Buccaneers officially hire Jason Licht as G.M.


The Buccaneers have officially hired Jason Licht as their General Manager, the club announced Tuesday evening.

Licht was the Cardinals’ vice president of player personnel in 2013. He has also held personnel/scouting positions in New England, Philadelphia, Carolina and Miami.

“Jason is a seasoned NFL personnel veteran who has worked with some of the most accomplished individuals in professional football while contributing to success in New England, Philadelphia and Arizona,” Buccaneers co-chairman Joel Glazer said of Licht, according to the club. “His strong player personnel background provides the ideal complement to Lovie Smith’s philosophy as our head coach.

“We look forward to working with Jason and Lovie as we set the foundation and chart the course for the future of Buccaneers football.”

Licht’s hiring was reported earlier Tuesday.

Photo via Arizona Cardinals.

12 responses to “Buccaneers officially hire Jason Licht as G.M.

  1. That’s a MUCH better picture of him than the one in the article earlier today.

    He looked like he was coming off a three-day bender in that one.

  2. The first three comments on this article are perfect. They express, in order, the only three available opinions. No other commenters need apply.

  3. LOL… The Dolphins passed on this guy, so scraps for the Bucs (again). Hey, at least you got rid of that moron experiment: Schiano. That should guarantee you a 2nd place finish in Florida.

  4. In fairness, the Bucs didn’t have a lot of options. No GM with real juice is gonna take a gig where the coach is already in place (on a six year deal no less) and will have a large amount of say in personnel matters. Basically Licht is trading real authority for a chance to get inside the fraternity. If he and Lovie can put a good product on the field the next few years — not an easy task given their division — I expect Licht will be on to a better gig before Lovie is done. In which case Licht’s gambit paid off.

    I wish him the best but anyone who thinks this was a plum opportunity just isn’t seeing things for what they are. This is the best each side was gonna do given the circumstances.

  5. Wow, a dolphin fan insulting the Bucs, that’s delicious. This is the same Miami Dolphins who haven’t done anything of relevance since the Dan Marino years? The same team that hasn’t won a Super Bowl in over 40 years? The same team who spent tons of money on mostly subpar free agents while releasing a player who went back to Arizona and became an all pro? And most relevant of all; the same team that employed Jeff Ireland for years is insulting another GM hire? At least the Bucs knew when to cut the cord, while Miami only just finally canned their GM and have a coaching staff that the players tune out. Oh, please humor me some more, dolfans, I can’t get enough.

  6. Buc fans, you got a great guy. Sad to see him leave the Cardinals. This isn’t a guy that goes strictly by name value, he looks to build an entire team from bottom up, and since you guys already have the bottom pretty much locked up, it is time to start building up. Good luck Jason.

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