Eliminating extra point makes sense


Not everyone likes the proposal that would take part of the “foot” out of football, via the elimination of the extra point.  But most do, and the adjustment as framed by Commissioner Roger Goodell makes a lot of sense.

By making a touchdown worth seven points while giving the team that scored it the chance to risk one point in order to go for two, the most dramatic change in the scoring rules since the NFL embraced the two-pointer 20 years ago would acknowledge that the PAT has indeed become as a practical matter automatic.

While not entirely automatic, giving a team a seventh point upon scoring a touchdown wipes out several opportunities per game for unnecessary injury.  Sure, the extra-point attempt doesn’t typically entail hard hitting.  In 2012, however, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski broke his arm while blocking for an automatic PAT try.

The high success rate coupled with the injury risk outweighs the very slim drama of a possible miss.  Far more significant is the removal from the game of the potential surprise two-point attempt from placekick formation. But that also happens very rarely.

There’s also another benefit to dumping the extra point.  The ensuing TV timeout would give the replay official a little extra time to determine whether a full review of the touchdown is needed.

Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee says that he fears the elimination of the PAT will lead to the elimination of “eventually the kicker altogether.”  But the field goal and the kickoff will remain.  Even if the kickoff eventually goes the way of the PAT (and that’s a possibility that has been discussed), teams still need kickers for three-point tries.

Ultimately, 24 owners must agree to a change that would be radical on the surface but sensible when considering the bigger picture of ensuring excitement and keeping players as safe as reasonably possible.

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  1. if you have a business that is failing sometimes radical change is warranted but if your business is booming perhaps the best thing to do is nothing at all .
    Mr Florio could and Should use his platform to address the serious issues to the game like the over emphasis on rules bent in favor of the offense and the consistently horrific officiating . I count 1 2 3 mississippi that bowman has the ball on the ground before camera angle changes . How can that not be reviewable? Fix that tye of glaring stupidity before worrying about something as inane as eliminating the extra point

  2. Here’s a modest proposal that would enhance the kicking game in several respects.

    Add two additional vertical uprights to the goal posts, so that there are three equal areas for the ball to go through. Also add another cross bar at the top.

    Field goals into the center section are worth three points. Field goals into the left or right sections are worth one point.

    Extra points must go into either the left or right section.

    Any kick that hits an upright or crossbar and doesn’t go through is no good. Kicks over top crossbar are no good.

    Also, after any field goal attempt (made or missed), the non-kicking team gets the ball at the spot of the kick.

    This would provide a lot more interest to any place kick – there’s always a possibility of hitting an upright. Because of the raised probabilities of diminished points and poor field position, coaches will try to extend drives and score TDs, so that keeps the skilled offensive and defensive players on the field more often.

  3. Arguing it should go away because someone got hurt on the play makes no sense. Every play would have to be eliminated… and the folks reporting on it would need a new job too.

  4. NFLPA should fight this for the revolving door of 32 placekicker constituents currently employed by the NFL.

  5. I don’t like extra points, but eliminating them altogether hardly solves anything (if the problem is that they’re virtually automatic, making them literally automatic seems like it misses the point). I’d personally like to see extra point kicks just replaced by an extra point try from the 1 yard line, then have 2 point tries from the 5 yard line. That way you not just stop extra points being boring, you actually make them an exciting play

  6. An injury on an extra point is probably the rarest of the examples you cite in your logic – but carries the most weight?

    Amend it, don’t end it.

  7. Rather than copy the old system, by risking one point for one point, if they are going to change the system, I’d rather see them make the risk/reward better. I would like to see it go to risk one to get two so that a successful two point attempt equates to 9 points rather than only 8. In this manner they will actually create more drama in the game as well as make the risk more dramatic. And while they are at it, I’d like to see them eliminate the victory formation when the game score is less than 1 score within the last 2 minutes of the game. JMO.

  8. OMG! Can we try to eliminate anything else that would SUPPOSEDLY masked the game safer? Next we’ll be getting rid of special teams altogether! Flag football, here we come!

  9. “For example, an injury prone Gronk got hurt standing still on a PAT, an injury that would have surfaced later in the game undoubtedly. However there really have been no other major injuries during PAT that anybody can remember, despite the league using this defense frivolously.”

    There I fixed it for you

  10. JUST STOP…

    Roger Goodell comes up with some nuttie ideas and this just another.

    Goodell needs focus on safety…helmet safety…mandate the use of the ProCap, which would virtually eliminate concussions.

