Brandon Jacobs has no warm feelings for Jim Harbaugh


Running back Brandon Jacobs has retired from the NFL so he doesn’t have to worry about remaining in the good graces of anyone who might think about hiring him in the future.

Or anyone who hired him in the past, for that matter. Jacobs spent a frustrating 2012 season as a member of the 49ers that saw him spend most of his time on the inactive list before getting suspended for conduct detrimental to the team. Jacobs, who was released at the start of the 49ers’ playoff run and returned to the Giants in 2013, had tweeted something about hating your boss before his suspension.

He said at the time that he wasn’t talking about 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh and insisted during a Thursday interview on WFAN that he was always respectful toward Harbaugh while he was in San Francisco, but retirement seems to have loosened his tongue.

“He is a bitch, and that’s why he’s never won anything,” Jacobs said. “It is what it is. I’ve got two rings. Harbaugh, though, he’s a bitch. So it doesn’t matter.”

Jacobs frequently shared exactly what was on his mind during his Giants career, whether through his comments or through a toss of his helmet. It doesn’t look like he’ll be changing course now that he’s hung up that helmet.

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  1. It makes sense to me, I don’t think Harbaugh is worth remotely close to what they pay him. He is highly overrated and he hasn’t done a great job with this team. I think they should trade him, to me it seems like some team would really want him, and I think they can find a BETTER coach for LESS money, while maybe pawning off Harbaugh’s huge future earnings onto another team while also getting a draft pick out of it. That’s what they should do. And get a more professional caliber coach that can take this team to a much higher level.

  2. Generally when you have a big mouth and you are the 6th yes SIXTH best rb on the team, you aren’t gonna play, and then you will be unhappy.

  3. Seems to me that since Harbaugh came into the picture SF has improved across the board. Really hard to knock a guy who took his team to the NFC Championship 2 consecutive years. It’s not a personality contest.

  4. Brandon Jacobs deserves to be inducted into the Giants Ring of Honor. Yup…you heard me right!

    Bleeds Giant blue. Hates Dallas more than anyone alive. All time NYG rushing TD leader. Heart and soul of 2x Super Bowl champions. Drives the NJ Parkway the way god intended!

  5. three seasons in the NFL, three seasons in the playoffs…

    I’ll leave you to decide whether the guy, no matter how you feel about him personally, is a successful coach.

  6. Saying things like Jim Harbaugh is “over rated” and he “hasn’t done a great job” is absurd garbage. Harbaugh is the only coach in NFL to take his team to the conference championship game in each of his first 3 seasons. He’s had at least 13 wins in each of his first 3 seasons. Harbaugh’s overall record in the NFL thus far is 36-11-1 with 5 post season victories and a Super Bowl appearance. If you’re going to make disparaging remarks about somebody, at least have some facts to back it up. Everything Harbaugh’s done in the NFL shows he is an out standing coach.

    Jacobs was a malcontent (big surprise) and a complainer when he was with the 49ers so I put zero stock in his worthless opinion.

  7. This guy is something else. As far as the coach goes, yes, 3 years to the playoffs, but still no ring. I wonder why certain players really dislike him!

  8. As a Seahawks Fan, I wish I could agree with Jacobs’ sediment. I can’t. I see nothing to give me pause to show me that Harbaugh is anything but a quality, aggressive, exceptional NFL Head Coach.

  9. I meant “sentiment”, but I think that ‘sediment’ may actually work in this case……. 🙂

  10. Twenty years from now almost all football fans will know who Jim Harbaugh is/was. Almost nobody will remember Brandon Jacobs.

  11. If Brandon Jacobs is so good, why is he not playing but retired? Harbaugh has won a division championship and a conference championship with the Niners in just 3 years in the NFL. No coach has ever taken his team to 3 straight conference championship games in his first 3 years. There are Super Bowls in the future with Harbaugh’s Niners. There is nothing but Bingo games and rocking chairs for Brandon Jacobs. The only workout he will do from now until he croakes is with his mouth.

  12. As a fan of another team, I really don’t research Jimmy that much. But he does look like a whiny bitch, I’ve always thought that.

  13. All Jacobs did with his time on the Niners was complain on social media about not getting any opportunities, and once he did he eeked out a 2 yard per carry rounded up. He can call Harbaugh whatever he likes, but we all can recognize a tip toe burglar when we see one.

