Cold temperatures will linger in New Jersey through next week


The 10-day forecast at has yet to encompass Super Sunday.  The window currently available shows that it will be — drum roll, please — cold in East Rutherford through next Friday.

There’s no high temperature higher than freezing over the next 10 days.  As a result, any of the 12 inches or so of snow that fell on Tuesday will have to be moved or artificially melted.

And more snow could be coming, twice.

The current forecast calls for a 40-percent chance of snow on Saturday the 25th, followed by a 60-percent chance of snow on Friday the 31st.

A sudden heat wave is unlikely for February 2, when Punxsutawney Phil emerges from his lair in the morning and Pascagoula Peyton suits up for several hours of football under the nighttime New Jersey sky.

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  1. Horrible decision to put a Super Bowl here. This game should be about the best teams/players winning, with the elements not factoring in. I know, this is football, but in the league’s biggest showcase, having Peyton Manning not being able to throw the ball because of nasty temperatures or 30 MPH winds is just stupid.

    With that said, I’m a Seattle guy and would think the bad weather would seem to favor the Hawks’.

  2. Peyton will freeze no matter what the weather turns out to be. *insert choking taunt here*

  3. Superbowls should be played in either warm weather venues or in domed stadiums — NO EXCEPTIONS.

  4. Shame that all the media will be missing out on their annual free vacation and golf outings. JUST PLAY THE GAME.

  5. Man, im sure the players will be depressed if it is snowing…who cares. Play football, this game was invented and played outdoors for a long time. Just because people tweak the rules to make it a passing league doesn’t mean everything needs to be indoors.

  6. Media, socialites and half time show be damned, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Real football fans are sick and tired of these fake dome & tropical weather Super Bowls.

  7. I get throwing NY a bone and giving them this SB, but you want to see the two best teams from each conference play in ideal conditons with no weather related excuses. Elements are fine for the other playoff games because it ususally favors the home team and they deserve it for gaining homefield advantage. The SB, however, should favor neither team from a weather perspective. If they want to play in the elements, then just set up homefield advantage rules that go right through the SB and play the SB at the home field of the team that gains homefield advantage every year. Other wise neutral field, neutral weather.

  8. Super Bowls should be played in the home of the team with the better record. Hence, “home field advantage.”

    Anyway, like Sunday, I feel Peyton is going to be blessed with yet another good weather day.

  9. I think I’ll listen to the game on Sirius while fishing out of Seasport Marina in Jupiter, Florida. Should be about 76 degrees.

    I do really hope that the game is delayed till Tuesday at 1 pm. A little revenge against Goodell for getting pissed that it rained in Miami at the Colt/Bear game.

  10. Wait? You say it will be cold in New York during the months of January and February???!!!

    Please stay on top of this riveting story !!!!

  11. NJ says:
    “This is what you get when you talk about me! I’m the best city in the Country. You put a sorry game in my stadium, this is what you get! I shut you up right away!”

  12. Move it to a warm weather site or at least a dome. Give everyone a fighting chance. Fans, players all could have a great experience.

  13. Weather forecasts more than 5 days out are pretty much a crap shoot.

    FWIW, Accuweather says SB Sunday will be a high of 40 and a low of 25. Since the game is at night it will probably be in the low 30s at game time. there’s a forecast of really low winds (5mph) gusting to 12 with no snow.

  14. So Miami can’t host a Super Bowl unless it gets a dome because it rained a few years ago. And the solution was to put the game in East Rutherford, New Jersey in an open air stadium in the cold?

    Got it! I think…

  15. What the hell is “artifical” melting? Something either melts or it doesn’t. There’s no way to “fake melt” something.

    This site once contained good writing. Now it’s hurried, often employs oddly-worded sentences, and reflects little care for word choice. I know you aren’t after a Pulitzer here, but slow down and write thought-provoking, well-constructed pieces.

  16. Fans: The NFL is ruining the game. Big hits are a part of the game. Players are paid a lot of money and injuries are just a part of the game.

    Those same fans: We can’t have a Super Bowl in the cold or in the elements. We need golf like conditions. If a coach can’t wear his teams polo golf shirt on the sidelines, then the game should not be played there.

  17. Just hope that neither team gets stuck in traffic in case Gov. Christie decides to shut down a few roads. It wouldn’t hurt your cause to slip the Governor a political donation and maybe a bag or two of donuts.

  18. Goodell works on behalf of the owners, who gained millions from corporate sponsors that like the Super Bowl in Manhattan for profit motives.

    $$ rules.

