Signs point to Pettine, but Browns interviewing today


At the moment, the Browns don’t have a coach.

But it’s early yet.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Browns officials left Mobile, Ala., last night, prepared to interview another candidate this morning.

That came after reports from a pair of Buffalo News writers that their second interview with Bills defensive coordinator Mike Pettine last night had gone so well, that it appeared Pettine was getting the job.

Cabot described those reports as “premature,” and the Browns do still have work to do.

They have interviews scheduled with Falcons offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter and want to talk again with Seahawks defensive line coach Dan Quinn.

Also, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh said the Browns reached out to him about his assistants, though he didn’t specify which one or how many, via Matt Maiocco of

Cabot reported that the Browns hadn’t reached out to 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman, which could point to defensive line coach Jim Tomsula.

So stay tuned, the Browns either have a coach or they don’t, so there’s still time for more people to turn them down.

53 responses to “Signs point to Pettine, but Browns interviewing today

  1. They still have yet to interview Dirk Koetter, which doesn’t excite me much. It appears to be a 3 horse race between Quinn, Koetter and Pettine. There is no “sexy” choice here, but I would prefer Mike Pettine. He has coached for his father (a PA high school legend), Brian Billick, Rex Ryan and Doug Marrone. The bills ranked 2nd in interceptions and sack this year, which is a huge improvement from the previous year. I think Mike Pettine is a star in the making. One thing is for sure, by waiting as long as the Browns front office has…they haven’t done anything to improve their image as a knee jerk, impulsive bunch that is looking to micromanage any coach they hire.

  2. As a Bills fan I’m not sure if Pettine is going from the frying pan to the fire or vice versa….?

  3. Pettine?
    That desperate?
    You had a decent staff in place, and now you upheave EVERYTHING, and this is your guy??
    More sadness coming from the factory..

  4. Pettine, Koetter and Quinn? Decent coaches, but why haven’t they interviewed Greg Roman, Darrell Bevell, Jack del Rio, Greg Manusky or John Pagano? It baffles my mind and it makes our front office look terrible for waiting for Adam Gase, then having to settle for a 2nd tier coach.

  5. Seems like a solid choice. I know the Browns get bagged on a lot, but this guy could be a winner (if he can work effectively with management).

  6. The dream of anybody in football is to reach the highest level. These coaches all want to be a head coach.

    And as Eminem sings “Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
    To seize everything you ever wanted. one moment
    Would you capture it or just let it slip?

    All these coaches turning down the Browns are going to regret their decision. Josh McDaniels had a second chance. After Sunday his offense did not look so great. His stock dropped as a HC. If Peyton Manning wins the Superbowl and retires. Adam Gase may regret his decision too. Only time will tell. But considering it will take them 10 years to make what Chud made in his 1 year of being the Browns HC. Not smart. C’mon Man!

  7. Total list of 2nd rate guys.

    Pettine? please…

    Dirk Koetter was HORRIBLE for years with the Jags…he is a coach who CANNOT rise above the players that he has…no innovation…nothing.

    Browns leadership are a bunch of clowns.

  8. Out of the remaining candidates left. This was the guy I wanted. Now we need some coordinators to go with him. Chud got a raw deal, but when you lose 7 in a row to end the season with 5 now 6 pro bowlers, that’s what happened. Look at KC. Pretty much the same scenario as last year. Team with Pro Bowlers, got a new coach and new QB and all of a sudden they had a dramatic turn around. They did have an easier schedule due to finishing last, but still. I’m definitely not predicting that kind of turn around for us as well but we should see improvement. Unless the front office botches the draft.

  9. It seems as if Pettine agreed to be another pezzonovante. A fool dancing on the strings held by all those big shots which is right up the alley of the current “leadership.” Only weak people desire to have spineless, opinionless people under them, and if that is what Banner desires to get a head coaching job that is what he will get. I believe they will rue the day they let one of the best offensive and defensive coordinators in the game go and the quality of their offense and defense will suffer, but they don’t seem to care of that. They know our rabid fans will fill the stadium seats anyway, if only to complain, bark and whine.

