David Shaw knows the other side of Richard Sherman


Stanford coach David Shaw has seen both sides of Richard Sherman.

And when something has two sides, there has to be an edge that separates them.

That edge, Shaw said, it what makes the Seahawks cornerback so special on the field.

“Bill Walsh said you want guys with high character who are great players and great people,” Shaw said, via Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News.

“But every once in a while, you have to line up and defend Jerry Rice. And the guy who does that has to be on the edge. That’s where Richard is.”

We’ve all had ringside seats to that edge the last two days, since Sherman’s post-game deconstruction of 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree. But the subsequent apology (to his teammates, not specifically to Crabtree) shows the side Shaw’s familiar with as well.

The Stanford coach remembers how quick Sherman was to volunteer to help with a charity camp for kids with Down syndrome, and other events.

“Richard was the first to raise his hand,” Shaw said. “He was there at the beginning, and he stayed past the end. He is the farthest thing from a thug you can imagine. Thugs don’t volunteer to help out at Special Olympics when they’re in high school.

“But the flip side is a guy who’s ultra-competitive. You put him in that environment, where the game is very personal, and when the gauntlet’s thrown down, he’s ready.”

That’s the side the world was shown Sunday night. But that show was only part of a personality which has become one of the league’s biggest, and most intriguing.

44 responses to “David Shaw knows the other side of Richard Sherman

  1. Intriguing personality? Hardly. Great player but there’s nothing about his personality, good or bad, that is even remotely interesting. Seen it all before, there’s nothing new here.

  2. Sherman is such an amazing talent, hopefully he will see his play can talk for itself. The Wayback machine will never let us forget, though.


    CrabME deserves it, albeit privately. So now Sherman is the tool when it should be the other way around.

  3. So the fact that he’s a good guy off the field is carte blanche for the rest of his personality?

    There are countless players who win graciously. All you have to do is look at the Seahawks’ quarterback to see a player who is a tremendous person off the field and respectful and gracious as it pertains to the game.

    Plenty of great cornerbacks have shut down receivers without screaming insults into a microphone and taunting players. Kudos to Sherman for all the good he does, but let’s not pretend for one second that he can’t be respectful in all matters because plenty of others are, including his own teammates.

  4. Maybe the the outlandish dude we saw Sunday night was indeed only a part of Richard Sherman.

    But my opinion (which admittedly doesn’t mean anything) is that the person the world saw on that interview is the same person that comes out whenever he feels “disrespected”. In other words, it’s a much larger part of him than he’d like to admit.

  5. OK, go ahead and condemn Sherman for his tirade, but the NFL will get richer as they use his rant to advertise leading up to the “Death Match” between good and evil, Black and white or Manning vs. Sherman.

    The NFL could not have developed a better marketing campaign, than the one that organically and spontaneously was born from the Sherman interview. Richard Sherman will get everybody paid. The NFL, all the sports organizations and finally, himself.

    This is a win for everybody, except maybe Crabtree.

  6. Sherman is the Marilyn Manson of the NFL ..smart enough to realize that the outrageous antics maximize entertainment value & keep the spotlight on them.. check the sports pages, this guy is no fool

  7. I hate the guy to pieces on the field…I want to see teams throw at him and have success. That’s the extent of my feelings against him. If he was playing for my team, I’d want to adopt him.

    Otherwise, I believe he’s a very intelligent person and love what he’s bringing to the game. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He is able to express himself VERY well and you don’t see that in professional athletes all that often. The ones that can, usually say nothing at all interesting or worthwhile.

  8. And another thing, when he went over to Crabtree to run his mouth, Crabtree shoved him in the face. What did the tough guy from Compton do? Cried to the ref. Then he went to Erin Andrews and had himself a tantrum like a teenage girl. Punk.

  9. The bridge is burnt and I hope Peyton Manning DESTROYS seattle.

    richard sherman’s ‘ochocinco’ act is TOO OLD.

  10. I used to hate him.

    Then I saw the videos of him on bourbon street interviewing people — putting a microphone in their face asking “who’s a better shutdown corner, Richard Sherman or Darelle Revis?” They had no idea they were talking to Richard Sherman. He just played along with them when they talked about how Sherman was a terrible player and a drug addict, and at the end he would stick out his hand and say “Richard Sherman, nice to meet you.” Then he just laughed with (not at) the people as they stammered out some drunk apology.

