Sherman: I’m frustrated my teammates didn’t get enough credit


Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman says there’s too bright a spotlight on himself, and not enough credit is given to the rest of the Seahawks.

In an interview with Donovan McNabb and Mark Malone on NBC Sports Radio, Sherman elaborated on his apology for taking attention away from his teammates, saying that he didn’t want his post-game comments toward Michael Crabtree to take away from all his teammates had done in the win over the 49ers. Sherman mentioned several teammates who should have received more credit than they did.

“It was a heated moment, it was an intense moment, just made a big play and our team just won a huge game,” Sherman said. “I’m a little frustrated by the attention that’s not being paid to my teammates. Marshawn Lynch had an incredible game. Earl Thomas had a great game. James Carpenter, our D-line, Bobby Wagner had 15 tackles, Doug Baldwin had over 100 yards. I just feel like it’s unfortunate that all those things are being overshadowed by what’s going on. That’s why I apologized, because I think my teammates deserved better.”

Sherman may now wish he hadn’t drawn so much attention to himself, but he made himself very famous with Sunday’s post-game rant. And he may make himself more famous at the Super Bowl.

189 responses to “Sherman: I’m frustrated my teammates didn’t get enough credit

  1. That’s the first thing I said when I saw his rant. It was all me, me, me….what about your team. I get it, the comments were made in the heat of the moment, right after the game. But have a little class and you wouldn’t spout off like that. You would have talked about your team. Take the high road for once in your life! Too late now.

  2. Looks like we’re going to be hearing a lot about Richard Sherman for the next two weeks.

    The Broncos have to love this. No one’s talking about them, just Sherman and Crabtree.

  3. There it is again : “I”. A whole bunch of “I”. Self promote much ? Don’t worry Dick, the entire team will be getting plenty of attention in the S.B.

  4. Well Richard, if the media want to concentrate on you, then you make damn sure they see you BIG during our next game. You shut down Archie’s kid, I guarantee you, the nets will find someone else to write about.

  5. After the interception Sherman was being a jerk and taunting Crabtree when he ran up to him and swatted his butt and held out his hand. It was by no means sincere. Let’s just get that straight from the start.

  6. SF has a tough defense, I kind of thought that SEA’s OL deserved some credit. Nobody ever gives those guys credit. Even their teammate Richard Sherman in effort to get the under-appreciated some appreciation they don’t even get a shout out. Those guys played a good game whatever their names are. I’m going to go look up the roster page and find out who those people are just out of curiosity. I bet Richard Sherman knows who they are, I figure they probably introduced themselves to him at some point when asking him for an autograph?

  7. The Seahawk fans should expect and brace for the worst case scenario next week, Broncos fans too for that matter. The national and international media is going to be all up in their business asking fully loaded questions with the intent to “get something” substantive to make headlines and sell papers or clicks on their website.

    A lot of players get prepped by their teams PR depts but always seem to step into doodoo. Especially on media day. Watch out for Artie Lang!

  8. Watch some old tape of Aeneas Williams then, Richard. Just as good a corner as you and clinched an NFC Championship game for his team like you.

    Consummate pro. You could learn something from how he carried himself.

  9. I guess being in control of your emotions after the game is sometimes as important as your mental focus during the game. Civilization has progressed thru the mutually agreed upon control of basic human emotions. Dick Sherman maybe a very smart person, but his emotional discipline is need of adjustment.

  10. Let me get this straight–you make a spectacle of yourself, then are “shocked, shocked” when the media focuses their attention on you?

  11. That was a great live tv moment. How can you blame a guy for being super-hyped after that game? The problem is what the media does with the information… like forget about the game.

  12. I think deep down this guy is a great dude I never met never will meet him and I know he is a good dude

  13. Good Trivia Question: Who intercepted the final pass from Kap that ended the game? Hint: It isn’t Sherman………The fact that no one talking about that person, nor the other great plays tells how one incident can get blown up and overshadow all. Sherman apologized and now just needs to refuse to discuss that play or incident for the next two weeks. He and the team needs to start to focus on the task at hand.