  14. All i know is that Harbaugh wiill still be collecting big checks from an NFL team, Jacobs not so much. Stay retired and shut your trap, nobody cares what you think.

  15. Like Yosemite Sam famously said “Aaaaaaaaaa Shataaappppppp ya big softy!!!” Go sit down somewhere and read a book. Quit worrying about Harbaugh..

  16. “the dude inherited the most loaded team and has no Super Bowls to show for it” ROFL. The 49ers were 6-10 the season before Harbaugh got to SF. In fact in the 8 seasons before Harbaugh got to SF they average 5.75 wins/season. In his 3 years since his arrival the 49ers are averaging 12 wins a season to go with 3 conference championship games, and Super Bowl. If you’re going to rip somebody, at least have some facts to back it up.

  17. So we have a guy who rode Eli’s coat tails to two rings complaining about a coach who has done something in his first three years that NO COACH IN NFL HISTORY has ever accomplished. All because he got cut. Hey Brandon when a team signs you after you knock them out of the playoffs and already have an entrenched rock at your position its because they want your old teams playbook. Nothing more! You’re bitter because you got played!!

  18. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and talks like a duck…

    I’m a Giants fan, and was never a big fan of Jacobs, but he’s right. You can be a great coach without pitching constant tantrums on the sidelines. Call it passion if you have to, but the rest of the world sees it as whining and crying, which in fact equates into Harbaugh being what Jacobs says he is.

  19. Harbaugh isn’t in San Francisco to win popularity contests with his players. Few soldiers ever love their Drill Instructors. But, Harbaugh wins games, and his players make decent money, and the fans are happy.


  20. Vince Lombardi said it best: “It’s an empty barrel that makes the most noise”. Those of us who recall the numerous times this “big back” got stuffed on 3rd or 4th and short know..Brandon Jacobs is one empty barrel. Cost the 49ers a nice chunk of change to find out on their own.

  21. I had hoped he would have been their short yardage back. Got beat out in camp by rookies then injured. Tough break but he is only saying anything cause he knows he’s got no shot n the league at this pount

  22. lol This guy. The stuff he says” I have never done squats in my life.” “I got family at home and a fast A$$ car coming tuesday.”“We’re capable of doing anything. You may see one of us fly one day. You never know.” There is alot more out there check it out. All braun and no brains. I would really like to know why Sherm and Balwin hate Harbaugh as he seems so much like a players coach. Seems like all the haters are the Beotches? Any clue anyone?

  23. Niner fans are the most butthurt fans in the league. Some player voices his opinion about their coach and they all cry like babies. Same thing with the silly Sherman rant. You guys all whine like little children. Be men for God’s sake. Get over it. You guys are quickly turning into the Bills from the 90s. Ya just cant win the Superbowl. If Harbaugh is so great, why havent you won the superbowl? God knows you’ve had plenty of chances the last 3 years.

  24. A lot of people who post here have little judgement and no memory. I remember reading so many posts here about how SF was a fraud in 2011 and how they would be exposed in the playoffs and “one and done”, and Alex Smith sucks. Now history is being re-written that the 49ers were loaded with talent and Harbaugh has done nothing. I think the truth is the team did have substantial talent, but that Harbaugh and his crew are good coaches. He has a certain style that is obviously not for everybody (Sherman, Jacobs, etc), but if you look at the guys that don’t like him, I personally would rather hang out with the guys that do. Harbaugh has always said that the best players get to play, nothing is handed to you. I guess that didn’t go over to well with Jacobs, so now he is mouthing off. I think the sportsmanship in football has really fallen off the deep end with people actually liking complete jerks like Sherman and now Jacobs. Just reflective of our societal decay I am afraid. Maybe someday we can win/lose professional sporting contests with dignity. After all, aren’t there a lot more important things in our world than these games??

  25. Dont you find it funny that no one ever complains about the Ravens Harbaugh..he seems to be well respected and liked..but the 49er Harbaugh along with his sideline antics is glad more people are speaking out about this phony over rated coach on the forty whiners

  26. I love everything about San Francisco (the City) but I despise Jim Harbaugh. His sideline antics and always trying to work the officials and his boorish personality are a real turnoff. Yeah the Niners have been “good” on his watch but the haven’t won anything of real value. Win or lose they never give any credit to their opponent. If they win its because they are the greatest. If they lose it’s always the officiating screwed us. Well maybe you get screwed because you show no respect to the officials or the game.

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