  10. No way Jimmy will get charged for Pilot Flying “J”, this just shows how incompetent he is and the disconnect with his management team. Please do what you did to the Pepsi CEO that was hired by Haslam, FIRE THE FRONT OFFICE, save us another year of crapfest

  11. “So stay tuned, the Browns either have a coach or they don’t, so there’s still time for more people to turn them down.”

    Harsh bro… Harsh…

  12. Sooo this was why you fired your coach after one year? So you could go grab an assistant from the mighty Buffalo Bills? Yeah this will go over well with Browns fans. Stealing from my team is like stealing from a hardworking trucker…oh wait.

  13. These teams need to worry less about a HC and more about a competent QB.

    Reid got Smith and presto, contender. Chud would have saved his bacon if Hoyer had continued playing well and didn’t get hurt although he did get a raw deal.

    If Schaub hadn’t melted down, Kubiak would still have a job.

    Anyone think Fox would be going back to the SB without Manning?

    Find a great QB and all coaches look like a genius…..

  14. The less than 1 year firing of of chud has made this job radioactive. The only person willing to take this job is an unknown coordinator willing to get his name out there and not afraid to take a beating for a year or two. You can bring in Jesus Christ to coach this team and they still are what they are. You need a QB in this league to win. They don’t have one and if they get one in the draft he will not be ready to compete for a couple of years. I hope Pettine does get it. His meteoric rise from coaching North Penn HS to NFL HC would be quite remarkable.

  15. Maybe they are looking for the Harbaugh’ s illegitimate brother or hoping there is one.

  16. That is so true. Any decent coach can win it all if he has a great quarterback and a tiny bit of luck.

    If Haslam was smart, at this point, he should apologize to Chud for his stupid kneejerk reaction and reinstall him for 2 or three more years and focus on getting a few playmakers and someone to groom behind Hoyer. Never happen, but that’s because he’s not smart enough to admit he made a (big) mistake.

    Changing coaches does nothing but disrupt what’s been started, again. Without a quality quarterback, NO coach will succeed.

  17. I can think if a few reasons why pettine shouldn’t get the job but the Browns will continue to be the Browns and this might just be how they do it.

    I am a bills fan. I want to keep pettine. He is a good coach but it might be too soon for him. look at the probowlers pettine has in buffalo. He didn’t create them, they were already there.

    No QB in Cleveland. Run Mike run.

  18. All this because Joey “Nickles” Banner loves to brag about how he hand picked a then unknown , mid 30 year old Andy Reid out of obscurity, and is firmly convinced he has the golden touch for this. He already has strike one, and I’m guessing strike 2 will be hired any day now.

  19. This is no surprise. Word has gotten around that the FO situation is a mess. Why would a quality assistant coach like Adam Gase or Greg Roman take the job if it’s not clear who runs the team. Mike Lombardi may have the title of GM , but people in the know Joe Banner calls the shots. It’s the same deal for the Dolphins GM job. While the Tampa GM is not the top guy, Jason Licht will need to check things with Lovie Smith, there is no confusion. Miami like Cleveland is known to be a mess in the FO. As long as there is doubt about who runs things , you can forget about getting top notch guys for either job

  20. Whom ever the Browns finally choose to be their next HC…Joe Banner is a problem that Haslam must deal with.

    The Browns are in desperate need of talent within management, with experience on the football side of the game.

    The new HC should have his own private meeting with only Haslam and make the request as a condition of employment.

    Haslam should put Banner in charge of the financial side of the Browns, which is where Banner’s expertise has been in his 18 yrs with the Eagles.

    One year with Banner in charge of the football side of the Browns was enough for every Browns fan, player and employee.

  21. And as Eminem sings “Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
    To seize everything you ever wanted. one moment
    Would you capture it or just let it slip?’

    I know its not relevant but…..Eminem does not nor does any rapper, sing……….its not even music…..

  22. Bills fan here. I don’t want to lose Pettine, he did wonders for Buffalo’s defense last year. If he gets the job, I wish him the best of luck. I still liked the coach the Browns had last year. It wasn’t his fault. The GM and management is terrible. Browns fans deserve better, just like Bills fans.

