John Madden: Richard Sherman’s actions were “embarrassing”

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John Madden is not a fan of the way Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman conducted himself after the NFC Championship Game.

Madden, the Hall of Fame coach who became even more famous as a broadcaster and video game pitchman, said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that he doesn’t like the way Sherman’s post-game rant reflects on the NFL.

“I think it’s too much,” Madden said. “To me, it was kind of embarrassing. . . . Kids are watching this, and kids copy the players. I have grandkids and I know that they do because I see them. If a player is wearing a certain color gloves, they have to have that color gloves. A player two weeks ago wore red shoes, I had a grandson came to the game and he had to wear red shoes. The jerseys — they wear the jerseys and they copy everything those guys do. And to be a great one, they don’t know which things they should copy, and they think that’s how they have to play. I think if any apologies ought to be made, it ought to be to the kids. That’s not the way we do it. . . . I thought it was embarrassing.”

Madden also said something that Sherman himself has acknowledged: Too much of the attention has gone to Sherman, and not enough to the rest of the Seahawks.

“He took away a lot from the other players on his team. Guys played their butts off, guys coached their butts off, and pass rushed and tackled and special teams, and then it got to be all about one guy. In a team sport, that’s wrong,” Madden said.

Madden had plenty of colorful characters on his Raiders teams, and as a coach he was known for allowing his players to be themselves. But in making it about himself rather than the team, Madden thinks Sherman went too far.

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  1. The same John Madden who said that the Chargers don’t belong in the playoffs a couple days before they went on the road and slapped around the Bengals and then played a competitive game at the Superbowl-bound Broncos?

    That John Madden?

    Great color analyst. Not so much as a one hour a week random comment maker.

  2. oh boy, this won’t end, we get it Peyton good, Sherman evil, enough already.
    this is why this story won’t go away, not because of Sherman.

  3. Oh give me a break. As one of the most notorious blowhards, madden should just shut his trap. He single handedly marred the steelers dominating win over the shehawks with his incessant and uncalled for whining about calls, all but 1 of which have been conclusively determined to be correct. And now he’s mr saint??

  4. Me and my cousin spend hours playing madden and talking in our best very poor madden impersonation voices yelling random things like “CHICKEN BONE!”

    That’s your legacy, John.

  5. Madden is right- for a guy who made one big play in the game, an enormous amount of attention has gone to that one guy all week, with very little given to any of the other players who played the rest of the game. That really is too bad.

  6. “If this team doesn’t put points on the board I don’t see how they can win.”

    – John Madden

  7. I have no problem with the immediate interview with Erin Andrews….that’s what happens when you catch an emotional player in the moment. A real show of emotion.

    I do have a problem with the continued personal attacks during the interview with Ed Werder and at the post-game press conference. Those were unnecessary and gratuitous. Show your professionalism by moving on.

    Everybody makes mistakes. The key learning from them and not repeating them. Let’s see what he does before dismissing him.

  8. Richard Sherman didn’t embarrass himself in front of me. He embarrassed Michael Crabtree in front of me which is doing exactly what he said he was going to do. I was impressed with Sherman and I like seeing him go over the top at his own personal expense to demoralize this key division rival and opponent. He could have encouraged Crabtree and gave him some tips to get better, but he didn’t do that, he put his energy into trying to crush his spirits and make him look like a chump. It’s not pretty, but it’s effective, and I’ll take an effective and demoralizing to his opponents player over one that doesn’t make the plays to get the wins. Richard Sherman showed Crabtree who is boss, and in my mind Crabtree is mediocre like Sherman says he is until he can beat him.

    Maybe some of these teams should just forfeit the game in advance if they are too afraid of or worried about Richard Sherman and what he thinks. Good, that’s what Richard wants you to do. Quit on your own instead of letting him destroy you. That’s why he’s the best like he says, and the best is allowed to get away with proclaiming they are the best. Nothing wrong with that, unless you are better, if so, then go prove it and then you can talk or not talk about it when it’s YOUR choice. Right now Richard Sherman owns this space.

