Irsay says he’s rooting for Peyton


In October, Colts owner Jim Irsay said that, in moving on from Peyton Manning two years ago, Irsay chose championships over statistics.

Now that Peyton is pursuing a second championship in a year that produced record statistics, Irsay says he’s rooting for Manning to get there.

I just couldn’t be more excited,” Irsay tells Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star.  “This is what we were hoping it was going to be — a win-win situation for everybody.  I’m so happy for him.  We’ve already talked this week about getting him some extra [Super Bowl] tickets and I told him, ‘You’ve got it, buddy.  Go get ’em.  Go win it.’  I wish him all the best.”

Yes, Irsay took the high road.  Even it has to be killing him that this specific win-win has Peyton and not the Colts in position to win-win the Super Bowl.

“I couldn’t be happier because he will forever be a Colt and a part of so many years of greatness here,” Irsay said.  “I’m just really rooting for him to get that second ring.  That would be awesome.”

Yes, it would be awesome.  It also would be awesome if no one were to criticize Irsay for picking the wrong course of action by cutting Manning and drafting Andrew Luck in 2012.  In the event that occurs, Irsay already is laying the foundation for his response.

“If Peyton had stayed, it would have been a joke with what we could have been able to field in 2012,” Irsay said.  “It would have been crazy to think we could have put a team together with Peyton.”

Maybe.  Or maybe the Colts could have negotiated a contract with Peyton that gave him a reduced cap number, which would have allowed the Colts to build a better team around him.  Especially with Peyton Manning playing like Peyton F. Manning.

The Colts then could have used the first overall pick in the draft on someone else.  Like Trent Richardson, the third overall pick that year.  (Um.  Well.  Maybe not him.)

Or maybe the Colts would have traded down, auctioning off the rights to Andrew Luck for multiple first-round picks and other consideration that would help them continue to contend in what has become a watered-down AFC South.

The better explanation is that no one knew Peyton would be healthy in 2012 and beyond, and that the Colts opted not to take a major short-term risk on Manning at a time when they had a chance to draft a new, long-term franchise quarterback.  Of course, that explanation would be more likely to invite second-guessing of Irsay, given that he ultimately guessed wrong on the ability of Manning to play not only at the same level he occupied prior to surgery, but at a higher one.

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  1. Long term they probably made the right choice going with Luck, but considering what the Rams got for the #2 pick, you gotta wonder if Indy wouldn’t be in the Super Bowl instead right now.

  2. Well, the Rams traded the second overall pick that year and are drafting second overall this year as PART of the proceeds. So, yeah, there is definitely room to question Irs on this one.

  3. I’m not sure how much of this is Irsay and how much of it is the GM over the years, but the Colts biggest problems have been loading up with HUGE contracts in a few positions and little else for other guys. In the past they had an enormous amount going to guys like Manning, Wayne, Harrison, Sanders, and Freeney, which left thee positions neglected. When it comes to playoff time and your studs are neutralized, it’s no wonder the Colts won so many AFC South titles but Bowes out of the playoffs rather early. The past two years with Luck haven’t looked like they’ll be much different, either. Good luck figuring it out, Jim.

  4. You are really reaching here and knowing your relationship with Irsay it looks even worse. He was completely right to release Manning and take Luck. Time will be the deciding factor but the money saved alone was worth it.

  5. Why does Manning have to hit up Irsay for SB tickets? He doesn’t have any other strings he can pull??

  6. look at jim irsays face in that picture. if he showed up at your house dressed like a plumber, could u even tell?

  7. Peyton doesn’t care who you root for Jim.
    You bagged a whole season to get Luck . Nice character you have Irsay.

  8. He didnt blow anything. Manning would have gotten killed behind the Colts O Line. Look at all the hits Luck took in two years. And hes 10;times as mobile. It truly is a win/win. To go from Manning to Luck is a true blessing. Hate on, haters.

  9. High priced superstar, future HoF quarterback who might not be able to throw any more, vs top prospect hotshot college QB who’ll be on a fixed rookie contract, who could become the *next* future HoF superstar QB? I dunno, you *can* second guess, but the decision to try and go with a cheaper option who’ll hopefully be your guy for the next 15 years seems a reasonable way to have rolled the dice. It’s not like Luck’s been a bust, either.

  10. Refs screw the Patriots? Pats lost cuz they got dominated with 400 yards of offense by Denver. Couldn’t run the ball and Brady didn’t have a great game. Probably some more spygate karma and I couldn’t be happier. Shocker that Brady bowed out of another pro bowl, what a freakin baby.

  11. I don’t understand the cynicism. They moved on from Peyton for the future 10-15 years of the organization, not the next 3. To think Irsay would regret the decision if Peyton won the SB is short sided at best and blatantly ignorant at worst. The future has Andrew Luck slotted into that QB spot for a long time.

  12. Can you add a donating section to PFT? We could donate money to a charity and in exchange you’ll never most anything Irsay says. We could probably get enough money to cure Aids and almost all forms of cancer.

  13. Like MegaHead is going to take less money…his ego and his daddy wouldn’t allow that.

    Go ‘Hawks!

  14. Most people I know are rooting for Peyton precisely because of this clown and his comments about Peyton not being able to win big games.

    This is just damage control by Irsay because most people don’t like him.

  15. Oh stop with the Monday morning QB routine. What Peyton has done to get back to this point is the stuff of legend. It’s legend because nobody could have ever predicted it. Especially people like Jim Irsay who had a healthy young Andrew Luck available in the draft and NO cap space. I’d have loved to have seen how you’d have picked back then if it was YOUR billion dollar franchise.

  16. Oh God. Can you just imagine the tweets that Irsay will be making over the next week & a half?

  17. Exactly, Falcon. Manning was a victim of circumstance. Had they had the 3rd pick or worse, Manning may indeed still be a Colt. But he was due 28 million bonus in March, well before any medical expert said he will be completely healthy and get all the feeling back in his hand. You whiners just prove how truly ignorant you by continuing to mouth off about something you know nothing about.

  18. Luck had one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history. The decision to draft Andrew Luck was a great decision and he will be their quarterback for at least the next decade. Manning will not be playing in a decade. Letting Manning walk was not a mistake. The success Indy has had since purging themselves of the Pollians and their personnel mistakes deserves its fair share of credit.

  19. Luck will never win anything. You don’t cut the GOAT quarterback and not have to pay the price.

    We’ll see if Irsay sings the same tune after Peyton wins the 2014-15-16 Super Bowls and retires as the undisputed greatest of all time.

  20. Luck over Manning. Everyone says it was better for the Colts organization long term. What IF Luck never makes it to the BIG game during his career and Peyton finishes by going to 2 Superbowls with Denver?

  21. Did they tank? Curtis Painter. Orlovsky. Collins. They knew they would get #1 or #2

  22. As an extremely happy Broncos fan, whether u think Irsay is a douche or not, he probably made the right choice. Even I was thinking about loyalty and all that, but sometimes that can interfere with good business decision making…

  23. Geez they made right decision cutting Manning and drafting Luck, leave it alone already . And this is from a Baltimore fan who can’t stand seeing the horseshoe is another city

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