    Folks in the media need to put Roger on the hot seat, asking him to explain why he won’t allow the use of the ProCap, which has already been tested/used by NFL players who had their careers threatened by concussions.

    Adding padding to the outside of today’s helmet is the answer to the concussion problem.

    …mandate the ProCap, Roger…do something useful, Roger.

  11. You’re citing an injury to Gronk as a reason to get rid of the extra point? Please, that guy gets hurt sticking a dollar bill in a stripper’s g-string.

  12. Football is dangerous. Completely changing scoring rules for the off chance of an injury effects the history of the game and all the records like total points scored by the kicker. Stop messing with the game, and the integrity of the stats of past to “make the game safer”. You could make the game completely injury free and stop playing it. Otherwise quit tinkering with it.

  13. Install a big round paper target with 3 points for center, 2 for inner ring and 1 for outer ring……..give it that circus feel…….

  14. I think the Beaters club length should be shortened for safety and if the Quaffle gets put through the uprights before the snitch is seized then it should count for only 8 pts for your House. All brooms will also be required to have a restrictor plate for safety reasons and only Nimbus brooms (the official supplier of brooms to the league) are permissible.
    Please stop messing with the NFL game you money hungry owners. It’s the greatest game and league on the planet and just stop before I do not recognize it anymore. I am all for player safety given how so many players end up in decimated bodies but just stop the tinkering please.

  15. Why WOULDN’T teams go for 2 after every touchdown if the touchdown is already worth 7? They have nothing to lose. Did I miss something? That makes no sense & is a terrible idea. Just kick the xp from the 20 & call it a day.

  16. “Not everyone likes the proposal that would take part of the “foot” out of football, via the elimination of the extra point. But most do …”

    I find it amazing how often you just make up crap out of thin air. Exactly where do you get this assertion that “most” people want to get rid of the extra point? I’m guessing that in reality >90% of football fans either want to keep it or just don’t have an opinion.

  17. If the extra point is virtually automatic, why not change the odds of getting one, rather than just giving it automatically. Make them kick from the 15 or 20 yd line for an extra point!

  18. This is semantics but I don’t like the way it is worded. I hate the idea of “losing a point”. That is just silly. No other sport do you “lose” a point.

    However if they word the rule as:
    A TD is worth 6 pts. You are then given the choice – take the “free” extra point to get to 7 or go for two…. then in essence it is exactly what we have now without the actual kick. I’m more ok with this.

  19. I like how a PR man changes the subject. This is Goodell why of getting the media to stop talking about how bad the officials were Sunday.

  20. They’re gonna legislate the game to death.
    Leave it alone. There must be an ambulance somewhere that these lawyers can chase.

  21. Rob Gronkowski is made of glass. I’d say he’s the exception to the rule. The extra point is about as big of an injury risk as the victory formation (unless you’re playing Schiano).

  22. Have the player who scored the TD attempt the extra point kick. It would add another element of skill to the game and also make coaches think more about going for two. What if you have a great running back who scores a lot of TDs but can’t kick the ball? The coach would have to decide if the team is better off attempting a 2pt conversion or letting the player attempt the kick. I think it would add an element of entertainment.

    I’m also in favor of removing it entirely. It’s an unnecessary aspect of the game.

    Also, for those who are concerned about removing the “foot” from football. When kicking was introduced to the game the ball was shaped much differently than it is today. It was more of a rugby ball and was much heaver and more difficult to kick which is why the dropkick was part of the game.

  23. I think better alternatives are:

    1) having the player that scores the touchdown kick the extra point

    2) make the extra point a longer attempt

    3) kick the extra point from where the ball crosses the goal line – rugby style.

  24. So, Goodell wants to eliminate extra points as a “safety issue” but has no problem putting ALL players on the field for two more full games of wear & tear.


    Eventually the NFL season is going to consist of Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice sitting down and looking at the schedule and announcing who would have won each game. It will be one of the TV events of the year! And no one gets hurt!

  25. The PAT kick was a challenge 70 years ago. Now it’s too easy.Get the offense out there. If you want a point put the ball on the 1. If you want 2 put it on the 3. And let’s narrow the goal posts too. Wouldn’t you rather see the offense run a play than some geeky kicker?

  26. lkuderick, victory formation is fine weather it’s a 1 point game or a blow out. If the losing team couldn’t pull ahead in the first 58 minutes they can’t whine about the last 2.