  9. Like I’ve said, those comments lost the Seahawks the Super Bowl. That interview tarnished the NFLs image. How many sponsors sat there and watched that, probably horrified might I add.

    The NFL already wanted Peyton to get the second ring and go down as an all time great. Add that fact with that disgusting Sherman interview which embarrassed the NFL……

    It’s over for the Seahawks. They got lucky that game anyways. One 60+ yard run and a lucky long 4th down touchdown isn’t gonna cut it against the Broncos.

  10. well…it WAS embarrassing. Whatever happened to showing some respect for your opponents after beating them? It’s called sportsmanship…winning graciously. The 9ers were on the verge of coming back and winning that game. They had pushed the Seahawks to the limit before Sherman came up with that game saver. It really wasn’t a good time to gloat.

    PS: The ‘get off my lawn” thing is pretty played around these parts…almost as played as the “put the toothpaste back in the tube” bit.

  11. John, your wrong. Richard Sherman grew up in Compton, Ca.. He was a straight A student who rose above the drugs and gangs that permeated his neighborhood, He graduated from Stanford and he wasn’t a first round pick, instead he continued to work hard and make the most of his opportunities. I’d say Kids from east L.A ought to look up to Sherman as an example of what hard work and determination can afford you in life. The Media took glory away from Sherman’s teammates, by focusing on strictly Dick, The only thing Sherman stole from anybody was a win from the 49ers.

  12. Sherman is a clown and deserves an ass kicking, is Trent Williams available?Welcome to your life fool. God has blessed you with everything but a respectful mind. You would think with all your gifts some level of selflessness could be found. Get over yourself.

  13. Hopefully, Wes Welker plants him like he did Talib. If not, Peyton throws a couple of TDs against him.

  14. The guy apologized and didn’t say any harmful words so let it go. But honestly, what do you expect when you throw a mic in front of a person seconds after a highly charged situation? Put a mic and a camera in front of a soldier or Marine after they just ended a gunfight or survived an IED attack and you are going to get real raw emotion and not fully thought through words because the adrenaline is still pumping. I know that is extreme, but you know what I mean.

    Press conferences, okay. Far enough after the game when the pressure and passion has died down some, but on the sideline just after the game you are going to get raw emotion, and probably some **** bombs because of the still flowing adrenaline. The guy apoligized, stop beating the dead horse.

  15. The media who has nothing better to do than push this narrative …

    Much more embarrassing.

  16. You shove a microphone in a guys face when he’s that fired up, when he just made the play that clinched a trip to the super (on a guy who disrespected him earlier), well, you just don’t know what you’re going to get. It may be a smile or it may be a blast of testosterone. This time it was the testosterone. I really doubt that he would have made those statements a half hour later, but whatever.
    This is going to be a really, really fun game to watch. I think that is what’s important. If you are concerned with what the grand kids will do to emulate a celebrity, turn of the TV, turn off the radio and stay at home.

  17. Oh, good grief. Enough already. Move on to the next game, the people actually playing it did two days ago.

  18. It’s true. If you live in Seattle, the fanbase is happy, and doesn’t care. Outside of 4 states Seahawks are enemy number one. I work all over. I feel the hate.
    Calm down Sherman.
    The media needs to stop putting a microphone in his face every 2 minutes.

  19. I don’t even like the Seahawks and now I hope they win just because of this Good vs. Evil narrative.

  20. 9 times out of 10 the team with the most points at the end of the game wins. – John madden

  21. To me it’s about professionalism. When you get a college degree and enter the world of your chosen profession – whether it’s law, business, medicine, education, or whatever – you are expected to act like a professional and to be a positive reflection of your employer. Personally, I’m tired of hearing about how athletes are so much different and so much better than the rest of us. If you’re a PROFESSIONAL, act like one.