  14. And this is why you need to learn to control yourself in the heat of the moment. You caused this. You say you’re a good guy? Act like one. Stop throwing this at someone other than you and stop making excuses – say “I caused this. This is on me.”

    Go watch film of Walter Payton or Barry Sanders or Calvin Johnson or Peyton Manning or Heath Miller or the hundreds of guys who have come before you who not only play at an excellent level (as you do) but also play with class (which you don’t).

  15. Sherman screwed up, he’s admitted as much, he has tried to explain what he was thinking and he has apologized. Sure, now he has a target on his back, and that’s fair. But can we please get on to some other Super Bowl news?

  16. Sounds more like a plethora of 40-whiners fans posting here and crying over Sherman. Don’t like it, STHU, ignore it and move on like grown-ups do.

    We’re going to the SB people!

  17. Meanwhile,high in the Rocky Mountains,one of the greatest quarter backs of all time quietly studies film and makes the battle plan.

  18. Sad that Wilson is now a villian by proxy, the kid is all class. Sherman is an idiot who’s mouth made legions of NFL fans, Broncos fans for the next two weeks.

  19. I’m a big Seahawks and Richard Sherman supporter but I will just say this; ” as much as I enjoyed your rant Sunday night Richard, which almost scared the Andrews chick out of her thong ” I was struck immediately by this very same thing

    Instead of blowing steam off about your own personal problems with Crabtree Richard, you completely lost sight of the job the other 52 guys on your team did in getting you this final opportunity to make the big play

    And THANK GOD for Malcolm Smith !!!

  20. #25. QUIT yapping about it already!! No need to feed the media. You already showed all of America who you really are.

    Are you trying to become the Jerramy Stevens of SB XLVIII???

  21. I don’t think I’ve ever heard an NFL player openly diss another player the way Sherman did repeatedly in the post-game rant then at the press conference, calling Crabtree “mediocre.” If I was the coach, I’d cut him.

  22. This type of behavior is why I like hockey as much as I like football. Hockey guys score goals, fight, survive, and win and lose with as much intensity. It’s a classier game than football, as evidenced by this epidemic of me-me that is slowly ruining the sport.

    Just apologize and stop making excuses is what I think he should do. He made a fool of himself, when he should have been going to Disneyland, metaphorically.

  23. If Sherman doesn’t tip the ball the way he did the Seahawks might not have won the game. I don’t know of too many corners who have the presence of mind to tip the ball back into the field of play and no less right to his teammate. The guy made the biggest play of the game and was extremely clutch. All the people talking down to him are nothing but haters. You have my support Richard Sherman.

  24. Richard, you should feel bad. You forgot to give all the credit in the world, from that game, to the men wearing black & white stripes. Those guys worked hard for Seattle.

  25. I completely understand Sherman’s view on this. If you think you are the best, and someone tries to throw the GW TD on you when they hadn’t thrown your way ALL GAME, especially to a guy (Crabtree) whose own head coach said had the best hands of all time, that should make you feel disrespected. Not saying I support what he did, but obviously these guys have history.

    There was no need to apologize. You have to concede that Crabtree talks trash too. Imagine if the 49ers had one what the he and Harbaugh would be saying now.

  26. Sherman is frustrated taht his teammates didn’t get credit? Really?

    maybe Sherman should have given his teammates credit instead of acting like a low-class clown and talking about how great he is.

    Real teammates praise each other, not themselves.

    Way to show your true colors, Richard.

  27. From an Eagles fan, I sincerely wish you the best of luck Denver Broncos. You have a new fan for two weeks.

  28. And cue commenters jumping at him again. You guys love this, if you didn’t you wouldn’t be bashing him.

    You’re entertained. He’s got you wrapped around his finger like a new girlfriend. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even be here.

    I am entertained.

  29. This is a classic PR strategy, go back and mention all the things you should have mentioned in the first place and say you are sorry for not mentioning them.

