Jason Garrett unconcerned with his lame duck status


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones decided against making sweeping changes, again, to his coaching staff this offseason.

Of course, that means head coach Jason Garrett’s entering the final year of his contract, something which hasn’t been touched either.

According to Calvin Watkins of ESPNDallas.com, Jones scoffed at a mention of Garrett’s “lame duck” status, saying it was a “politicians” word.

And Garrett himself said he was fine with it, knowing after three straight years of win-or-else in the final game, he’s extending that status to his career this year.

I’m focused on doing my job and our staff’s job as well as we can do it,” Garrett said. “That’s always been my approach in this game, as a player and a coach and that’s what I’m focused on. The business side takes care of itself. We got to do a better job to breakthrough and become the team we want to be.”

Of course, that leaves open the question of what kind of team it is.

“We just have to simply get better,” Garrett said. “We’ve been close the last three years, as we all know, the opportunity in that last game of the season to win our division, the last two years it’s a two-minute drive from winning our division. We didn’t get that done and we have to live with that reality. We have to look at the things that are positive and build on them, and correct the other things and [the Senior Bowl] is one of the real early stages of correcting the other things; Trying to add personnel to our team that can really make a difference to help us get to the next level.”

Those changes aren’t coming to the coaching staff. At least not for a year.

14 responses to “Jason Garrett unconcerned with his lame duck status

  1. I know work is work but JG should be embarrassed. He’ll never garner respect as a football coach anywhere if he doesn’t become concerned about his lame duck status.

  2. While passing each other in the hallway the other day (well, OK was trying to be nice. Jason was actually bringing Jerry coffee, but anyway) Jerry told Jason “you’re OK with your lame duck status”.

    Jason said yes sir, if you say so then that’s what I’ll be.

    Jerry said now next time I allow you to speak with the press, you say that you’re not concerned with your lame duck status.

    Yes sir. Anything else sir?

    Jerry thinking… and then Jason hears snoring…

  3. Is it just me or does Jones and Garrett look like father and son? That would explain a lot of things.

  4. When is Jerry jones going to realize no one likes him? He sucks as a gm? He’s the most annoying and arrogant nfl owner maybe ever. He talks too much. His teams don’t succeed as long as he’s there. His evaluation sucks. Everything about that guy is just irritating.

    If Romo played for the Browns, Bills, Jaguarsa, some very small market team without being so in the news and owner over his shoulder, he’d have as many playoffs win if not much more than the cowboys these past 15-17 years.

    Garret would be that much better also.

  5. Jerry Jones has been a highly successful business man in the oil and gas industry. Jerry thinks that success translates into human endeavors…..LOL

    Jerry I’ve got a news flash for ya: people and oil/gas deposits are not the same……..LOL

  6. How anyone with an IQ above 10 would want to work for JJ and Jr. is beyond me. Sticking his surgically altered visage into everything imaginable, what a nightmare.

  7. I’m not concerned with Garrett. Everyone knew he’d be back because of the weird love Jerry has for him. But, MONTE KIFFIN is still employed? Are you kidding me? Worse Pass defense in league and 2nd worse run defense. And we fired Ryan? SMH

  8. The cowboys are lame ducks LOL!! I had to say it when I came and seen the heading LOL!! I feel for you cowboy fans thats just horrible and the team will even look worse this year!! My Goodness with that schedule they playing and the same players haa haa haaa!! Who pays that much money to see dallas lose you got to be out your mind !!!!!

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