    To the topic at hand, make the PAT like a 45 yard FG, not so automatic but still doable. Make the 2 point conversion from the 5, makes power running that much harder and makes the 2 points more valuable.

  27. I’m fine with it, but the idea of “removing” 1 point on a missed conversion I don’t like, though I guess you could say exercising the option of not doing a conversion you are awarded 1 point.

    To me, a TD should still be 6, the conversion would be 1, eliminate the 2 point option. It would put an even bigger premium on the tall possession receiver/tight end and there would be fewer overtime games, which players would probably prefer and people sitting through 4 hour games.

  28. By the time Goodell is done with the NFL it will likely resemble the NBA more than it does football.

    I guess we could change the name of the game to hand ball since kicking the ball is on the way out

  29. The PAT should probably be moved back from the 2 yard like to the 18 yard line to make it about a 35 yard kick and make the 2 point conversion from the 5 or 10 yard line, IMO maybe add some excitement to the try after the TD instead of automatic points maybe more 2 point tries…

  30. Kicking the ball has been part of the game for decades, hence the word “Foot”. Completely disagree with Belichick and Goodell. Stop changing the rules.

    Also, if I was a coach, I would want my FG unit getting as much practice and keeping my kicker warmed up. PAT’s are great for doing that.

  31. Quit screwing with the game Goodell.

    >>griblets says:
    Jan 21, 2014 6:18 AM
    Make the PAT relevant again…the players scoring the TD has to kick the extra point. Now THAT would be entertainment.

    I love this idea. Either that. Or narrow the goal posts.

  32. How about taking an extra point like a conversion after a try in rugby? Take the kick in line where you score a touchdown, that will really show how good a kicker is

  33. Let’s eliminate the idiots that keep changing the rules of my favorite game. It has become a game of two hand touch with ridiculous scoring reminiscent of the arena league. It’s getting to be unwatchable. Why don’t we just have them play European football, aka soccer

  34. Not demeaning any players injury, but citing Gronkowski’s injury is more an example of the Patriots poor PAT personnel decision than that of a PAT being disposable.

    Gronkowski is a huge offensive weapon known more for his red zone prowess and seam busting catches rather than blocking skills.
    I’m sure there is a backup OL or DL that could’ve been in the PAT squad in his place. Maybe the guy who’s playing there after that broken arm. There’s a reason you don’t see Tony Gonzalez, Vernon Davis or an Adrian Peterson on a PAT squad.

    That said, football is a game of inches,and execution.
    Many close games have been decided by the fact if someone could convert the PAT or not. Though not as exciting, it’s part of the game.

    Fix other areas like bad officiating and non reviewable plays like Bowman’s fumble first.

  35. The reason the play is boring is because with the NFLs emphasis on offense we`re seeing it ten to twelve times per game. Stop this ridiculous flag football TD fest and let the DBs play defense again. It`s becoming like the NBA where an offensive player can leap 3 feet into a retreating defender and get rewarded with free throws.

  36. Solution:

    Kick the extra point from the 10 yard line perpendicular to the goal line where the touchdown was scored (example: player scores near the pylon, the kick would take place near the sideline at the 10 yard line without a rush) only allow the defense to rush if the ball is scored between the hashes.

    Teams could opt to go for 2 anytime just like they can now but it would add some drama to kicks and help save the kicking position by making the focus on the accuracy of the kick but not narrowing the goal posts. These kicks would be highly entertaining.

    One option that could go with this solution is to make a kick outside the numbers worth 2 point or if the player that scored the touchdown kicks the extra point they get 2 points.

  37. The NFL worked just fine before Gooodell came along. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Keep things as they are and stop meddling with the game. The extra point has been part of it for decades now and there’s no reason to get rid of them.

  38. How about they just move the extra point try back like 20 yards. Or if they want to get creative, they could have the offense choose where to kick it from. The further away they make an extra point, the deeper the opposing team has to start their next possession. Obviously this only makes sense if they get rid of the kickoff which is definitely a possibility.

  39. This is a poor and untrue argument. Stating “most” would prefer is patently false. Take a poll and I believe you will feel otherwise. Move it back if you want to make it tougher, but the extra point is part and parcel to football and removing it greatly alters the game.

  40. I wish Goodell would quit messing with the game.

    If you want to make the extra point more interesting, how about actually making it possible for the defense to block the kick?

    Allow the defense to line up a player over the center. OR…

    Permit defensive players to run towards the line of scrimmage and jump up in an attempt to block the kick. That isn’t allowed right now, but back in the 1970s and early 1980s when it was allowed, the blocked extra point wasn’t so uncommon.