  22. Agreed that Sherman should have toned it down a bit but he was in the heat of the moment. Also, hard for me to agree with someone who once stated in a live game that the team is either going to throw it or is going to run it…

  23. Like it or not Seahawk fans ,Richard Sherman has become the face of your franchise. I know the Seahawk faithful would like to bury this and move on but it is not going to happen. There is a line of what a player can do and he crossed in front of a national audience. The fact that you throw in the performance enhancing drugs and this won’t be going away in the foreseeable future. It is simple: Madden is right.

  24. Really? John Madden? Who cares?

    Here’s the truth of it: Richard Sherman is 25 years old…25! How many of us did things when we were 25 that we’d just as soon forget? The “interview” was less than five minutes after he took part in a play that took his team to the Super Bowl. He made that play against someone who had been trash talking him for months. How sweet is that? He was full of testosterone and adrenaline and Erin Andrews sticks a mike in his face. What the heck do you expect? I don’t “forgive” Richard Sherman, because there’s nothing to forgive. He’s an awesome corner, we’re glad to have him, and the rest of you can just sit in judgment all you want.

  25. “Madden also said something that Sherman himself has acknowledged: Too much of the attention has gone to Sherman, and not enough to the rest of the Seahawks.”

    Sherman didn’t “acknowledge” it independently – as if if were some inspiration of his own. Rather, he was informed by his coaches and staff after an enormous, almost instantaneous public rebuke.

    Sherm’s about Sherm. Watch all the tape there is on it — he’s always insisting we “watch the tape” on him. And it’s all there.

  26. WOWWWWWW seattle is now the most hated team in the nfl!!!!! Thanks u Sherman! as everyone will be rooting for Denver…..I seen a picture today and it had the 12th man that looked like the ref who said he did not see bowman in that ball!!!!
    GOOOOOO 49ers!!!!
    but next week im rooting foe manning

  27. Seahawks wanted to be liked, and the public laughed at us. We demanded respect as we built a top tier defense, and we were denied. The 12th man commands fear from playing at the link, at the media and analyst said we’d lose the nfc championship. Only thing left, was to have everyone hate us. Accomplished. Recognition of something.
    What’d people really expect? We don’t know how to act. Things will change in time. Settling for a wins in the meantime

  28. As one who watched while Madden coached the late hitting Raiders, who had the NFL’s dirtiest defensive back in history, I can’t get too impressed with his thoughts today.

  29. Madden’s love affair with Favre was an embarrassment.

    Who cares what Sherman did? Let’s make a big deal out of
    something a jacked up DB did.

    Had Kap scored a td, he’d have kissed his bicep like a clown.

    I like that we’re villains and the bully on the blick.

    That soft moniker is now history!!

    Btw, find the Bowman gif of bei.g carted off the field.
    There was likely 14 popcorn kernals from 1 fan! Lol.
    Haters act like there were 20 fans throwing burgers, frues,
    espressos and oysters.

    Get over it !!

  30. Lots of jealous fans here ripping Richard. Yeah, he went too far in his comments. Get over it. He is a good guy that has accomplished a tremendous amount. We all have done things that we regret. Hate him if you want, but he will absolutely shut down whoever Denver sends out to face him in 11 days. Go Hawks!

  31. The choke symbol is wrong and I wish he didn’t do that. The conversation right after the game was understandable after he was jacked up and the reporter put a mic in his face. Still, wish he didn’t do that.

    The fact that he was mic’d up for the game and will be on NFL network sound off soon so we can actually hear some of the ranting by him and others, will be revealing, I’ll bet. He isn’t a saint, but I bet it reveals that he was not the only one who contributed to this situation.

  32. I absolutely hate that people justify Sherman’s actions by saying he came from nothing and graduated from Stanford. How does that in anyone justify his actions. Just because he came from where he came from does not in of itself make him a “good guy”.

  33. Richard Sherman doesn’t seek John Madden’s love but maybe a bit more respect would be nice.
    Sherman’s play probably shot Seattle into the Super Bowl – when a microphone is shoved in his face after his greatest moment, he is not afraid to speak up. This was an example of TV exploiting the situation, they knew that he would react.
    Flame + Oxygen = Boom

  34. Seattle’s defense seems to be built on pass interference. NFL needs to let the hankies fly in the Super Bowl. Make a statement NFL.