    It was hilarious, and it showed a certain amount of levity in his personality, and a real sense of humor. It was impossible to hate him after that.

  11. I feel bad for SEA fans. In my experience they crave to be the good guy. They hated Bonds and his PED use. They passed around that silly one sided instagram comparison of Russell and Kaep.

    Sherman turned them into a team of disrespectful punks in 18 seconds worth of soundbite for his own personal gain. And it will take years to heal that reputation.

  12. Yeah right . And OJ Simpson did charity events too.

    Stop making excuses for this waste of space.
    What kind of role model is he when kids see that
    disgusting behavior?

  13. If I had known how far up on their high horses some people would get over this, I’d have gone into business selling oxygen bottles.

  14. Sherman won’t have that same “edge” at the Superbowl. It’s only two weeks away so it can’t be her time of the month again.

  15. Sherman has been calling all his friends to help with his PR campaign but don’t think it is going to change anyone’s mind who lives outside of Seattle. To the rest of us he will now be known as “dick sherman”

  16. How many of those that are bashing Sherman are the same types that stand and scream obscenities at their TV during the games with the same level of emotional intensity as we saw in that interview?

    Oh, and Sherman is the one actually playing the game. LOL

    So easy to sit in judgement and bash a guy when your own actions and faults are not equally up for debate.

    Glass house, meet stone.

  17. I hope he REALLY is a good guy with a big heart, because he’s a great player………..but with that being said, you have to present yourself to reflect that then. Most people who saw that interview just thought he looked like a complete moron. A lot of people I know, including numerous “Niner Haters” felt the same way. Maybe it’s all an “act” just like WWE wrestlers but then it’s just a bit out of context because I can see him acting like that on the field, but then why go on a verbal tirade AFTER the game……..after you’ve already beat your opponent & had the “last laugh.” Just seems like overall he is more about “me” than “team.” Other than that he is an awesome player, that is obvious.

  18. Don’t feel bad for me. I love the guy, and I’ll back him to the max. Those of you who damn him for his outburst are no doubt the first ones to whine when you want forgiveness for something.

    What I saw was this; he basically hung out for most of the game, setting himself for every play, getting himself psyched up for each snap, getting the adrenaline pumped up. But for play after play there was little for Sherm, to do. Kaep and Harbaugh wouldn’t go near him, knowing he’s the best in the league at stealing picks. Finally, in the closing seconds, a pass came his way, and he did what Richard does best, and got shoved in the back by Crabs, for his trouble. The game was over then, nearly 69K knew it. But all of that recharged adrenaline needed an out, and it did.

    Not saying the taunt was right, or even the shouting. But it happened. Was it any more correct for Beats to feature those screaming “fans” in its Kaep ad for the headphones?

    Think about Sherm, the next time that life and circumstances compel you to shout angrily at someone.

  19. You have to love a thread of people who watch the game and have never played a down in there life, yet try to criticize Sherman and tell him how he should act? FOH! He did nothing wrong, he said nothing rude or repulsive , he’s enjoying himself. I for one, watch football for entertainment, I don’t count on them to raise my children , or have an opinion about how or what they should act like. It’s ok though. Hypocrisy is apart of human nature.

  20. Sherman should realize that he is not telegenic and is too damn ugly to get an understanding pass for his behavior. When I see his grill in my face on TV, I make sure my security alarm is on.

  21. We’ve approached a day In time where a football player talking trash gets you so much criticism like I’ve never seen before, and a basket ball player who comes out proclaiming to be gay gets you labeled a “hero”.

  22. There must be a lot of angels on this site that haven’t done, or said anything in their life they either regretted, felt bad about, or both. Also, 99.99% of us do not do it on a national stage.

    Sherman got humbled, big time. We all get humbled a few times in our life.

    Sherman, like all of us that screw up, will learn from this. He’ll probably be more reflective in his answers when interviewed. Especially after a game.

    Also, why do some of the haters have to send racist comments to him? No one seem to be upset about that…..strange.

  23. His tirade on national TV is further proof that he is on PED’s among other things. I just hope the next time the NFL tests him that they have cameras and use a tin cup for sherman.

  24. The media and quasi-sports fans are funny. You watch gladiators go blow for blow hoping for big hits and fierceness. You know you were watching “NFL’s biggest rivalry” and Fox put a microphone in Sherman’s face 20 seconds after he made the biggest play of his life to send his team to the Super Bowl.

