Mike Pettine expects to hear from Browns by the end of the day


Despite reports that things were heading that way, Bills defensive coordinator Mike Pettine didn’t walk out of his second interview with the Browns as the new head coach in Cleveland.

That doesn’t mean that he’s out of the running for the lone remaining head coaching vacancy in the NFL, however. Pettine expects to hear more from the Browns on Wednesday.

“I should have some feedback on my interview by the end of the day,” Pettine said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The Browns had an interview to do on Wednesday before getting back to Pettine. Vaughn McClure of ESPN.com reports that the team has already conducted that interview with Falcons offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter, which is the only other interview scheduled at the moment. The team also reportedly wants to interview Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn for a second time, although hiring him would have to wait until after Seattle faces the Broncos in the Super Bowl.

49 responses to “Mike Pettine expects to hear from Browns by the end of the day

  1. why wouldnt they interview Greg Roman, who would bring with him Jim Tomsula as D-Coordinator? way better than what they have interviewed so far

  2. I believe the interview went something like this:

    Banner: Wanna be out coach?
    Pettine: Well maybe
    Banner: You sure? I mean its yours dude.
    Pettine: Wait, you’re giving me the job no matter what aren’t you?
    Banner: If you want it, yup
    Pettine: What kind of crappy franchise needs to beg for coaches?
    Banner: Ummm….

  3. This guy seems like a solid coach from what I’ve heard (admittedly, I know very little about him). However, the way the Browns have conducted this process can’t possibly be filling their fans with confidence.

  4. They couldn’t provide feedback during the meeting? So it takes a couple hours for the realization to sink in that he’s the guy for the job? If he gets feedback today that sounds like it might be bad news.

  5. So, Jimmy Haslam saying that they were bringing an experienced HC, a proven winner was as legitimate as his rebates? “A man of his word”

    The only owner who could make Jeruh look competent.

    The Haslam Bros. Hillbilly Circus just won’t leave Cleveland.

  6. It took them how long to find an OC outta Buffalo to be their head coach. I guess on their whiteboard, the number one criteria was saving money on moving costs.
    Sad to see.
    As a Steeler fan, I’m not surprised, but disappointed that we never see a real team come out’ve Cleveland. Used to be a rivalry. Now it’s a week off.

  7. I have to ask myself why would anyone but Browns fans even read this post….Doh, I’m the dummy!!

  8. He already has a background with the Baltimore Browns. Unfortunately those are Browns of another color who actually know how to run a franchise. Modell HOF!!!!! Stevie B best owner in NFL!!!

  9. They can interview Quinn this week since they already interviewed him once during Seattle’s playoff bye week.

  10. It doesn’t really matter who they hire, does it? The Stooges will suck for the foreseeable future. Most Browns fans won’t live long enough to see them have a winning season, much less win a Championship.

  11. As annoying and frustrating as this process has been if we end up hiring Pettine I would be pretty happy. I think that a coach like this is what Cleveland has been missing. All of our other coaches have been so soft and quiet. I want a coach who gets after it.

    The key will be for him to get a good OC because I dont know how familiar he is with that side. We haven’t done him any favors by waiting so damn long to hire a coach. But good thing we have the very experienced and accomplished Norv Turner. Oh wait…

    I liked Chud and I wish he had another year with that staff because I thought it was a fantastic staff. The players seemed to like him but lets be honest. The players did not play for him at the end of the season. They pretty much gave up. We looked miserable. Look at how the Jets played for Rex. That’s what we need.

  12. If they knew how poorly this would go, I wonder if they would have fired Chudzinski after only one year?

    In all seriousness, I would give Brian Billick a call. He’s probably still desperate to get back into coaching and I’ve never understood why he was black-balled. Afterall, he is a Super Bowl winning coach.

    Bill Cowher, John Gruden, Tony Dungy are not coming. You could do a lot worse than Brian Billick for a franchise with reputation issues.

  13. Why on earth would Jack Del Rio want to go to the Browns? He is DC for the best team in the AFC and if the Broncos D plays a good game in the SB he just has to make it one more year to basically have his choice of jobs.

    NO big name people are going to bite on this bottom of the heap job with no control and no security knowing that you will only get one season maybe to perform miracles with nothing.

  14. You know we just got something good started here in Buffalo. Losing Pettine really hurts the Bills.
    I hope he stays in Buffalo.

  15. Glad that this fiasco is soon coming to an end. After the firing of a coach after one year of service this is what happens… Hopefully Banner and Lombardi will be gone after next year.