    But to everybody who is not a PEDhawk fan, the cat is out of the bag. Sherman is a loudmouth, ungracious punk who just happens to play CB better than most. To the PEDhawk fan who tries to tell us that we all wish he were on our own team, I would say let’s wait a couple of weeks. In the history of the NFL, the loud mouth me-first players like Randy Moss and TO, they were never Superbowl winners and there is a reason for that. Their selfishness tends to throw off the good vibe of a locker room. And I am betting Sherman is of the same ilk.

  30. He just made his life miserable. He craves attention and he finally got his wish. Congrats moron the whole world finally knows you and you have been wanting this all your life. Unfortunately it is the wrong kind of attention and you will paying for this forever. #narcissist #clueless #sorryseattlefans.

  31. The guy is again trying to do and say the right things after being guilty of the unpardonable sin of being a bigmouth in a hyper-emotional moment – and all he gets is slammed for it on here. not sure what all the complainers want him to do.

    you just can’t please everyone.

  32. People can love or hate Sherman all they want but here’s the thing; the media are the ones dragging this whole thing out not him. He made the comments in the heat of the moment as happens sometimes and then he apologized. To me that should have been the end of it but the media has to just just beat the living hell out of it till it is nothing but redt mess on the floor. And I still think his point is valid and several people are getting overshadowed in all this

  33. Has nothing to apologise for the media made this bigger than should be. You shove a Mic in any real football player face right after a big play on a rival same story. Classless is the racism via twitter.

  34. Go ahead Richard, ride the high now while you can. Keep on talking, because I promise the day you hit hard times I’ll be there to both point it out to you and laughing your face. Reap what you sow

  35. The last few days have broken my faith in this site. I thought the readership was better than this. You guys realize football is a collision sport played by a bunch of emotional gladiators doing everything they can to physically and mentally dominate their opponent? I am so sad y’all can’t grow a pair and get over it.

  36. Thank you Richard Sherman. You’ve single-handedly taken your teams second only Super Bowl journey in it’s forgettable history and ruined it – no matter what you say or do from here on out. Not only did you forever taint it, you’ve turned the vast majority of the country against you and your team. If this were an election your team would lose. If your team does lose there will be glee everywhere! Even if you win, the 2013 Shehawks will always have your small minded, unneeded and uncalled for behavior tied to it. In short, it’s a lose, lose for you and your team. Thank you Dick!

  37. He’s right. No one is talking about what a monster Marshawn Lynch was that night. I’m not even sure he’s human.

  38. Erin Andrews was in no way scared during his rant. She has gone on the record as loving the raw emotion. And c’mon people, enough with this “class” “classless” “classy” crap. its the NFL/sports. if you want class, go to the opera or ballet. America has proven they want smash-mouth, in your face hard fought good ball playing. anybody who says different is delusional. not one of you would complain if your team somehow acquired him in free agency.

  39. After re-canting a little bit yesterday, and seeing video of how well he conducted himself when he didn’t have a mic thrust in his face 20 seconds after making a great play in a very competitive game against a hated rival that earned his team a trip to the Big One, I was trying to give Sherman a break.

    But once again he says something proving he still hasn’t learned how his mouth is his own worst enemy.

    Great player. Abrasive personality. Massive narcissist.

    He’s the Terrell Owens of the NFL. Funny how they both have the same amount of rings, and the equal likelihood of ever being in the HOF.

  40. Easy now 9er fans…..Sherm is young dude! I seem to remember a beloved tight end of yours that was so selfish his own coach kicked him off the field….shall we reset the “can’t win with them speech?…..he grew out of it and so will Sherm

  41. “Classy” fans talking about how they can’t wait for you to fail because you aren’t “classy” enough.

    The irony.

  42. In the history of the NFL, the loud mouth me-first players like Randy Moss and TO, they were never Superbowl winners and there is a reason for that.

    Ummm Deion Sanders???

    Even played the same position.

  43. Now the rest of the sports world is learning what all the NFC West teams already know. That Harbaugh is as duplicitous and two faced as can be. He CLEARLY delivers a blow and then celebrates it afterwards. They’re both cowards, Harbaugh and the “nameless” assistant. I hope it cost those cheats a draft pick.

