John Mara plans extension talks with Tom Coughlin


The Giants shuffled up their offensive coaching staff after the end of the regular season, but brought head coach Tom Coughlin back for the 2014 season.

That season is the final year of Coughlin’s contract and owner John Mara said Monday that he hopes it isn’t Coughlin’s final year as the coach of the Giants. Mara said he plans to sit down with Coughlin “at some point in the future” to discuss an extension that would keep Coughlin on the team’s sideline for several more years.

“In terms of Tom’s future, we haven’t even had that discussion yet,” Mara said on ESPN Radio, via the New York Daily News. “He’s obviously going to be our coach here next year and hopefully for longer than that, but we haven’t sat down to even talk about that yet. I think he’s just focused on getting the team ready for next year.”

Having a lame duck coach is typically something teams want to avoid, although it didn’t get in the way of the Giants landing Ben McAdoo, who generated plenty of interest around the league, as their new offensive coordinator. Any extension talks would likely include some discussion of Coughlin’s long-term plans since the 68-year old is already the oldest coach in the league, but it seems neither his advancing age nor two years out of the playoffs have done much to lessen Coughlin’s standing in the organization.

9 responses to “John Mara plans extension talks with Tom Coughlin

  1. Hope leadershipo makes it clear to Coughlin that the season starts in September, not November. I can’t imagine why his teams play like horseapples until they’re practically out of the race.

  2. Coughlin’s teams are usually fast starters and limp to the finish line but they are very rarely out of it as early as they were this year. However the team did rebound to win 7 of 10 games and they literally weren’t very good, so this year may have been Coughlin’s best year as a coach.

  3. I hope Cowher never sees the Giants sidelines except from a broadcast booth, and you think that the game has passed Coach Coughlin by? Thats why his teams have won the SB twice in the last 6 years against some would say the best coach and QB in the league. TC has forgotten more than a lot of these other coaches know. There is not a thing wrong with Tom Coughlin.

  4. As a life-long Giants fan, I admit, I have issues with TC, BUT, as soon as Mara finished his presser, and Gilbride retired, I knew something was coming and it would be good!
    McAdoo is our 36 year old hire, at OC, and brings in a new tone of attacking, up-tempo, offensive that Eli, {who has never actually had a QB coach with experience} finally gets one in one hire!
    Good job Tom! Age is like good wine, it gets better when you take care of business like he does!

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