Lions hire Lombardi as offensive coordinator, Joe that is


There’s a perception the Lions may settled for Jim Caldwell as their head coach.

But he’s already delivered a Lombardi.

According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, Caldwell has hired Saints quarterbacks coach Joe Lombardi as his offensive coordinator.

He is the grandson of some guy named Vince, who used to coach back in the day.

Joe Lombardi has been with the Saints since 2007, and became quarterbacks coach in 2009. It’s an under-the-radar hire, but Caldwell wasn’t exactly a splashy hire as head coach.

Putting a guy who has worked with Sean Payton and Drew Brees on a daily basis can only help as they try to fix Matthew Stafford.

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  1. Well, thats it for the run game…Plus Staff doesnt need help throwing for yards, he needs some structure..but, Im a optimist, hope this works out well for us lions fans.

  2. I was not impressed with the Caldwell hire, but I will give him his due, he is assembling what looks on paper like a really good coaching staff.

  3. cmsaint9 says: Jan 21, 2014 9:19 AM

    Stafford will be a top 3 fantasy QB in 2014.


    The Lions winning a playoff game is also a fantasy.

  4. This a great hire and if you do not who Vince Lombardi is please! This why Caldwell hire is great he is coming up with another great choice for OC! fooled the media!Yes!

  5. My only surprise is that it wasn’t the Vikings. They seem to love anything Packer related and it would have guaranteed them a Lombardi, the only one that they will ever see in Minneapolis.

  6. Its not surprising that Caldwell would hire a lesser known offensive coordinator so he would be able to have most of the offensive control kept to himself.

  7. The Lions figured hiring a Lombardi is probably the only way to avoid getting criticized by NFCN fans in the state to their west.

  8. That is not true a great coach hires the right people and has them all on the same page as all our great teachers sure he is an offensive mind! and he will have some say but to get that type of O/C is just what the doctor order and he will cal plays with in put from Caldwell and that not a bad thing two heads our better then one! Beside the best hire right now is love smith Tampa is number one and number two is Caldwell and the rest our behind them! SO much for the media and whiz boy did they get that wrong and he is next to last of the rating hires!LOL!

  9. So to recap:
    Our HC has only called plays in the NFL for roughly 1.3 seasons. Directing the 29th ranked offense in the NFL in his lone season having playcalling responsibility.
    Our apparent OC hire has never called plays in the NFL. From the look of his following coaching history, he has probably only ever called plays at the NCAA Division II level (Mercyhurst). But at least he has XFL experience on his resume.
    Our DC has never called plays at the NFL level and only has one year of DC experience, at the University of Florida.

    What could go wrong this year???? (if ever there was a need for a sarcasm font)

  10. Here are more stats that should concern every Lions fan out there, courtesy of Michael Rothstein at ESPN:
    By the numbers when Caldwell was a coordinator in Baltimore in the regular season (Week 15 2012-Week 17 2013):
    •Total yards: 26th (6,081)
    •Touchdowns: 28th (33)
    •Completion percentage: 22nd (58.7)
    •Yards per rush: 32nd (3.4)
    •Interceptions: 28th (25)
    •Turnovers: 19th (32)
    •First downs: 21st (355)
    I will gladly come back to PFT and eat crow if 2014 turns out to be a playoff year for my Lions, but I cannot help but be skeptical given Caldwell’s history and the lack of experience on his staff. I would consider it a major upset for the Lions to make the playoffs in 2014.

  11. Jim Caldwell should not receive all the blame for the Ravens dismal offense in 2013. The o-line was in shambles and as a result Ray Rice sputtered out of the gate. Anquan Bolden bolted for San Fran. Dennis Pitta missed most of the season and was missed sorley due to the fact that he’s Flaccos security blanket. Nobody gave Caldwell all the credit when they won the Super Bowl, nor should he receive all the blame for a crappy 2013.

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