  19. Cold climate outdoor stadiums favor teams used to playing outdoors in cold weather. Warm weather outdoor stadiums favor teams used to playing in the heat. Domes favor no one. Domes don’t make it more difficult to pass or run. Instead they eliminate weather as a factor. Rain hurts passing teams as much or more than cold weather.

    Seattle may or may not be the best team in the SB. But since they play home games in a moderate temperature part of the country and Denver plays more on cold weather, I think the cold will work to Denver’s advantage. If it rains or is snowing, that would help Seattle.

    Bottom line is a dome doesn’t favor a passing team. It eliminates an unfair disadvantage to passing teams caused by inclement weather. Domes provide the most neutral playing site rather than the winner being determined by how a team’s style of play meshes with the weather on game day.

  20. People want to blame Goodell for everything hey diagree with. The fact is, he works for the owners………. if the owners want football on London, Goodell is charged with that responsibility. If the owners want an 18 game season, Goodell is charged with that responsibility. If the owners want……etc, etc, – you get the drift.

    Goodell is paid a ton of money to do the owners bidding and agree or disagree- he does a good job.

  21. So…. The Seahawks win based on weather conditions and not who is the better team?

    Superbowl is one game where no team should have that kind of advantage over the other.

    Move it inside or to a warm place.

  22. meatcarroll says: Jan 22, 2014 11:11 AM

    Dome or warm weather stadiums are NOT neutral, they favor passing teams.


    ALL teams are passing teams. There is no such thing as a running team anymore. Some teams just have better QBs than others, like 25 years ago some teams had better RBs than others. But in an era when 375 yds passing is nothing special …

  23. So a team in the north builds it’s roster to play in cold weather and they have to surrender that advantage in the super bowl to teams who build their roster for a fast track warm weather/dome facility. About time the playing field was leveled.

  24. Cities pay HUGE for hosting these events. Everything is ramped up, all municipal services, all of the normal meeting/convention stuff, tripled. So, all these ‘thrilling’ events and parties will be less attended (less money spent by people in town for the events) if the weather is crap. Period. This is why doing it there in January was a crap shoot, and looks like the NFL rolls snake eyes for this one.

  25. I hope a snow tsunami comes and nobody can see anything for two hours and they lose the Super Bowl trophy and end up giving a bag of Doritos to the winner.

  26. Domes may neutralize the weather for both teams, but how can you say they dont help teams that already play 8+ games a year in a dome?

    Domes ruin good football. They were put in place for fans, jumbo trons, keeping maintenance costs down, etc…

  27. I hope that its just 28 degrees and sunny. But then Goodell rents a few snow machines and makes like 10 inches then just blows snow on the field during the entire game, except during power outages of course.

  28. Classic example of why having the SB outside in a cold weather city is the dumbest idea the NFL has ever had. Extreme cold, wind or snow clearly gives a HUGE advantage to Seattle.

    All NFL games (including regular season games) should be played in domes.

  29. All 32 owners vote on the location of the super bowl. The owner of your favorite team likely voted for the North Jersey location.

    The greatest moments in NFL history took place in the elements. Green Bay – Dallas as the most classic example. The Giants – Colts are another.

    Have NFL fans become weather pansies? Blaming Goodell for something all 32 owners had a hand in is classic PFT planet commentary section stuff.

    Personally I am looking forward to this game. Might become another classic. Tired of watching the game in the hermetically sealed and antiseptic environment of a dome. That’s not football. Not to me.

  30. kerzondax says:
    Jan 22, 2014 11:50 AM

    ALL teams are passing teams. There is no such thing as a running team anymore.

    The two best teams in the NFC both ran the ball more than they passed it this season.

  31. big deal. The highest remaining seed or in this case, if tied, team with the best record should host the game..

  32. I’m hoping for 27 degrees with whiteout, blizzard conditions!

    People in the upper deck would go all Donner Party by the 3rd quarter.

    No way in hell does Jersey deserve a Super Bowl!

  33. @Seattle and Denver fans looking to cross the SB off your bucket lists. This is the year to do it!

    This coming from a lifelong NJ resident and longtime NYG season ticket holder that never paid more than 10% over face for any ticket ever.

    Step one. Buy a flight on Southwest (I think they fly from you to Newark) or another airline that has no cancellation fee. Also, book a hotel 15-20 miles out with no cancellation fee. They’re everywhere. This isn’t Green Bay where the closest hotel is 2 hrs away in Milwaukee.

    Step two. Pray for a blizzard of biblical proportions. If snow is in the forecast be prepared to come. Otherwise, cancel everything.

