Jerry Jones issues statement after Josh Brent’s conviction


Hours after former Cowboys defensive lineman Josh Brent was convicted of intoxication manslaughter in the death of fellow former Cowboy Jerry Brown, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has issued a brief statement on the matter.

“We understand the very serious nature of this situation and express our concerns for all of the families and individuals that have been affected by the tragedy of Jerry Brown’s death,” Jones said.

Brent and Brown were friends and former college teammates who went out together in December 2012. According to court testimony, Brent drank excessively and then got behind the wheel, with Brown as his passenger. Brown was killed in the subsequent crash.

Brent faces up to 20 years in prison.

5 responses to “Jerry Jones issues statement after Josh Brent’s conviction

  1. I do not really understand why, but I am feeling great compassion at this time for Josh Brent, who is paying a very heavy price indeed for his horrific judgment in killing a friend and teammate. Perhaps it is because of Jerry Brown’s mother who says she has forgiven Brent and is asking the court for leniency. I hope the court does not give Brent the maximum 20 year sentence, and will instead find a way to hold Brent fully accountable, while also preventing the waste and loss of two lives in this tragedy.

  2. I think the fact that Brent killed his friend is killing him on the inside. I think he can do a lot for other people by speaking to them about drinking and driving. Hope he doesn’t get 20 years.

  3. You guys need to give it a rest! Every thing that happen the first knee jerk reaction is to blast Jerry Jones. Some do it out of hatred some do it because others do it. After years of doing this, if it is that bad for you, stop reading these blogs and following the team. Find you another team, pull out one of those winning jerseys you got hanging in closet because that is the type of fan you are. Some of us love the Cowboys and will support them. We are tired of loosing but true fans will support their team. Jerry is the GM get over it.

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