Tajh Boyd not drawing rave reviews at Senior Bowl


As Senior Bowl week continues to unfold, scouts are saying good things about some players — and bad things about others.

Tony Pauline of DraftInsider.net recently shared an observation from an unnamed Packers scout regarding former Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd:  “[B]ased on what I’m seeing Tajh Boyd is not draftable.”

The assessment apparently hasn’t improved.  Pauline posted earlier on Twitter that Boyd has been “all over the place with throws” at the Wednesday Senior Bowl practice.

There’s a certain irony to the notion that a Packers scout would be pooh-poohing any quarterbacking draft prospect, given the team’s struggles to draft, or otherwise find, a competent backup to Aaron Rodgers.  There’s also a chance that the unnamed scout is doing what plenty of unnamed scouts do this time of year — say bad things about guys they like and good things about guys they don’t.

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  1. The Russell Wilson factor alone will get Boyd drafted, No way he goes through 7 rounds undrafted. Boyd started out the year great and faded at the end when the games games got tougher. Has good physical tools but is an erratic passer and would be consider more of project then Wilson.

  2. Announcer: And with the Packers second round pick in the 2014 draft they select Tajh Boyd from the Clemson Tigers!

    Kiper: Jon, this is very surprising to me. Green Bay came out and said he was un-draftable during the week leading up to the Senior Bowl. Clearly they saw something later on that they liked.

    Gruden: Listen Mel, this guy can flat out play…

  3. Boyd will have no issues at the next level. He’s a 4 year starter who is more Russell Wilson than Manzeil is. Plus he is a good citizen with no off the field adventures.

    He is a top three QB.

  4. Um, just look at his release point and arm in that picture. I highly doubt they are running a drill in which they are asking him to throw side arm. Either way there will be some fanbase in about a year or twos time that will be regretting wasting a draft pick on him I’m sure.

  5. Boyd isn’t half the qb Wilson is or was… maybe wide open throws and a beast WR is why he had success at the CFB level.

  6. Every year, the pattern repeats.

    People, you CANNOT take seriously reported comments of GMs and scouts this time of year. It’s all misdirection. Clearly signalling your draft strategy to other teams can get you fired.

  7. Brady is clearly in serious decline, stop blaming Welker or the lack of receivers…he’s just playing poorly for last several years.
    Draft this guy.

  8. Boyd is an enigma. He’s capable of playing very well, and after opening against Georgia, he was an immediate front-runner for the Heisman trophy.

    I watched Boyd nearly every week this year (living near Clemson), and other than that Georgia game, Boyd did not play as well against better teams.

    Clemson got clobbered at home against Florida State, and Boyd’s play had a signficant role in that defeat. He also turned the ball over several times in the loss to South Carolina. While Boyd played very well for most of the Orange Bowl, he threw two interceptions that were inexplicable head-scratchers.

    Boyd will be drafted, but I hope he goes to a team with a good QB coach that will improve his consistency. He’s got the physicial skills to play QB in the NFL. It is his decision making in the field of play that may scare some teams off.

  9. I’ve been saying this for 2 years now- Boyd’s numbers are a product of having phenomenal talent around him and playing in the ACC that, while they do have a few good teams (FSU and… FSU), for the most part is not a football conference. I still think some foolish team will take him early based solely on what he accomplished in college but in my eyes? This guy is the second coming of David Garrard less the injury issues. Just a big dude who is good but not great, and will hold down a starting job well enough, but never truly OWN it.

  10. People commenting on his throwing motion based on this one picture clearly haven’t seen him play. He’s got more of a 3/4 arm slot more akin to a pitching motion than an over the top.

  11. Chris Spielman is salivating. This is the magician who grabbed Ponder and then “saved face” with Freeman.

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