McCarron says health, not hubris, led him to skip Senior Bowl

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Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron wouldn’t have been the first player to skip the Senior Bowl because they didn’t think they needed it.

But McCarron said Tuesday night that medical concerns, rather than a belief he’s a top-20 pick, was the reason he skipped the college all-star game in his hometown of Mobile, Ala.

It’s always been a dream of mine to play in the Senior Bowl in my hometown,” McCarron said, via Randy Kennedy of “But my body was banged up during the year. I wanted to push through it and finish out the year for my teammates.

“When it came time to decide, I asked the advice of our team doctors, who are some of the best in the country. They said I should stay out of the game and get my body back to 100 percent healthy.”

For one thing, if the guy who is dating a famous attractive person dreams at night of playing in a meaningless game at Ladd Peebles Stadium, well then no one should question his dedication to the game.

The bigger question might then become which of these injuries are red flags of a different nature.

McCarron nursed a toe injury throughout the season, which required a minor procedure the week after the Sugar Bowl loss to Oklahoma.

He also had a sore shoulder, the result of a dive for the end zone, and admitted arm fatigue since the middle of the season.

“I jammed my shoulder when I was diving for the pylon against Tennessee,” he said. “Structurally, there was never anything wrong, but since then I’ve been fighting a sore shoulder that just got more tired each week.”

He doesn’t need surgery for that problem, and said he was cleared Tuesday for the first time since the end of the season.

“My shoulder feels better than it ever has now,” he said. “I’ve been working on my throwing mechanics and my arm is going to be stronger than it’s ever been.”

If he chooses, he can display that arm strength next month at the Combine, provided he feels sufficiently healthy for that high honor.

18 responses to “McCarron says health, not hubris, led him to skip Senior Bowl

  1. Alright so…6-4, 215 lbs, 2 time national title winner, 53 games played with 1,026 pass attempts at a 66% completion rate with 77 career TD’s and 15 INT’s means you have no chance in the NFL?

  2. When they asked Richard Sherman a question about this his response…………

    “A.J. McCarron has a MEDIOCRE looking girlfriend okay? MEDIOCRE! Next question”

  3. The difference in his arm late in the year was evident. Odds are ,predictions that he will not be more than a reserve will be correct,simply because that’s what the odds are…but it works both ways,and sometimes,those who aren’t supposed to succeed,do succeed….kind of an anti-bust….McCarron has more going for him than is being credited by many….He’s got heart,brains and more than a little bit of ability…

  4. AJ I like you a lot as a person and a player- most importantly as a role model- but you need to play in this game. You are nursing the same injuries as every other FCS QB in the nation, yet they are sucking it up and playing. I hope my Pats draft you if you are still there when we pick you- welcome to the real world, where as in every stage of life who you were in the past has no bearing to who you are now. Just like those in 9-5 jobs, going to grad school and both, if you want to succeed in your field, you are GOING to have to do dirty work-if you don’t want to that’s fine- but think about how you would feel if 10 years later your Gio Carmazzi living with goats when little unknown Tom Brady is holding up the Lombardi- there is nothing worse in life than wasted potential.

  5. raiderufan says: Jan 22, 2014 11:46 AM

    Alright so…6-4, 215 lbs, 2 time national title winner, 53 games played with 1,026 pass attempts at a 66% completion rate with 77 career TD’s and 15 INT’s means you have no chance in the NFL?
    Almost as good as Tebow’s passing stats. Not quite – but almost.

  6. I though he said that he sat out the Senior Bowl on the advice from his agent. Now it’s Alabama’s team doctors?

  7. He was banged up at year’s end and sitting out the Senior Bowl is no big deal. It’s certainly better than playing and having a poor showing. Any comparison to Tebow is idiotic given that AJ is a traditional drop-back QB coming out of a pro-style offense, while Tim was a spread QB with poor throwing mechanics who broke Walker’s college record for rushing TDs. They were both SEC QBs and there the comparison ends.

    I have no idea what kind of pro career AJ will have, but this game won’t make or break it. And I doubt anyone eith his mefia savvy wss telling some guy from San Francisco he didn’t need to play because he’s guaranteed a top-20 spot.

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