  35. When it comes to football knowledge, John Madden is GOD! No one ever or since was a better color commentator than him. If he says those actions were embarrassing, then THOSE ACTIONS WERE EMBARRASSING. Period. End of story. God has spoken.

  36. Madden was a great coach, has great insight of the game and was a fabulous color commentator, however, he needs to listen…..Sherman had already stated he had remorse about putting self over team. If Madden pays attention, his comment would speak to Richard’s acknowledgement of his error (I personally don’t feel Sherman has to apologize for anything. Crabtree dissed him and Sherman got back at him).

  37. As a matter of fact, it is difficult to believe that Costas hasn’t been asked to deliver one of his “wiser than all” ramblings.

  38. Look at people talking about Sherman like he did something reprehensible. The dude was hot and let fly a rebuke of another athlete and some of you act like he walked over and slapped one of your kids.

    He has apologized in several interviews to the fans and privately to his teammates. If that is not good enough for you then you can get bent.

  39. Hey John tough being a grandparent and or parent and telling your grandkids “NO thats not how we do it” instead of spoiling them and giving them red shoes and whatever else…. Called parenting sorry its so difficult……

  40. All you seahawk fans act like this is the only time sherman has acted out. He is nothing but a punk who goes out of his way to gloat at the opposition…receivers, and QBs. He is all about himself. Like a five year old “Look at me!” He could have had the respect of 99 percent of NFL fans. Instead he has become the most hated NFL player on the most hated NFL team. That says a lot. Green Bay, Baltimore, Pittsburg and New England are no longer the most hated teams….at least for now.

  41. Yes, it would be better if players didn’t have a microphone shoved in their faces moments after a big win. However, a lot of players have faced that situation without going off like Sherman did.

  42. John – your comment “that’s not the way we do it ….. it’s embarrassing.”

    That IS the way today’s NFL does it. It’s been coming to that for a while now and now the new benchmark has been set. Expect it to get worse from here, because it will.

    Ugly dingo – your 3:52 – good point.

  43. What’s even more embarassing are all the Seahawks fans ripping Madden for his dead-on comments. Even Sherman, to his credit, said all the attention was detracting from the efforts of his teammates. His tirade went beyond what should be acceptable. Try being a gracious winner. Most of the Niners had the class to congratulate the Hawks on their win. Few sour grapes, if any. I guarantee, if S.F. had won, there would have been grumbling galore on how they (Seattle) were robbed. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear support of the food thrower(s) either from this group.

  44. Oh MY LORD… You people…
    Every single thing Madden said made perfect sense to anyone with a brain. Only a gangster would defend Sherman’s idiotic,l blow-hard, me-first, ranting, wild-eyed gibberish and criticize Madden. Geesh…

  45. Could care less what Madden thinks. He’s also one of the main guys who’s been responsible for all these stupid rule changes the last few years.

    Madden and Kurt Warner are the main two guys who’s basically hand tied NFL defenses with their ideas. So Madden can go screw himself.

  46. We are extremely glad to have Sherman on our team. Vote no if you wouldn’t also like him on your team……….My guess is that very few football knowledgeable fans would turn down a chance to have him on their team.

  47. Hey, sorry, but I wasn’t raised to behave like Sherman and neither was Madden. It’s a difference in outlook. Doesn’t have to be a big deal, but when I was growing up behavior like Sherman demonstrated was totally frowned on so I guess my generation will always see that as the gold standard.

    Once again though… I don’t think we need to all freak out over it.

  48. When does the fine for his choking justice and 3 year old toddler rant get handed out?

    LOB… LMAO, Sherman avoids more tackling than most 3rd grade mighty mite football players, that cat is soft.

  49. I know we are becoming a courser society but Dick Sherman acted in poor sportsmanship and was ungracious in his actions, gestures and words. Now I understand that the PEDhawks fans will go out of their way to justify it by saying it was in the heat of moment and 50 other excuses but in reality, the head coach is equally classless so the fact that his team takes on that attitude should surprise no one.