    Step three. Get here and find a ticket on the street. Rich wall street guys dump these tickets days in advance for peanuts if bad weather is in the forecast. Closer to gameday, brokers and richy-riches will be giving these tickets away wayyyy below face. You won’t have to compete with Jets or Giants fans because we don’t want to go. If our team isn’t in it, we’ll stay home. Go on Craigslist….demand that you meet at their house (limiting your chance at getting ripped off). Easy peasy. Trust me.

    Step four. Dress warm, bring hand/foot warmers, enjoy the game!

  34. Why should the Super Bowl have to be in a dome or warm weather? Seattle played in cold pouring rain all year, and Denver played in cold weather 1 mile above the sea. They both got this far in the elements, what’s another game?

  35. Both of these teams have won games in all kinds of weather. That’s why they are still playing.

    I just hope that conditions are horrible to see if these corporate schills and their ‘clients’ that have “paid $5000 a ticket” actually sit in their seats. If the game plays on TV to a sparse crowd in subzero weather, maybe the NFL will give the championship game back to the fans of the teams that are playing….Naaah, that’s stupid.

  36. Probably the only outdoor Super Bowl ever to be held in the cold north. Why don’t they take it back to a warm weather site like Dallas? It NEVER is cold there. Oh, wait, we did do that…..

  37. All I’m going to say is that if the storm that hit here yesterday hit on Super Bowl Sunday, that stadium would have been at least half empty at kickoff.

  38. So if a team plays well in warm weather/dome conditions and can’t play well in bad weather, how does that make them the best team? A team that can’t win in cold weather doesn’t deserve to win the Super Bowl.

  39. “jimthebuilder27 says: Jan 22, 2014 11:28 AM
    So Miami can’t host a Super Bowl unless it gets a dome because it rained a few years ago. And the solution was to put the game in East Rutherford, New Jersey in an open air stadium in the cold?”

    No, Goodell is punishing Miami because the taxpayers refused to pay for a multi billionaire’s brand new stadium. The teams who have been “awarded” the Super Bowls lately are the ones who built new ones or spend hundreds of millions in public money renovating. He gave the game to cold weather New York as an incentive to other cold weather teams to fleece the taxpayers.

    That said, here’s hoping there is the mother of all snow and ice storms just to stick it to Goodell and the fact that the regular fans can no longer attend. The stadium is full of corporate sponsors (80-90%), other owners, s0-called VIPs, celebrities, politicians, socialites, etc. The vast majority are ONLY there for the camera time, the party and atmosphere, and know very little about football.

  40. Big Market/Money vs. potential Weather Issues: Easy call by the NFL. Who really thinks this game will be anything but a classic? Two weeks is a long time………..darn it.

    Go Hawks!

  41. My Ravens play outdoors and often in cold weather. I go to all the games and have no problem with weather. But the Super Bowl should be in a warm weather climate. The Super Bowl is not just a game, it’s a days-long party and warm weather in February is the way to go. New Orleans last year was a blast.

    I hope for completely miserable conditions to keep the NFL from repeating this stupid decision.

  42. Temperature at MET LIFE Stadium will be in the High 20’s on Tuesday Jan 28th, Super bowl media day. Can’t wait to see Richard Sherman answer questions while wearing ski mask. You cold bro???

    Erin Andrews: Richard, what do you think about this weather?

    Sherman: Goddell should not be making 20 million !!!! I have made $420k this year and done more for the NFL then he has for the past 7 years!!! #LOB

  43. “Extreme cold, wind or snow clearly gives a HUGE advantage to Seattle. ”
    Why? Because there is never any extreme cold, wind or snow in Denver?

  44. A lot of people on here feel the weather will be a problem….Not so, rumor has it that Gov Christie guy is looking to close more lanes on the GW bridge. Something about Goddell not supporting his campaign

  45. InFact says:
    Jan 22, 2014 11:39 AM
    Goodell works on behalf of the owners, who gained millions from corporate sponsors that like the Super Bowl in Manhattan for profit motives.

    $$ rules.


    East rutherford nj is nothing like manhatten.

  46. everyone needs to quit complaining so any of you remember the ice bowl the weather didn’t seem to matter then why should it matter now.

  47. rogstew2 says:
    Jan 22, 2014 11:58 AM
    Snow will make it better.

    All you Nancys who want it indoors should go watch arena football or go make a dress or something.

    So watching other people play football in the snow is manly?

