Talib tried to stiff arm media after Sunday’s loss

Getty Images

Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib has become a bit of a sympathetic figure in the wake of Sunday’s AFC title game.  Injured early on an alleged pick play by Broncos receiver Wes Welker that Pats coach Bill Belichick regarded as a deliberate attempt to injure, the guy who has allegedly victimized others away from the field emerged from the game as the victim.

Coupled with his ability to stay out of trouble during his one-plus year in New England, the looming free agent could be in line for a much bigger payday than the one-year, $5 million deal he signed after hitting the market last March.

But Talib still has a bit of a wild child streak in him.  After Sunday’s game, Bart Hubbuch approached Talib for comment.  Per Hubbuch, Talib said, “Get out of my face, mutherf–ker.”

(If Richard Sherman had said something like that, the Twitter servers would have spontaneously combusted.)

Talib then tried to leave the locker room, but a team official made him stay and talk, in compliance with NFL policy.

Which means that Talib won’t be fined for refusing to talk.  He possibly will be fined for the comment he directed to Hubbuch.