    I was never a Broncos fan in my life but inside 15 seconds that night, I became their biggest fan, at least for the next game.

  50. FYI – I am a Patriots’ fan.

    Kindly permit me to point out that we have lost TWICE this week.

    1) We lost the AFC title game – to a better team, as I have acknowledged.
    2) For a long period of time we have reigned unchallenged as THE MOST HATED TEAM IN THE NF of L.

    That reign came to a crashing end on Sunday.

    How do I feel about that? Let me down a few more glasses of wine with my cheese, take the dog for a walk, pay some bills, and I’ll get back to you.


  51. The funny thing is, you so-called fans who turned Broncos “fans” over Sherman, fell right into the media-hype trap.

    They want you to love Manning. They want you to praise Manning. They own your mind.

    Think for yourselves.

  52. While I don’t condone Sherman’s actions (the choking motion or the rant – though I can kind of understand the latter), I’m growing tired of “think about the kids!” argument.

    I was at the game, so I didn’t see the interview until I got home and watched the highlights. It ended late, so my daughter was in bed by that time, having set the DVR to record so she could watch the game. When she did watch it, and saw the interview, she said, “WHOA! He’s MAD! He should calm down before he talks.” She’s twelve.

    We can’t continue to expect television, athletes, video games, etc. to be the only form of role models our children look up to. They need to be taught that celebrities and athletes are human and make mistakes. On the other side, I can only hope that she goes up with as much drive and determination to succeed as Sherman has.

    I don’t like that Sherman is often a sore winner (and sometimes a sore loser), but I can’t say it bothers me that he talks. Whatever. He could be doing much worse things. As it stands, he’s a blowhard. He showboats. But as far as “thinking about the kids” is concerned, he definitely does that better than many as well. I’m pretty sure the inner-city children in Seattle and Compton aren’t too worried about him being a dick when he’s talking to them about staying in school, putting in the hard work to succeed, and giving them school supplies, clothes, etc.

  53. Yes, Sherman’s comments were abrasive and over the top, but the level of hatred that has spewed forth has been even more over the top.

    CNN had an article about the numerous racist and hateful comments that have been posted online about Sherman, that are far worse than anything he himself said, including many that used the N word and more than one suggesting that Sherman deserves to be murdered.

  54. The people who are okay with what Sherman did are the same people with any pro athlete attacking other players publicly. Why is it okay? Why is it okay to fro LeBron to scream to a sideline reporter, “I’m the best player in the NBA! That sorry, mediocre Paul Pierce can’t guard me!” Or how about Jordan, after making the shot over Russell saying, “yeah, I’m the best player in NBA history. Byron Russell sucks”. You Sherman supporters are okay with pro athletes shaming their colleagues? Sherman crossed the line by attacking a player publicly. And nobody knows that better than him now.

  55. Sad enough, there’s a ton lost in all of this hubris over nothing. He is a young guy, who was fired up at the time. He made a mistake (sort of). At the very least, he acted in a manner that has definitely pissed some people off. Here’s the clincher;

    It was Michael Crabtree, the poor mans Golden Tate. Crabtree who has no problems being a doosh whenever it is convenient for him. Crabtree who is mediocre at best.

    As a Rams fan, I can assure you, this is how the backfield of all 4 NFC West clubs play. They are loud, obnoxious, and talk non-stop the entire game. I understand that these new TV’s have a button that allows you to turn off the interview and television the second it offends you……..

  56. Hey John, I remember what it was like back in the days when you coached the Raiders, arguably the dirtiest team to ever set foot on an NFL field. You were Al Davis’s “boy”, and your players acted like a branch of Hell’s Angels. Time and money have evidently shown you “the light”?

    But as for Sherm, I’ve finally figured it out what those rants were all about, and they weren’t aimed at Crabtree. Sherm is a very bright individual and a serious student of the game. He doesn’t speak without a purpose, and I’m pretty sure I know what that purpose was/is.

