Taped phone call seems to gut claims against Arian Foster


Last week, a report surfaced regarding a lawsuit against Texans running back Arian Foster arising from allegations that he harassed a woman whom he had impregnated to have an abortion.

This week, the same outlet that broke the news of the lawsuit has broken news that seems to debunk it.

According to TMZ, the woman told Foster in a tape-recorded phone call that she never feared him.

“I’m not going to sit here and be like okay with . . .  those papers said, ‘harassment,’ like ‘in fear.’ I was never in fear of my life around you,” Brittany Norwood reportedly said.  “Like, I didn’t f–king need a restraining order.”

It’s unclear how the audio was created and obtained by TMZ.  If the conversation was secretly recorded by Foster or someone else, a question arises regarding the application of wiretapping laws, based where Norwood and Foster were physically located at the time the call was made, and based on whether one or both of them knew the comments were being recorded.

TMZ reports that Norwood separately was contacted for comment, and that Norwood said she didn’t recall the conversation.

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  1. Again this is tabloid fodder and nothing to do with the NFL, this site has become an extension of tmz ridiculous and no I’m not a Texan fan nor an Arian foster can .

  2. Expectation of privacy. Unless someone, anyone, says they’re taping the call, like when the automated voice says “being recorded for training purposes,” you have an expectation of privacy.

  3. Both parties involved sound like classy human beings. Fatherless phenoms with learning disabilities make for good athletes but few become good people.

  4. Texas is a single party consent state in terms of recording conversations. Presumably Foster or Norwood knew of (and consented) to the recording, and, if so, that’s all that’s necessary for it to be legal. If a third party recorded the conversation without the consent of either party, it was not legal, but as long as one person in the conversation knew of (and consented to) the recording, if the conversation occurred in Texas, it’s legal.

  5. In Texas only one party to the conversation has to consent to the recording. You can tape a conversation you are a party to without informing the other party.

  6. gohometrolls says:

    Again this is tabloid fodder and nothing to do with the NFL, this site has become an extension of tmz ridiculous and no I’m not a Texan fan nor an Arian foster can


    Player news is part of the NFL

    and TMZ, in spite of being a trashy reality rag, is almost always right when they report real news….. strange but true

  7. Watched a documentary on Netflix the other night that showed Arian Foster admitting to accepting kick backs in college. Thought that was interesting

  8. I am sorry. I disagree with many comments. Yes foster made a mistake not protecting himself in the beginning and not making better decisions… but it happens every day. However, someone who is high profile like him and has money and fame as he does is a target for girls like Norwood. And how can she NOT LOOK UP OR KNOW that foster was married. They both screwed up, but she could have protected herself from getting pregnant too. Finally, Foster had every right to tape conversations between him and her after she files a suit against him. I would have done the same thing….

  9. Suck for him, but if he cheated on his wife I don’t have much sympathy. Why dome of these young guys get married is beyond me.

  10. Between the NSA and government informants GoogleFacebookTwitter, does anyone have any reasonable expectation of privacy unless they’re marooned with Lex Luther, Otis and Miss Tessmacher on a deserted island?

  11. Even if she misrepresented him to the press it will not relieve him from 18 years of misery and pain. She’s punched her meal ticket and he is an idiot for not wrapping things up. Why to these playas keep thinking it happens to the other guy not them.

    He’s only angry because she was demanding money money money as soon as that thingy she bought at the drugstore turned blue or whatever it did.

    You can play Lotto for a lifetime and hit nothing. These guys still don’t get it, that the odds are so much better and easier than Lotto for these womenz on a one night stand. In 10 years he’ll be running to the judge to reduce child support because he’s a broke a$$ fool and can’t afford it.

  12. That’s very disconcerting to know that only one party has to consent to a call being taped in Texas.

  13. no judge should ever award these ovulating, scheming, skanks more than what’s needed to help feed, cloth these kids, who THEY planned to bring into this world. stop awarding these tramps… and yes, these guy need to keep it zipped. Did you know these skanks even have their own web site to track down athletes & instruct how to seduce / score baby momma money?

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