  44. I find it to be hilarious that he was talking to McNabb about this. McNabb had a way of making it all about him without you realizing it. He was a much smarter version of Sherman.

  45. Even if you win, the 2013 Shehawks will always have your small minded, unneeded and uncalled for behavior tied to it. In short, it’s a lose, lose for you and your team. Thank you Dick!

    And thank you sir for the dumbest post of the day. I’m sure they’ll all look at their Super Bowl rings and be real pissed at Sherman.

    It’s ok though judging by your awesome name-calling your probably 12 so I’ll give you a pass.

  46. Sherman could very well be the best at his position, but because of his attitude I don’t know any non-Seattle fans that would want him on their team at any price. Imagine having to hear about this guy daily as a fan of the seahawks? It’s fairly remarkable how obnoxious this guy truly is. He’s like Irvin, T.O., and Ochocinco all rolled up in one and then turned up to 11.

  47. I don’t care about the crazy interview, but what really bothers me is how he loves to taunt and be the definition of a sore winner. Did he really need to run across the field to mock Crabtree? What about last year in the playoffs against the Redskins–trent williams should have laid him out. Please learn how to win with grace.

  48. What’s just as pathetic is all the classless Seattle fans coming to his defense. Oh wait they throw things at injured players. If they should somehow win the Super bowl it will be a sad day for the NFL.

  49. “I want to apologize to my teammates for taking attention away from them. Did I mention that I’m the Greats Cornerback in the Universe?”

  50. Sucking up to the teamates is srategy he will have to get use to since everyone across the nation saw for themselves what a self centered butt wipe he is. His teamates saw it too and it suck it up time for Sherman. The only thing that would make up for his b.s. is if he got hit by the team bus.

  51. Those of you hating on Sherman are people that have no confidence, aren’t driven, and most likely are lazy. This guy came from nothing, earned a degree from Stanford in 3 years, is working on his masters in communications now, writes for MMQB and espn, was overlooked and has a huge chip on his shoulder. Get back to me if you EVER hear a teamate, or later in his career maybe an ex teamate say he was anything but a great dude, teamate, friend.

  52. Let’s all jump all over the guy like every single one of has never acted out of character about anything ever in our lives.

    The guy just made the biggest play in the biggest game of his life to this point, sending his team to the superbowl, against a bitterly hated division rival and a guy who had been talking trash on him all week and who previously tried to pick a fight with him. But lets all judge him for being fired up and hyped on raw unfiltered emotion and adrenaline seconds after the game.

    Plus lets all eschew the fact that he’s devoted more of his personal time and money to more charity work than all of us combined and disregard all of those hours and dollars given, and we’ll instead judge his character on those 10 or so seconds at probably the most emotionally heightened instance of his life. Yep, totally reasonable of us. Hate on.

  53. With all the vicious comments made about the Seahawks since before the season began, it’s obvious Sherman didn’t have to say a word: everybody would still hate on the ‘hawks (but praise RW3, of course).

    This is just getting better and better. Rant on.

  54. Classless goes to clueless. Amazing and they keep telling me how smart he is and we’ll soon see the sob fluff piece about how he grew up walking barefoot in the snow to school both ways and they’ll interview the guy he helped change a tire with and all that other horsehockey they will do in the interest of trying to undo the damage he did to himself and his team. What a loser. What a selfish loser.

  55. he acts like a jack ass then feels bad that his teammates didn’t get enough credit. 3 days and they keep talking about him the guy who made 1 play. sorry im a ram fan didnt matter to me who won but now in spite of the fact that i truly detest the 49ers i wish they had won. and in spite of the fact that i should be rooting for my division and my conference i find myself rooting for the broncos thanks sherman!! you JACK ASS

  56. It would’ve been hilarious if the 49ers had been awarded a touchdown on that game-ending interception. I’m sure Golden Tate would have been fine with it. You know, because he’s been on the other end of a similar call.

