. Wow how embarrassing for this franchise who said they wouldn’t pick a coach until after the superbowl and haven’t even started interviewing college coaches yet. Everybody…all 1 of the coaches they tried to interview turned them down.

    Maybe, just maybe they’re trying to get it right this time since they had to fire their last one after 1 year and snubbed Bruce Arians who was busy in the playoffs at the time but wanted to interview for them to do it (I guess we forgot that). It’s called learning from your mistakes.

  38. OUCH.

    Cleveland fired their head coach after ONE YEAR.

    That never looks good. Yeah, I know the Packers did it to whats-his-name-the-black-coach they had a decade or so ago, but it just looks bad to potential new hires…

  39. The Colts know what the Lions are going to learn, don’t hire an offensive coach from a team that has Peyton Manning unless you are actually hiring Peyton Manning. He makes them look way better than what they are. No big.

  40. I think Gase & Quinn have shown great discernment in turning down the Browns. Get a better opportunity in the next few years.

  41. not a Browns fan, but the Browns did this to themselves by firing Chud after only 1 season, he had no QB and no real play makers on Offense at all, infact all the talent on the team is on the defensive side of the ball which is why they had a very good defense. No one in their right mind is going to take that job without having it in their contract that they can’t be fired in the first 3 seasons of their deal. The new owners of the Browns who came into the season talking about consistantcy have dug there own great big hole and it’s going to take years and a miracle to get out of it.

  42. Thank God!
    The Football Gods are finally smiling on Cleveland.
    The last coach we need is someone who is still wearing diapers in the NFL.
    Dude, every time you call a play, Peyton yells “OMAHA” and changes the play. You are pathetic.
    Adam Gase? hahahahahahahaha

  43. $6 mil a year and Gase changes his mind. Especially after a SB win. On the bright side, the Browns aren’t competing with anyone. Last head coaching job available!!

  44. Everyone knows Peyton is the real playcaller on offense, not the offensive coordinator or the head coach. Oh, and he’s doing a damned fine job of it as well.

  45. as a jets fan I don’t really give a turd either way, and I have my own team to worry about but man, I’m starting to feel sorry for browns fans. this is getting embarrassing. Hope they find a decent coach soon.

  46. Anyone believe Haslam gets it yet?

    NO ONE but the leftover candidates want to work with and for Joe Banner.

    Banner is dragging the franchise down the toilet and Haslam refuses to fire him.

    What kind of leverage does Banner have over Haslam?…was Banner really a silent partner who put a chunk of cash down as a member of the investment group, insuring he would not be fired?

    Something stinks in Cleveland…no other owner in the NFL would allow a man like Banner to drag an entire franchise down the crapper…

    …that is, no one but JIMMY HASLAM !

  47. If they don’t fire Lombardi. The stooge does an extensive search for head coach last year and the head coach he hired doesn’t even last a year.

    Just look at Lombardi’s resumes it’s a trail of failures with no successes. Get rid of that cat and hire a REAL football person.

  48. I would like to take this moment to let our owner,Jimmy Haslam, know he is one of the stupidest owners in all professional sports. Only a meddling owner would fire a man after 1 year on a team that had/has deep problems and needs a steady hand. Now we look like total idiots interviewing anyone who has ever walked the sidelines with a head set on and now people are basically saying “don’t even bother”. It doesn’t get much lower then this. Even if we hire a head coach at this point most of the quality assistance coaches have taken other jobs.
    Thank you Jimmy Haslam… just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, your leadership skills has lead us to new depths.
    I am ashamed to be a Browns fan.

  49. The only way ANYONE should take that job is if they get written into their contract that they CAN NOT BE FIRED for anything other than actual illegal activity and they get veto power over Banner/Lombardi in the choosing of personnel. Then and only then would I consider going to Cleveland.

  50. In all fairness, who knows if Gase is ready to be a HC?? Tebow had success with Denver’s weapon’s for crying out loud. Still Cleveland is clearly a dysfunctional joke of a franchise.

  51. Dumb move career wise and economically. First off Gase turned down an opportunity to interview. This would have been priceless experience. He would have got to see how the process works. So when there is an opening he wants in the future. He is familar and able to obtain the position. Secondly anybody who turns down a guaranteed multi million dolar contract is not that bright. Chud 1 year 10.5 million dollars. I would work 1 year $10.5.

