Packers CEO favors expanding playoffs, ditching extra point


When it comes to rule changes, the Commissioner is the President — and the owners are Congress.

Roger Goodell recently has made it clear that his legislative agenda for the 2014 offseason will include expanding the playoffs and ditching the one-point version of the post-touchdown ritual.  At least one of the 24 men who ultimately will vote on any proposed rule changes agrees.

Packers CEO Mark Murphy tells WSCO-FM radio in Appleton that he supports both proposed adjustments to the rulebook.

“Right now of the 32 teams only 12 make it,” Murphy said.  “I don’t think we want to get where, not to criticize other sports, but, it seems like everybody makes it.  If we did the discussion would be one additional wild-card team in each conference so it would still be less than 50 percent of the teams, 14 out of 32.”

Then there’s the real motivation for the potential change.  The sweet sound of a ringing cash register.

“I would be in favor of it in the sense that it’s a way to add additional revenue,” Murphy said.

“If we could [add two wild-card teams] and make changes in the preseason, maybe eliminate a preseason game, something along those lines, [because] our preseason, really, is not of a high quality anymore,” Murphy added.  “So, I think that trade off would be really positive for the fans.”

Ultimately, expanding the postseason is about offsetting the money lost by losing a week of the preseason, which the league desperately wants to do.  If the NFL maximizes the rights fees via placement of games in prime time on Sunday night and Monday night (not Friday night), the reduced revenues from a shrunken preseason will be overshadowed by the extra dollars from two extra postseason games.

As to the extra point, Murphy agrees with getting rid of it, due to the combination of the automatic nature of the one-pointer and the reduced injury risk.  Murphy mentioned that the Packers lost defensive lineman Justin Harrell to an injury that happened during a traditional extra-point play.

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  1. All these guys want to expand is their bank accounts. Pity they’re going to throw it all away for money, but thats usually how it goes. I mean the Chargers need 6 miracles to make the playoffs this year, at 9-7, but yeah, lets water it down even more.

  2. Adding more playoff teams are just for those that want the extra cash, or those that are tired of being losers. I say make them earn the money or the accolades, I’m sick and tired of giving everything and then some to these people that don’t know how to excel and get the job done and legitimately beat their competition. And of course we always have the possible raffle of some teams getting in by simply beating out only 3 other teams they happen to be grouped with. If these ideas are a package then I’d rather see no changes, just don’t under any circumstances want to see the number of playoff teams increased unless it’s because the league is expanding.

  3. Team talent is already diluted to the point that teams try for 10 years to get an NFL-quality QB and still can’t. The NFL already has 8-8 teams in the playoffs; may as well let 6-10 teams in also.

  4. Getting really sick of the NFL. I’ve been a fan since I was six years old but in the past thirty plus years the game is barely recognizable to the one I fell in love with.
    I liked NFL games only two days a week. It was an event, it was special and different from all the other sports. Now it is so watered down that I don’t even care about it anymore. Every game used to matter as it had playoff implications every week. Expand the playoffs and the NFL loses that mystique and magic.
    No use complaining I guess. Everything Goodell wants he will get. London Super Bowl, no kicking in “football”, no defense, expanded playoffs, no tackling, new stadiums, etc.
    I don’t have to like it. I also don’t have to watch it.

  5. If they expand the playoffs to 24 teams, the vikings may have a chance to be in it every year. And their fans can continue to ride the bandwagon every year rather than every 5-6 year’s when they have a good season.

    Last I checked, the packers don’t need them to expand because they continue to win their pathetic division. So Viking fans saying that 14 teams making it is the only way the packers get in, makes absolutely no sense, but then again, rooting for the Vikings makes no sense.

  6. If their going to have more and more types of plays reviewed, they need to cut some time somewhere else. Eliminating the kicked extra point makes the most sense.

  7. First, I have to laugh at someone sighting an injury to Justin Harrell as rationale for doing away with the extra point. That sucker could get injured taking his keys of of his pocket. What I would like to see them do away with is extra point, 2 mins of commercials, kickoff through the end zone, 2 more minutes of commercials, a running play for three yards, end of quarter and 2 more minutes of commercials.

    As far as expansion of the playoffs, if the trade off were to be elimination of a pre-season game, I’m all for it. I’m not wild about the idea of one team from each conference getting a bye. If they expand it, I’d just as soon they expand to the top 16 regardless of conference or division. If that would have been the rules, there never would have been a 7-9 team in and 11-5 team out. If one conference has 9 and the other 7, the #9 team gets the 8 seed in the other conference.

  8. Packers fans don’t need and I’m sure don’t want expanded playoffs. They’ve made the post season in 15 of the past 20 years.