  57. Awwwww I opened my big mouth and grabbed the spotlight from my teammates!! Why did you let me do that ERIN EDWARDS you EVIL Fox Reporter!!! Why Why oh why!!!! LOL @ Poor poor Richard Sherman!!

  58. After all the close ups of Dick Sherman I have to wonder, anyone ever see him and Aaron Hernandez’s girlfriend together in one place?

  59. Too bad carolina didn’t make to the nfc championship game. It would had been interesting to watch him and steve smith line up across from each other. Id imagine they would be ejected by the 1st half.

  60. Hey Sherman, u remember ty hilton burning u for over 200 yards earlier this year, yr no shutdown corner

  61. In moments like those don’t you think your true feelings come out?

    Much more so than in a scripted statement read from a podium the next day.

    Sherman, you are what you said you were.

  62. How about an apology to the actual people & organization you insulted???(hint: Crabtree & 49ers)
    Those who have made mistakes….which is all of us…..we make amends to the people we directly insulted first & then secondary people affected as well. You don’t play sneaky politics with your apologies by addressing them to your teammates….got that?!!!?

  63. I have no love for the Seasquawks but it’s nice hearing a player not willing to engage in the post game canned comments.

    For some reason, I don’t think Wes Welker is coming gunning for Sherman. At least not too obviously.

  64. He is a joke! Without his drugs this season he was the second most with pi calls in the whole league. Falling quick! Better save your money punk the ride is almost over.

  65. For someone who boldly proclaims he’s “better at life” than everyone else, Sherman seems to be frustrated, denying he’s a villain and apologizing an awful lot.

    I’m not sure, but a lot of us who are “worse at life” than Sherm aren’t engaging in such backpedaling.

  66. Apology = damage control.

    No organization wants negative publicity. Especially when they’re paying you a ridiculous salary to present yourself a certain way.

    And spare me the youth excuse. Russell Wilson is going to the Super Bowl too and still managed to not take the focus off his team.

    That being said, GO BRONCOS!

  67. This thing is being so overblown. What he said wasn’t even a big deal. It’s a rivalry & in that rivalry there’s a rivalry between him & their receiver. I get sick of all the after game praising anyway. It’s boring. Gimme that old school hate son!

  68. So many perfect people here. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words they’ll never hurt you …

    Oh, right. They did.

  69. The NFL wants it’s players to act with humility and grace. Don’t they have a whole orientation for the rookies on how to conduct themselves as an NFL player? We see two teams every single year win AFC and NFC championship games and players who stood out and made great plays in those games get interviewed afterwards. I haven’t seen any of those players give such a classless (that’s right I’m bringing up that word again just like everybody else is, because that’s what it was, classless) interview! Everybody keeps talking about this Sherman interview being classless because the NFL has trained us to expect its players to act with class! And when they don’t we all talk about it because it’s not what were used to seeing from these players! If Sherman is so frustrated that his team isn’t getting the attention they deserved then he should have acted like we all expect an NFL to act! Poor Sherman can’t express himself like he wants on national tv with out backlash! You get paid a lot of money to play the sport you love so just be the player we all expect you to be and deal with it! The rest of us common people make way less than you do and have much harder things to deal with!

  70. noladat says:Jan 21, 2014 8:35 PM

    He is a joke! Without his drugs this season he was the second most with pi calls in the whole league. Falling quick! Better save your money punk the ride is almost over.

    He did lead the NFL in interceptons this season. I don’t think he should be to concerned with you post……

  71. I was going to pull for the Seahawks in the Superbowl, but the last thing I want is for Sherman to be rewarded for being a full forced jerk.

    It was kinda sad to pull for the Seahawks all game with my son, and then have him tell me isn’t he on the team we wanted to win daddy. I said yea, but we made a mistake. Being a Lions fan this is not my first mistake, but I am used to classy guys like Sanders, and Calvin Johnson, so Sherman kinda caught me off guard.

    What can I say other than GO BRONCOS!!!!!!

