Texans holding the line on ticket prices


After a season that started with two wins and ended with 14 straight losses, the Houston Texans have opted not to increase their ticket prices for the 2014 season.  The team announced on Tuesday the decision to stand pat.

Some would say that last year’s performance should compel a drop in prices.

As it stands, the Texans average general ticket price will be $86.39 per ticket.  For 2013, that was 12th in the league.

The team has sold out 122 straight games.  With a new coach and undoubtedly a new quarterback and plenty of talented players, the Texans should be much better next season.

Which likely means the prices will go up again in 2015.

10 responses to “Texans holding the line on ticket prices

  1. With having the 1st pick in the draft they have all the flexibility they need to go from worst to first. This team has an opportunity to dominate the next 10 years of football if they make the right choices from this point forward. Those ticket prices should be skyrocketing in the near future.

  2. Texans ticket buyers deserve a refund after that pathetic season. I haven’t seen a team that putrid since the suck for Luck Colts. The difference being the Texans actually have a lot of talent which makes their terrible record all the more disgusting.

  3. The Falcons and the Texans are two teams that will be drafting WAY higher this spring than they should based on their talent already in house. Translation: Look for both of those teams to bounce back extremely strong in 2014.

  4. Eventually NFL stadiums are going to full of nothing but corporate businessmen. Why pay almost $90.00 for cheap seats, plus parking and food, when I can sit on my recliner in the comforts of my own home and the view on my tv is better than those of the cheap seats?

  5. What was funny is how about 90% of Texans fans were talking about Super Bowl at the beginning of the year. They talk so much trash….. celebrating a freaking division win…. as if that was a Super Bowl.

  6. The NFL is over priced to say the least..

    In 1975, a average seat sold for about $35 in inflation adjusted 2013 dollars.

    Now it’s NINETY DOLLARS. That means a family of 4 will probably pay upwards of $450 after parking food etc.

    Is the NFL experience in stadiums (that we pay for with tax dollars most of the time btw) almost triple what it was way back when?

    Wow are teams taking advantage of the fans.

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