    Actually, it’s surprising that they haven’t made it all 20 years, considering just how bad their divisional opponents are.

  9. I live in Arizona. The Cardinals would have been a playoff team if they expanded to one additional team per conference and I’m still against it. What they need to do is reduce the conferences to two divisions (combine the NFC West/NFC West and NFC Central and NFC East/NFC South), take two division winners and four wildcard teams and keep the 6 playoff team format. This would keep out the 8-8/9-7 jokes getting in over 10 and 11-win teams solely because they won their crappy division.

  10. Ditching the extra point because of injuries?
    Really …. Then why do they want to expand the regular season?

  11. I guess it hasn’t occurred to Goodell or Murphy that several of the playoff games, including the Packers, almost got blacked out this year?

    The Packers get a pass because the weather was just insane, but the Colts and Bengals needed corporate help to sell out.

  12. “Right now of the 32 teams only 12 make it,”

    And over 1/3rd of the teams aren’t enough. These guys are watching too much NBA and NHL if they want more playoff teams.

  13. “Jerry Jones just wants more playoff spots so the cowboy” … oh wait, I must be in the comments where people here are always on their period about just about everything. I am sorry, that is an insult to “all women”. The ones I know don’t complain *this* much, even about real problems. So now the Packers need an extra wild card to get in ? Counting … Dallas 1, Green Bay 2 … who’s next ?

  14. Keep the extra points. Without them, that beauty in the snow b/t Det and Phi would have been totally different.

  15. The only thing I would consider changing, is the team that win the division always hosts one playoff game.

    but this year if the Saints and Packers were in the NFC Championship game it would be held @ NOLA, because GB all ready had got to host their game for winning the division and the Saints had the better record..

  16. Preseason has turned into a joke. All the rules about not hitting during preseason has shown to be a cause of more players getting injured during the season. I’m not exactly sure why, but it’s a known fact. Maybe you don’t learn good tackling skills and fundamentals. Seems most players these days just launch their bodies at a player instead of wrapping them up. Most injuries are from teammates bouncing off of each other while launching..

  17. Losing Justin Harrell should be an argument in favor of KEEPING the extra point.

    Leave the freaking game alone. I don’t even know what a completed pass is anymore and I’ve been watching football for almost 50 years.

  18. You guys criticizing the chase for money is laughable. Someone knocks on your door and says, “Here is one million dollars.” Nobody (at least on this planet) is going to say, “No thank you. I would rather earn it myself.”

    Games are getting too long and unpredictable. TV needs predictable scheduling. So getting rid of the extra point makes sense. Injuries are expensive. When an injury occurs, you may lose a marquee player. Plus you have to pay the injured player and his replacement.

    Of course it is all about the money. What else is there in this world that matters? Sanctity of the sport? Don’t make me laugh!

  19. Justin Harrell’s career was over long before that extra point attempt. If they are so worried about injuries why do they want to lengthen the season to an 18 games. Greed is the answer. 12 teams out of 32 are plenty. Leave it alone.

  20. To be fair, Justin Harrell (aka Glass Joe) was always a candidate to get hurt on every play. That is, of the 1% of plays he’d actually be on the field for a year when he wasn’t ALREADY hurt.

  21. some rule changes I actually like that might make the actual GAME improve. extra points have always been meaningless and needed to go. and I think 2 extra teams would be good for fans and players.. as the extra spot might keep 5-6 teams in each conference in it by years end to play harder.

  22. The best idea I’ve heard yet instead of eliminating extra points is having the player who scored the TD attempt the kickT this would certainly make it an interesting play and not at all automatic. Get rid of the rush altogether and let that player attempt a free kick worth 1 point from the 10 or 15 yard line. Maybe move the 2 point attempt back to the 5 yard line.

  23. Dear NFL,

    You want to get rid of substandard preseason games for substandard postseason games? Especially when you charge full price for the preseason games and more than full price for the postseason games?

    People, stop it.
    Stop trying to manipulate the game in your endless search for money.
    Stop telling us that this is entertainment. You think the people in Oakland and Cleveland think this is entertainment?
    Stop telling us what we want; you haven’t asked enough of us to make that claim. You think we actually believe half the stuff you tell us?

    You need to have full time officials, so they can properly ref the game.
    You need to get a team in LA; you want to go all over the world and you can’t get a team in your no. 2 market?
    You need to take care of your players, past, present and future.
    You need to take of the game, not the show.

  24. Personally,

    If they drop a pre-season game, then add a week to the regular season (by adding a second bye-week).

    Also, drop the exclusive broadcasts in home markets. Meaning Fox, and CBS could both air games in a home market regardless of who’s playing.

    If teams complain that they’re not getting veiwership respond with “play better, and people will watch.”

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