  72. Sherman has issues dude has a history has gotten into it with Roddy White, Williams, Brady, now Crabtree i am sure there are a bunch of others. It is quite clear he gloats and tries to rub it in when his team wins but disappears when they loose. No respect for that.

  73. Sherm wants to come up the hill I’ll throw some Filets on the fire. You Whiners can come too, there’s plenty of cans of dog food down in the basement for y’all.

  74. I’m frustrated your fans are still crying as if they had a one sided officiated game just stolen from them. I expected the niners fans to be the crybabies here. Never thought anyone could make me cheer Manning let alone hope he throws 6-8 TD passes. Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people.

  75. bigdon76 says:Jan 21, 2014 8:50 PM

    what do you guys expdct dick sherman to do. its not like anyones ever been interviewed right after a game. #playwithemotionbutcontrolit

  76. peytonsneck18 says:
    Jan 21, 2014 8:29 PM
    Hey Sherman, u remember ty hilton burning u for over 200 yards earlier this year, yr no shutdown corner
    Only 2 catches on Sherman. Also, he led the NFL in interceptions and was targeted the least, thus earning first team all pro honors. Yeah, he’s kind of the epitome of a shutdown corner. Let me know which corner never allowed a catch or yards, since that is apparently your definition of a shut down corner.

  77. usdcoyotesfan says: Jan 21, 2014 8:11 PM

    It would’ve been hilarious if the 49ers had been awarded a touchdown on that game-ending interception. I’m sure Golden Tate would have been fine with it. You know, because he’s been on the other end of a similar call.


    This is where the conversation departs from reality.

    The Tate-Jennings play was a contested simultaneous catch by two players, the Sherman-Crabtree-Smith play yesterday wasn’t even close. The officials ruled the Tate-Jennings play resulted in a touchdown, the Sherman-Crabtree-Smith did not result in a touchdown.

    In what way are these two plays even remotely ‘similar’? Or do the 49ers simply get a charity TD because you hate Seattle?

  78. Hey Richard: Watch Jerry Rice, A Football Life next week and take some lessons on how the great ones carry themselves.

  79. Sherman is a smart guy. He’s the NFL’s answer to Miley Cyrus. This is a well rehearsed “controversy” designed by a Stanford communications grad. He’s going to make a lot of money selling headphones, and a plethora of other goods. Until someone decides they’ve had enough and takes out his knees.

    I’m in no way condoning violence, but we’ve all seen enough NFL games to know there are “enforcers” out there willing to get dirty.

  80. Congrats Dick Sherman. You single handedly assured that the rest of the nation will now be cheering for the Broncos instead of the jerk you are.

  81. I say they trade him to New England next year and let’s see if he does any more of these interviews. Bill Bellicheck would silence this guy (punk) quickly.
    A real professional let’s his play do all the talking for him. Darelle Revis never gave an interview like that and he’s been THE BEST cornerback in the NFL for a long time.

  82. This is great.

    You mean you won’t cheer for Seattle? Oh no!

    What’s best about this is that Seattle has played best all year when they had a chip on their shoulders. Now all you idiots are stoking that fire.

    Sorry Peyton, gonna be cold and painful.

    Peyton will thrown THREE picks and have a fumble in a surprisingly easy Hawks win.

  83. What’s the matter Dick…’re starting to sound as pathetic as your fans. You win with no class just like your organization. Now your worried your teammates didn’t get enough attention? Maybe you should think before you talk just like your fans….oh wait.

  84. let’s see here, they shove a mic in his face as fast as they can get to him, right after an extremely emotional play, plus the fact he was getting into it with Crabtree, his emotions and testosterone running at fever pitch and we all act shocked by his emotional ranting. People need to get a grip. If you take a little time to know more about him you will find a pretty decent intelligent man. Sure his mouth may be a little much, but there are a lot worse things to get upset about.

  85. Sherman’s bush league “choke sign” guaranteed his teammates that they wouldn’t be getting any credit. It’s all about Sherman’s big mouth and childish behavior. And he has regrets? Not likely.

  86. this Douche is stealing the limelight from his team, and here’s the reality of his actions. When Bowman got carted, the nation cringed and felt horrible to see an elite, a classy player who gives every bit of himself on every play, go down like that.

