A ninth Niner passed on Pro Bowl

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Eight of the original eight San Francisco Pro Bowlers passed on a chance to go to Honolulu. As it turns out, a ninth Niner said no, too.

Joining the eight who won’t be joining the NFL’s all-stars is safety Donte Whitner.

Per a league source, Whitner was the original choice to replace Seahawks safety Earl Thomas after Seattle qualified for the Super Bowl.  But Whitner declined due to injury — opening a spot for Giants safety Antrel Rolle.

Some 49ers (like linebacker NaVorro Bowman, guard Mike Iupati, and running back Frank Gore) have injuries that would prevent them from playing in the Pro Bowl.  Others have injuries that likely wouldn’t prevent them from suiting up for a game that matters.

Still, there will be at least one gold helmet with red decals in Hawaii.  Rookie safety Eric Reid will replace Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor.

35 responses to “A ninth Niner passed on Pro Bowl

  1. Tom Brady is still a jerk, pompous, sore loser because he doesn’t want to show up for this meaningless, no stars,

    Everyone else gets a pass because they’re tired and don’t wanna go!!

    Don’t worry haters, I saved ya the trouble.

  2. Invitations to the Pro Bowl should be accepted or declined by the end of the Wild Card round of the playoffs. Scrambling to find eight players is absurd.

  3. Why is it assumed that Reid will play? He should show some solidarity to the team and go to the Pro Bowling party the team is having. Bowling and pizza and sodas and we watch the crappy Pro Bowl game, it’s a blast!

  4. Whatever. The Niners had a lot of players picked for the Pro Bowl, theyve got a couple players hurt and they’re all p*ssed about not going to the Superbowl. We get it already.

    Next topic please. There’s a Senior Bowl going on this weekend and since the fans of 30 teams are a lot more interested in who stands out there than in what the 2 Superbowl teams are doing on their off week — or the joke known as the Pro Bowl for that matter — might I suggest some coverage of that?

  5. The reason all these 49ers are passing on the Pro Bowl is because Jim Harbaugh has inculcated a culture of whining in San Francisco. Babies didn’t win the NFC championship so babies wanna go home and cry.

    Boo. Hoo.

  6. bostonian13 says:
    Jan 22, 2014 10:39 AM
    Tom Brady is still a jerk, pompous, sore loser because he doesn’t want to show up for this meaningless, no stars,

    Everyone else gets a pass because they’re tired and don’t wanna go!!

    Don’t worry haters, I saved ya the trouble.

    Heaven forbid he makes room for someone who actually wants to be there.

  7. So Jim Hairball and the whiners are sad. Oh well, good thing you lost your last game or you immature crybabies might have a hissy fit again and boycott the SB. This doesn’t apply to those w/ legit injuries, only the rest of the whiners.

  8. If they are going to continue this FARCE of a game and have players use it on their RESUME’ even if they don’t play then they should fine them if they opt out. Pay them $50,000 to play and fine them $100,000 if not.

  9. Getting to the Pro Bowl used to be an honor for great achievements that season. Now it’s a farce with very mediocre players selected due to all the players who don’t bother showing up. I hope the Hall of Fame doesn’t take “Pro Bowl” invites years from now when assessing players.

  10. Great for Reed, he earned the trip, but I can’t blame players for not wanting to play in that Toilet Bowl. It amazes me how hard Goodell pushes for this worthless game yet he continues to try and take away what makes this game great.

    Fantasy football is for kitties.
    The Probowl is just a friendly softball game between friends, who cares?

    Ridiculous rule changes watering down the game.

    All this is, is fluff, not Football.

    Save Pro Football – Impeach Roger Goodell for tarnishing the shield!

  11. What a joke!

    How many players that were “invited” to the Pr0-Bowl have now declined to attend? It seems that the players are as disappointed in this game and it’s “new” format as the fans are.

    I didn’t think it was possible to make this game/achievement any less meaningful. I guess I was wrong….

  12. Maybe the Pro Bowl should only be open to retired players. It would generate a lot more interest than the farce we have now.

  13. I wonder if this is some passive aggressive protest of the officiating during that game in Seattle.

  14. What a bunch of sore losers.

    Whitner blows anyways…getting blown up consistently should not put you in the pro-bowl. Lil Donte, always being overrated.

  15. At this point it seems like every player in the league not named Lavonte David, who is only an AP 1st team all pro who finished this season as one of the very best defensive players in all of football, was given an invite to Hawaii.

    What a joke.

  16. 1. Stop blaming Goodel

    The Pro Bowl hasn’t been relevant for 20 years now, that’s not Goodell’s fault.

    2. Todays players are not selfish, inconsiderate or bitter when it comes to the Pro Bowl! Years ago players went and the game was more competitive because the players needed the MONEY, not because they were honored to play. Players don’t need the money or risk of injury in a meaningless game today. Let the Pro Bowl go by the way of the Super Bowl Champs vs College All Stars.

    3. I just read that Goodell (the NFL) may consider abolishing the extra point, that would be great, also while they are at it; take the challenge flag away from Coaches and make all TDs, Receptions, Fumbles and Recoveries, Helmet to Helmet hits, Inbounds vs Out of bounds plays, Questionable judgment calls re viewable

    4. Also, I think the league would be even more exciting and interesting if the divisions were more regional and yes some teams would have to move from the AFC to NFC and vise versa.

    1. (SF, SEA, OAK, SD)

    2. (ARI, DEN, STL, KC)

    3. (N.E., BUF, JETS, GIANTS)

    4. (ATL, JAX, MIA, TB)

    5. (CLE, CIN, PIT, PHL)

    6. (GB, CHI, DET, MIN)

    7. (DAL,HOU,N.O,TEN)

    8. (BAL, WAS, IND, CAR)

    I think the in state rivalries would increase and the league could still do home and away games for previous rivals and there would be 4 games left per season to have cross division and conference games

  17. Guys who don’t go to the game are actually helping NFLPA members who are named as replacements. These guys usually have bonus $ tied to Pro Bowl participation – even if it’s as a reserve… 2nd, 3rd, 4th string etc.

    So Alex Smith loves Brady right now.

  18. When did all these snivelling, simpering Vikings fans come crawling out of the woodwork?

  19. Just imagine the amount of whining and crying about “snubs” and “disrespect” from all of these very same players next year, if they should NOT be voted in to the pro-bowl.

    Players that choose not to participate should be disqualified from selection for the following year. Hey, what do they care, they wouldn’t go anyway.

  20. Should be called the replacement bowl. Gödel is a blind fool, either make these players play or stop the bowl game.

  21. The Pro Bowl isn’t that big a deal. sorry, but it is much a do about nothing! all it is is a chance for a player to get hurt in a game that is meaningless. if i were selected I wouldn’t participate unless the League issured me with a million dollar policy.

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