    Blocked kicks (and punts) are almost unheard of anymore because of the rules. How about givingthe defense a fighting chance to block these kicks, and make the game more interesting?

  41. I wish Goodell would just chill out & quit changing everything. Kickoffs are already useless — the crowd is all worked up, screaming like crazy, then the ball is kicked out of the end zone. Ho hum. Anyway, my solution is to move XP back so it’s a 35 yrd try — not so automatic. And if a team wants to try for 2, go to original spot.

  42. A better idea would be this:

    Move back the extra point 10 yards if you elect to kick it (make it a 30-yard extra point instead of 20 yards as it is now). That right there would make it harder.

    What I would also do is implement the college rule where blocked kicks returned to the opposing end zone on an extra point or the same with fumbles or other things on an extra point try or two point conversion would be worth two points to the defense. That would make the rare instance where an extra point is blocked important because the defense can return it for two points.

    I would also make it where punts that go into the end zone and are not returned are still touchbacks, but also also worth one point as has been the case in the CFL for years. With that in mind I would also make all punts that go at least 25 yards live balls for both sides (as was done in the XFL), which can make a pooch punt a very interesting strategy move at times.

  43. I like what Belichick proposed… just move it back. Say you move it to the 15 yard line, not only does it not become as automatic, but it makes the prospect of going for two that much more likely and would, at the same time, make kickers more valuable and the game more exciting.

  44. i think changing the game in a funadmental fashion would be a huge mistake by the NFL, the extra point has been around forever, its not broke dont fix it, spend the money on getting the refs better educated on the rules, and not costing teams games. I mean while your at it get rid of punting then as well, may the MLB should make pitchers pitch under hand too….is it just me or is the NFL moving towards the NFL blitz style video game? before you know it, it will be 30 yards for a first down….plain stupid NFL

  45. All the rules that make the game easier for offense will continue then. The PAT should remain and yes it should be automatic for an NFL kicker.

    Look at this from defensive side, you work your but off and keep your opponent out of the end zone, force them to kick fields goals. If you remove PAT then these teams would not be hurt as much just kicking fields goals since 2 will tie a TD with no other points needed.

    Goal line stands and drama from needing a two point conversion are some of the best moments in football!

    What’s next team that loses conference title games and super bowl, still get a trophy?

  46. Here’s a good idea.

    Kick Goddell through the uprights. This guy, while he is right on the injury awareness campaign, needs to stop trying to wreck the game and always trying to insure his own legacy. The current PAT, or go for 2 points works fine. Tradition is a strong part of what makes the game great.

  47. If they are looking add another TV timeout, that’s OK. I never watch a game in real time other than the Super Bowl …I start about 30 minutes into the broadcast, DVR the whole thing and fast-forward through every commercial. What the game doesn’t need is another excuse for a timeout. Goddell is wrecking the game trying to become the new Rozell.

  48. The automatic nature of the extra point makes the argument somewhat compelling. However, it seems like we are turning the NFL into the Arena Football League. Why not move the extra point try back to the 20 yard line? That would add to the game by making the decision to go for two vs kicking more interesting. It definitely would take away the automatic nature of the point after

  49. Some change is definitely needed. Simply making it a longer kick is the simplest and most obvious solution.

  50. The PAT has been fine for decades, but now that a Patriots player has suffered an injury, I can see the urgent need to change the rule. We can call this change the Gronkowski Rule.

  51. 45-50 yard FG or 2pt try from the 2 yard line.

    Very slight change that increases odds of miss & encourages going for 2

  52. How about the refs calling unsportsmanlike conduct when a player crosses the goal line for a TD and the defender knocks the crap out of him. It’s already a TD, why does the defender get a free shot?

  53. How did I know that the “automatic” nature of the extra point was not driving this so much as the wussification of the NFL. If I hear “risk of injury” on more time, I’ll start watching another sport.

  54. As a former kicker, I can tell you now that extra points may seem pointless to those who have never kicked a football before, but we need them more than you know.

    psychologically the extra point does wonders for a kicker. Can you imagine a 3 hour game with no kicker, then asking him to go hit a 50 yard game winner? It would make it next to impossible.

    But maybe its just MF trying to get some hits on his website by saying, “it makes sense”.

    It makes no sense, sir.