    Someday, sherman will go out on a stretcher for knee or a neck injury, and noone will give a damn. the majority will probably have a smile ear to ear. good job being the guy that made a pass deflection in a playoff game, but. good bye. good riddance.

  87. rhabdodontidae says:
    Jan 21, 2014 6:16 PM
    Watch some old tape of Aeneas Williams then, Richard. Just as good a corner as you and clinched an NFC Championship game for his team like you.

    Consummate pro. You could learn something from how he carried himself.


    Who’s Aeneas again?

  88. If you think he’s angry now, wait until his career is over… “I said Thinly sliced!! THINLY!!! That’s the BEST way!!!”

    Dude needs a handler. “Mr Sherman is deep in thought and he will comment at the appropriate time.”

  89. If he was actually ready to win the biggest game of his life, he’d be thinking ahead to giving credit to his teammates for being Super Bowl champs.

  90. Seahawk fans r just as arrogant and
    Ignorant as your team
    If u think u won that game straight and fair ur delusional. The refs gave u that game like always
    N sherman is a real piece of ****
    If ur best shut up people will notice
    now everyone hates u and ur team good going
    Peyton is gonna light ur mouth up come superbowl

  91. So many perfect people here. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words they’ll never hurt you …

    Oh, right. They did.


    What??!!! I’m the best commenter on the Internet!! Come at me with these weak comments and this is what you get!! Don’t you ever talk about me!!

  92. I enjoy watching Richard Sherman. He might be the best defensive player in the football today. He is definately the best DB. And a great person off the field too. It’s too bad he forgot his teammates for a second but people’s reaction to this is over the top crazy and smells like racism to me. These are actual real human beings we are watching out there and heaven forbid one goes off script for a moment.

  93. SO many folks here that want YOU to know:
    THEY think RS is a low class narcissist! Did you read it…or do they have to type it AGAIN!?


  94. SO many folks here want YOU to know:
    THEY think RS is a classless NARCISSIST! Did you read that? They’ll MAKE SURE you DO by entering it AGAIN under another pseudonym!


  95. ncheelsboysfan says:
    Jan 21, 2014 8:15 PM

    Awwwww I opened my big mouth and grabbed the spotlight from my teammates!! Why did you let me do that ERIN EDWARDS you EVIL Fox Reporter!!!
    Who the hell is Erin Edwards?

  96. Yeh Sherm, big play, big moment, heated rivalry, whatever.

    Something you obviously didn’t get from your Stanford education was, learning the meaning of Good Sportsmanship.

    Nice play.
    We get it.
    Show some class.

    Good game.

  97. Easily angered or annoyed?


    Go ahead and google up known side effects of SeADDERALL…

    This is the monster you’ve created, Doc Carroll.

    By the way, REAL GREAT athlethes let their actions speak for themselves.

  98. Sherman has a pattern. He baits people, and some like Trent Williams and Michael Crabtree slap him. Then, Sherman immediately looks around to see who saw it, and whines. You know the type

  99. You know Navarro Bowman got something thrown at him… but theres more to that story just like the Sherman/Crabtree story.

    YouTube it. Navarro Bowman took a kids sign during the warm ups, ripped it, and threw it on the ground.

    Not gonna say that throwing popcorn at an injured player is right even after you ripped a sign, but theres alot more going on behind these stories than what the public sees at a glance.

  100. norvisalittlerat says: Jan 21, 2014 6:10 PM

    Sherman is the new Neon Deion.
    Except not as good. Do it for 10+ more years plus and return punts too.

  101. So, Rick James is frustrated that his teammates aren’t getting credit? It’s funny how the Broncos aren’t having this problem. And they have the best player to probably ever play the game on their team in Peyton Manning. And, one of the best to ever play his position in Champ Bailey.

