Jadeveon Clowney making the Senior Bowl rounds


One of the most impressive players in this year’s draft isn’t playing in the Senior Bowl.

But Jadeveon Clowney thought it was important to be in Mobile, Ala., anyway.

The early entry defensive end from South Carolina was hanging around practices yesterday, using the week to meet with NFL teams.

It’s very valuable to put a face with a name, and be out here watching the guys,” Clowney said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “It’s something to experience.”

The next time anyone sees Clowney work will be next month at the Combine, where he has vowed to do all the drills to showcase his elite athletic skills.

That will help allay any fears about his production dipping his junior year (from 13.0 sacks to 3.0), as he worked through some injuries. That created doubt about how hard he was pushing, but Clowney said he was ready to work.

“It’s very special,” he said. “I’m just going to take advantage of it and train and get better and just compete. I’m gifted and my work ethic is also going to set me apart.”

If he can convince other teams of that, his wait on draft day won’t be a long one, at all.

13 responses to “Jadeveon Clowney making the Senior Bowl rounds

  1. How will running around in his underwear prove to teams that his production dipping in his junior year was a fluke?

    The combine is a waste of time to be honest. All you need is a clipboard and game film to evaluate these guys. End of story.

  2. “I’m gifted and my work ethic is also going to set me apart.’
    Translation: “I love’s me some ME. And if you drop by the dorm I’ll do some sit-ups in the parking lot to show you what a hard worker I am.”

  3. Watt, Cushing and Clowney on one team is unfair. Is the AFC South back to the days where they plan their whole squad to beat the Colts and their QB? Only now instead of trying to control TOP they go after Luck hard because. . .well, his o-line is a sieve.

  4. I think a good part of his dip in production is wanting to stay healthy this season and not lose out on millions of dollars by suffering a big time injury. It’s easy for us fat old guys to say his motor sucks or he should be trying harder, but don’t forget we’re on the couch with a beer and snacks during game time. Most of us don’t know what it’s like to have our body be the meal ticket. Football is becoming increasingly more dangerous, (Look at the injuries across the league this season. Mind boggling.) so personally I wouldn’t hold it against a top ten pick for taking it easy when he’s playing for free his junior year.

  5. This kind of bugs me. Clowney will be a lockdown Top 3 pick if not the first overall. He has gotten ink from the day he stepped onto the SC campus. These Senior Bowl players on the other hand are coming in with 2nd to 4th or 5th round grades and doing everything they can to maybe raise that by a round if they’re lucky. This week is supposed to be for them — not Clowney, Manziel and the other hyped up early entries. Those kids will have the Combine to sell themselves. For now let the Seniors have their day (week) in the sun.

  6. UPDATE:

    When Clowney was making his rounds at the Senior Bowl, he thought it would be safer to do that in a golf cart so that he would not get injured before the draft.

  7. Clowney is going to end up going #1 or #2.

    Somebody is going to see his stats at the combine and fall in love with him.

    Besides, this guy has once in a decade pass rushing talent. Sure there are questions about his work ethic, but teams always think that is something they can coach up.

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