  23. I admit the Browns look bad doing this coach search, but much of that is made up by the media. First of all, they haven’t offered the job to anyone so how and when were they turned down? One guy withdrew because he was told he wasn’t the front runner and the other guy did so because he doesn’t feel he’s ready to assume the position for a couple of years. Oh don’t get me wrong. I think they were stupid for firing the last head coach. I simply think it would great if you hacks that call yourselves reporters could actually get a source and provide it to us once in a while.

  24. Please stop with the Greg Roman talk. That San Fran offense looks like a high school offense. No thanks. Tomasulo from San Fran is a better option. The key is to get a strong offensive coordinator and draft well. Great players make great coaches. Take Murray from Georgia in the third and pick up McKown to back up Hoyer until he’s ready. Do not trade picks to move up.

  25. As a Bills fan, he was a good DC most of the time. However, I do not feel he is HC worthy at all.

    Marrone still has MUCH to prove and:

    Marrone >>>>> Pettine.

  26. They should hire the coach of last year’s national champion in Flag Football. Given the way the NFL rules are going, he’s guaranteed success.

  27. Pettine is a good candidate, I have heard his name for a couple of years. The problem is that the Bills are not a good team yet. Believe, if the Bills get good in the near future, you will hear his name more often, but now he is a 2nd tier guy. The Browns are paying for letting a little bully like Banner fire the coach after one year. Lombardi can say what he wants that it was his decision, problem is the perception around the NFL is that it was Banner who forced the issue. Why would any top assistant take this job knowing that a d-bag like Banner is looking over my shoulder and overruling Lombardi??


  29. I’ve gone back and forth on this over the last few weeks. At first obviously I thought they were screwing it up all over again. Once McDaniel backed out, I was certain another Chud would be hastily hired to “save face” for yet again not getting the first guy they had targeted.

    However, the other teams that moved fast to fill their vacancies, may not have hurt the Browns search. Being g last now is an advantage. Most of the coaches hired weren’t even on our radar, and none of them shocked the world by accepting their new jobs.

    This leaves us in good position now to find the right guy. Wether its Pettine, Quinn, or one of the other “contestants” is not for me to say. Im not do I g the interviews.

    All im saying is, as far as “playing our cards right” goes, I have come around to think, maybe, just maybe these guys have a good hand… I hope so anyway! Bleeding brown and orange for 25+ years!

  30. Another thing is that of all of the other coaches hired only a few have been head coaches, and none of them were all that great the first time around. So im glad we didnt rush in to a re-tread.

    Whoever we hire isn’t likely to have head coach experience, but those candidates who did weren’t great. So the next guy isn’t go I g to be “sexy” to the fan base, but W’s will be!

    There is still great potential for the front office to botch this. But given the turn of events in recent weeks, im optimistic once again…for now.

  31. What ever happened to Jimmy’s pledge to bring in an experienced HC, a proven winner? Now, we know how those truckers feel, waiting for their rebate checks.

    The Haslam Hillbilly Circus just won’t leave town.

  32. Jimmy’s pledge does not mean jack as long the little dictator ( Joe Banner) has a huge say so in running the team. It says a lot about Banner that Jeff Lurie, the owner of the Eagles fired him. Banner and Lurie were best friends and Lurie made Banner the President even though he had no football experience. Unfortunately , the power went to Banner’s head and he was acting like he owned and ran the team . As long as you have that clown in the FO, forget about getting a top assistant or top college coach.

  33. The media will love all inside information that Pettine will provide. He got fired from the a jets for being their locker room leak.

  34. toonloonboon says: Jan 22, 2014 8:04 AM

    boy’ the Browns love hiring nobodys


    How many superbowls did they win with Eric Mangini, Mike Holmgren, Brad Childress, Dick Jauron and Norv Turner on their staff again?

    There’s a reason the “somebody’s” are looking for jobs in the first place.

  35. It’s still an NFL coaching job. Very hard to come by. The “hot” coordinator now won’t be the same next month. I’d be a candidate too if my job was to ask Manning or Brady what plays they wanted to run.

  36. I don’t know if it equals problem solved, but I am for hiring Jim Tressel as well. A proven winner and coach Browns fans could get behind. It’s a systemic organizational problem with people who are constantly starting over and have no plan to build a contending team. So hire another coordinator of the week, and draft another college QB. And go 4-12. Again.

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