  52. Here is what’s happening: Gase will be the Broncos next head coach when Foxy retires. While Manning is the the on field OC, Adam puts the plans in place. Remember 3rd and 17 against San Diego that iced the game for Denver? Manning has gone record giving Gase the credit for the call. McCoy went conservative against Baltimore in last year’s playoffs and we saw how that ended. This kid is good…Real good. Elway and the Broncos know this and they will back up the Brinks truck to keep him. Fox ‘ s health is on the decline and this kid at 35 has been calling out his under performing players all year. He has stones which is part of being a good leader. He will be the Broncos next head coach.

  53. Of course he turned it down, who wouldn’t? The fact is that job has been damaged goods since Crennell and Savage were fired and the team needed a complete rebuild. Lerner, Holmgren, and now the 3 Stooges continue to dig that hole deeper. They simply refuse to believe the reality that has been staring Cleveland in the face since 2008, whomever ends up taking the job needs to be given a HUGE window. I am not only talking in order to rebuild the franchise, even if they hire a failure he needs to be given a big enough window to show the actual GOOD candidates and coaches that they won’t be on a short leash from day one.

    The reality is by 2008 the reputation was already damaged, the Lerners gained a reputation as giving a three year to win the SB or you’re fired leash. Holmgren screwing over Mangini did massive damage. There’s a reason he could only land an inept loser on a losing team to coach. Well many reasons but the reputation in Cleveland is one of them. There is a reason the 2 Stooges had to rush to grab a guy noone else had any interest in last season and there’s a reason Gase, Bowles, McDaniels, Whisenhunt ect all passed on the job this season.

    Jimmeh and his two circus clowns better stop living in fantasy land and realize that they cannot attract the top candidates to Cleveland and are years away from this delusion that everyone will come beating down their door to work there. They are years away from repairing their reputation and the Browns reputation to the point the hot young candidates and successful retreads will want to work there. My advice? 1: whomever you hire, good , average or bad give the guy more than a season or two. Otherwise next season you will be promoting low level assistants to the job each year. 2: fire Mike Lomdummy. The guys track record of failure is ten miles long by 5 miles wide, he garners zero respect inside the NFL, in fact he is considered a joke and his employment as much as the Browns reputation will keep anyone worthwhile from taking the job. Nobody worthwhile wants an idiot who can’t draft to save his life picking the players on his squad. Asking a McDaniels or Bowles or and or and or ect to stake their futures on Lomdummy picking their talent is a losing offer. They aren’t going to go for it because everyone but Banner knows that Mikey is a loser who has failed at everything he has ever done on an NFL level.

  54. As a Browns fan I’m glad. Liked Quinn as a stronger candidate. Run the ball and stop the run. Take 2 OL, WR, and RB with first four picks. Great players make great coaches and for the basement dwellers who say the Browns should be moved or contracted, Football started in Northeast Ohio and the Hall of Fame is in Ohio for a reason…

  55. They also tried to get Richie Kotite but he also said ‘thanks but no thanks’. Go on Jimmy, try the water boy next!

  56. Hello, Rob Chudzinski here…

    Hey Rob, this is Mike Lombardi… you know that whole deal about you being fired? We were just kidding. We just wanted to give you a month off for all your hard work… See you back at work on Monday?….


  57. I’m sure Adam gase is really teaching Peyton a thing it two. Lol Quinn
    Is the man and they couldn’t hire him anyway. So to all of the general managers on here u know nothing

  58. you should never turn down a head coaching job for which you are wanted for.

    if they are willing to sign you to a 5 year deal at 3M+ per season why not?? Heck i’d hope they would fire me after one year so i can pocket the 15Ms and retire

    and i cant believe im saying this but i can see the Browns turning into what the Cheifs were this year. They are a QB away from being a good team, and they have a lot of draft picks this year to load up on new talent.

  59. Oh let him keep his hair and hire Rob Ryan, for crying out loud…or Jim Tressel. Or somebody!

    (Seriously, I’ve got even money that McDaniels winds up here anyhow – with his back out supposedly simply to calm everyone down during the tournament).