    Rick James, you should go back and watch the play that Talib got injured on. Now, imagine D. Thomas coming your way. It’s going to happen. Your punk backfield mates like to do dirty tricks after the plays like use an opponent to lean on to get up, or after a player is down, hit them in the head with your knees, or when the player is on the ground, try to gouge their eyes. This will be paid back in one game. Go Broncos.

  102. I can’t believe how the media is taking some of the worst most selfish behavior ever witnessed live on TV and coming up with excuses for this sorry human being.

    This was NOT some ‘planned’ event to get into people’s heads as some media now scheme. This was a total jerk, being himself and leveraging Peter King’s MMQB column to attempt to explain himself.

    Like the Seattle fans, this goes beyond some brash talk into the height of despicable, poor sportsmanship.

    No humility. EZ to hate. #ME HAWKS

  103. GO HAWKS!!!! We the 12’s got you! Its ironic the NFL fines Lynch 50k for not talking to the media yet now some people are mad at Sherm. CMON MAN , hawks o-line

    76-Russ Okung (pro bowl)
    60-Max Unger (pro bowl)
    67-Paul M
    then we got Bailey,Bowie and JP===Bailey was the TE Lynch ran into on the way the 40 Yard TD. Bailey had a great block on that.

  104. And you still are a distraction. Its over so just shut your big mouth already. Every time you open your taking attention away from team and putting it on yourself. You said you are sorry once so just shut up.

  105. You can’t act-out for all of the attention then publicly feel sorrow for taking all of it away from your team.

    Grow up and learn how to act.

  106. countyk66ers says:
    Jan 21, 2014 6:36 PM

    The guy has passion

    I think you’re confusing passion with roid rage. This guy is an embarassing version of T.O. It’s clear that the hammer is swinging and his fall will be far when it comes. Likely a year or two after this SB win. I feel bad for the team that overpays for this guy later on. He played that ball perfectly, but the excessive holding, extreme divaism, and positive PED test result are huge red flags for this guy.

  107. The spotlight was not given to you. You took it away from your team. That’s enough Mr. Sherman, you said what YOU wanted to say, you evoked how you felt when you made a great play, and you have shown, time and again, and most recently last showed what kind of person you are by your talk and actions.

    In my opinion, of course, you would be better served just keeping quiet until after the SB. Anything and everything you say between now and then would be construed towards your lack of class.

  108. Boy there are sure a bunch of 40whiner losers here ready to unload on anyone and anything for CHOKING.

    What happened is a perfect example of why the NFL needs to ban all reporter/player contact for at least five minutes after the last gun.

    I recall a simple lesson: “He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.”

  109. Let me get this straight. Sherman rails agains the opposition players and talks about how he is the greatest player….. totally ignoring his teammates… and has the gall to say that his teammates should get more credit.

    What a self-serving jerk. No class.

  110. Sherman exhibited some classic signs of Adderall use, such as:

    Believing things that are not true
    Feeling unusually suspicious of others
    Mania (frenzied or abnormally excited mood)
    Aggressive or hostile behavior

    Not only was Sherman caught taking Adderall, but he’s obviously still taking it. Cheat Carroll is so proud.

  111. Sherman is a classless jerk that takes banned substances (adderall) to help his play. His post game rants were fueled by the Adderall. HEre are classic symptoms of Adderall abusers:

    Believing things that are not true
    Feeling unusually suspicious of others
    Hallucinating (seeing things or hearing voices that do not exist)
    Mania (frenzied or abnormally excited mood)
    Aggressive or hostile behavior

  112. I’d like to hear Sherman tell the Truth … that he did make a good play to tip the ball, but Lady Luck was shining on him and no 49er was nearby to catch the tipped ball for the winning TD. If that had happened, everybody would be blaming Sherman for being the Goat of the Game. With your back turned, you don’t know what is going to happen when you tip the ball up in the air like that. Fortunately for him, a teammate came running over to catch the ball. Sherman is fully aware that things broke his way on that tip, but I doubt we will ever hear him say it. Has he ever given credit to his teammate for running over to catch the tip? Has he ever said, “Man, I’m so glad a 49er wasn’t nearby to grab that tip that hung in the air for quite a while!”.

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