  57. Its never embarrassing to speak your mind …its embarrassing to pretend you like someone or have respect for them when you clearly dont…Props to Sherman for speaking what he felt ..If Crab wants to prove himself he needs to work on his craft ..

  58. There’s no reason to hate the whole Seahawk team because of the immature actions of a still immature player, one who obviously takes loving yourself to a new level.

    But the other guys on the team aren’t and should not be tarnished in this spectacle. I think Richard Sherman sees himself as superior to just about everyone else, and makes it known that he exists on an island which only he inhabits.

    Personally right now, I’m more interested in seeing if this is any kind of wake up call for him. I think it’s had strong enough ramifications that it may be possible.

  59. Oh waaah, the big, bad meanie Richard Sherman hurt all your poor wittle feelings 🙁 Let’s all go cry to our mommies and daddies like a 2 year old. For all of you people that claim to hate Sherm and the Hawks sooo much, you sure do enjoy talking about them, don’t ya? I know it’s easy to hate on a team that beat out all of your teams to get to the Superbowl, but seriously, grow up already. The only thing embarrassing is your childish whining.

  60. Its been called defining deviancy down. When classless behavior is excused, expect more of it going forward. Believe it or not, there is nothing wrong with winning and losing with class. That so many here defend Sherman speaks volumes about where we are headed.

  61. Those defending Sherman’s actions were probably just raised poorly. There’s a reason nearly every single person involved with the NFL (outside of Seattle) thinks he’s an embarrassment to the league. Superbowl XLVIII – Class vs Trash. I sure hope class win!

  62. The funny thing about the Sherman’s antics and the Seahawk’s celebration afterward is that they ONLY won by 6 points despite the Niners graciously giving them 3 TOs in the 4th quarter. You would have thought they won by 30 points. Don’t get me wrong the Seahawks are very good but they are NOT the dominating team the media is making them out to be. They could have easily lost that game and barely beat a sloppy Saints team the week before.

  63. People who think it’s always appropriate to speak your mind need lessons on living in the real world. To everything there is a season. If you have a problem with an individual player, take it up with him privately. Or save it for one of the 2000 interviews you’ll be doing in the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. It’s embarrassing to respond to a question about the game just ended by ranting at the top of your lungs about something that makes no sense to the reporter or the home audience. No one deserves props for being a rude, undisciplined loudmouth.

    More interesting, a friend who’s not a football fan but who is a medical doctor reacted to that interview by concluding Sherman was suffering from “classic roid rage.” I’m not going to speculate on that. But if someone’s behavior is extreme enough to cause medical professionals–who know nothing of Seattle’s PED issues–to “diagnose” steroid abuse, then his behavior is clearly out of bounds.

  64. Madden is right cause he has common sense. It’s not very common. Crabtree is a poor mans Anquan Boldin if anyone. Great hands, good after the catch but not much speed. The Tate comparison was nothing but a lame shot at Crabtree.

  65. Some of you are making no sense whatsoever. How is eli8minating the ritualistic extra point kick going to drive fans away from the NFL?! What is the difference between making TDs = 7 points while still allowing offenses to gamble for a 2 point conversion (if they fail then they only get 6 for the TD), other than making the game more entertaining?!

  66. Also Madden appears to not have seen the just released video & audio of what Sherman said to Crabtree that drove Crabtree to shove his face. Specifically:

    “Good game man. Hell of a game.” (Sherman extends hand to Crabtree).

