Nick Sundberg: Move extra points back, don’t eliminate them


Placekickers aren’t the only players who would see their playing time shrink if the NFL does away with the extra point.

There’s also the long snappers, who would get fewer opportunities to show their skills in a league with fewer kicking. One long snapper has shared his thoughts about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s announcement that the league was going to explore eliminating the extra point.

Redskins long snapper Nick Sundberg, whose desire to get all the snaps he could kept him in a game after breaking his arm, said that he agrees with the idea that the extra point should no longer be virtually automatic, but scoffed at the notion that it should disappear from the game entirely.

“That’s just good old headlines by Roger, I think,” Sundberg said on 106.7 The Fan, via Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. “I don’t know. He says he wants to make the league more exciting, or he wants to make every play more exciting. Listening to you guys and I’ve heard this before too: move [PATs] back. I agree. Don’t make it a gimme. Move it back, back it a 50-yard field goal, 45, 40, whatever you want. But don’t just get rid of it entirely. I think that’s absolutely ridiculous.”

Moving the kick back to make it more difficult and, perhaps, make going for two more appealing is an idea that should be part of any discussion of the future of the extra point because, as Sundberg says, it shouldn’t be a gimme.

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  1. I completely agree with this.

    2013 Regular Season Field Goal Stats.

    Extra Points = 1261/1266 (%99.61)
    18-19 Yard FG = 12/12 (%100)
    20-29 Yard FG = 236/242 (%97.52)
    30-39 Yard FG = 265/295 (%89.83)
    40-49 Yard FG = 254/306 (%83.01)
    50+ Yard FG = 96/143 (%67.13)

  2. How do you make the 2pt conversion more appealing by moving the xp back? Wouldn’t they have to line up in the same yardage marker? How would they make that distinction?

  3. I like that idea.

    If you are going to kick a PAT, line up at the 20 and move a 2 point try to the 5 yard line.

    You have to announce to the refs which one you are going for and you could still line up for a kick and run a fake from the 20.

  4. How about this, leave it completely alone until have a 100% alternative. If you move it back that messes up the 2point conversion.

  5. I like this better than Goodell’s idea.

    Even the implementation of his plan is terrible. At least make TDs worth 6, and then you have a choice to go for 2 or take an auto-XP. His way is ridiculous. But I still think they should come up with something new and change several things and do something even different than this player’s idea. Come up with something good or don’t change it.

  6. Make it something like Rugby. Make it so you have to kick the field goal from where the ball crossed into the end zone. Or 5 yards back from the spot of where the ball crossed into the end zone. I think that would be a lot of fun and would add a little strategy to how you scored.

  7. Move it back to 50 yards and put a pole in the middle. You kick it through its one point, you kick the pole you get 2.

    Now there are 2 ways to get a 2 points and there is more reason for a very accurate kicker.

  8. I get Goodell’s thinking. He wants less injuries. Specifically on plays many fans could care less about. There are injuries during extra points. Commercials immediately after the PAT make the average viewer believe otherwise.
    Now if we’re talking the 2 point conversion, that’s a completely different story as it is an exciting play, and critical. Generally, a team will elect to take it because they need to, and Goodell knows this. Injuries will happen, but it’s better to have them happen during an exciting play than a ho-hum extra point.

  9. At first I thought that a 2 pt. from the five and xp from the 40 was good, but you have to add the distance to the goalposts from the goal line and the distance from the 40 back to the kicker. So I think from the 30 is best. Makes it about a 42 yard kick with a lesser success percentage.

  10. How about we just stop messing with the rules all together? Same extra points, same number of regular season games, same number of playoff teams, no games in London, etc.

  11. I agree, the XP should be kept, but distance pushed back.

    I’m thinking a 35 yard XP field goal attempt, and a 2 point conversion from 5 yards out.

    It would be exciting, but not overly screw with the league’s default scoring structure.

  12. XP from the 10 (pretty sure, but not automatic see 97.5% above.). 2 yard line if going for 2.

    Any more than that, and any inclimate weather is going to result in a Philly/Detroit replay where nobody even wants to attempt at XP

  13. I don’t want it changed for one main reason. If you back it up then you can be almost assured that the fake FG extra point will never happen again. It’s rare now, but is also one of the most exciting plays in fOotball.

  14. This is actually a great idea. When i heard of the possible elimination of Xtra points, this idea never occured to me. I say make it a 45yd FG attempt. And yes, it would make teams possibly go for 2 anyways in most cases. Even more if you make it a 50 yd attempt. GREAT IDEA!!!

  15. Yeah, the fake thing is an issue for me, but not a dealbreaker.

    I like the idea of moving it back to a 45 yard FG (So LOS @ the 28)

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