  55. Do you people even realize that this really has no affect on the game? In reality, all the NFL is doing is saving time by giving every team the extra point rather than going through the motions and wasting time by having them kick for a point that is basically automatic. There is also the added benefit that it is one less play where there is potential for unnecessary injury. The only argument to keep it is because “it has always been done that way”. At one time the NFL didn’t allow teams to go for 2. How many people still hate the fact that the NFL instituted that? There was a lot of people against it back when it was instituted. There was a time that the FG was in front of the end zone. They moved it back because of injury risk. Teams had to start getting an extra 10 yards before they could kick FG’s. How many people still hate that idea? Are you people really going to miss the extra point. Are you really going to be mad when a team scores a TD, gets their 7 and then TV goes to commercial sooner and we get back to action that actually matters sooner? Are you really going to miss it? More than likely, no. Just like all the other scoring changes, it will be forgotten that it ever took place. The strategy of the game and the way it is played is not affected by this. So why such a big fuss over the change? I have no clue.

  56. Still a td with its extra point needs to be greater than two fgs.

    I don’t think the system is broken.

  57. You can get hurt in warm ups and standing on the sideline too. Players get hurt in practice and it adds no value to the game, maybe practice should be eliminated too.

  58. its kind of like making your first trip to the free throw line at the very end of a basketball game. More times than not, the player misses that first free throw if he hasn’t attempted one all game.

  59. In another article on this subject statistics are provided to back up the need to eliminate the PAT because it’s automatic. According to those stats there were 1261 PATs this season. That number times the 22 players on the field for each PAT equals 27,742 players. How many were injured? One is cited? Compared to other plays in football this is probably the safest play. Goodell needs to leave the game alone. Enough already.

  60. The first two point conversion in the NFL was scored by the Cleveland Browns’ Tom Tupa, the punter, on a fake 1 point kick. If they remove the 1 point kick, they get rid of strategy in the game. Anyone who has seen their team block an extra point to win a game has been cheated.

    Yes, the play is boring, and yes it’s almost automatic. Why take something that’s almost automatic and make it automatic. There will never be a fake kick for a 2 point conversion again. The scoring team has no choice. If you have to change the automatic score, then move the LOS back to the 10 instead of the 2.5 yard line. It’s that simple.

  61. While I’m sure Roger Goodell thinks he is revolutionizing the game by the yearly draconian rules changes, the truth is irreparable harm is being done to the sport of football on his watch. The game is becoming unrecognizable from what I remember from my youth 20 some odd years ago.

    I’ve never been less invested in an NFL season as I was this past season- financially, time, emotionally… The most radical thing that could be done in 2014 is to LEAVE THE GAME ALONE. Stop with the radical rule changes every single year. Leave the PAT. Move the kickoff back to the 30. Stop ruining the game.

  62. I know safety is key here in the nfl but they are getting carried away. When you put that helmet on in pop Warner football as a kid you know right then and there chances of injury or even death can happen on the field of play. That injury issue is already known at that level of football and when they go to college or make it to the pro level they know the injury and concussion rules even more. It sad to see some ailing from injuries from concussions but lets face it, they didn’t complain when they cash their paychecks, that’s the life they chose. They are already rich and want more so they don’t have to use their own funds. It’s bologna to see that grown people who choose their careers and know what is capable of happening to them all of a sudden don’t believe in something they were doing their whole life. I mean some injuries probably happen before they went pro and now they want compensation. Pro athletes now days have it good. Try living from check to check, provide for your kids on 30,000 a year and then complain. I mean c’mon world. Now point after touchdowns, just put flags on the players, ratings will eventually go down, people talk about it all the time. Football ain’t football no more.

  63. A missed PAT can alter the outcome of a game, just because not many are missed doesn’t mean that none are ever missed.

    Don’t fix what ain’t broke.

  64. I agree with moving the try back. I think you have to give the defense an attempt to stop them from scoring. I know the defense doesn’t always try to stop them, but in certain situations, they do try especially hard. Plus, if a penalty is committed, that can dramatically change field position. Too many unanticipated variables to remove it all together.

  65. The whole point of just giving teams the extra point is so the strategy of the game and the way the game is played is not changed. I don’t get why people want to create ways to make the extra point harder by making them longer or by some other trick that helps teams with better kickers rather than just by being better than their opponent. Do you really want teams to be losing because they have a worse kicker? It’s like when people want longer FG’s to be worth more than short FG’s. Yeah, that makes sense, let’s reward the team that was further away from it’s actual goal because they have a better kicker more points than the team that was more successful at getting closer to the real goal of the game. If it was up to me, I would get rid of the kicker altogether. But then I guess, you couldn’t defend the name of football if the game has nothing to do with feet.