  48. The Super Bowl should be on constant rotation. Indoor, outdoor, it doesn’t matter. These are the two best teams and they should be able to overcome adversity. Everyone complaining that this gives Seattle the advantage, this is only partly true. The real issue us that it hurts Manning, but I had the impression football was a TEAM game. The other pieces will need to step up. The same people complaining now, wouldn’t be talking if the game was in a dome because their messiah would have the advantage since he is the better quarterback through the air, however Seattle is more well rounded in my opinion which is why they appear to have the advantage in these conditions.

    If it was the 9r’s and broncos the same people would be complaining simply because it hurts one part of the broncos team (Manning). So effectively what ya’ll are saying is that the Broncos simply can’t compete unless conditions are perfect for Peyton.

  49. And after all that cold, it could just as easily warm up to 50 degrees on Super Bowl Sunday.

    What the northeast is dealing with is the coldest weather in a full decade.

  50. I understand many of you think this is a terrible idea, and maybe you are all right. Part of me does wish that all cities would have a chance to host a Supr Bowl, just to be fair. Though this year may ultimately prove that for this event, it’s just not possible.

    But let me remind all of you before you point to the spectre of bad weather interfering with the game…last year the game was indoors and at a “tested” venue. What happened there?

    I’d still rather havet this game outside and in New York than ever back in a building with that much doubt about it’s facilities.

  51. For you folks that can not take snow
    The snow is all piled up on the side of the roads

    They will have Giant Stadium ready to play no matter what.

    They have had snow on Friday and games on sunday and the place has been spotless

    This is not Dallas NJ knows how to deal with the cold

    The good new is the the Seattle fans will have to wear a lot of clothes so we will not have to see all the unshaved pits and legs on the women from Seattle.

    Payton is comming to the house that Eli built and Payton will take home his second ring
    And in 53 weeks Eli will bring home his 3rd ring

  52. I’ve lived in NJ my whole life (and have survived). I initially thought playing the SB here was a really bad idea. But the more I think about it, if the cold weather keeps away the corporations, media and party animals that are focused solely on the event and not the game, I’m all for it. I can’t even remember the last SB that was just about football.


  54. Won’t someone please think about the poor celebrity or socialiate who won’t look as pretty on camera because she can’t show off her new hairstyle? It’s also very difficult to take pictures and selfies or text/Tweet when it’s soooo cold. And what about the poor halftime dancers! They won’t be able to show off so much skin! Never mind the actual game on the field. It’s all about the selfies for 90% of the people attending the Super Bowl.

  55. Both teams have to play in the weather.

    I think this story is stirred up by the national media who don’t get to expense a trip to somewhere warm in the middle of the winter.

    They’ll be OK.

  56. The NFL needs to take the Super Bowl to each NFL city.

    Reward ALL cities that bought the NFL stadiums.

    NOT just Miami, New Orleans, Phoenix, and Europe.

  57. Why should only 6-8 sites be the only ones used for the superbowl? Other cities would also like to prosper from having the event in their area. I’m one of the lucky random drawing winners chosen to go to the SB this year. The only SB I will ever want to go to since it is local for me. Cant wait for next week. Football is cold weather. You want nice days.. go watch baseball in the summer heat.

  58. Little boys who don’t tell the truth grow up to be weathermen. Any forecast for more than five days out is often nothing but speculation.

    Putting the Super Bowl where harsh winter weather is likely is akin to awarding the Winter Olympics to Cuba. Dumb.

  59. No matter what happens the media is going to make this out to be the best Super Bowl ever. They will put positive spin on it because it’s New York… the media capital of the world.

  60. This was a dumb decision by Goodell and the NFL, and Goodell’s silly PR stunt, sitting outside, won’t change that. The Super Bowl obviously should be an opportunity for each team to play at its best: It absolutely should be a “fair” game in that respect, and if the game is played in very cold, windy weather that adversely affects a team that likes to pass, the game loses its fairness to some degree.

    To those who say it’s an outdoor game, I say: not anymore. This isn’t the 1960s, and like it or not, the game has changed. There are a lot of teams that play in domed stadiums–including the Vikings– and, in some cases, they orient their style of play to their stadium. This being the ultimate game, you want teams showcasing those talents that got them to the Super Bowl, not just coping with bad weather.

  61. Don’t mean to be a stickler but it doesn’t need to be above freezing temperature for snow to melt. The sun can melt snow with temperatures well below freezing. Just saying

  62. Its just a matter of opinion. I LOVE the idea of the superbowl being outdoors where both teams will have to fight the elements. I love it. I get the other side. but I think its more entertaining to see the game played in the snow/rain.

