Derek Carr following his brother’s Senior Bowl footsteps


Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr had a chance to travel to Mobile, Ala., when he was in elementary school.

Amazingly, he decided against it.

But a lot of time has passed for the younger brother of former No 1 overall pick David Carr, who is working with the South team at this week’s Senior Bowl.

“My parents actually came here,” Carr said of his brother’s trip, via Mark Inabinett of “I had to choose to go to the draft or go to Mobile. I think I had a cool trip my school was going on during that time, so I think went to that. But I do remember my parents would call me every night and tell me, ‘We saw Jerry Jones today.’ And as a kid I was like, ‘What?’ I didn’t know those guys existed. I remember those phone calls, I remember my brother calling me, and I remember watching the game. Just what an experience. Experiencing that at 10, 11 years old was crazy. …”

“I don’t know how many brothers have gotten to play in the Senior Bowl, but what an opportunity. Just everything he’s told me about how great everybody was to him and how classy it was, I wanted to strive to get here. It didn’t matter if they told me, ‘You’re a lock to be No. 1,’ I wanted to be here because they treated my brother so well. Family is so important to me, and the way they treated him and the great things he had to say about the Senior Bowl and Mobile, there was no doubt I wanted to be here.”

Twelve years later, the notion that the top pick in the draft wanted to compete at the Senior Bowl seems so quaint now, considering players such as Alabama’s A.J. McCarron find it beneath them.

But the elder Carr also crafted a long NFL career long after his status as the No. 1 overall choice in the NFL Draft faded, something his little brother is now trying to replicate.

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  1. Get ready world, you’re about to be introduced to one of the classiest young QB acts ever. Really want Derek Carr to shine at the next level and I truly think he will. Go Bulldogs!!!

  2. Soon you will be seeing dozens of comments talking about how David Carr being such a “bust” means that Derek Carr has no chance.

    But I should point out that most NFL quarterbacks have brothers who were backup safeties on their high school squad’s before embarking on a marketing major with focus on branding and viral campaigns.

    My point is that Carr obviously has genetics to be a great QB. Hopefully for his sake he can be a little better than his big bro though.

  3. Peyton Manning would be a backup quarterback, in Canada, retired, or dead if he took as many shots as David Carr did in Houston.

    David Carr was (on a weekly basis) beaten 2000 times worse than that guy on the Amber Lamps bus video.

  4. Houston Texans should draft defense first and then see if this guy is available in the 2nd round. Of course that would never happen because the Carr name is anathema in Houston by stupid fans even if this is a completely different person and even if they actually have 1/2 of an offensive line available to protect him.

  5. For Derek’s sake, I hope he ends up in a better situation than his brother. David might have been the number one overall pick, but his years his Houston pretty much screwed his entire career. Those O-lines were horrific. I think he set the record for most sacked QB three years in a row. Who knows if David could have lived up to the potential everyone saw in him if he went to a better team.

  6. San Jose State’s David Fales is a better QB than Carr. Anybody who watched the SJSU-FSU game last month will attest to this. Fales, with inferior talent on his team, out-played Carr, knocking FSU out of national rankings. Carr threw a crucial INT that sealed the loss for FSU. Fales was flawless, made no mistakes: 37 of 45, 547 yards, 6 touchdowns, 0 interceptions, 1 rushing TD in the win over Fresno State. Which ever team drafts Fales is going to get a steal.

  7. Go Derek & GO BULLDOGS!!! The best thing about him is his character, his loyalty to God & his family – he is wise beyond his years; hahahahaha he’s better “at life.” Really though, his teammates LOVE him because he leads by example & he is a man of faith…….On & off the field!!!

  8. I’ve seen Dave Carr play behind a solid line as a Giant. Guess what? He did well. It’s a shame his career is being looked at how he did in Houston or Carolina. The houston OLine stunk back then. Not sure about Carolina. But I can tell you when he had the opportunity as a Giant he did pretty well. As a Viking fan, I would have liked him to QB them. Unfortunately we will never know how that would have went. That said, I wouldn’t mind them drafted Derrick.

  9. David Carr has been playing in the NFL since that Senior Bowl 12 years ago. He had some solid seasons as a starter until injuries slowed him down. Probably has earned north of $50 million. How is he a “bust”? Average NFL career is three years, I believe, with the average player earning about 5% of what Carr earned in his career.

  10. Idk if David Fales is a better QB than Derek Carr but I would be pumped if the raiders were able to snag either 1 of those guys in the 2nd round!!! Fales had 2 great seasons with SJSU but Carr progressed each season he was at FSU & broke almost every record there, so its a toss up

  11. How dumb was Houston to put their prize #1 pick behind a bunch of schlubs at OL? Give the guy millions of dollars to get sacked over and over and over and over…

  12. After 76 sacks and countless hits his bro was never the same again.. He did hang around long enough, but when you are the No 1 overall and not a diva you can hang on that long.

  13. Last week David Carr was the substitute teacher in my daughter’s 5th grade class in Denver. Seriously. He was cut last fall by the Giant’s. He must have earned $45 million or so in his career, but he apparently wants to make a difference in the lives of children. Hat’s off to that. According to wikipedia, he is married and has four kids. My daughter asked him for his autograph. Interestingly, it was Dave Carr, #17, Giants. (Not Houston).

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