  66. I have attended about 30 NFL games over the years and two of them came down to a missed or blocked PAT. Most recently the Redskins, after a late TD with seconds left, botched a snap in the rain against Tampa that would have sent the game into O.T. The numbers I saw are 99.1 conversion rate on PATs. That’s not automatic and there are variables such as weather/pressure that make the PAT no sure thing. Not to mention the rare but exciting block of a PAT would also be eliminated from the game. The NFL has drastically reduced kickoff returns which are far more dramatic than PATs so I’m sure this will happen but what a shame that Goodell is so determined to “fix” a game that was never broken.

  67. dblr0910 makes a good point. I imagine back in 1930 there weren’t as many guys who could kick the extra point. Today we have a kicker that can kick a 64-yard field goal without a steel-toed boot. Let’s try moving it back before we trash it.

  68. If you want to avoid injuries, just get rid of NFL all together. It’s getting unwatchable and lame anyways. Very hard to watch with all the rule changes and flags now. Maybe grown men in America would start reading books again, and knowing their history and gaining knowledge instead of being boy-men.

  69. How about this idea…
    Eliminate the bruising goal-line stands for touchdown tries inside the 5yd line.
    If a team gets the ball inside the 5, they get 4 points. Get it over the goal line and you get the extra three. Go for the bonus xtra point and you get a total of 8.
    This would eliminate all those unpleasant scrums down near the goal line, especially against good teams that have a high scoring percentage.
    Also, it would eliminate all those reviews for play after play at the goal line and leave more time for commercials.
    Another idea I have is to get rid of the current football and replace it with a nerf-style ball that would create more drama…first of all, it would eliminate those dangerous 20-40 yd pass plays that create awful knee injuries. Secondly, because nerf balls are bouncier, you’d have more drama between the receiver and defender as they slap each other around trying to control the nerf.

  70. I don’t know why they have to complicate things , just award teams the 6 points for a TD and make going for 2 mandatory,, I can tell you this if you have that you will will drastically eliminate any prospect for overtime , which can only be good for teams that’s actually decent .

    Nothing is worse than watching a 3 to 4 win team taking a good team into overtime which only increase INJURIES for that good team.

  71. Competitive swimming is also dangerous. One could drown. I propose they take the water out of the pool and just run… wait, strike that. Someone could fall and skin their knee.

  72. Moving the extra point back makes it no safer so i’m not sure why people are saying that but yet it would make it harder and less automatic.

    Having them kick at one distance and 2pt conversion from another is stupid because it then eliminates a fake extrapoint which often times can be the easiest way to get the 2pts if they fake out the defense. Just my opinion…

  73. I’ve read through all these replies, and the vast majority reject changing the extra point. Will the NFL listen to the people who support thier franchise? Or will they continue to ignore the people who the game is played for. The vast majority of us do not want:

    1. The extra point to go away
    2. An 18 game season
    3. Expanded playoffs
    4. More changes to the game we’ve been watching all of our lives.

    We do want:

    1. A consistent rule about what a completed pass is.
    2. Real officials. Full time, year round.
    3. Somebody with a brain to make the replay rules enhance the game instead of creating more controversy.
    4. An ability to replay personal fouls for illegal hits, since so many upon further review are legal.
    5. A way for the average American family to be able to attend a game without having to sacrifice 1/2 a weeks paycheck.

  74. No it doesn’t. 06 Bengals missed the playoffs because of a missed extra point. Cowboys lost the infamous charlie brown game on a field goal from the distance of an extra point. There’s no reason to get rid of them.

  75. I am all for change if change is good and benefits the fans, players, and the organizations. I kind of liked the suggestion Nicole Zaloumis made this morning on NFL Network, which was to perhaps just push it back a bit (the 30 yard line for example) and make it a little more challenging but keep the rule and point the same. Something to ponder……

  76. dynastyposeiden says:
    Jan 21, 2014 5:55 AM
    “if you have a business that is failing sometimes radical change is warranted but if your business is booming perhaps the best thing to do is nothing at all .
    Mr Florio could and Should use his platform to address the serious issues to the game like the over emphasis on rules bent in favor of the offense and the consistently horrific officiating . I count 1 2 3 mississippi that bowman has the ball on the ground before camera angle changes . How can that not be reviewable? Fix that tye of glaring stupidity before worrying about something as inane as eliminating the extra point”

    Although you make a good point, it is also somewhat contradictory. The league is more popular, perhaps due to the new rules that allow for higher scoring (perhaps not). So according to your logic, it wouldn’t make sense to change those either.