    You expected him to not have his adrenaline flowing? Now many sit on moral high ground appalled. Too funny!! Not sure if any of you know football but NFC playoffs was a blood bath to get the Super Bowl with 4 of the leagues top 5 defenses. So all of you thinking Bronco blowout are in for a real surprise.

  25. Don’t they have PEDs up there to keep “the other side” in check?
    But seriously: I think Richard Sherman is the greatest ever! But only in the art of making himself appear dumber and uglier than he actually is…
    Seattle, this guy is the face of your franchise. And you deserve it.

  26. After reading this article Richard Sherman was quoted as saying “David Shaw is a MEDIOCRE football coach, okay? MEDIOCRE!! ….. next question”

  27. responding to comment: “What kind of role model is he when kids see that
    disgusting behavior?” That is mildly ironic, isn’t it? Neither team is my team, so I can make comments without a biased perspective. Richard Sherman showed no class. I always appreciate a gracious winner, who praises his teammates for the victory. But if the person who made the above comment is from SF and is concerned about what kids see as role models, he should look at his city, the most degenerate city in the country, and think about what kids have had to endure on public display all the time. If the “role model” concern just arose because of Sherman, that is hypocrisy at its finest on display.

  28. Apparently not to many people here who’ve been on the field a supercompetive great athlete who’s the best player on the field and not afraid to tell you about it and not afraid to let you know how pathetic you are. There’s lots of those guys out there know, and since I’ve played sports most of my life, I’ve been around plenty of them. They make you so mad you want to punch them in the nose but then the really good ones back up what they say so what can you do? Richard is one of the really good ones and I’m really glad he’s on my team.

    It’s really different for Seattle sports to have such big personalities and performers who have such a competitive edge to them like Carroll, Sherman, Chancellor, Thomas, Wilson, Baldwin, just to name a few. I love it myself. This is a professional football team here not the Vienna Boys Choir. Let’s go kick some a– and take names. That’s why we love football.

  29. Haters are going to hate we ALL know this. Sherman is a good dude, just very emotional after a BIG game like that.

  30. Richard Sherman made it a personal matter rather than a team matter, and that’s unacceptable. You making a big deal about winning a conference game when it doesn’t matter if you don’t win the big one. Mr. Sherman made a comment about being the best cornerback in the game. I wonder what other cornerbacks think about that?

  31. I hate what he did but I hate the racist crap he received even worse. I remember when T.O. was our best player and he started out being just disrespectful to the other team, then it became his teammates and when money became an issue he started blowing up organizations. I thought he would be screwed when he got done playing and he pretty much is. Sherman completely took the focus off what a great job his team did to win that game and maybe get a ring. He’s a bigger guy and could loose his skills faster then the smaller corners. Hopefully he will play with more respect in the future. Congrates to Seattle, I believe your better then denver though with everyone in love with the Manning story it may be tough to overcome that. Good luck

  32. Ok I will admit Sherman is a great player and probably a decent person overall. However, I cant deal with the excuses and acceptance for and of his behavior.

    #1. Everyone says it was right after he made the play. No he talked to the camera after the seahawks offense got the ball and the 49ers burned their remaining timeouts. Plenty of time to collect yourself.

    #2 Everyone says that all these people on their high horses have never played the game and cant say anything. Your right I haven’t played professional football, however I have watched numerous people before Sherman who have played the game self promote themselves without naming names.

    #3 “Crabtree tried to fight Sherman off the field” This comes from Sherman’s brother. Maybe if we get the real story Sherman said something to Crabtree that made Crabtree want to fight him. If you are going to run around with a big mouth you should probably keep a mouth guard in. And if crabtree wanted to fight how come Sherman didn’t fight……self proclaimed tough guy. If someone fronts me we fightin……of course I would talk a little to get them to throw the first punch so on my end it was self defense.

    Anyways I don’t think his self promotion was over the top. I don’t think his excitement and trash talk during the game is over the top. But I do think calling out an opponent by name…going to rub in your win to opponents, time and time again, we all know this isn’t a first for Sherman. Saying your better at life then someone else, this is all classless and there is no reason he needs to take it to this level. Let your game speak for yourself off the field and talk as much as you want but why does he feel the need to get personal about everything.

    Anyways Sherman’s game is top notch. But he still reminds me of the kid in school with a big mouth everyone wanted to punch. Didn’t realize being that kid was now considered cool.

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