Jury deliberates Josh Brent’s fate


Former Cowboys defensive lineman Josh Brent faces charges of intoxication manslaughter, arising from a December 2012 car accident that claimed the life of his friend and teammate, Jerry Brown.

The trial has ended, and the jury will return on Wednesday to deliberate Brent’s fate.  Via the Associated Press, the jury met for roughly 3.5 hours on Tuesday.

Brent has challenged the quality of the prosecution’s evidence against him, which includes a blood-alcohol measurement of 0.18 percent and testimony from a toxicologist that, given Brent’s size, he consumed 17 drinks that evening.

Brent retired from the Cowboys last year.  If he avoids prison time, he could decide to try to return to the NFL.

17 responses to “Jury deliberates Josh Brent’s fate

  1. Kind of surprising he did not accept some sort of plea deal…if he is putting all his eggs in one basket, I hope he is aware that it has a pretty big hole.

  2. God bless the mother of the deceased. Talk about walking the walk. If Josh does play again hopefully he will see to it that she is taken care of.

  3. In Texas vehicular manslaughter, even if convicted, can carry a penalty as light as probation, and has on multiple occasions… Did he screw up? Sure… Is the DA trying to make an example of him? Yup… The mother of the victim has forgiven him, and if she can, so can the rest of the world…

  4. Forgivness is for the weak and is wrought with selfish motives that allow the forgiver to move on without any real absolution of the ofeender.

    Compassion is the tool of the criminal element, they use it to expose the soft underbelly of society in an attempt to gain understanding of their motives and eventually acceptance that their crimes are the result of someone elses failure to grant them their desires.

  5. What I find disturbing is that a witness said josh didn’t even attempt to help his friend. I’m not saying he would have been able to save him, but to not even try?

  6. Not much to deliberate here. He got hammered, drove a vehicle and killed his friend/teammate. The evidence is substantial and he even apologized to the family. Guilty verdict shouldn’t even take 30 minutes. Take emotions out and it is 5 min.

  7. it is nice the mother of the victim has forgiven him and all but he still needs to pay for what he did. if not what is to stop him from making another”mistake”? if he gets off with probation what kind of example does this set? don’t drink and drive but if you do and kill somebody it’s ok as long as the victim’s mamma says she forgives him.

  8. The classy Dallas organization put him on the sideline the following week. The guy made his bed now he needs to lie in it. No compassion for a guy who knowingly drove drunk, speeding, and didn’t attempt to help.

  9. My biggest concern here is that no one is taking into account the “victim’s” culpability in this case. Josh Brent didn’t run over some innocent old lady that was walking on the sidewalk. He was in a single car accident that killed an occupant of HIS vehicle. This occupant chose to get in this vehicle, and if anyone that night was capable of determining the level of Brent’s intoxication…. It was the “victim”. They both made bad decisions that night, if I’m out getting hammered with a buddy I will damn sure do my best to keep him from driving. I also would surely decline to ride along if he declines my advice.

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