  77. The injury argument actually works against getting rid of te extra point. If teams go for two more there will be a hell of a lot more injuries than there is now. It’s as simple as moving it back to make it a 30 harder

  78. Unimportant? Anybody ever seen a missed XP come back and bite you at the end of the game? Yeah, me too.

  79. Why not make it a little more difficult for the extra point instead of well eliminating it. like bump it back to the 20 yard line etc.

  80. Kick it from farther back and leave the 2 point conversion as is. Keeps the tradition of the game, doesn’t greatly alter strategy, and is simple to implement, while making it less “automatic”. Adding and then subtracting points is just stupid.

  81. I’m pretty sure that kicked PATs were not “automatic” in that snow bowl of a Lions/Eagles game this year… In fact, only one PAT was attempted (and failed).

    Admittedly that was one game only.

  82. Once again it’s all about the Patriots. Does anyone else ever get sick of that ? Tuck rule, Gronk got hurt, Welker’s block the worst play in the history of the league. Yes Mr. Kraft we will change whatever rules we need to based on your in game experiences. and of course we’ll always schedule the Broncos in NE during regular season. This is the stupidist proposal I’ve ever heard. Lets eliminate field goals too and make the game touch instead of tackle – that way Johnathan Martin can keep playing.

  83. Mike, I would be all for this if the NFL would take time saved and use it to correct mistakes and regain the integrity of officiating in this league. Elimination of the extra point would save 5-6 plays on average per game. I’d like to see the NFL come up with additional ways to shave some time off of a game. Any small time saving tweak that does not drastically alter the game should be considered.
    The league at that point could then institute expanded replay without adding to average length of game. Start by using a centralized replay system. Begin to review every close play immediately, so if a challenge is made, the process is already half done. Expand the categories of automatically reviewable plays, then make every other play reviewable, but with just 2 challenges per coach. In theory every play would have the potential for review, without extending average game length.
    Time saved used to protect the integrity of the game sounds good in theory. The NFL needs major reform to this system, not a couple of tweaks.

  84. This is RIDICULOUS! They can get hurt in ANY play, why don’t we just wrap the players in about 50 yards of bubble wrap? It’s safer, right? How about making robots to play instead of humans, then nobody would ever get hurt! Yay! Once you toe the line of fundamentally changing the game, anything goes after that, and no ridiculous ideas can truly be ignored, no matter how stupid they are!

  85. move the line of scrimmage back to the 20 yard line… make it a 30 yard extra point. if they want to go for 2 then the line of scrimmage stays at the 2. make ita “not so automatic” extra point. The time taken to review the touchdown can be used on what extra points the team wants to take.

  86. Even if they changed the rules to kick the extra point from the 20 yard line it would still be almost automatic. That’s a 30 yard field goal, and my guess is that NFL kickers make at least 95% from that distance.

  87. Make it a FG attempt with point values based on distance.

    25 yarder = 1 point
    50+ yarder = 2 points
    60+ = 3 points

  88. That would provide the opportunity for an additional 8-10 commercials during the broadcast. Go for the cash grab, Rog. . . .

  89. I think tiproast was onto something. Changing the goalposts would make the kick tougher and therefore less automatic and more entertaining. Plus field goals could be scored differently the more accurately they are kicked. Hmmm

  90. Why not eliminate football altogether, that way there won’t be any injuries at all.

    Just kidding, I think the proposal is interesting.

  91. The Extra point kick as always been “nearly automatic” there has never been a rash of missed extra points. Yet, when they do happen it adds to the drama of a game as has been menitoned.

    There is not a rash of injuries occuring on these plays. Sure, some have happened but it is not common.

    Now I think most fans do agree that full time officials would be a good idea.

  92. too funny NFL ! Pretty soon, there will be no “dangerous passes” over the middle; no one will be able to tackle each other; and of course, no cussing at each other – let’s all play nice now !!!

    NFL – trying to win more fans – don’t think it is happening with a 3 month season !!!!!

    why don’t we just build some robots and play football that way – all of the “injuries” and “unjustified millions of dollars in salaries” can be eliminated..!!!

    now where are all the guys going to work ? McDonald’s only has some many open positions !

