Broncos reacted to Belichick’s claims with “laughter”


So how did the Broncos truly react to the contention from Patriots coach Bill Belichick that Denver receiver Wes Welker deliberately targeted New England cornerback Aqib Talib?

With “laughter,” according to Vic Lombardi of CBS 4 in Denver, who joined PFT Live on Wednesday.

Lombardi scoffed at the image of Welker, who suffered a pair of concussions this year, serving as “Knuckles Malone” for a Broncos team with much larger men like Julius Thomas and Demaryius Thomas, who could have done far more damage to Talib if that was the goal.

Other topics included the decision of offensive coordinator Adam Gase to advise the Browns he’ll be remaining in Denver, quarterback Peyton Manning’s preparations for playing in the New Jersey elements, and the question of whether the Broncos can match the physicality of the Seahawks.

18 responses to “Broncos reacted to Belichick’s claims with “laughter”

  1. BB does not like Welker.

    THAT dropped pass, perhaps?

    Or the ‘way to compete’ comment after BB had asked him the Wally Pipp deal.

    Welker is way overrated anyway. So is Amendola. If Edelman can stay healthy, he is better than both.
    Too bad Edelman will never make the money those two made.

  2. Rodney Harrison cheap-shotting receivers is cool in Bill’s book.

    But a simple block and his sissy corner getting hurt isn’t cool in his book?

  3. As an NFL official said…it was the most aggressive pick he has ever seen, was illegal since the ball was in the air, therefore should of been a flag and probably a fine as well. Look at the snapshots, the ball is right above their heads. Karma hurts Wes, keep that head on a swivel as you never know whats coming!

  4. All I am saying is Welker better not try that against a Seahawk defender…. He will likely get hurt and be put out of the game….. The Seahawks are not soft like AFC teams.

  5. People who think Welker deliberately targeted Talib, risking a THIRD concussion, and possibly missing the Super Bowl, are simply choking on sour grapes.

    Any clear thinking individual can see that.

    At the very least I used to respect Belichick for putting together a great team, but in recent years he has shown that he is one of the poorest sports I have ever seen.

    I don’t know of any coach in the NFL that acts like him after a loss, or at all to be honest.

    His poor attitude and apathetic demeanor are going to end up being his legacy.

  6. As a Pats fan, this was bad form. There’s no way that Wes Welker, as professional as he is, would ever do something like take another player out on purpose.

  7. Oh no! What will the Hoody and and the rest of the NFL’s inner circle think about all your guys “tainted legacy” views BB? Oh that’s right, no one will care and he will go down as the greatest NFL coach of all time. Hahah!

  8. Undoubtedly, Belechik is still cheating, but less effectively since so many eyes are on him now, and he’s bitter he can’t reach the finish line anymore.

  9. Belichick is mad because Welker stopped drinking the Patriot Kool-Aid… If Welker was a loyal player, he would have continued to play for N.E. for less money forever… or at least until he was used up, and then he’d be tossed aside.

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