    Maybe Joe or Mike will have to do the HC themselves…that might be an appropriate punishment.

    (wonder if Chud is laughing at all of this?)

  60. Gase was not the right fit. Someone needs to take Lombardi out back and put him down. His decision making was in question when brought on board and the first year has validated the fears.

    His free agent signings were at best OK but not stellar…Paul Kruger is a good but not a great linebacker for us….Quentin Groves played well when healthy but got himself in trouble right off the gitgo…Desmond Bryant was off to a great start but he was known damaged goods and the damage surfaced. Who else did we even get? Then the Davone Bess trade…Lombardi got snookered. Signing the guy with the torn ACL off the Packers practice squad was genius as well. The draft…Mingo will in time be very good. McFadden comes highly touted but needs time to get ready…remember Buster last season? Slaughter and Bryant hardly made an impact. Gilkey was the best of the sub-first round picks. He was taken in the seventh.

    If chud had won even 6 games he would still be with us. Haslam demanded improvement, and the staff is improved…but we lost one more game this past season than the year before. Apparently not acceptable.

    This could be a good job. 6 pro-bowlers. a strong defense that will play strong 3-4 or 4-3 with the right guidance. We need a quarterback and we have three picks in the first 35 odd picks. My worry is that Lombadi will screw this up. we have 10 picks. We can do a lot to improve. We have like a gojillion dollars cap space. Thanks to the media we likely will have a hard time attracting anyone outside throwing big dollars around and we have Joe Banner. Not a money tosser.

    Whoever turns this thing around…and someone will…will be a legend here forever. they will never have to buy a drink or meal again. I would like to see who that is. I think Mike Bettine is a strong shot…my money says either he or Quinn gets this job…and becomes a hero.

  61. In addition to the bad news from Gase, Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry and Blanton Collier have also declined to coach the Browns. In his letter of Declination, Vince also informed the Browns that he is changing his last name to Wojechoewicz to avoid being even remotely connected to the Browns current GM.

  62. I wish the team would move so the Cleveland market could get the TV games we now miss during the Browns game time slot.

    ’96-98….we miss ya!!

  63. One of the Browns’ candidates has actually been offered a future head-coaching job … Mike Munchak. He turned down the Titans when they offered him a contract extension because it had stipulations (fire almost half his coaches). In something of a “the last shall be first” scenario, the Browns may actually hire their best candidate on accident–a man they see as a fallback plan. Make no mistake, Coach Munchak was one Jake Locker hip/knee injury away from a playoff spot. That one hit derailed a team Munchak had headed in the right direction.

  64. This just goes to show how dumb some people can be. So Gase pulls out. Thats the smart move, not because”its the Browns” but becaus ehe is a young guy and experiance would be a good thing. He saw first hand what can happen if your not ready (He worked for Josh McDaniels.

    As for the Job being toxic, I pretty sure they still have other candidates very much interested. Dan Quinn Being one of them… BTW he is more qualified than Gase.

    I hope they wait till after the super bowl and get it right. It doesnt matter how long it takes its about getting it right.

  65. I get a quick laugh out of those on here that say “Why leave a job you like (in the NFL, that is) to go somewhere like Cleveland for 1 year and get fired?”

    Ummmmmm……….90% of coach contracts are FULLY guaranteed. If you are making $1m/year as OC of the Broncos….and Cleveland comes calling (& yes, the Browns suck) offering $5m/year for 4 years. Over the next four years, you can be happy and make $4 million total, or you can be unhappy for one year, get fired by Lombardi or Haslem, get the full $20 million and then go back to being an OC somewhere or head for the tropics laughing all the way to the bank.

    Then again, Haslem may cheat you out of your money as it appears he has done at the Flying J.

  66. 2 things keeping most folks away from this job:

    1. the prospect of working for joe banner (perennial winner of the salary cap bowl but little else), a guy who has always shown a little nasty in his personality.

    2. the fact that the recently hired g.m. mike lombardi (who has only the people he used to work for as accomplishments on his resume) is assembling the talent.

  67. It says something when so many people are turning down their first head coaching job. I’m a Browns fan. We have had five first time head coaches, all have failed. So they want another first timer. You see why they fail.

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