  63. This is awesome…i LOVE the idea of a cold weather SB. Heck…the teams usually are playing in freezing cold weather in the games leading up to the SB anyway. The players should be just fine. I am also content to not have to watch an Arena League type of pinball game.

    And as far as being in NY…this is what happens when NFL ownership gets the taxpayers to pay for their playground…you have to throw them a bone to help make up for the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS they gave away to the billionaire owners and their multi-billion dollar non-profit organization.

  64. First of all, I don’t think it matters much for the players, during the game. When you are playing you don’t even notice the temps very much. But as a “Super Bowl” experience, Rutherford NJ in February blows. Just grim, gray, and ugly. IMO the SB should be somewhere with decent weather every year.

  65. Very bad move. These games should be played so that it’s an equal playing field where weather doesn’t favor one or the other. In this case the snow clearly favors Seattle.

  66. 80 degrees in SoCal today. Still working the SPF 30 in January. Rose Bowl and/or Qualcomm Stadium are empty. Missed opportunity NFL for a pleasant, fan-friendly experience.

  67. Horrible decision to put the Super Bowl there and I hope it comes back to bite them. Do you realize all the travel and money that is spent on the Super Bowl. Imagine people having their tickets canceled due to flights being canceled? The Super Bowl is a reward for fans and players, and somehow playing in 10 degrees doens’t seem like a reward, it’s a punishment.

  68. i disagree. i think snow favors denver. that weekend where we saw all that snow on the east coast saw the most points scored in one weekend in NFL history. the passing games were incredible because corners would slip and fall trying to cover.

    the nfl rules in snow favor the passing games now. you can’t jam a receiver after five yards, so you’re basically chasing him, and more likely to slip and fall on a snowy field when the reciever makes a cut you don’t anticipate.

  69. and what if a hurricane sandy type storm hits 1 hour b4. you dont think theyll delay this thing? dumbest decision ever to hold if there yeah id like to spend 8k on air hotel and game ticket to sit out in the freezing cold——idiots

  70. I know Superbowl ratings are already sky high but think if it was a game like Detroit v Philly!!! There wouldn’t be 2 eyes on ANY other channel that day….

  71. The Broncos don’t have an indoor practice facility. They practice outdoors in the snow all the time. Peyton is not a dome quarterback anymore. So weather is not a factor. The 12th man is not a factor. Go Broncos!!!!!

  72. The NFL is using this SB as an experiment. They want to see how loyal the fan base is so they can do more stupid stuff and we will all still sit there and watch it.

    Have the SB in the worse imaginable place, and we will watch.

    Move a team or two to Europe, and we will watch.

    Have the SB in Berlin or Moscow, and we will still watch.

    When we stop watching is when the NFL will see it the fans way. The NFL is biting off more than they can chew about now. By the time they realize that they made a mistake, it will be too late.

  73. This is not even a story! Both teams played their respective Championship games in weather that will be VERY similar on SB Sunday! Sunny and 47 degrees!!

  74. These are men who play in all kinds of weather… They are tough inside and out. It would be disgusting if they move the sb in domed or warm weather places to make it easier for the players. If the fans can handle it like they do all these years then the players can too. What is this murmur about fairness… Has wussiness come to sports too? No offensive comments to each other, no offensive team names and heavens forbid, one team can’t team play well in cold weather. It’s cold in that part of our country this time of the year. Football is meant to be an outdoor sports. The toughest all around will win… hail, rain or snow.

  75. Do not agree with most of the WUSS comments.

    Home field advantage in the SB belongs to team with best overall record! Not some damn raffle held by the NFL. I read somewhere that the SB is worth approximately half a billion dollars in TOTAL revenue. So why are we rewarding pathetic teams from warm climates, and penalizing good teams from cold climates?

    The comming SB should have been in Denver or Seattle.

  76. Considering that the taxpayers most likely had to fork out the money for the billionaire owners at each municipality, then the NFL should rotate the SuperBowl around each of those towns, not just a select few, weather notwithstanding.

    If the NFL has no issue with snow or rain in the regular season then they shouldn’t complain if those elements make an appearance during the SB.

    The fact that the commissioner and whoever else made a huge issue of rain in Miami and have blackmailed that town into getting a new stadium or roofing the one they have is outrageous. They deserve a lovely blizzard on that fine Sunday and I think they are going to get it. The powers that be will be warm. The fans not so. Then again, it’s never been about the fans.

  77. Go team Nor’easter! I’m on team Nor’easter! Just so long as it stays in New York/Jersey and doesn’t make its up to New England. Don’t let me down mother nature!

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