  67. I did not read every comment but I know one reply included the actual words of what Richard Sherman said to Crabtree at the end of the game and if anyone was wrong and at fault because the comments from Richard Sherman were a direct response of the unsportsmanlike conduct from Crabtree to get offended by his opponent too commend him on participating in a hell of a game which Crabtree was somehow offended by that is that the behavior we instead should be showing to our children as the way to act in defeat because the opposing made a wonderful legal play Coach Madden. It is Crabtree who put his hands on Crabtree in a negative and unsportsmanlike manner most players would have reacted as Sherman did in the same situation when the guilty party Crabtree is given a free pass for creating a problem and unrightfully so Sherman is ridiculed for attempting too commend and shake the hand of the opposing player after the game who obviously is exactly what Sherman said he was and a sore loser who in fact should be the one apologizing for creating the problem when it is Crabtree who should be apologizing for his behavior and if he could not accept being the loser than he should have be mad at his own quarterback and not Richard Sherman who made a legal game ending play to shut the 49er’s and the classless Crabtree up till next year and the fact is that other 49er players were class acts at the end of game and their behavior in no way reflected that of the Classless Crabtree who instead should be the one getting everything that was and has been thrown at Sherman’s feet because everyone that has something negative to say Richard Sherman are equally clueless too reality and obviously they can’t handle the truth either.

  68. Madden, I love your resume, but please stop commenting on the game of football. Age has been catching up to you for a long time now and you are starting to have the same lousy credibility of half the arrogant blowhards on CBS, FOX and NFLN.

  69. What a load of crap from Madden! Just look at his video games and you can see where a lot of the negative influencing comes from. Even pro football players play his game. John Madden is irrelevant and shouldn’t be allowed outside past noon, or use the telephone. BOOM!

  70. Sherman should have just gave Crabtree a little “BOOM!” and a little “WHAP!” and Madden would have been fine with it.

  71. Does Madden not see what’s going on here? The Seahawks are playing the bad guy while dominating opponents. That was the Madden Raiders whole image.

    The Legion of Boom is based on a cast of villains from comic books. It’s an intimidation factor that works psychologically. Not only does Sherman back up his talk, but he has taken all the attention off his teammates allowing them to focus on the huge game ahead of them.

    Hope the Seahawks walk away champions and leave the sensitive sally’s distraught.

  72. Whats embarrassing and a bad example for the kids is society over reacting and being so dang judgemental. The dude has never put his hands on anyone yet people justify trent williams and crabby doing it. Get over yourselves and your fake self serving morals.

    Ill bet the farm that every single one of you with kids has yelled at your kids when they didnt deserve it. Then you moan about someone yelling in an interview.

  73. Richard Sherman didn’t embarrass himself in front of me. He embarrassed Michael Crabtree in front of me which is doing exactly what he said he was going to do. I was impressed with Sherman and I like seeing him go over the top at his own personal expense to demoralize this key division rival and opponent. He could have encouraged Crabtree and gave him some tips to get better, but he didn’t do that, he put his energy into trying to crush his spirits and make him look like a chump. It’s not pretty, but it’s effective, and I’ll take an effective and demoralizing to his opponents player over one that doesn’t make the plays to get the wins. Richard Sherman showed Crabtree who is boss, and in my mind Crabtree is mediocre like Sherman says he is until he can beat him.

    Maybe some of these teams should just forfeit the game in advance if they are too afraid of or worried about Richard Sherman and what he thinks. Good, that’s what Richard wants you to do. Quit on your own instead of letting him destroy you. That’s why he’s the best like he says, and the best is allowed to get away with proclaiming they are the best. Nothing wrong with that, unless you are better, if so, then go prove it and then you can talk or not talk about it when it’s YOUR choice. Right now Richard Sherman owns this space.


    Dude, really? You’re over-thinking this thing, for real. Sherman did nothing but motivate his upcoming opponents before the biggest game of his career. If that’s what you call “expert strategy” then you might want to take another look. You post some interesting points sometimes, but you’r way off on this one. Broncos now definitely have Sherman on their radar. Not that it takes some immature, emotional outcry to let Peyton know you’re out there there, but then again, if he was wondering, he sure isn’t now. Encouraged Crabtree? What does that mean? Who cares about Crabtree at that point, the game was over. He was looking at the past when he should have been focused on the next opponent, staying silent, flying quiet. THAT is some real expert strategy. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Peyton Manning is the “Strategy Expert” expert here. Now why isn’t HE all over the media right now?

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