  16. I love how people on here think Banner doesn’t know what he’s doing, remember, Chud wasn’t the coach he wanted, when he gets the guy he really wants you can believe he’ll be around for a long time ( see Andy Reid in Philly)

  17. I still to this day can’t understand how the owner from the Browns who came from the Steelers orginazation didn’t grab people from there to run the show, who has more stability then them?

  18. Why would Billick give up his cushy job as a game analyst for Fox to work 80 hours a week in Cleveland? It’s not like he’d get back in to coaching to chase a ring, he’s got one.

  19. brownoholic says: Jan 22, 2014 2:06 PM

    I love the guy but won’t be sold til I see who they land at offensive coordinator. I’m hearing Packers QB coach…

    Ummm…McAdoo already has a new job.

  20. My Browns are about to hire the ONLY Defensive Coordinator in 2013 who LOST TO BRANDON WEEDEN to be their next Head Coach…

    …and the other front-runner was 2-19 against ranked opponents as a college HC but the 3 AmEGOs refuse to even interview Jim Tressel……


    Season tix in family since 1962…….at this point, just, whatever. You can have ’em, Jimmy. Your first move as owner was to make my PSL worthless, so you have no leverage. Congrats, you’ve officially murdered your fan-base. Lerner put us in the hospital but you and your cronies are smothering us with a pillow.

  21. Talk about mixed emotions. He must on the one hand REALLY be hoping to get the job but on the other hand REALLY wishing it was just about any other franchise.

    I wonder if they’ll hand him the list of all the coming draft picks at the contract signing or wait until his first official day?

  22. Is this some kind of game of chicken? Who can the Browns turn to if they don’t take him?

  23. Another coach from the Brian Billick coaching tree:
    Mike Smith (SB 35 secondary)
    Marvin Lewis (SB35 DC)
    Jack Del Rio (SB35 LB)
    Rex Ryan (SB35 DL)
    Mike Nolan
    Mike Singletary
    David Shaw
    Hue Jackson

  24. Chud was far down their list of favorites last year, and they showed no patience with him. So I don’t know why Pettine or Koetter would feel real secure in taking this job. Obviously these weren’t the guys they were targeting when this all began.

    That being said, they did write Chud a $10.5 million dollar check to just go away a few weeks ago. Which is nice.

  25. After all the people who have said no, Pettine should be in the drivers seat in terms of this deal. I’d demand a non-fire clause for at least 3 years or I’d walk. There will be offers for this guy next year if he didn’t take it and because of the way the Browns have handled Chud it would be easily explainable.

  26. People can spin this anyway they want, most chosing to do so negatively, taking their time is the pertinent thing to do. People can joke all they want about candidates turning down the Browns, because that doesn’t mean they can’t still get it right.

    There will be inherent stability with this head coaching position. Front offices get two coaching hires and this is number 2 for Banner/Lombardi. Firing the next guy means they’re likely gone as well. So the next coach is going to get some time.

  27. If Pettine is handed the job before Haslam completes the rest of his “deliberate” coaching search, it will mean the Browns “panicked”.

    That is what I fully expect Haslam and Banner to do, tonight…give the job away before they complete their search.

    Why would they do such a thing?…because they cannot risk the embarrassment of interviewing everyone on their list and coming up empty.

    Regardless, whom ever is the next coach, it is time for Haslam to finish the changes that are needed if the Browns are to begin to claw their way up from the bottom.

    Haslam must admit to himself, he made a mistake putting Joe Banner in charge of the football side of his franchise.

    If Haslam is determined to fix what is wrong with his franchise, he must judge himself and his performance as the Browns owner.

    If Haslam does not ask Banner for his resignation, it will send the signal that Haslam is nothing more than an owner in name and not serious about building the Browns into a winner.

    The Browns must have someone who is experienced on the football side of a football team…as a player, a coach, a scout…someone respected around the NFL as a good judge of talent.

    We will see if Haslam has the guts to finish his job as the leader of this franchise by judging himself and correcting his own mistakes.

  28. Love this guy on storage wars, his wife is pretty hot too! One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, they say. Hopefully the browns get this right for once!

  29. I think what surprises me the most is that nobody is seeing the more important picture that two of the finalists for the job are D-Coordinators who run a 4-3 D instead of the 3-4 D we changed to last year. This will probably have a significant impact on what happens in free agency and the draft if either are hired.

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