Ahmad Brooks joins Niners teammates opting out of Pro Bowl


Earlier on Tuesday, MDS pointed out that seven of the eight 49ers selected to the Pro Bowl had either been forced out of the game by injury or opted not to play.

You can go ahead and call those the good old days because it’s now a clean sweep. Linebacker Ahmad Brooks has joined his seven teammates on the outside looking in at this year’s Pro Bowl.

The absence of 49ers underscores the issue that the NFL is having in generating interest in the Pro Bowl. Changing the makeup of the teams and the format of the game is all well and good, but the complete absence of players from the NFC runner-ups makes it clear that it remains an uphill battle to make the game into the true All-Star Game that the league would like it to be.

The Redskins announced that linebacker Brian Orakpo will replace Brooks on the roster. Orakpo had 10 sacks and returned an interception for a touchdown in 2013, a strong rebound from a 2012 lost to a torn pectoral and a strong body of work for potential suitors to analyze when deciding to make a run at Orakpo if he becomes a free agent in March.

46 responses to “Ahmad Brooks joins Niners teammates opting out of Pro Bowl

  1. Hopefully enough players pull out of this mockery of football that it can finally be put to rest permanently. Send these guys to Hawaii and have a golf tournament or some crap, but a useless football game for nothing where the only thing that can come out of it is injuries? Enough already.

  2. Regardless of any other impacts, having the Pro Bowl sandwiched between the conference championships and Super Bowl means players from the top teams won’t attend. Put the game back where it belongs, after the Super Bowl. With a two-week cushion you could probably get not only players from conference championship teams but from the Super Bowl as well (and still have a week before the combine starts).

  3. Terrible game to watch. No fan interest. No player interest.

    And they think PATs are useless and should be abolished, but this dinosaur should stick around?


  4. Question…

    Not a fan of the Pro Bowl because it is usually horrid, but…

    to all those that say get rid of the game because of the needless risk of injury in a meaningless game, has there ever been a serious injury in the Pro Bowl? I.E., I mean like something career threatening/altering as opposed to maybe a pulled muscle or something?

    I seriously do not know the answer.

  5. Really, it’s a garbage move by a bunch of weak-minded individuals who can’t make up their minds on their own who don’t have the class to show up for the fans who pay for their salaries. Now they can go home and nurse their sadness. Apparently they think they are above everyone else. (I’m not speaking about the injured players)

    Or maybe the Seahawks just beat them up that badly.

    Even though I hate the Pro Bowl and think it’s useless.

  6. Make the game playable by potential free agents only and they can prove their worth before heading into free agency. That will give them a reason to play hard, so they can get paid.

  7. How about increasing the payout for the teams to draw interest from the players, especially the young ones which haven’t hit a big contract yet. They have to risk injury and potentially lose millions for a meaningless game, but they aren’t compensated fairly for doing so.

  8. Just make it so players who decline an invitation without a good reason (ie. an injury etc.) are no longer eligible for it in the future. I’m sure that would change things as I’m sure many of their contracts have bonus’ in them for Pro Bowl selections.

  9. Its funny how the Goodell is concerned about the safety of players but yet want them to risk injury playing in this joke of a game. Just do away with the Pro Bowl. Come up with some kind of skills challenage or something the day of the Super Bowl.

    Better off move the Super Bowl to Saturday every year and have the Pro Bowl players host a party on the Friday before the game and invite people from the local community the Super Bowl is being played in.

  10. Just a bunch of Poor LOSERS. Hope no other teams are planning on any joint practices with them during training camp. If they don’t like how things are going, they may just take their balls and go home.

    Great attitude starts from the top of the team, Yea, Jim Harb-Wahhhhhh & Colin Flat-Capernick

  11. I agree with a lot of the points made here… The problem is, if I remember right from last year, this game still gets ratings. It is horrible to watch, but it still makes money for the NFL so it won’t go away any time soon…

  12. Not a 9er fan but had the game been in San Fran you could easily flip the outcome. If the game was called correctly and not in favor of the hawks the 9ers most likely win in Seattle. Both teams are evenly matched and Seattle came out on top in a tough game.

    To the topic at hand, non injured not going to the SB should be fined. This game should be for the fans, fans vote for players, and you got the Tom Bradys who duck out all the time. As far as increasing the check for the players for this game, they already get paid too much to play a game. If they want more money they should get it worked into a bonus in the contract and actually go play the game. The game is a joke, it means nothing, so either do away with it or make it a game for charity, players in the winning team get more money for their charity then the losing team players.

  13. The forty-whiners must be pouting, after geeting their butts last weekend. What a bunch of cry babies.

  14. Personally, as a Bears fan desperately hoping for 3 or 4 good defensive players out of this year’s draft, I am a lot more interested in this weekend’s Senior Bowl than I am in the Pro Bowl.

  15. You can bet that if they have language in their contract that says they get a bonus for the Pro Bowl they are gonna want to collect on that. If they get that money they should have to go.
    Now having said that, just get rid of the game altogether. Obviously by reading all of these comments nobody cares about the game. No need to replace it with something else, or try and change the game. Just call it a day and move on.