  93. Right, because the league and the owners care so much about protecting these guys – the group that until a few years ago when the concussion lawsuits started up was selling videos showing the biggest hits in NFL history.

  94. Know what’s funny? Roger Goddell swears that he’s all about player safety, but instead of doing something that would “reduce concussions in football from around 250,000 annually to a rare occurrence” by making the ProCap a mandatory part of the uniform, he’d rather mess with the history of the game and make these idiotic changes that do diddly-squat in regards to actually making the game safer.

  95. Hey why not eliminate the ‘foot’ in football? They eliminated the ‘touch’ in touchdown years ago. All this ‘break the plane’ and ‘hit the pylon’ crap is just that – crap. Used to be that to score, the ball carrier had to touch the ball down on the ground in the end zone, and the ball was ‘live’ until he did. That’s where the term ‘touchdown’ came from folks!

    How about this if you want to eliminate the P.A.T. single point kick: An actual touchdown (Where the ball carrier touches the ball to the ground in the end zone) earns 7 points, a ‘plane break’ or ‘pylon touch’ earns six. It would give those 3rd or 4th and goal goal-line stands a whole new level of drama, especially late in a tight game. On the conversion attempt, whether it’s a running or passing play, award a single point for a ‘plane break’ or a ‘pylon touch’ and two points for an honest-to-god running or passing conversion where the ball is actually touched down.

    Are ya with me? Bring back the touchdown! Bring back the touchdown! Bring back the . . . . . .

  96. Too gimmicky. Give 7 for a TD. Allow teams to go for 1 additional point via lining up to run a play at the two. However, make it a live, untimed play where the defense can return it for two points. Don’t bring the injury factor into play because it’s already there with the chance to go for one.

  97. PATs just part of the game? So what? If it’s become a boring part of the game, which it has, it needs to be either revised or done away with.

    Moving the PAT spot farther out isn’t a good idea either – it would make much more commonplace the absurdity of 3-point field goals being kicked from inside the PAT spot, easier to make than a lousy single-point play.

    Frankly I wouldn’t miss the PAT play much if it went away. I do like hgl25’s idea above for how to replace it. Of course, Scobee has a point (no pun intended) about placekickers becoming obsolete in this game – if the NFL eliminates kickoffs and PATs it may not make sense for most teams to keep a placekicking specialist on their rosters at all. Unless they have an elite kicker who can routinely drill 50+ yarders in their sleep, I could see teams just letting, say, their punter or 3rd-string QB kick short FGs, going for it on 4th down in longer FG situations, and using the extra roster spot on added depth at some other position.

  98. Personally, the PAT is my time for a bathroom break, or a chance to get something to eat or drink. It’s about the most useless part of the game imaginable. Get rid of it, and I lose a chance to hit the toilet, I have to wait a few minutes to go, keep it, I keep my date with the john at it’s usual time. Either way, the play is a joke, and I can’t understand why people get so worked up over something that’s as meaningless as a team taking a knee at the end of the half/game. “Because we’ve always done it that way,” is a stupid reason for anything.

  99. I think Tootitan has a point. This whole break the plane crap IS crap. The ball carrier should actually be in the end zone for it to be a touchdown. And I am saying no pylons, no plane-breaking… Ball or ball carrier IN THE END ZONE. 6 points.

    And make ’em kick the PAT, just move it back to the 20. That way it won’t be so automatic. And if you are so concerned about hurting key players on a PAT… don’t have them on the kick team! Duh! Special teams have always been a big part of this game and need to remain so. They have all but killed the kick-off. This is football, for cryin out loud. Impacts happen. I’m all for some of the things they have done to protect players, but they have gone way too far. And they are not being consistent in enforcing these new rules. Which leads to the following.

    What we really should be talking about is the HORRIFICLY bad and slanted officiating that is taking place in the NFL these days. Game after game, week after week I see calls that are so blatantly bad it just makes me wonder; is the league office really that blind and dumb, or is something else going on? Is there another agenda in play here? The officiating is so egregiously slanted at times it’s almost WWF-like in nature. The players deserve better than this. The situation has gotten out of hand and needs to be addressed quickly.

  100. Add a metal circle, like a bullseye, in the middle of the uprights. The kicker has to kick the ball through the hoop in order to get the extra point.

    They can experiment with the size of the hoop until they get a size that makes the extra point have the desired level of difficulty.

    Maybe the extra point should have about an 80% chance rather than a 99% chance?

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