Dr. Jerry Jones says Tony Romo’s feeling much better now


Last offseason, the Cowboys never got much of a look at Tony Romo because of back surgery, and insisted everything was fine.

The same song is being sung now, after his procedure on Dec. 27 which kept him from playing in the season-deciding finale against the Eagles.

“I talk to Tony frequently, and so he’s feeling much better,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said, via Carlos Mendez of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “As far as how he’s feeling, and frankly how he’s responding, is very good.”

Romo is expected to need three to four months to recover, and Jones was optimistic that would have him back on the field before training camp.

“I know that they don’t have any set schedule,” Jones said. “But certainly we do expect him to get some work in before we start training camp.”

While there’s nothing but time for Romo to get well now, the condition of his back continues to be a big issue for the Cowboys, after they staked themselves to the 33-year-old with last year’s contract extension.

13 responses to “Dr. Jerry Jones says Tony Romo’s feeling much better now

  1. Before speaking to the media, I hope Dr. Jones let GM Jones know Romo’s status so he could then tell Owner Jones. It’s important to maintain organizational protocol in matters such as this because you never want the owner to hear about such things from members of the media.

  2. Jerry, there’s a Pro Bowl coming up and then the Super Bowl. If you must comment then do so about these two bowls. Other than, just keep your mouth shut.

    It’s like you keep sticking a knife in my gut and and twisting it.

  3. NO!!! Not ANOTHER new title!!!

    Soon it will be “Mr. President Jerry Jones”

    Wait!! Doesn’t he already hold that title with the Cowboys???

  4. Jerry Jones? Really? If he was anything more than the bag of gas that he is…maybe his team would win more than 50% of their games. This team has some players, has no coaching, and a GM that is so totally absorbed in himself, he doesn’t quite get the fact that he knows very little about NFL football. I do enjoy watching Cowboy games but only the final two minutes. Watching Jerry’s plastic face melt in to his shirt is hilarious to me.

  5. Jerry should take his comedy show on the road! Oh wait, he already does for 8 out of the 16 week football season. He hasn’t been able to book any post season shows, because, well, the Cowboys never make it that far!

  6. Three to four months? Wow!!! So he’ll be ready to go when JJ begins the latest installment of just how good these Cowboys are, and this will be the season that Tony, wins it all.

    Humor aside, its really sad how Jerry, keeps reaching into the silk hat, while slyly winking at the audience who expect him to pull the rabbit out. All he ever produces are the tattered remains of a once proud franchise, that has been allowed to whither in the drought. Its sad too, that so many of the faithful continue to bolster his efforts through merchandise and ticket sales, believing that someday, they’ll all return to the Promised Land.

    Tom Landry’s memory deserves so much better, that it will never get under this sham of a regime.

  7. Brutal schedule for next year and a horrible team coming back my goodness!!! Whew!! I would not pay a $1 to see that happen to that team if that was my team are you kidding me LOL!!!!! ROFL!! You have to be out your mind to spend that type of money going to a game with all that heat coming on that schedule do you see that schedule!!! My goodness and they keep the same players??? And coaches??? Haaa haa haaa haaaaaaaaa!!! What a shame and a disrepect to the fans. Who in their right mind pays that type of money to go to the game for this??? OMG!!! UGLY!! SEASON AHEAD FOR THE BOYS!!

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