  16. This is getting ridiculous. They should just award Pro Bowl honors and not play the game. It waters down the honor if half of the league is a “Pro Bowler”.

    If the game is still getting ratings, than alternates should still be able to play in the game, but not be considered a “Pro Bowler”.

    I mean a couple of years ago Andy Dalton went. And now we have to talk about Andy Dalton as a “former Pro Bowler”. Please. Only the initial players at each position should be counted as Pro Bowlers.

    I am rambling.

  17. It’s funny how back in the 80s and 90s the players selected mainly went and played in the game…the same exhibition game that so many crap on now.

    The difference today? The entitlement attitude of these spoiled and coddled athletes. Heaven forbid they go and play in an exhibition game for the fans with their monster contracts and all the other perks they get for playing what is ultimately a backyard game.

    The only reason the popularity of the pro bowl has declined over time is because this generation of players stopped caring/trying (probably need to make the victory bonus about 500k for these money obsessed athletes to care/try) and it watered down the quality of the game. That and so many of the players the fans WANTED to see opting out.

    Rodgers said as much 2 years ago about how it is embarrassing to see the lack of effort.

  18. I have great respect for fans of pro sports. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I often wonder the age of some people that post…”whiners”, crybabies, harbawl. How old are you really? Niners have a great dynasty with a bit of a slump but have had a great run the last 3 seasons again. You can hate all you want but most end up looking less than intelligent considering everything. Good win for Seattle, second championship win in franchise history…good for them.But I always will be proud to be a loyalfanof San Francisco Forty Niners..keep moving forward, rest up, heal your bodies and mind. People that criticize should stop and take a look at what their team has or hasn’t done.

  19. To frank booth… Maybe it’s because they just played 5 consecutive road games and 3rd year deep, I’m mean deep into the playoffs.dont be ignorant. It’s a meaningless game why risk injury?

  20. Here’s the problem with the pro bowl. It is taking the team out of the team sport. It becomes individuals playing positions with chances for injuries.

  21. Just make every player sign a waiver that states Play At Your Own Risk. You knew the risks before signing so you can’t sue later. Don’t sign it, go do something else for a living.

  22. Congrats Rak! Dude would have 20 sacks a year if he didn’t get held almost every single play.

  23. Exhibition games in football don’t really work. Doesn’t work in the preseason and doesn’t work in the probowl. Risk of injury is just too high. Look at Bowman’s injury. Nothing that special about that play, just the leg was in a bad spot when bodies hit the ground.

  24. ProBowl should be restructured to have objective challenged fans suit up and play a full 60 on the field of their choice while NFL players coach them into a team attitude or better yet maybe these so-called fans could take a day off their day job (if they have one) every year and do a full days work for no pay.

    Seriously now, the idea for professional players playing for a charity of choice is nice, but only if it’s initiated by individuals on a volunteer basis, as all philanthopic gestures should be. Greedy fans should have no say in how professional athletes choose to end their hard earned season.

  25. I would like to see players named as All-Pro, then forget the Pro Bowl. Horrible game and it just keeps getting worse. I don’t what we should have to replace it, but something. Maybe big money to let the championship losers play a consolation round. I would love to see the Niners play the Patriots for “third place.” I hate both teams. But if the money is right, then why not.

    On a Hawaiian note, I used to go see the Hula Bowl, btw. On national TV is looked like the stadium was packed. In actuality, the camera just kept panning back and forth over the small part of the stadium where almost everyone was sitting.

  26. As a Seahawks fan who was at the game I’ll first say that the Niners have an awesome team and gave us a game for the ages. I’ll also say that there were far too many Niner fans in the stands, which was annoying, but speaks volumes to how great a fan base the team has.

    It was a brutal game and I know the Niners had a similarly brutal game the week before in Carolina. After a month on the road that ended with a game as intense and brutal as Sunday’s, I can understand why SF’s players aren’t interested in playing in a sandlot game in Honolulu. I have immense respect for the team, the players, and the coach (even though I don’t like him much).

    Lastly, my heartfelt best wishes to NaVorro Bowman and Mike Iupati. Two true warriors who are elite at their positions. I sincerely hope that they recover swiftly and fully.

    Go Hawks!

  27. Jeeeeez….there sure is a lotta HATE for a game that so many feel is unimportant, boring, past its expiration date…yada yada yada.

    How about all who disdain the game – and that’s the majority (and NOT without reason) – just ignore the darn thing!! Don’t watch it, don’t bother to take the time to write comments about eliminating it (some loooong comments too!) and DEFINITELY don’t get your BVDs all in to twist about it! (Unless you like your BVDs in a twist, that is – which is sure to be the case for many posters.)

    Do yourself that favor & save all that whining, for you as well as those who don’t loath the game, are glad to see their team’s players in the Pro Bowl, and may even watch a few plays of it. (As “desertrace21” posted, it still does get some ratings.)

    In short; If ya hate it…just ignore it! LOL!

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