Dolphins coaching staff not on hand at Senior Bowl


This week’s Senior Bowl practices are usually the place to find NFL coaching staffs getting their first long looks at the top college players in the coming draft.

But the Dolphins have apparently decided to skip it.

According to Andrew Abramson of the Palm Beach Post, Dolphins coach Joe Philbin and his staff aren’t on hand in Mobile, Ala. Philbin was there last year, after missing his first one with the Dolphins since he had just been hired.

They have scouts present, led by assistant General Manager Brian Gaine, but the team’s presence is limited.

The lack of a General Manager is also an issue here, as the Dolphins are the last team with such a personnel opening.

The Dolphins have the 19th overall pick, and there’s a reasonable chance that player’s in Mobile this week. And if he is, perhaps the coaching staff will meet him at some point, provided there’s someone in place to pick him.

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  1. who cares if they’re at the senior bowl. I remember a few years ago the phins coaches were at the senior bowl. We got the great John Jerry from that excursion. Not being there might be a good thing

  2. It’s a shame Miami has become such a clueless joke of an organization.

    Those early to mid-70’s teams were so dominant and Marino made things fun during his time (even though they didn’t really win all that much), but the garbage that organization has turned into both on the field in the front office is really unbelievable.

    It really all started at the end of Shula’s run and it seems like it’s gotten worse every year since then.

  3. Maybe the coaching staff realzes the top 40 picks are all going to be juniors, so they think the scouts can watch the Senior Bowl while the coaches watch film on the juniors and get ready for the combine.

  4. Rest easy Dolphin fan! The Browns “Ace” GM Mike Lombardi opted not to go to the Senior Bowl either. The Browns have sent Ray Farmer, a leading candidate for the Dolphins GM job, down there as the team rep. So he can take all his scouting info to MIA w/him when he eventually/undoubtedly bolts.


  5. Seriously… is this franchise ever gonna get it together? They were one of the best run teams in the league once upon a time.

  6. not a problem. as mentioned earlier, our senior bowl trips have been disastrous. This is why we have John Jerry, Michael Egnew, and Jared Odrick instead of T.Y. Hilton, Jimmy Graham, and Earl Thomas.

    maybe it’s better we stay home for this one.

  7. It will be the GM who will select the players, not the head coach. All Dolphin GM candidates are at the Senior Bowl.

    Furthermore, the Senior Bowl is not the only venue to evaluate players.

  8. “not a problem. as mentioned earlier, our senior bowl trips have been disastrous. This is why we have John Jerry, Michael Egnew, and Jared Odrick instead of T.Y. Hilton, Jimmy Graham, and Earl Thomas.

    maybe it’s better we stay home for this one.”

    in all fairness, earl thomas was not a need when miami picked in the first rd, hilton was a no name reciever that was a lucky pick, and nobody knew graham would be that good and im sure having brees throwing the ball has helped his career a little bit. odrick is a solid player, jerry was pretty good once upon a time and egnew was just a flat out miss.

  9. Non issue….. Miami’s new GM is there but he is just working for another team. Once he is hired he will compare notes with the scouts that he decides to keep in Miami and they will be fine. To be honest it makes me feel better knowing Philbin hopefully will not have alot of input regarding the draft because he will not be there next season.

  10. Team needs a GM and Ross isn’t even in the country. Very few staff at senior bowl? Why would anybody want that GM job?!! This franchise is a joke. They just don’t want yo get better. They suck, and I am a fan!!!

  11. Dolphins management needs to do their homework and make sure that that whoever they may select does not yell at Johnathon Martin or say any bad words around him.

  12. Meh.

    The Senior Bowl is over rated. Do seniors even get drafted any more? Any senior with a first round rating won’t play in it, and none of the underclassmen who make up the majority of the top of the draft are allowed to play in it.

    What are you going to learn from watching mid-level prospects practice with players they’ve never played with before and then play an exhibition game?

    You know who else’s coaches aren’t there? The Seahawks and Broncos. Somehow I think they’ll survive.

    I think coaches go to the Senior Bowl for the same reason Shriners go to conventions. It’s warm and there’s beer.

  13. Looks like they may be looking to offer someone from Denver or Seahawks the job.

    I see no other reason to wait a few weeks but with Ross this is normal.

  14. Why would you send a coaching staff to evaluate talent when they do not have a clue if what their looking at. As a fan I believe we have a much better eye for talent than anyone presently on this staff. Really, ask yourself this; Do you really want Joe Philbin picking your players for the future? It might just be a blessing that the Dolphin coaching staff is not there. It just fits in with all the other crap they put out! We as fans should start a Dolphin Revolution!!!

  15. The Dolphins have changed their name to The Miami Snoopy Dogs. The owner Stephen Ross feels insulted and has left for Europe and Asia.

    As a fan has commented Dan Marino was hired as the GM but quit after several hours on the job.

    It’s been rumored Richard Incognito has been all but signed as the new GM.

  16. Stephen ‘Snoopy Dog’ Ross has worked out an agreement to sell the team to Ophara Winfrey with a move to LA. Ms. Winfrey will become the GM.

  17. Just think, if all of the fools who say they are leaving the dolphins would leave then we real long suffering fans will get a break from there crying and bitching, please just go away. Bill

  18. When the Raiders were a great team, there slogan was “Commitment to Excellence.” The DON’T PHINS have turned their slogan to “COMMITMENT TO MEDIOCRITY!”

    I have boycotted the playoffs since the season ended and have no plans to see the SB.

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